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Crazy dancer 2 Episode 31 & 32

(Her Revenge)
Episode 31
By: Faith Lucky.
Audrey’s Pov:
I Zi-pped up the last luggage and rolled It to the sitting room where Ella was sitting and pla-ying games with her IPad.
But she paused and looked up at me when I entered.
“Mum…” She called.
“Are we leaving now?”
“Y..Yes, dear. Of course. Is there a problem?” I asked and she shook her head and continued with her game..
I was about saying something when my phone rang and I checked and discovered it was Rex.
Oh! Geez.
I picked it up reluctantly, knowing what he had in mind.
☎Audrey”, he called immediately.
☎Hi, Rex” I hushed.
☎Um…how’re you doing? Wat’s up?”
☎I’m fine and you?”
☎I’m…I’m okay. Thanks”
A short silence stepped in.
☎Were you…able to talk to Noah?” He asked after the brief silence and I sighed.
I guess I was expecting that question.
“Well…yes, I did. Right now, I’m on my way to Paris” I replied and heard him scoff.
“On your way to where???” He asked, alarmed.
“I’m leaving, Rex. Noah and I sorted it out. He accepted the baby, but we’re not getting back together. You don’t have to worry about a thing cause its a personal issue. I un-derstand him and he does same. So, we’re fine” I explained and t©uçhed my forehead in the end.
It was beginning to feel h0t.
He was silent for a while, probably gob sma-cked.
“Audrey” he called helplessly.
“You…you don’t mean what you’re saying, do you?”
“Hold on, Rex. Were you trying to use me as a tool for ruining your brother’s relationsh!p??
“Sorry, but I’m not some desperate chick who doesn’t have pride. I can only crush on a guy but I’ll never in my life f0rç£ myself on him.
“Yes, I admire Noah. Maybe the feelings are still there. But he’s in love and I can’t think of stooping so low to f0rç£ myself cheaply on him. There are other guys out there re-ady to respect me.
“You’ve always had this dirty character, Rex. I’ve noticed it about you. You’re always against other people’s happiness. What would it take to watch your brother be happy? What exactly would it take??
‘Must you always be a joy – killer even to your own family?? Everyone has their luck and life to live.
“Seriously, Rex. If you really want to go on with this hateful lifestyle of yours, you can. But just don’t involve me in it. plea-se. Handle your own problems yourself cause life is too precious to spend my time hating on someone who hasn’t offended me.
And with that, I ended the call and took in a de-ep breath.
Maxine’s Pov:
I dressed up and left the house with Noah and after a long ride, we arrived at a bridal shop, leaving me in surprise.
Is this the surprise he’s talking about???
Oh my gee!!!
My eyes beamed as w stepped out of the car together and I couldn’t close myl-ips in bemusement.
So….he actually brou-ght me shopping for the wedding??
Holy Christ! I guess this is real.
“Come on” he cooed and held my hand and we walked in together.
Gosh! I was so nervous. I never thought I’d be shopping for my wedding anytime soon.
I walked in with him and the workers who looked astound rushed to us immediately and welcomed us.
“Where do you keep your best dresses?” Noah asked after the plea-santries.
“Oh? Right here,sir”.
They led us to a different [email protected] of the shop where glittering wedding go-wns were displa-yed.
There were so many designs…..Off shoulders, ba-re back, long, extremely long,…so many types and awesome designs.
“Where do I start?” I asked excitedly and started going throu-gh the clothes.
“I took one of the go-wns and went into the dressing room to try it on, accompanied by one of the workers who was there to help me with the Zi-p.
I [email protected]£ out when I was done and the first face I searched for was Noah’s.
“What do you think?” I asked but he shook his head and I smiled and decided to try on a different one.
I took an off shoulder one and tried it on and when I [email protected]£ out, his face brightened up a bit.
“I….think this is better. But try something else again” he suggested and we searched for another dress again.
Gosh! It was so stressful, but fun.
We spent long hours at the bridal shop and I just couldn’t believe it could be that stressful.
Geez! Now, I know what couples go throu-gh getting prepared for the [email protected] Its really not easy.
Noah paid for everything and the workers as-sisted us to the car with the heavy bags.
“Thank you so much, sir. It was nice having you here” they said when they were done and Noah only waved at them before entering the car with me.
As soon as we were seated next to each other, I got hold of his face and k!$$£d him.
“Thank you” I beamed shyly.
“For what exactly?” He asked and I chuckled and let him go.
He smiled and started the car and in a giffy, we were on the road.
“Were you serious when you said the wedding was in two days time?” I asked, remembering he had mentioned at the shop.
“Well…yes, of course. Do you have a problem with that?” He asked and I rolled my eyes.
“Of course, not. I’m just…a little surprised its being rushed”.
“Well…I guess I can’t wait any longer” he shrugged and I ran my f!ngersinto his hair.
Then, I discovered he wasn’t taking the way home.
“Are we going elsewhere?” I asked.
“Yes. We’re going for the cake. We nee-d to make a choice now. By tomorrow, you’ll have your hair fixed. In no time, everything will be re-ady and I…..”
He got interrupted when he had to screech the car to an abrupt halt as a result of a car that blocked ours.
What the heck????
The car just [email protected]£ from nowhere and blocked our path, almost resulting in a crash.
“Who’s that??” I asked, alarmed.
Could it be mere carelessness or what??
Noah didn’t say a word and tried revising back, but not until armed boys [email protected]£ out of the car and started shooting at us.
I flin-ched and panicked and within the twi-nkle of an eye, they [email protected]£ to our car and sh0t at Noah – on the arm.
I yelped in fear as he started losing consciousness and immediately, they opened my door and pu-ll-ed me out of the car.
(Her Revenge)
Episode 32
By: Faith Lucky.
Maxine’s Pov:
They [email protected]£d me and took me away.
I gro-an ed out of sleep, feeling so much pains on my joints – everywhere.
Urgh! My head ached a lot.
I struggled to sit up and discovered my hands were tied to the back.
My eyes adjusted to the dimness in the room and I got to see I was locked up in am empty room and made to sit on a dirty floor.
Oh! My God!
Why do I have a feeling…I alre-ady know who it is?
My mind suddenly drifted to see him and I flin-ched.
Oh my God!!! Where’s he??
I can remember – he was sh0t!!
Yes – the animals sh0t him! Where’s he!!
Just then, the door opened and I looked to see it was Oscar.
Oh my God!!
My guess was right.
The monster. I had a hunch he was behind it. I should’ve known an animal would always be an animal.
He walked in with some boys and a sm-irk ran across hisl-ips.
“My dear sister is awake, huh?” He tea-sed as he squatted in front of me and if not for the fact my hands were tied, I’d have punched him in the face.
“I can never be your sister” I said angrily and he laughed.
“You monster. Where’s Noah?? Where’s he?” I demanded.
“Oh! plea-se, I’ve got no business with him. He should be…wherever. I don’t know and don’tfu-cking care” he spoke with so much nerves and I felt my anger building up.
“If anything happens to him – I’ll kill you. I swear to God, I’ll kill you” I warned tearfully and he laughed.
“Seriously?? Can a dead man kill a living soul?” He asked and laughed again and I gritted my teeth.
“You’re gonna do something for me. You’re gonna drop the charges against my parents so they can be free. And after that, I can decide if you get to live or not” he said.
For a while, I stared at him speechlessly like he was joking or something. Then, I laughed.
“It seems the current change of situation has made u mad, Oscar. What makes you think I’d ever set your criminal parents free?” I asked and immediately, his hands sliced throu-gh the air and landed on my cheek.
I [email protected] as I turned the cheek away. How dare he??
It was so painful that I almost cried.
“Trust me,Maxine. You’re gonna do it. By the time I’m done with you, you will” he sm-irked and stood up.
“I just wanted to give you a hint. So, I guess we’re done here. Have a nice time” .
And he left with the rest of the boys afterwards while I bent my head and wept.
No; I’m never going to do it. Its never gonna happen.
Even if it means me losing my life, I’d die just to make sure those animals pay for what they did to me.
Noah’s Pov:
I heard little muttering voices that sounded far but got to sound clearer in time.
My lids fluttered and finally opened and the first sight I caught was that of a drip.
“He’s awake!” I heard a familiar voice say and slowly turned to see mum, Charlene and the ABC girls.
“Oh my God! Son” mum cooed and held my shoulders.
“He’s really awake” Alexa said.
“How…How’re you feeling? Should we get the doctor?” She asked but I didn’t say a word immediately.
“Maxine” the only name I could think of suddenly escaped myl-ips.
I shook restlessly as the image repla-yed in my head.
She was taken away – right after I was sh0t.
“Where’s She?” I asked weakly.
“Maxine…they took her away. Where’s she?”
My eyes were fixed on mum who looked perplexed.
“D…Don’t worry, Noah. The police are seriously searching for her. She’ll be found” she replied and my head spun.
I tried standing up immediately but noticed my hand was wra-pped as a result of the gunsh0t and mom and the rest pinned me down.
“Noah plea-se, I beg you with God’s name, just stay calm,plea-se. Maxine will be fine, I promise. Don’t move,” mum said tearfully and I felt weak.
No; I still nee-ded to find her.
I couldn’t breath normally knowing she was probably in danger.
“Noah plea-se, you nee-d to calm down. Maxine will be fine, okay? plea-se” Alexa also said but the only st©pping me from leaving the be-d was the fact that I was weak and felt so much pains.
“Maxine…” I mumbled and shook sideways.
“Noah plea-se. Get the doctor!!” I heard mum say and running footsteps followed afterwards.
ru-by’s Pov:
“Oscar, are you sure of this?”,I asked in a half whisper as I stood in front of Oscar in the room.
“Are you sure we should be doing this?? Kidnapping Maxine and trying to f0rç£ things on her. Its illegal”.
“Come on, ru-by. Grow up! I’m only trying to do what best for the family. Don’t you want mum and dad to get out of jail??” He asked, sounding pissed off.
“Of…Of course, I do. But I never thought it’d go throu-gh this process. What if we get caught? We might serve a lifetime in jail!” I poured out my fears.
“That’s never gonna happen, okay? So, quit panicking! I’ve gotten everything completely un-der control. Maxine will get out our parents outta jail and we’ll leave the county immediately”.he enthused.
“But…”,I paused and sighed.
“I’m just scared, brother. This is illegal and I don’t like it. Besides, mum and dad were wrong. They murdered Maxine’s parents. Do we still have to hurt her?”.
Immediately, he gr!pp£dme r0ûghly by the arm.
“Listen to me, ru-by and listen very good. It’s either you’re with the family or against us. It doesn’t matter what our parents did. We still have to save them. Do you un-derstand??” He growled and I just nodded perfunctorily.
Christ! I’ve never seen this [email protected] of him.
“Good” he mumbled and let go of my arm before walking out of the room.

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