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Dark hour Episode 7 & 8

Angel walked upstairs like she was entranced, she entered the second be-droom and then she saw a little child standing at the window, the little girl was wearing a white go-wn.
“Hey are you okay, what are you doing here” Angel asked and moved towards her but the little girl chuckled and ran outside. “Hey come back here, it’s not safe” Angel said and ran after her but the door shut by itself. Angel tried opening it but it was locked.
“HEY!!” Angel yelled as she pu-ll-ed the door knob but it refused to open, she realized she had been lured inside here and she starts screaming for help.
“HELP SOMEb©dy HELP ME plea-sE, STANLEY HELP ME” She yelled and sobbe-d. She turned back and looked at the mirror at the be-d side. She looked at her reflection, then saw the lady at her back in the mirror. She screamed and looked back but the lady wasn’t there. She looked at the mirror again and the lady was at her back smiling wickedly at her, blood was dripping from the knife she was holding.
“It’s all in your head angel, it’s all in your head” Angel said but the blood dripping from the knife was dropping on the floor which made her realize it’s not in her head, it’s real. The woman was in the mirror at her back but when she turned back she wasn’t there.
The lady comes closer to Angel in the mirror and she screams in fear then ban-gs the door.
“STANLEY!!, TYLER!!” She screamed hitting the door. She looks at the mirror and the lady stabs her from behind in the reflection. Angel feels the pain and starts bleeding, the lady stabs her reflection again and Angel falls down dead to the floor, no mark in her b©dy but she’s bleeding from the mouth. The lady walks out of the mirror and cackles
The trio wakes up immediately they hear Angel’s voice, Stanley is the most worried. “Angel” He says and becomes alert, he runs to the direction he heard the voice. Violet and Tyler following him.
“Angel!!” He yells ban-ging the door and tries using f0rç£ to open it.
“Is she inside” Violet asked but nob©dy answers her.
The door suddenly opens and Angel is standing at the door sm-irking. Stanley sighs and hvgs her.
“I thought I had lost you” He says then looks at her but notices something about her eyes, the hazel eyes had become very dark. “Your eyes they are…” Angel screams and hvgs Stanley. They all think she saw something scary so they move closer to her. “It’s okay baby” Stanley says and they all walk back downstairs while Angel sm-irks wickedly.
“So what are we going to do now, how are we going to find the remaining keys” Stanley asks looking at Angel, something felt odd about her. “We’ll have to find it, we don’t nee-d to kill anyb©dy, if we can’t find it we break the lock and Violet can work with the security code, she’s good at that stuff” Tyler said and looked at Violet. She smiled halfly, she was actually good in stuffs like that, she had hacked the code to the principal’s shelf one time just to check her results and make sure her preformance was good. “But I’ll nee-d some tools like a plier and a phone” Violet said. “But where can we get a phone, ours isn’t working” Stanley said.
“I know where you can get the phone” Angel suggested. “Stanley and I can go check the phone while you guys go check for the plier and hammer” She continued.
“But we shouldn’t be separated or alone ” Stanley said. Angel ru-bbe-d his chin and smiled.
“We are not alone, we are still in twos” Angel said. Tyler nods his head agreeing with her.
“So angel where do you want to get the phone” Tyler asked.
“I saw it in the map, there’s a family phone in the attic and also tool box in the backyard” Angel said and soon everyone went in search of what they nee-ded.
Stanley walked up the attic with angel, he looked around for the phone but didn’t see anything.
“Angel where did you……Woah” He says immediately he turns back Angel. He stares at her from up to down, he swallows ha-rd surprised but amuse at what he was seeing..
“Angel what’s this, put on your dress and let’s find the phone ” He says and turns back but Angel pu-lls him closer.
Meanwhile in the backyard, Tyler feels a strange feeling and he starts to feel uneasy. “Violet we have to leave here now, we have to check on Stanley and Angel” He said and pu-ll-ed her but she re-moved her hand from his. “But why we have to search for the tools” Violet said moving back. “Violet I just feel uneasy, let’s go” Tyler said and dragged her along. They went upstairs to the attic and Tyler opened the door violently as if something was pushing him. “Oh $h!t” He said and closed his eyes with his palm on seeing Angel’s n-ked b©dy.
“Seriously??” Violet said angrily. Unknowingly to all of them, Tyler just saved Samuel from his death.
Angel quic-kly puts on her dress and they all walk downstairs without seeing what they [email protected]£ for.
“Am soo hungry” Violet whined, Tyler looked at her and laughed, with everything that was going on she was still looking for food.
Angel kept on looking at Tyler angrily, she nee-ded to take Stanley’s life as soon as possible as long as she was in Angel’s b©dy, it would be more easier to lure Stanley to his death..
“Stanley I nee-d to use the toilet urgently” She said.
“We’ll go with you” Tyler said, he didn’t trust Angel but he didn’t really know why.
“No worries guy, it’s just me and my girlfriend” Stanley said and took angel’s hands..
Tyler watched as Angel dragged Stanley up the stairs, somehow
somehow he felt uneasy and bothered. “Stanley St©p” He said and
ran up the stairs, Violet following him. He pu-ll-ed Stanley away
from Angel ma-king her angry, she cackled evilly ma-king Violet
squeal in fear. Stanley realized that his angel had become a devil.
Everyone ran downstairs to the door while Angel walked
downstairs slowly but creepily.
de-epLY FOR IT” Angel said in the creepy lady’s voice. A knife
appeared in her hands and she kept on smiling wickedly. She
stares at Violet and mysteriously starts choking her with Violet’s
own hands. Violet chokes and tries removing her hands from her
n£¢k but the f0rç£ was too strong. Tyler uses his male’s strength
and succeeds in removing Violet’s hands from her n£¢k, she
coughs out blood and Tyler quic-kly pushes her to his back. “WHY
FRIENDS ALre-adY, plea-sE LET’S GO” Tyler begged but Angel
laughed sarcastically.
screaming. They put their hands on their ears to avoid their
eardrums from bur-sting. She continues screaming and soon
Stanley can’t take it anymore, his ear starts bleeding and he goes
on his knees. Tyler tries helping him but he can’t use his own
hands when he knows removing it from his ear was dangerous.
Tyler and Violet watched as Stanley broke down and starts
bleeding from both nose and ears. Tyler couldn’t do anything and
he felt bad about it. Soon Stanley was lieing down on the floor
The creepy woman left Angel’s b©dy and let’s the lifeless b©dy roll
down to meet her b©yfri£nd.
“Tyler Stanley is dead, Angel is also dead now who else would
die, am so sure it’s me” Violet said sweating. Tyler didn’t know
what to do anymore, he was giving up alre-ady since Stanley was
dead. He [email protected]£ lost in his thoughts but the ban-g he heard
brou-ght him back. Violet was hitting her b©dy with the door
trying to open it with f0rç£. “Open you fv¢king door” She said
Whatever she was doing seemed stupid to Tyler and she was
only hurting herself especially her arm.
“Violet st©p” He said and attem-pted pu-lling her but she shoves
him away and continues hitting the door. “I won’t st©p until this
door open” She said.
“Violet cmon you are only hurting yourself” Tyler said and with
more f0rç£ than before he carries her away from the door. “No I
have to break the door open” She said and tried running back to
the door. Tyler pu-lls her back but she still insists, he yells at her
and gives her a [email protected] to bring her back to her s-en-ses which
worked miraculously.
“I don’t want to die Tyler, plea-se don’t let me die” Violet said and
Tyler hvgged her warmly. “Ouch” She wince in pain and looks at
her arm. “You hurt your arm Violet” He said and pu-ll-ed her down.
He ru-bs her arm to make the pain reduce, he st©ps and they look
at each other eyeball to eyeball. Without thinking the two fools
bring their faces together and lean in for a k!ss. Violet closes her
eyes and returns the k!ss. She opens her eyes and screams in
shock, confusion buy mostly in fear. The lady was staring at her
smiling. “Aaargh” She screamed, pushed her away and stood up,
she ran to the kitchen and the lady followed her yelling her name.
Immediately she reached the kitchen door, it locked and Violet had
to turn back but the lady was there standing and looking at her.
She jumped in fear when she felt someone t©uçh her. “Violet help
me plea-se” Susan said lieing on the floor.
Violet screamed and run up but the lady still ran after her, every
where she tried entering the door kept on locking by itself.
She turned back and saw Angel looking at her creepily.
“Join us” Angel said and reached out her hands for Violet.
“No” Violet said and ran to the attic, luckily for her, it wasn’t
locked. She entered and locked the door only for her to see
their hands to t©uçh her. She screamed open the door and met
the lady standing at the entrance. She pushed the lady away and
moves away from them each step she takes moves her closer to
the edge of the staircase, everyone reaching out their hands for
her, she didn’t realize the place she was until she ti-pped over and
fell down to the floor. Tyler yelled her name and ran downstairs to
meet her. Luckily she was still breathing but unconscious,
probably with a broken arm and Leg. Fortunately the floor was
wooden, it might have been a different issue if it was Tiles.
Tyler didn’t know why Violet screamed immediately he k!$$£d her
and she was even running away from him. He carried her up and
took her to the be-droom, he la-id her down there. Not knowing
what else to do, he decides to just wait for her to regain
“I SEE YOU” He heard the lady say but he wasn’t scared. Violet
starts moving on her be-d and saying stuff he didn’t un-derstand.
She stands up but her eyes are still closed, she starts walking
outside the be-droom and Tyler tried st©pping her but he couldn’t.
She walks out of the be-droom then to the living room, her eyes
still closed while Tyler followed knowing he couldn’t just leave her.
She went to a shelf in the living room and took out a book, then
she headed back upstairs to the second be-droom. She falls a
picture frame on the floor and a switch shows behind the picture
frame. Tyler keeps on watching.
She pu-lls up the switch and the sound of a door opening startles
Tyler. Violet still unconscious but legs conscious walks to the
secret room were the door opened. Tyler enters the secret room
too and Violet falls down but he’s quic-k to catch her. He looks up
and sees the shock of life.
To be continued

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