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Crazy dancer Episode 35 & 36

(She’s too Perfect)
Episode 35
By: Faith Lucky.
Noah’s Pov:
I approached the bathroom and was about opening the door when the sound of running water suddenly st©pped.
I paused to think. Why did it st©p all of a sudden? Or…is it scared of my pres£nce or what?
I held the hinges of the door and turned it slightly to have a look and…boom!
My eyes met with the biggest shock of the year.
She also turned immediately to look at me and herl-ips dropped open in shock.
Oh my God?
Is she…
Was she…
Thank goodness she was alre-ady with her towel.
“N…Noah?” She stuttered in shock, holding the towel properly to her che-st.
“Maxine! I…I’m so sorry. I thought…” I ran out of words and quic-kly shut the door.
Damn! What the hell was that?
Why didn’t I..?
No; I had no idea she was the one bathing. How would I have known?
I actually thought..
Yeah; I thought she returned to her room.
How would I have possibly known Maxine would make use of my bathroom?
Oh! Geez!
Maxine’s Pov:
I placed my hand on my che-st and leaned on the wall as soon as he left.
Oh my God! Oh my God!
What the hell just happened???
I looked at my b©dy to be sure no serious [email protected] of it was expo-sed.
Thank goodness.
Then, I looked at the door to also make sure he wasn’t around anymore.
My heart was racing so fast.
He [email protected]£ in at the exact moment I tied the ti-p of the towel – the exact moment!
What if he was two seconds earlier? What would’ve happened? I would’ve been a dead meat by now because I’d have slumped.
Good Lord.
What did I do? Why did I have to make use of the bathroom? I guess its all my fault.
I quic-kly dried my b©dy with the towel before putting on my clothes and after which, I left the bathroom, returning to the main room.
I felt so nervous as I walked in. What must he be thinking now?
He stood up the moment he saw me.
“Maxine”, he called immediately.
“I…I just wanna tell you that wasn’t intentional and I’m so sorry.
“I…I thought the shower was faulty or something. So, I decided to check it out to avoid getting the room flooded. I honestly had no idea it was you. plea-se, I’m really sorry”, he apologized, rushing his words.
“Um…its…its fine. I un-derstand” I replied perfunctorily
“I just felt h0t and nee-ded to take a shower. But its fine now”.
“Okay, okay. Thanks a lot” he sighed.
Well, I guess he really nee-ds to apologize because that was a close one.
“I’ll just…go to my room now since you’re…”
“Yes, yes. Perfect. You can leave”.he cut in.
Gosh! The whole thing was so dramatic. Well, there’s no way I’m spending the night with him after all that’s just happened.
I nodded and left the room, taking a de-ep breath as soon as I was outside.
I returned to my room and la-id quietly on the be-d. The whole thing still repla-yed in my head.
What would’ve happened if Noah was two seconds earlier? I can’t believe a guy almost saw my n*ked state.
I wra-pped myself up with the duvet, suddenly feeling cold. I couldn’t st©p thinking about it.
But after a while, I finally drifted off to sleep.
ru-by’s Pov:
“So, you’re trying to say Maxine’s never coming back??” I asked gruffly as I stood before mum and dad with Tammy beside me.
“We didn’t say so, ru-by. We…”
“You what?” I cut dad off, peskily.
“You just told me Noah wouldn’t re-lease her and with the look of things, he’s gained more rights than us. So, what else do you want me to believe? She’s stuck with him forever??”
“What I don’t un-derstand is why the hell he picked interest in her” Tammy said.
“I mean, they had no business before, right? So, why would he just show up all of a sudden and insist on taking her with him? Isn’t it strange?”
“Yes – definitely” mum replied.
“It seems there’s a special connection between them and I’m wondering what it could be because…I really don’t un-derstand why Noah would suddenly pick such interest in Maxine.”
“Whatever it is, mum; I want Maxine out of there! I want her away from Noah! Gosh! I’m pretty sure she must be feeling like a Queen alre-ady. I nee-d her out of there! I can’t believe I had to fix my nails myself. Its frustrating, mum!!” I cried.
‘Don’t worry, ru-by. Your mum and I will come up with a plan. But, for now, a new maid will be arriving thus morning. So, don’t panic” he as-sured me but it still wasn’t enough.
‘Anyway, I just hope she comes to school today so she can have a taste of my anger” I thought and stormed out of the room.
Maxine’s Pov:
I woke up the next morning, took my bath and got re-ady for school.
Yeah, my uniforms and books arrived early and let’s just say I’m happy to resume school
Although, my only fear…the rumors.
I wonder how people would look at me, knowing I was staying with Noah.
I left the room with my bag, headed downstairs and there I met the dining alre-ady set.
Oh!! Thank goodness!
“Oh! I was on my way to call you, ma’am. Good morning” the maid I found there greeted with so much obeisance.
“Good morning, thanks” I replied and took a seat.
It was bacon and eggs, together with some coffee.
Hmm. Looked yummy.
I served myself and started eating immediately, feeling so hungry.
After a while, I heard footsteps behind me and turned to see Noah.
He alre-ady had a cu-p of coffee with him.
“Good morning” I greeted immediately, feeling a bit shy after recalling the previous incidence.
“Good morning, Maxine” he replied simply and sipped from his coffee.
He stood beside me for a long time, ma-king me wonder what he had in mind.
“You set for school, huh?” He asked and I nodded and resumed eating.
“Um…how’re you feeling now?” I asked when the thought suddenly hit at me.
“Oh! I’m a whole lot better. Thanks” he replied and sipped from his coffee again.
“When you’re done from school, we’ll go shopping as planned” he said and I nodded.
And without saying any other word, he turned around and left.
Hmph. I thought he was gonna eat?
I shrugged and continued eating and when I was done, I left for school, using the ride Noah as-signed to me.
Noah’s Pov:
I stood by the window and watched her walk into the car which left the compound afterwards.
I chuckled and drank from my coffee.
The previous night’s incidence was still fresh in my head and I couldn’t help but laugh. It was damn funny.
I remembered the beautiful image – her we-t hair over her shoulders and all…
It was…dazzling.
And the shock in her eyes and she stuttered…
I laughed.
Well, thank goodness I was a bit late else, I wonder what would’ve happened. She’d have probably stabbe-d me or something.
Suddenly, I turned and looked at the system. Hm. I couldn’t check up on her yesterday as a result of my stupid state.
I emptied the coffee in the cu-p and walked over to the table, turning on the system
I wanted to know what she’s been doing for the past hours – well, like I said, I have my reasons.
The CCTV displa-yed her room and I rewound it to look at the previous incidence.
While it was going back swiftly, I suddenly saw something that caught my attention and quic-kly paused it.
Huh? Isn’t that…Rex??
I pla-yed the record at that point and my jaws dropped when I saw him pointing a gun at Maxine.
What the heck???
Sorry guys I won’t be able to post for few days, I will back in a week time, u guys can re-ad any of our completed stories when waiting for us and plea-se pray for d of dapalace to get well soon thanks, I love you all
TBC. Rex

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