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Crazy dancer 2 Episode 21 & 22

(Her Revenge)
Episode 21
By: Faith Lucky.
Maxine’s Pov:
I gulped nervously as I watched him lean against the wall, staring at me like he’s been waiting for me to come out of the bathroom.
I lowered my gaze and shut the door behind me and after that, I [email protected]£ confused of what next to do.
“Is…is there a problem?” I f0rç£d myself to ask so I could reduce my anxiety.
He sighed and inser-ted his hands into his trou-ser pockets.
“There isn’t a problem” he stated coldly and walked towards me.
For a while, I heard a crazy voice in my head, telling me to run.
But luckily, I didn’t.
I swallowed ha-rd and stood my ground as he [email protected]£ to stand in front of me.
“I just wanted to apologize for what happened in the car. I’m sorry, Maxine. I never…wanted it to happen. I mean…I wasn’t thinking straight. You know…”
He paused and t©uçhed his eyes.
‘In a nutshell, I’m sorry. Okay?” He added and I managed a nervous smile.
‘Um…its fine. You don’t nee-d to worry about it. I perfectly un-derstand” I replied, hoping my words were soothing enough.
We didn’t say any other thing to each other. Then, he smiled and k!$$£d me.
“Goodnight” he hushed and turned around and finally left the room.
I woke up the next morning, feeling a whole lot better and ecstatic.
Perhaps, it was because I’d be dancing at the Star Dance competition today and thankfully, it was about coming to an end.
I just couldn’t wait for the final stage.
And…maybe, it was because I’d be going to visit the murderers I once called family at the station today.
Well, yes. Noah and I had agreed to make it today and I so couldn’t wait to see the humiliation on their faces.
I smiled as I stood up and went into the bathroom to freshen up.
I brushed my teeth and washed my face and when I was done and returned to the room, I noticed someone knocking on the door.
“Who’s it?” I asked
“Its the maid, ma’am. Your attention is nee-ded outside, plea-se” she replied and I heard her leave.
Huh? What could it possibly be?
I dried my face with a napkin and left the room afterwards, curious to know why my attention was nee-ded.
Could it be Noah? What does he have for me?
I got into the sitting room but couldn’t find anyone. Then, I decided to check outside and there I found Noah standing with…
Hold on;
Tammy and ru-by?
I scoffed as I paused and looked at them.
What’re they doing here again?
I shut the door behind me and went further to meet them.
“Noah?” I called and he looked at me.
“You…s£nt for me?”
“Yes. Actually, I’m just getting to know Tammy and ru-by had sle-pt in here last night” he replied and I wore a crumpled look.
What’s he talking about?
“sle-pt in here? How?” I demanded.
“According to them, they’d come in last night but hadn’t met us at home and unfortunately, it started raining. So, they had to sleep un-der the shade” he explained and I scoffed and folded my hands.
“And you – what right do you think you have to sleep in here without our permission?” I asked angrily and unexpectedly, they went on their knees.
“Maxine…” ru-by called ruefully.
“We’re sorry…plea-se. We know we’ve wronged you, but right now, we really nee-d your forgiveness,plea-se. plea-se Maxine.
“We…we’re re-ady to work as your maids. Yes – accept us as your maids and we’ll do the entire chores. plea-se, all we seek is shelter”
For a moment, I was stunned.
I mean…it seemed more like a miracle to me. Tammy and ru-by – the same ladies who used me as rags – kneeling in front of me?
I smiled and shook my head.
“Seriously…you must be dreaming to think I’d ever let you share the roof with me. Even if I’d wanted to help, I simply can’t stand the sight of your faces because all I see are the faces of the people that murdered my family!!
“So, I’m sorry too. But I simply can’t do what you’re asking”.
And immediately, I turned around and rushed into the house, ignoring their dramatic calls.
Oh, God! I couldn’t do it.
I just couldn’t do it.
Audrey’s Pov:
I Zi-pped up the luggage properly and rolled it out of the room to the sitting room..
“Ella! Ella!” I called out and she [email protected]£ scuttling from her room.
“Yes, mom?” She answered.
“What’re you doing? Are you done packing up your toys?” .
“Yes. They’re all in the box now”
“Okay, Good. Go get them down cause we’re about leaving”.
“Okay, mum”.
And I watched her scurry off.
I smiled wistfully, wishing I could ever have a complete family.
I took in a de-ep breath and turned around to take the steps when a knock [email protected]£ upon the door.
Huh? Who’s it?
“Who’s there?” I asked but got no reply and I left to check it out.
I opened the door and my eyes beamed at the person I had seen before me.
“Rex??” I called in surprise and he smiled.
(Her Revenge)
Episode 22
By: Faith Lucky.
Audrey’s Pov:
“Rex?” I called in surprise and he smiled.
“Hi Audrey. Good morning” he greeted excitedly and I scoffed.
“What’re you….I mean, how did get to know I live here?” I asked curiously and he smiled and shrugged.
“Let’s just say…it’s a small world” he said and I shook my head and opened the door wi-de for him, ushering him in.
He looked at the bags in the room and seemed confused.
“You…going somewhere?” He asked but I didn’t reply as I joined him in taking a seat.
“What do you want, Rex? I’m…kinda in a hurry” I inquired and just then, I heard Ella’s feet [email protected] down the stairs, holding her box of toys.
She paused seeing me in the room with Rex.
“Um…honey, are you done?” I asked her and she nodded.
“Okay, dear. Just keep the box on the floor and go to your room, okay? I’ll be done shortly”.
“Okay, mum” she replied and left.
Then, I turned back to look at Rex.
“plea-se, Rex. Like I told you I’m in a hurry and would like to know why you’re here. I have a feeling it’s important” I stated and he sighed and leaned forward.
“I actually wanted to see you, Audrey. And like you said, its important. But first, I’d want to start by asking who the father of your daughter is” he began and my jaws dropped.
Gosh! Dont tell me.
I ru-bbe-d the back of my nape, feeling uneasy.
“Seriously Rex, I wouldn’t want to talk about that” I replied and for a moment, he was speechless.
I thought he was done talking, but not until I heard him say:
“Its Noah, right?”
My heart leapt immediately as I [email protected]£ totally uncomfortable.
“Rex” I called and chuckled.
“I…I don’t know what you’re talking about. Noah isn’t the father of my child. So, plea-se….”
“Audrey” he cut me off with a sigh.
“You can lie to others, but you can’t lie to me. I can guess the age of this baby and she’s the exact years old of the same time you’ve been away from Noah. Or…are you trying to tell me you were cheating on Noah, huh?”
Oh, God! How the hell did he come up with this?
I stared down at the floor and felt like chasing him out. I just didn’t want to talk about it.
“Audrey….tell me the truth: Noah is the father of your child, right?” He asked and I looked up at at him.
“Rex, plea-se. Before you [email protected]£ in, I was alre-ady packing up my things because I’m about leaving. So, there’s no nee-d talking about that.”I said.
“Of course, there’s a nee-d, Audrey….”
“Well, it isn’t important!” I found myself half – yelling.
“It doesn’t matter if Noah’s the father of my child or not because in a few days from now, he’ll be getting married and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.
“So, plea-se Rex. Just change that t©pic so I can leave” I concluded bitterly and stood up, tears threatening to drop from my eyes.
I tried walking away, but his words held me back.
“So, you’ll just travel silently without letting him know of the seed you have for him?”
I st©pped walking as soon as he said that, but didn’t turn to look at him.
Gosh! What’s this guy doing to me?
Maxine’s Pov:
I stepped out of the car with Noah and he held my hand and walked towards the station with me.
We got in and did all we nee-ded to do with the policemen and after which, we were taken to the visitor”s room where we awaited the pres£nce of the murderers.
After a while, they were brou-ght in – the useless people I once called family.
A feeling of satisfaction clouded me as I saw how pale – looking they were.
Obviously, they didn’t want to be there, but had to because of the policemen.
They were made to sit in front of Noah and I.
“So…you actually the visitors we had? I thought it was someone more important” Hannah said and I chuckled and leaned forward.
“Seriously?” I asked.
“I’m not important? Well, I must say I’m surprised because as it seems now, my life is having more value than yours”.
“Maxine” Richa-rd called.
“Why exactly are you here? Are you here to mock us in the face?”
“I think a mockery is too good for you” I scoffed.
“Damn it, Maxine! You completely lack manners, huh?? You think you’ve won by having us behind bars? You’re only a fool” Hannah said and immediately, I landed a heavy [email protected] on her cheek.
She [email protected] as she held her cheek, while I only boiled more in anger.
“It’s unbelievable to know you still have the guts to spill trash at me. You’re such a devil, aren’t you?”
“Maxine!!” Richa-rd skrie-ked.
“How dare you [email protected] hands on her?”
I looked at him and also had the urge of hitting him as well, but restrained myself.
“Your daughters are at my mercy at the moment” I said after a brief pause, becoming more calm.
“Just in case you think everything will be fine; you’re wrong. It’ll never be fine for as long as you’re at my mercy”.
“What’re you talking about?” Hannah asked angrily.
“What do you mean your daughters are at your mercy?”
I sm-irked and leaned closer.
“Well,what do you think? I’ve taken possession of the house alre-ady and left your daughters homeless.
Last night, they had to sleep un-der the heavy rain and this morning, they went on their knees, begging me to make them their maids”.
I paused and chuckled.
“But I refused and right now, only God knows where the hell they are” I added and stood up with Noah.
“You…you’re joking, right?” Richa-rd asked and I laughed.
“Really? Do I look like I have time for jokes? Anyway, it’s left for you to believe it or not. It’s none of my business” I said and tried turning around to leave.
“Maxine…” Hannah called and stood up.
“plea-se, tell me it isn’t true. Tell me my daughters are safe”.
I smiled and moved closer to her.
“Go on your knees in front of me and I’ll have mercy on them” I told her with a sm-irk and her eyes dropped.
“What?” She exclaimed in shock.
“You…you want me to kneel in front of you?”
“Yes – both of you. Kneel in front of me and ask for my help and I’ll withdraw the charges I have against you. You can be free” I told her and a little string of excitement built up in her eyes.
“Maxine…how can you ask for such a thing?” Richa-rd asked.
“You have just ten seconds to do it and after that, there’ll be no more mercy. I’ll make sure you rot and suffer in jail for the rest of your lives while your daughters beg on the streets” I stated sternly, filled with so much de-sires.
And I started the countdown to one.
They looked at each other in confusion but I didn’t care as I continued the countdown.
“4…3….2…1….and…time up” I concluded with a sigh.
“Nice choice. Now, I’ll make sure you suffer for the rest of your lives” I told them and turned around to leave.
“Wait!” I heard Hannah call and st©pped but didn’t turn to look at her.
I didn’t hear a word from them and decided to have a look and to my surprise, I found them both on their knees.
I guess it really worked.
“We’ve done what you wanted, Maxine. Now keep to your word. plea-se” Hannah said bitterly and I smiled and went closer.
“Wow!” I hushed.
“I thought you were just murderers. I never knew you were foolish as well”.
I paused and sniggered.
The sight of them kneeling in front of me was something I could kill for.
“You must be really stupid to think I’d ever help you at any cost. This is just the beginning of your doom” I added and finally walked out, leaving them in shock.
Mehn…who else loved that act?🤗🤗🤗

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