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Crazy dancer 2 Episode 27 & 28

(Her Revenge)
Episode 27
By: Faith Lucky.
Noah’s Pov:
Something in my guts kept telling me to st©p, but I couldn’t control my emotions at that moment.
I couldn’t explain it.
At first, I thought I was only getting married to her because its urgent or I admire her dancing skills.
But…even when Audrey had showed up with that baby, I still couldn’t imagine myself being away from Maxine. I couldn’t imagine myself choosing someone else over her – not even my ex.
As I k!$$£d and took her to the be-d, I felt that re-sisting movement in her. Like she wanted me to st©p or something.
I held her down to the be-d and resumed k!ss!ngher.
Obviously, there’s no way I’m letting her go.
Maxine’s Pov:
He k!$$£d myl-ips, n£¢k and almost every [email protected] of my b©dy, ma-king me tickle.
One [email protected] of me wanted him to st©p, but the other [email protected] wanted him to proceed.
He was acting so fast, like one who was impatient or something.
His breath was so rou-gh as he pu-ll-ed down the hand of my dress and made it reach my [email protected]!st level.
“Noah…wait” I said breathlessly but he fought pas-s my voice and r!pp£doff my b*a.
I [email protected] as he took my left n!ppleinto his mouth, tickling me.
I shut my eyes and held his hair ti-ght, feeling so different – an uncanny feeling I’d never experienced.
He s*cked the n!ppleand fondled the other b*reast.
Then, I felt him dragging my dress off completely and it dawned on me I was becoming stark n*ked in front of him.
He left my b00bs and concentrated on taking the dress off completely and my heart pounded.
“Do you want me to st©p?” He asked as he [email protected]£ to lie in between my legs, his head rested on my che-st.
I couldn’t say a word as I just stared up at the ceiling, my heart pounding so fast.
I felt his cold hand t©uçh my ba-re skin as he reached for my p*nt and started pu-lling it down.
I tried st©pping him, but he locked hisl-ips on mine and rendered me helpless.
He un-hooked his belt and took off his shi-t and believe me or not, the rest of the night was fun.
Noah’s Pov:
The sun glinted on the window as I opened my eyes and caught the rays.
I stretched slightly and found Maxine still slee-ping on the be-d.
I smiled and moved the hair that flopped carelessly over her eye.
She was so pretty and I kinda felt bad for hurting her last night.
Well, I still felt glad it had to be me.
I smiled and planted a k!sson her forehead before putting on my clothes and leaving the room quietly.
“Make some Creamy coffee for two” I instructed the first maid I [email protected]£ across and she bowed and left.
I went into my room and brou-ght out my phone.
“Finally, I think its time” I thought as I searched for Audrey’s contact.
(Her Revenge)
Episode 28
By: Faith Lucky.
Noah’s Pov:
I finally found her number and dialed it and luckily, she picked immediately.
☎Noah?” She called, sounding surprised.
☎Hi, Audrey” I cooed.
☎Wat’s up?”
☎I’m…I’m fine”
☎Are you…busy? I was wondering if you’d be chanced to come over to the house”.
☎Oh! This morning?”
☎Yes, now. Its important. And…come with Ella”.
She was silent for a little while.
☎Okay, then. We’ll be there shortly”.
☎Alright. Bye”.
And the call ended.
I just hope everything works out well.
Maxine’s Pov:
I turned and turned on the be-d and finally opened my eyes, feeling so weak
I stretched a bit and itched my eyes before sitting up.
Gosh! I felt…..
Where’s Noah?
Oh God!
I blu-shed and buried my face in my palms when I suddenly recalled the previous night incidence.
Oh! Maxine, I can’t believe I lost it to Noah.
Why didn’t i control myself? Why??
I sighed and stared up at the ceiling. How do I face him now?
Shortly, I heard a knock on the door and snapped out of my thoughts.
“Who’s it?” I asked, praying fervently it wasn’t him.
“Its the chef,ma’am. Just [email protected]£ to inform you breakfast is re-ady” she said and I took in a de-ep breath.
“O….okay. I’ll be there shortly” I replied and heard her leave.
I left the be-d afterwards and went into the bathroom to freshen up.
Gosh! The be-d was a mess. How do I clean it up? I was so tired.
I got into the bathroom, brushed and took my bath, then [email protected]£ out with a white towel wra-pped around me.
When I returned to the be-droom, I was surprised to find a maid cleaning up.
Wow! The be-dsheets had been changed and the be-d neatly arranged.
“Good morning, ma” she paused and greeted when she noticed me.
“Yeah…good morning” I replied, feeling a little shy she must’ve seen the blood stain.
I went over to the wardrobe to get something suitable and she looked away as I dressed up.
Afterwards, I left the room, headed down for the sitting room and thankfully, I bu-mped into Charlene.
Thank goodness cause I wasn’t re-ady to face Noah alone.
“Hi bae” she beamed at me as we exchanged a side hvg.
“Good morning” I said shallowly.
“Yeah….you’ve been a little scarce around the house, haven’t you?”
“I just….well, let’s say I’ve been busy. Are you headed for breakfast?” I asked
“Absolutely! Come on”.
And we took the stairs together.
We got to the dining and met Noah there alre-ady and my heart skipped a bit at the sight of his face.
He sh0t me a stare and I noticed a little look of disappointment when he’d seen me with Charlene.
“Hi Noah” Charlene beamed and took a seat.
“Hi” he replied simply and watched me sit.
“Um….Good morning” I said nervously.
“Good morning. How was your night?” He replied and asked.
“It was….fine. Thanks”.
Gosh! I never thought I could be this nervous in my entire life. Especially, because of a guy.
The maids [email protected]£ up and dished out our meals and I started eating afterwards, eating like a snail.
That was when I knew I should be careful with the way I talk, eat and sit.
All because of Noah.
We ate in silence for a long time and I guess Charlene was beginning to get suspicious or something.
“Excuse me” she suddenly said said stood up, as if she’d realized we nee-ded some privacy.
Oh! God, but I wasn’t nee-ding some privacy. I was actually looking for a way to avoid being alone with Noah.
“How’re you feeling now?” He asked as soon as Charlene left.
“I’m….I mean, I think I’m fine” I stuttered a reply.
“You think?” He asked and I cringed.
“No -I…I’m sure I’m fine. Sorry” I added with a chuckle and he smiled.
“Actually…” He started.
“I want to say thank you for last night. I…guess its necessary. Thank you for entrusting me with your dignity. Really, Maxine…I never expected it”.
I felt my head spin and wished he’d just change the t©pic. I didn’t want to talk about it.
I smiled and looked down at my food, not having anything to say.
“Maxine”, he called softly and placed his hand on mine and I looked up at him in shock.
Just then, the door bell rang and snapped us out of our world of fantasy.
A maid ran to check it out and as she opened the door, it revealed the same lady I’d been scared of – Audrey’s ex.
I flin-ched and fred my hand from Noah’s.
What’s she doing here again?
Why do you think Noah called Audrey over?

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