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Crazy dancer Episode 27 & 28

(She’s too Perfect)
Episode 27
By: Faith Lucky.
Hannah’s Pov:
I stood angrily beside Rachel who kept ma-king numerous calls.
“What are they saying?” I asked as soon as he dropped the last call.
“I’ve told you, Hannah. You don’t have to worry about a thing. Maxine will come home soon” he replied.
“Damn it! Richa-rd , just tell me what the police are saying” I said gruffly, unable to hold my patience.More [email protected]
“They’ve agreed to approach Noah. I’m still ma-king some calls to make sure everything’s perfect and by tomorrow morning, they’ll be matching to his [email protected] to get him arrested.” He replied.
“Tomorrow morning?” I asked, displea-sed.
“Isn’t that a bit far? Gosh! I can’t explain how I feel right now – getting to know that witch is with Noah. But why on earth did he come looking for her in the first place? How…How did he even know she was at home? It’s really strange, don’t you think?” I asked with my hands at akimbo and he nodded in agreement.
“Yeah, you’re right. Something’s definitely not right. Why would Noah suddenly develop such interest in her?”
I cogitated for a while, then gro-an ed.
“Damn it! I can’t wait to [email protected] hands on that witch! I’m so going to kill her” I said loathfully.
“Don’t worry, Hannah. Everything ends tomorrow. By tomorrow, she’ll be Back home” he encouraged me and just then, the door opened to ru-by and Tammy walking in.
Huh? Aren’t they a bit early.
“Mum! Dad!” Tammy called and ran into my arms for a hvg and so did ru-by.More [email protected]
“Good evening, mum” they greeted.
“Yeah – evening little princesses. Aren’t you a bit early?” I asked, tou-ching Tammy’s hair.
“Have you forgotten, mum? I nee-ded to come home in time so I could get re-ady for the competition!” Tammy replied and I [email protected]
Oh, my! I completely forgot because of that little witch!
“Oh, dear! That’s true. Alright go on, go on. Hurry up and get re-ady” Richa-rd urged her.
“Tammy’s just wasting her time. We both know she su-cks at dancing. She’s definitely gonna be evicted today” ru-by said as she headed for the stairs and Tammy pu-ll-ed a pathetic face.
“At least, I dance better than you” she pouted herl-ips but ru-by didn’t say any other thing to her and she looked at me pitifully.
“Mum…did you hear what she said?” She asked and I chuckled and ru-bbe-d her back.
“Don’t mind her, okay? You’re the best” I encouraged her and she nodded and took the stairs.
I smiled as I watched them leave.
And back to that Maxine witch.
“Have you called Oscar today?” Richa-rd asked, breaking into my thoughts.
“Oh! Not yet” I replied tiredly and reached for my phone.
Noah’s Pov:
I sat in my room and watched from the system as the make up artistes primped her up for the competition.
Well, they had no idea she was the crazy dancer and the plan was – they’d only make her up and as soon as they leave, she’d put on her dress and veil. That way, they wouldn’t even know they had attended to the crazy dancer.
I relaxed on the couch and watched as she acted naive towards all their t©uçh. She was so pretty – I must say.
Oh! And just in case you’re wondering, I planted a CCTV [email protected]£ra in her room. Yeah – for reasons best known to me. I might be telling you about it later on.
I wonder why her family turned her into a slave like she was a total stranger. It was really disheartening.
After a while, I noticed the make up artistes were done and I closed the system so I could meet her.
Maxine’s Pov:
The make up artistes spent hours on my face, transforming me into something else and it amused to know I was still gonna end up covering it up.
After a long while, they were done and left the room just as Noah had instructed.
“Thanks” I told them as they walked out the door.
I looked into the mirror and smiled.
I was really beautiful, wasn’t I? Funny my family’s made me unable to recognize my own image.
I shook my head and stood up, going to take my fitting dress from the wardrobe. I wore it on and made for my perfect heels. Hmm. Just what I nee-ded.
Then, I looked into the mirror one more time and smiled.
I must admit, I looked…
I chuckled.
Just then, the door opened to Noah coming in. Oops!
I adjusted and looked away from the mirror.
“Are you done?” He asked and I nodded.
I noticed his eyes were kinda locked around my b©dy.
He walked pas-s me and reached for my veil, then returned to where I was.
I cringed a little as he stood behind me and covered it on my face.
“Come on; let’s get going” he said and left the room and I exhaled de-eply and followed him out.
Rex’s Pov:
I waited anxiously in the car, looking throu-gh the mirror the entire time.
Where thefu-ck were they?
I held onto the sterling in anger and finally, they showed up. Bastards! I can’t believe they kept me waiting the entire time.
The doors were alre-ady unlocked and they all entered the car, one of them sitting at the front seat beside me.
“Damn it! What took you so long? Do you realize I had to wait?” I asked angrily.
“Sorry, dude. We got hooked up with something” the one beside me said and I threw him an angry look.
I took in a de-ep breath and tried letting it go.
“Anyway, we’re running out of time. I heard you’re good at what you do. Is that true?” I asked and he sm-irked.
“You can count on us dude, as long as the pay is cool” he replied.
“Money isn’t the problem, okay? I just want a good job”.
“What is it? What’s the job?” The one at the back asked and I sighed.
“I want you to abduct the crazy dancer” I replied blatantly.
(She’s too Perfect)
Episode 28
By: Faith Lucky.
Rex’s Pov:
They looked a little bit shocked as I mentioned the name.
“The crazy dancer?” He repeated.
“You mean the masked lady?”
“Yes – of course! You know her. The masked dancer. I want you to abduct her. Is that possible?”
He turned and looked at the guy at the backseat.
“Well….we’d want to but, you should know she’ll be heavily guarded and such abduction would demand violence and all.
“Well…You don’t have to worry about it. We’ll take care of it” he concluded and I looked at them with non-satisfaction.
Why’s he sounding like a pain in the as-s?
I sighed gruffly and brou-ght out the heavy envelope, throwing it at him.
“That’s half of the money. You’ll get your balance once the job is done” I told him as he smiled into the envelope.
“No probs, boss. You can count on us” he replied and left the car afterwards with his colleague.
I took in a de-ep breath and tuned on the ignition. I really hope this works.
ru-by’s Pov:
“Maxine? Maxine?” I kept calling down the stairs and met mum in the sitting room, fully dressed up.
“Mum! Where the hell is Maxine? Did you s£nd her on an errand?” I asked with my hands at akimbo and she wore a depressed look.
“Is Tammy re-ady?’ She asked, ignoring my question
“Yes…hold on; where’s Maxine?” I asked more curiously and she sighed
“It’s a long story, ru-by. But while you and Tammy were in school, something happened. Noah just showed up and took Maxine away” she replied and I nearly fell on my heels.
What the…
“What?” I skrie-ked.
“Wh…What’re you talking about, mum? What do you mean Noah took her away?” I asked confused.
“Your dad and I are still trying to fix it. We don’t know what his connection is with her, tomorrow morning, she’ll be back” she replied and I scoffed.
Hold on; this is crazy.
“I..I don’t get you, mum. Are you trying to say…Maxine is with Noah??” I asked abacked and she nodded.
“Whaaaaat?” I screamed.
“What are you talking about, mum? I mean…how’s that even possible? Why the hell would Noah take her away???”
“Calm down ru-by; st©p screaming” she hushed.
“Mum! What do you mean I should st©p screaming?? Maxine is with my Noah? Are you kidding me? Why the hell are they together??”
“I’ve told you ru-by; by tomorrow, she’ll be back! Your dad’s working on it, okay? So, chill”.
I wanted to say more, but realized I was out of words. The entire thing was damn too shocking.
Why would Maxine be with Noah?
Oh my God!
Maxine’s Pov:
I felt so nervous as I sat next to Noah in the car as it seemed more like a dream to me – I was sitting next to him!
The dancer I’ve always adorned.
We drove for quite a long time and close to the venue, the car st©pped for the usual swap.
“We’ll meet at this very sp©t when you’re done’ Noah said and I nodded and left the car.
A black car was alre-ady waiting for me with two men in suit and I stepped in anxiously and they took off.
Thinking of it; how’s Noah sure these people will not reveal my secret? Although…they don’t know my face. But seeing me with him and all that…how’s he sure they wont cook up something one day?
The drive to the venue was very short and my eyes nearly popped out the crowd I met.
Are all these people here to watch?
If the outside was this crowded, then how would the inside be?
The driver found a suitable place to park and the doors were opened afterwards.
“plea-se, step out, ma’am” one of the men in suit said and I swallowed ha-rd and left the car.
Luckily, they were guards around and I guess that was the only thing that st©pped the people from rushing to me because they all started staring and talking about me.
“Come with me” the man said and I kept my head low and followed him.
I t©uçhed the veil on my face and hoped it was still intact and wouldn’t be tampered with.
The men took led me throu-gh an almost dark hallway and I wondered why it had to be that dark and secret. I couldn’t even find anyone around.
We walked for a long time and finally [email protected]£ out to a hall filled with different ladies and guys…Obviously, they were the contestants.
They were so many and they all turned to look at me as I made my entrance.
Oh-oh! I could feel goose bu-mps all over.
Geez! Thank God my face is covered. That was the only thing that gave me hope – at least, they wouldn’t get to see my face – although, the veil didn’t cover my eyes.
I reduced my pace as I walked behind the man and got to what looked like the table of organizers.
And obviously, the contestants were talking about me. Geez! They were so many and had number tags attached to them.
💫The A3💫
Alexa’s Pov:
I stared angrily at her as she walked in.
Geez! I can’t believe she’s actually the last contestant to arrive. I mean, she didn’t even attend the orientation clas-ses which had taken place about an good ago. Why does she have to be treated so specially? I wish she gets evicted tonight.
“Wow! Her dress is so pretty” Audrey said beside me and I glared at her.
“What? Are you dumb? You shouldn’t be praising her. She’s…”
‘Hey, chill Alexa; i never said I liked her okay? Admiring her dress isn’t a crime” she cut me off with an eye roll and Anna just chuckled.
I just hope she gets evicted tonight. I can’t have Noah running after her again.
I watched her as she collected her tag from the organizers.
Hm. I wonder who she is. Who’s her sponsors? And why’s she putting on a veil? Is she tryna look different and draw attention or what?
Hm. I must discover her identity.
Maxine’s Pov:
My tag was given to me and I was asked to stand among the rest of the contestants.
Their eyes dancing around me made feel really nervous and alone.
And shortly, one of the female coordinators [email protected]£ up.
“Okay; Can I have your attention, plea-se? Everyone?” She announced all eyes focused on her.
The noise from the crowd outside the curtains could clearly be heard.
“This will be done quite snappily and simple. But of course, your dance steps should be extra ordinary to enable you win. You’re all gonna be called out according to your number tags and as you all know, the results won’t be called tonight, but tomorrow morning. So, I wish you luck” she concluded with a [email protected] and the contestants mumbled a few words.
There was a big TV in the hall and suddenly it went on and displa-yed the stage. Wow! I guess we get to watch the rest of the performances as well.
The sound and everything could clearly be heard and geez! The crowd were just like sands. I can believe all these multitude [email protected]£ to watch.
And the show began…
Each contestant was called out for her own performance and I must admit, most of them had killer steps. But some, they danced just danced like learners.
I watched with keen interest, learning a few things from them.
Suddenly, I felt a hand tap me from behind and turned to see two strange men in suits.
Huh? Did they just tap me?
I t©uçhed my veil to ensure it was still covered.
“Sorry for the disturbance, Miss” one of them said.
“But you nee-d to come with us. Its urgent”.
Huh? What could possibly be wrong?
Hm. Who else is thinking what I’m thinking


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