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Crazy dancer Episode 23 & 24

(She’s too Perfect)
Episode 22
By: Faith Lucky.
Noah’s Pov:
“Maxine” the name resounded in my head.
The same lady I was together with few hours ago?
How…I mean…
Oh my God!
“Maxine?” I repeated in the form of a question and he nodded.
“She’s the one. She…She had to use the veil because of her family – she was scared of them because they’ve warned her to st©p dancing and she really nee-ded the money for her fees and personal use
“Her family has been more of her tormentors, Mr Noah. They derive plea-sure in punishing and treating her like a slave despite the fact they’re related. And that’s the reason I urged her to [email protected] in the Star Dance Competition so she could stand a chance of becoming a model and finally be free from them. She’s pas-sing throu-gh hell and that’s the reason all these is happening” he explained, leaving me speechless.
Holy Christ!
I knew the crazy dancer had an important reason for using the veil – I never knew she was trying to hide from her own family.
“Mr Noah” he called calmly, bringing me out of my thoughts.
“plea-se, you mustn’t tell anyone about this. Nob©dy must know she’s the veiled dancer – at least, not yet”.
“I’m getting her out of there” I stated blankly.
“I’m not letting her spend one more day with those people. She doesn’t deserve to be with them and they nee-d to go to jail for all they’ve been doing.”
“What?” He recoiled.
“Noah, plea-se. Don’t take such decision. We nee-d to handle everything smoothly, plea-se. Her family can be unbelievable at times. You won’t believe they had me locked up when I tried to help her sometime ago. So, plea-se…let’s handle everything properly”.
“But how?” I asked.
“How else can it be done?”
He paused and looked around.
“I think I know of a better way to get it done” he replied.
Rex’s Pov:
I sat and watched curiously, wondering what Noah could possibly be discussing with the bartender.
I wish there was a way I could hear then without looking suspicious but I knew that wasn’t possible.
After a long while, they [email protected]£ out, both wearing an unexplained look. What the hell’s going on between them?
They still exchanged a few words together and Noah finally left throu-gh the closest entrance.
There’s definitely something wrong.
Noah’s Pov:
I returned home, feeling so relieved. I quietly went into my room and sat on the be-d, burying my face in my palm.
It still seemed like a dream to me. Maxine was the crazy dancer.
But her dance steps at the bar weren’t as perfect as the one she had displa-yed during the [email protected]
At the [email protected], she was more like a goddess – incredible.
She was too perfect.
I la-id on the be-d and stared upwards at the ceiling.
I couldn’t wait for everything tomorrow. I just hope Pablo’s idea works. I couldn’t wait to carry out my plans on that lady.
I just couldn’t wait.
Well, everything happens tomorrow…
Pablo’s Pov:
Oh! Maxine, I hope you can forgive me and don’t get mad at me. I know I promised to keep your identity safe, but circu-mtances didn’t permit me.
I couldn’t lie to Noah..
But…with everything he’s told me, I don’t think I regret revea-ling her identity to him. His plans are hvge and I’m quite okay with them. .
I just hope everything works out as planned tomorrow.
I returned to my post to go throu-gh the register and while at it, someb©dy [email protected]£ up at the counter, ma-king me think it was just a customer.
“Good evening, Mr Pablo” the cold voice said and I lifted my eyes to look at him
“Yeah – good evening, Mr. nee-d a dri…” I paused my words when I had a proper look at his face.
What the hell??
Noah’s brother! Rex.
“H..hi” I stuttered a little, not expecting to see him.
I mean, I was taken unaware.
“Yeah…” He mumbled.
“I hope you don’t mind but, we nee-d to talk”.he said with a smile and leaned closer.
Episode 23
By: Faith Lucky.
Rex’s Pov:
I watched him as he twitched. Obviously, he was hiding something.
“Um…Okay, sir. What is it about?” He asked, trying to cloak his anxiety.
“First, can I get a cold drink?” I asked.
“Sure..of course”.
He brou-ght out a bottle of drink, decanted it into a glas-s cu-p and put in some ice cubes.
“Thanks” I win-ked at him and drank from the bottle.
“Okay…So, I just have a little question” I began.
“And I’d really appreciate it if you tell me the truth because I hate it when people lie to me.
“Why was my brother here? What did you two talk about?”
“Huh?” He possumed.
“Your brother?”
He paused and chuckled.
“We didn’t talk about anything serious. He just…wanted to ask me a few questions”.
“What questions?”
“Well…about my bar, my family. Really, it was nothing serious.”
“What questions?” I asked again, picking my words this time around.
He paused and sighed.
“I’m sorry, but I don’t know what else to tell you. I…don’t know what you’re expecting. But the truth is, we didn’t discuss anything serious”.
“Really?” I scoffed.
“Yes sir” he replied sharply and I laughed and emptied my glas-s.
“Okay then. For your sake and that of your business, I hope you’re telling me the truth” I glared at him and left.
Hannah’s Pov:
“The boys just called me. Charlene has been found” I told my husband as we stood face to face with each other in the room
“Really? They found her? Where’s she?” He asked curiously.
“She’s with them. She’s fine”.
“Huh? Hold on; how’re they sure she isn’t gonna be a problem? Did she just agree to stay with them or what?”
“Well, Marcus said she won’t be a problem anymore and asked us not to worry about her. I guess we should just let them do their thing”.
He sighed and sat on the be-d.
“Erm..that reminds me; is Maxine still in the room?” He asked.
“Of course! I’m ma-king her stay in there for the rest of the day. That lady’s trying to be fas-ter than her shadow” I replied angrily.
“Hannah, plea-se. In as much as I want to get rid of her, I still don’t want her to die un-der my roof. She hasn’t eaten if I’m not mistaken. So, I want you to let her out – for now”
“Huh?” I asked with a grimace
“I should let her out?”
“Yes – do. I wouldn’t want her to die in here and tame my name. So, let her out” he said and I rolled my eyes.
“Fine! But I’m still going to kill her if she does anything stupid again” I blurted angrily and left the room.
Maxine’s Pov:
I la-id weakly on the be-d, so feeble I couldn’t even cry.
I was so hurt and hungry. How do I get out of here? What do I do?
Shortly, the door opened and I lifted my head to see my aunt coming in
Oh! plea-se, tell me she’s here to let me out.
“Hey you” she said with rancour and I managed to sit up.
“You’re lucky my husband wants me to free you. Else, I’d have had you locked up for the rest of your miserable life!
“You can leave the room if you want to”, she rolled her eyes and left.
Oh, God!
Thank goodness! She let me out!
I gathered enough strength and left the be-d immediately.
I opened the door and went out and the first place I rushed to was the kitchen. I just nee-ded something to eat
I got into the kitchen and started eating the little I could see.
Noah’s Pov:
“Noah. Noah” mum called, awakening me from my de-ep sleep.
I j£rked my eyes open and found her sitting on the be-d next to me.
“Mum?” I called, surprised she was waking me up herself.
“Good morning,,son. How was your night?” She asked, stro-king my hair and I sat up slowly.
“It was fine, mum” I replied, awaiting her to tell me the reason she woke me up.
‘Um…I know you must be pretty surprised. But I just felt really disturbe-d and wanted to speak to you right away.
“plea-se Noah, I don’t know what’s going on between you and your brother, but it breaks my heart to see you two fighting. plea-se, I can’t stand the sight of my only sons fighting. plea-se Noah, st©p it” she said in a pained voice, ma-king me feel guilty.
“Mum” I sighed.
“I think you’re getting it all wrong. I’m not the problem here, but Rex is. He’s too selfish for a brother. What do you want me to do?”
“Still,you’re the eldest and should know how to settle such disputes”. She said.
“How exactly, mum? To be sincere, I’m sick and tired of trying to pet him. He’s too annoying for my liking. I mean, he tried to turn someone into his personal maid just to get back at me. Who the hell does that?”
“Noah” she called tenderly.
“I’m begging you. If not for anything, at least, do this for me. plea-se son”.
Gosh! I bent my head and sighed. This woman’s really ma-king me feel bad.
“plea-se?” She said again and I rolled my eyes.
“Fine! Just because of you, mum. I’ll give it one more try” I replied and she smiled and hvgged me.
“Thank you so much. I love you” she cooed.
“Love you too, mum”.
And she pe-cked me and left the room.
I took in a de-ep breath and was about lying back on the be-d when my phone rang and I checked and discovered it was the bartender – Pablo.
I picked it up without reluctance.
☎Hello?” I called.
☎Hello, sir Noah. Good morning’.
☎Yeah – good morning. What’s the [email protected]£?”
☎Erm…actually, I think we’re having a little problem. Maxine hasn’t showed up in school and I have no idea why. Her sisters are here alre-ady but she isn’t. I’ve been trying to call her as well, but her line isn’t connecting. I think there might be something wrong”.
My eyes dimmed immediately.
☎Hold on; what do you think could be wrong with her?” I asked, perplexed.
☎I really don’t know, sir. The thing is – she never skips school unless she’s having a serious problem at home and with the look of things, I think there’s one”.
I huffed and stood up immediately.
Those imbeciles. Its possible they’re hurting her right now.
☎What do we do now, sir? You know what the plan was. But since she’s not in school, we…”
☎Don’t worry about it” I cut him off.
☎I’ll do it my way”
And I ended the call.
Its time for an open confrontation because I hate delays.
I went throu-gh my logs and dialed another line.
It rang for something but was finally received.
☎Hello? Noah?” He called on phone.
☎Get re-ady, Dwayne. We have something important to do” I told him.
Hannah’s Pov:
“Where’s Maxine?” Richa-rd asked as I helped him knot his tie.
The question made me sick.
“She should be in the kitchen or something. I don’t know” I replied repugnantly and we didn’t say anything for a while.
“Richa-rd ” I called.
“What if Maxine gets to know the truth one day? About her family and what we did?”
“I’ll make sure it doesn’t come to that” he t©uçhed my hand and said but I wasn’t satisfied.
“How sure are we? What if something makes the secret expo-sed?”
“Come on, Hannah. We…”
He st©pped talking when his eyes caught the window, ma-king him look surprised.
“Are we expecting any visitors?” He asked and I rushed to have a look and saw about three cars driving in.
Huh? What’s going on? Who are they? We weren’t expecting any visitors.
Richa-rd walked out of the room immediately and I followed him.
And by the time we got outside, the cars were alre-ady parked.
Who the hell were they?
I stood beside Richa-rd and awaited the drama and immediately, the doors opened with boys coming out of the car.
Noah was among them!
I flin-ched when I saw him and puzzled over the strange arrival.
“Noah?” Richa-rd called and tried moving closer but the boys signaled him to st©p
What’s going on.
“I didn’t come here for fun” Noah said icily.
“You have 10 seconds to bring Maxine out of the house”. He commanded and I almost slumped.
Who’s loving this?
(She’s too Perfect)
Episode 24
By: Faith Lucky.
Hannah’s Pov:
I looked at Richa-rd who was still speechless. What the hell’s going on?
“You’re running out of time. If I were you, I’d act fast” Noah said, ma-king me more confused.
“Why do you want her?” Richa-rd asked.
“I mean, she’s un-der my care and I nee-d to know if something’s wrong”.
“un-der your care?” He scoffed.
“Are you really trying to say she’s un-der your care?”
“Well, of course. What are you driving at, Noah?”
He huffed and turned to the boys beside him.
“Go in and get her” he said and they nodded and started coming towards the house – three of them.
“Where do you think you’re going?” Richa-rd asked and tried stepping in the way, but the boys brou-ght out guns and pointed at him.
I flin-ched and held Richa-rd back. What the hell are they doing?
They shut us a glare and walked into the house.
Maxine’s Pov:
I sat on the floor in my room, painting in my book since I was bored.
Well, I decided to rest before my aunt would remember me and come to as-sign all the house chores on me.
I just decided to draw to prevent me from crying. Each pas-sing day, my life only seems to get worst and makes me think I’m doomed forever.
And to think the dance competition was commencing today – how do I go about it?
I haven’t been able to contact Pablo because my battery was down and I had no means of charging it. Perhaps, I won’t make it for the competition.
“Maxine! Maxine!” I heard my name and wondered who it was because the voices were strange.
I stood up from the floor and rushed to open the door and to my greatest surprise, I saw men around the pas-sage, checking every corner, probably looking for me.
Huh? Who are they?
They all st©pped when they saw me.
“Are you Maxine?” One of them asked but I didn’t reply as I kept looking at them in awe.
What’s going on?
“Are you Maxine? plea-se?” Another asked more politely and this time around, I nodded.
“plea-se, come with us. Mr Noah’s waiting outside for you” the other said and I flin-ched.
“M…Mr Noah?” I repeated.
“Yes. plea-se, there’s no time. You’ll un-derstand everything once you get to see him” he urged.
I looked at them, beady eyed – not un-derstanding a thing. Why on earth would Noah be looking for me?
I rushed back to my room and looked throu-gh the window to confirm it. Oh my God! It was true! It really was Noah!
He was outside – together with my uncle and aunt.
What’s going on?
“Ma’am Maxine, plea-se. We don’t have much time. You nee-d to come with us – now” one of the men said from outside and I turned back to look at them.
Could something be wrong? Why would Noah be
looking for me? Well, I guess there was only one way to find out.
I returned to the door and followed the boys out of the house, my heart beating the entire time. I don’t know; I just had a feeling something was wrong.
I followed them and we finally got outside where uncle and aunt were both looking infuriated.
“plea-se ma’am, come with us” one of the boys said as I slackened my steps.
“Don’t move an inch, Maxine” my uncle said in a ha-rd voice and I looked at him.
Oh my God! What’s going on between Noah and them?
“Maxine, step into the car – plea-se” Noah said warmly, his hand behind his back.
I looked at him confused, then back at my uncle.
“She’s my niece! And you don’t have any right to just take her away” he rasped.
“Yes, and I have the right to sew you for your domestic violence” Noah replied and I [email protected]
Immediately, one of the boys brou-ght out a gun and pointed it at me and I shivered.
What the heck?
“plea-se ma’am, don’t make this difficult for us. Just step into the car”, he said and I gulped a million times and found myself moving towards the car.
I looked at Noah as I walked pas-s him and went into the car which had alre-ady been opened for me. The whole thing just felt like a dream to me.
What does Noah plan on doing with me? Why did he come all the way here just to take me away?
The door was locked afterwards and Noah [email protected]£ in throu-gh the other door.
Oh my God! This sh*t is really happening. What is going on?
I turned to look at him as he sat next to me in the car.
“Mr Noah” I called.
“What’s going on, plea-se? Where are you taking me?”
“I’m just trying to be of help Maxine. You don’t nee-d to worry” he replied without looking at me and the driver took off.
Hannah’s Pov:
I tapped Richa-rd immediately they left.
“What – the – hell – just – happened?” I asked with gritted teeth, my entire system burning.
“I…I don’t know” he shook his head, still staring at the gate.
“What do you mean you don’t know? How can Noah just come in and take Maxine away? What’s happening??”
“I don’t know, Hannah! I don’t know! You were here, weren’t you?” He half yelled and brou-ght out his phone.
“I’m never going to let that happen. I’m calling the police right away and charging him for abduction. Maxine is coming back” he stated angrily and made the call.
The drive was long and silent as we he didn’t say anything to me and I also couldn’t say a word to him either. I was just speechless and scared.
After a long time, the car drove pas-s a gate into a white sparkling mansion, ma-king my eyes beam.
What? I couldn’t even describe the beauty of the place.
There was a waterfall, garage loaded with cars, swimming pool and the whole place was neat and shining.
The car parked in the garage and the door was opened for me to step out but I couldn’t.
“Come on, Maxine”, Noah urged and slowly, I [email protected]£ out of the car.
Myl-ips were agaped as i looked around, being in shock. I couldn’t comprehend the whole thing. What am I doing here? Why would Noah bring me here?
What exactly is happening?
I looked around in shock, amazed at the ineffable building. It was far beautiful than my uncle’s. Could Noah be the owner?
“You’ll be staying here from now on” Noah suddenly said, filling my curiosity.
I quic-kly turned to look at him and saw him coming closer to me.
“You’ll be staying here with me” he added,more like in a whisper and I flin-ched.
“What?” I skrie-ked for the first time.
“W…With you?” I asked and he nodded.
“I know you’re the crazy dancer, Maxine” he re-leased the bomb shell, almost ma-king me fall to the floor.
Oh my God!
No! This is a dream.
“I know who you are and…I want to be of help. So, from now on, you’ll be un-der my protec-tion” he added and my jaws dropped.
Who else is s-en-sing the [email protected]ç£?🤗🤗�

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