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Boss lady Episode 9 & 10

in-sert 9 🔞🔞🔞🤏👈🍌🍌🍇🍆🍆🔞
Life is made up of an infinite amount of choices. Most decisions, such as what you’ll eat for lunch today, are small and only slightly impactful, but it’s the big decisions the ones that can change your life forever that are tough to make.If you choose to confront the options before you with courage and confidence, you open yourself to a fulfilling path of your own design, filled with numerous possibilities. Rather than procrastinate in fear of ma-king the wrong decision, weigh your options and act on the best one revel in the chance to create the life you want to live.
he traveled and I missed him so much ,I wish I traveled with him ..
why do you act like he is gone forever” jas tea-sed
two months is forever daah” I laughed.
Hi us on plus two three four eight zero five five eight eight nine one eight three on watsapp to get added to our group. .
have you told him about the our past ” she asked
no ,I don’t think me telling him about my [email protected]£ case is okay and moreover it’s been years ago and I don’t want him to feel sorry for me ” I said
but don’t you think he would be upset when he finds out own his own?”she asked
why would he,as if it’s his life ” I said
okay oh “she said
have you ever wondered why I love S-x or i was a S-x freak? my parents divorced when I was 10 and when dad brou-ght in his new wife ,she [email protected]£ with her elder brother who used to sleep with me and he taught me all the things I did to all the guys have [email protected]£d ..
my phone rung and it was a strange number .
hello” I answered
can we talk” he said
who is this ” I asked
ray” he said
about what ” I asked
plea-se Sharon ” he begged
so that you can you can beat me ” I asked
I swear I won’t ” he said
I hung up ..
it’s better be good ” I said to myself .
where are you going” she asked
ray just called ” I said
she gave a look that scared me .
am not going to do anything stupid ” I said
I don’t want any scars you know how crazy your man is “she said
I promise doll ” I said k!ss!ngher cheeks
I walked out and went to Ray’s room ..he was busy watching a movie.
hey ” he said
what do you want ray” I said
the funny thing is I never felt anything for ray anymore..
I miss you ” he said
that’s nice” I said
babe I was wrong I shouldn’t have treated you the way I did ” he said
that’s good you have realized that you made a mistake ,but it’s too late ” I said
he was quite I got up and he did the same.
I will see you around” I said
he made me face him and k!$$£d him ,I didn’t respond ,my mind kept telling me ” Caleb Caleb Caleb” I pushed him and walked away …I went straight home ..when I reached the gate I found a car parked ..
who could that be” I asked myself ..
there was no one in the car.
it might be Maria’s b©yfri£nd” I said
when I t©uçhed the door knob ,it was open went to my room and Caleb was on my be-d busy on his phone .
babe ” I said
hey ” he said looking at me
I sat next to him ..
I have been trying to call you why haven’t you been picking up ” he said
I didn’t hear my phone ring ” I said
check ” he said
I checked and I found 8missed calls .
am sorry babe it was on silence”I said
he looked pissed off and I didn’t know what i did .
babe are you okay ” I asked
yes am just tired “he said
I sat on his [email protected]
you don’t look tired “I said
what do you want us to do ” he said k!ss!ngmy n£¢k .
I thought you were tired ” I asked
no” he said getting on t©p of me …
we made love and we cu-mddled in be-d ..
I nee-d to tell you something” I said
okay ” he said stro-king throu-gh my hair
I was [email protected]£d ,by my step mother’s brother ” I said
are you okay ” he asked
am fine now ” I said
am sorry babe ” he said
I went to see my ex today ” I said
why ” he asked
he wanted to talk to me ,but I swear babe I don’t feel anything for him ” I said
you swear ” he said
I swear it’s you I want ,you are my now and forever ” I said
he pe-cked myl-ips ..
in-sert 10
If you learn to really sit with loneliness and [email protected] it for the gift that it is…an opportunity to get to know YOU, to learn how strong you really are, to depend on no one but YOU for your happiness…you will realize that a little loneliness goes a LONG way in creating a richer, dee-per, more [email protected] and colorful YOU. Pres£nts are made for the plea-sure of who gives them, not the merits of who receives them.
I wasn’t sure of what was wrong with her,its either stomach pain or her leg or her n£¢k or her eyes lol .
babe what if I have a dangerous disease or am dying” she said
would you calm down,the nurse will bring the results “I said holding her hand
am scared ” she said
am also scared ” I said
the nurse walked in..
doctor here are the results” the nurse handed me the results .
thank you nurse ” I said
I opened the results and I couldn’t believe my eyes can’t be possible ..
babe what is it” she asked
you are pregnant” I said
huh pregnant how is that possible” she asked
we had unprotected S-x,a thousands times ” I said
but I counted ,I was having unprotected S-x on my safe days ” she said
it has happened there is nothing we can do about it ” I said
so you are saying we keep it”she asked
yes ” I said
I can’t ” she said tearing up
why can’t you ,you want an abortion” I asked
I can’t do this Caleb ,my parents will kill me getting pregnant outside wedlock ” she cried
babe ” I tried tou-ching her but she st©pped me ..she stormed out of my office ..
I tried going after her but she was too fast ..
when I knocked off I went to her place .
where is she ” I asked
I haven’t seen her since morning ” jas said
I have been trying to call her but her number is off ” I said looking around.
is everything okay Caleb ” she asked
I sat on the floor ..
Caleb ” she said
she is pregnant ” I said
what how ” she asked
what kind of stupid question is that jasmine” I asked
I got up and drove to my house..I didn’t know where on earth am going to find her ..all I cared about is her safety nothing more .
I tried calling her again but still her phone was off .
ninshi (what)” mum asked
your dreams have come true ” I said
what dreams mwila ” she asked
my girlfriend is pregnant” I said
lesa natotela awe natemwa mwila wandi (Lord thank you I am happy my mwila) ” she said
yeah ” I said
where is she ” she asked
you ain’t upset that she got pregnant outside wedlock” I asked
as long as am going to hold my graandchild it’s fine ” she said
I couldn’t tell her that she was planning to abort ,I know it’s ha-rd on her but killing a baby is not the solution ..
I kept calling her but her phone was still off ..
I pla-yed music in the study while thinking ..
Caleb” she said with a shaking voice
I looked at her ..she broke down in front of me ,I got up from my chair and hvgged so ti-ght..
am scared to babe ,but we can get throu-gh this ” I said
am not re-ady to be mum ” she said
am also not re-ady but we will get throu-gh it ” I said
I love you ” she cried
I love you more ” I said
how about my parents ,” she asked
one step at a time amor” I said ..
#4months_ later
why do you want to drop out ,you have a year to go ” I asked
I get sick everyday ” she said
but you can still be going to school ” I said
babe I can’t manage,moreover you head my step mum she made it clear she wont pay for me ” she said
I told you that I will be paying for you “I said
Caleb just st©p okay am not your responsibility” she said
excuse me I got you pregnant ,you are my woman and you are here saying that ru-bbish” I yelled
okay am sorry. ” she said
whatever ” I said
look it’s just too much work and alot if money ” she said
you will let me know what you want ” I said
I want ice cream and a glas-s of amarula ” she said
I will bring the ice cream” I said
she laughed .

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