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Dark hour Episode 5 & 6

After re-ading out the words on the paper, Violet sat on the floor
weakly. What the hell was she looking for here in the first place,
oh yes money. Greediness had brou-ght her here after everything
her parents had taught her never to be covetous but look at her
now. She knelt down and clasped her hands together then closed
her eyes. “Father lord plea-se let all of us survive this deadly
encounter and I promise I will never sin against you again” She
said and broke down to tears. Tyler helped her get up and
brou-ght her head to his che-st. “It’s okay violet, I won’t let anything
happen to you” He said in a promising tone, somehow he felt
protective of this lady. Stanley watched the whole scene between
Tyler and Violet, he wondered if Tyler was a kind of supernatural
guy because he looked like he was re-ady to kill himself for Violet
even when they were not [email protected]!ng, he wouldn’t even kill himself for
Angel. Right now everyone should be re-ady to fight for his or
herself especially when it’s only one that will survive this evil
“What’s the most darkest place in this house” Franklin asked.
Angel scoffed at the question, even if Franklin knew the darkest
place of the house, he won’t go. She had seen him pee on his
b©dy, he was also a scaredy cat. “The basement” Tyler replied
him and Franklin swallowed.
“The..the…the Base..basement” He said and scratched his hair..
“We have to find the key to the padlock so let’s go” Tyler said and
headed to the basement but Stanley held him back.
“What happens when we find the key to the padlock, what of the
security code who will die for us to bring that, will you die, will I
die, will Angel or violet or Franklin die, just tell me who will die” He
asked. Tyler re-moved his hands from his and turned back to fully
face him..
“Let’s hope it doesn’t get to that” He said and turned back to walk
to the basement, taking violet hands. The rest followed him to the
basement since they had no other choice…
The basement was indeed dark and they could ha-rd ly see
anything so how where they going to find the key. “We have to
look around and search for this key, and all of us staying together
won’t help us” Stanley said… “No the only way we can find the
key alive and unhurt is to stay together” Tyler said. “I think Tyler is
right” Angel said earning a glare from Stanley. She caught his eyes
but didn’t care, she’ll rather stay alive and become single forever
than die because of a relationsh!p..
“I say we should search the surroundings first, then we go to
other areas” Franklin suggested and they all agreed.
The woman looked at them as they walked around her basement,
she was in a corner smiling at them but they couldn’t see her.
They searched everywhere, un-der the tables, behind the crates
but the key was no where to be found. Violet noticed something
in the picture frame in front of her, when she walked inside the
basement, there was no lady in the picture smiling evilly and
holding a knife but now there was.
“Come child” She heard the voice from the frame. She ignored the
voice and stepped back but then walked to it again.
“Come on, take a step closer” The voice said again and Violet
walked to the frame bringing out her hands to t©uçh it. Suddenly
a f0rç£ pushes her back to a distance hitting her head on the wall.
“Violet” Tyler called and walked to her, he st©pped when she
started [email protected] vigorously on the floor. “What’s happening to
her” Angel yelled crying.
“Violet??” Tyler said questioningly. He reached for her but she
opened her eyes wi-dely and in a weird manner. She looked
possessed as a f0rç£ lifts her up and her hair stands up. Everyone
looks up at her.
GO” Violet said but not violet’s voice. A maniac laughter followed it
and soon violet dropped to the ground. Tyler rushes to her and
she gains consciousness slowly although she’s alre-ady bleeding
from the nose. He notices something in her hand, he re-moved
her f!ngersslowly and opened them to see the key lieing on her
hand. He picked it up and smiled. “You did it violet, you found the
key” Tyler said and smiled at Violet who also reciprocated the
smile. Stanley looked at them irritated, is this the time to pla-y
Romeo and Juliet, look at how they are looking at each other like
husband and wife who just had their first child. Angel noticed the
bitter look on Stanley’s face, so she cleared her throat and Tyler
and Violet stood up. They stood up and headed for the main door
but another problem appeared in front of them when they saw
that the basement was locked.
was written on the door. The woman laughed and walked past
them quic-kly. They all looked back but couldn’t see anyb©dy..
Everyone climbe-d down the steps looking defeated. “Guys there’s
a key to the basement, we can find it and open the basement
without any b©dy dieing” Franklin said. Although everyone knew
someone would still die, they still decided to search for the key
with hope though Stanley was losing patience.
Stanley bent down behind the crates looking for the key he knows
he wouldn’t never find, he puts his hands un-der the crates and
noticed something sharp. He brings it out and sees that it is a
“One of us would die for the basement door to open, I wouldn’t
be the one to die” He thought to himself. “Would it be Angel… No,
she’s my girlfriend, what of Franklin….No he may be the one to
die for the Security code..what of Tyler no he’s very useful and
he’s the only one with the mark…then Violet..yes violet she’s very
useless and should have died since ” He thought to himself and
stood up.
“Violet” He called and she answered.
“plea-se come help me over here” He said and she walked to his
direction. He bent down and hid the knife..
Samuel hid the knife behind him as he waited for violet’s arrival but then as usual Tyler was quic-k to rescue her. She ti-pped on a smaller crate and Tyler caught her before she her face hits the floor.
“Where you going” He asked her as he helped her stand properly.
“Erm Stanley called me” She replied and made Stanley devastated. He was planning on killing her silently behind the crates and hiding her b©dy there then blame it on the creepy lady but now he couldn’t anymore because Tyler would know he killed her. But Stanley was determined, he was going to have to kill someone if not they’ll be down here forever and he wasn’t re-ady to stay in this kind of house.. He pushed the crates away and [email protected]£d the nearest being besides him then puts the knife on the person’s n£¢k. Unfortunately for Franklin he was the next to go. The noise alerted everyone and they walked to the direction they heard the noise. Angel becomes very shocked to see her b©yfri£ndputting a knife on a friend’s n£¢k.
“Guy what are you you doing” Franklin asked getting scared. “Don’t guy me and none of you should come close to me” He warned. Tyler held violet closer while Angel tried moving close to her b©yfri£ndto st©p him, perhaps her love will st©p him but this was no place to think about love. “Baby baby I know you are scared, cmon just give me the knife, it’s okay baby” Angel said but her baby was long gone, standing in front of her was a guy who would do anything to survive. “Don’t come close angel or you’ll take his place” He warned. “Stanley guy I know you are stressed just give me the knife and we’ll settle this don’t let what was written on the floor influence you negatively” Tyler said moving closer while Franklin closed his watery eyes praying for God’s mercy because he could smell death alre-ady. As Tyler moved another step, Stanley [email protected]£ angry and he slit Franklin’s throat and his b©dy dropped to the floor with a loud thud. Violet and Angel screamed both hiding behind Tyler whose face had been stained by Franklin’s blood.
Now they were 4..
Tyler looked at the floor then at Stanley, he brou-ght out his fist to punch the bastard’s face but withdrew it immediately when Stanley started laughing exactly like the creepy lady.
“DIDN’T I TELL YOU I WOULD KILL ALL OF YOU, NOW I HAVE KILLED ONE 3 MORE TO GO” Stanley in the creepy woman’s voice said.
Stanley dropped the knife immediately and realized what he had done, he had just killed Franklin.
“I I swear, I swear” He tried explaining himself but the girls moved away from him except Tyler who un-derstood everything clearly, he knew Stanley was possessed. Although the girls knew they preferred to keep their distance especially Angel. The door opened and the girls jumped in fear.
“Angel plea-se listen to me, I didn’t do it intentionally” Stanley tried explaining to his girlfriend but Angel walks away from him as fast as possible.
They reach the main door and opened the padlock with the key they found and everyone sat down on the floor tiredly.
“So what are we going to do now, wait for death” Violet asked and Tyler chuckled.
“Maybe” He replied and looked at her. Angel pla-yed with her f!ngerstrying to forget what she has been seeing with her eyes ever since she entered the house, the thought of seeing blood made her feel nauseous and she found herself puking on the floor.
“Baby are you okay” Stanley asked putting his hands on her back, her b©dy [email protected]£ cold at the t©uçh of her ex b©yfri£nd(She has broken up with him alre-ady in her mind). “Get..your..bloody.” She said codly and Stanley re-moved his hands immediately.
“Look Angel, it’s not Stanley’s fault, it was unintentional” Tyler tried explaining. Angel rolled her eyes and scoffed.
“Maybe that’s bow he’s going to kill all of us..unintentionally” She said and shifted away from her vomit and also Stanley. Nob©dy said anything again and soon their eyes [email protected]£ heavy and everyone starts dozing off….
The cries of a young child was what woke angel up.
“Help me help me plea-se” Angel heard a little child voice from upstairs.
She looked at everyone and they were all slee-ping de-eply.
“Guys..guys wake up guys” She said but nob©dy answered.
“plea-se help me, she wants to kill me ” She heard again and little sobs from upstairs..
“There’s a little child upstairs and am sure he or she must be scared” She thought to herself and tapped on everyone to wake up but no one answered. Like a fool she was, she decides to check on who was crying and then she starts to walk up the staircase.
(Rest In Peace in advance my dear angel)
To be continued

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