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Boss lady Episode 7 & 8

in-sert 7
Dont settle for a relationsh!pthat wont let you be yourself. Being de-eply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone de-eply gives you courage. Some women choose to follow men, and some women choose to follow their dreams. We should not see ourselves as the contestant but as the prize The energy in which we go into a relationsh!pis usually what we get out of it. So, if we go in quite hastily or not being ourselves or balanced, we will have to deal with that at some point in the relationsh!pas it sets the tone for the whole relationsh!p.
I was so disappointed ,I wanted him to k!ssme so badly ,I was craving for his k!sses ,he smelled like heaven and the Idris Elba b©dy was just so perfect ,when God was creating Caleb he took his time ,this dude was amazing , handsome , fabulous , delicious oh my gosh I don’t know what word I can use .
it’s getting late, can you take me to campus ” I said looking at the watch.
you want to go now ” he asked
I nodded.
let me get my coat ” he said
he [email protected]£ back after some time and handed it to me.
thank you ” I said putting it on. oh, it smelled nice.
Caleb was a neat clean dude; he knew what it means to be smart. he drove to school. And left.
I went to the room and the girls were all smiles.
what ” I asked
I thought you never liked the guy ” jas asked
I left my bag in his car ” I said
you bought a new coat “maria tea-sed
what’s up with you two, isnt he your lover boy ” I asked
for now, he is yours, it seems you like him more than us moreover we just enjoyed his money ” jas said.
I just smiled. I sle-pt when I woke up, I found the two gone, since them it was accounts, we had different clas-s schedule. I heard a knock I dragged my lazy feet to open the door.
so, you don’t want me because of that guy huh” ray asked
Ray leave,am not in the mood for you today ,moreover its too early” I said
leave what, you are mine” he said
I am not yours just leave” I said
he punched me, and started beating me. I was screaming but he continued beating me. . when he got tired, he left.
I cu-mddled myself in the corner, I cried my eyes out,I was in so much pain that I couldn’t even get my phone.
maria returned when she saw me, she rushed to where I was.
what happened” she asked
Ray ” I busted into tears.
why ” she asked
because of Caleb ” I asked
she dialed someone’s line, I was in so much pain, every time she tried tou-ching me, I [email protected] ed in pain.
Caleb ban-ged into our room with his lab court.
he didn’t ask anything he carried Me to his car, people were busy starring at us.
get her something comfortable to wear,” he told maria
she [email protected]£ back with a dress and my sandals. He told maria to help me change in the back seat. I was busy [email protected] ing in pain. the idiot did me bad.
he took me to the hospital and told the nurse to take a look at me.
let me go back to work, I will see you later okay, maria stay with her, and amor st©p crying okay you will get sick” he said
I nodded
the nurse took a look at me and I had cuts on my face.
she gave me some pain killers and I dozed off.
I was woken up by him.
hey ” he said
hi ” I said with my eyes half way open.
we nee-d to go ” he said.
he wore a white smart shi-t and a black trou-ser with a brown belt. . even in my state he looks delicious the way I can ride him all night, he can forget his troubles.
he wasn’t driving the road going to school, he hooted and a man opened the gate now I remember that we are at his place. we got inside and he showed me the guest room. I didn’t ask questions.
he prepared a salty water for me to bath. It felt so good.
I found a young lady in my room.
sir s£nt me to help you ” she said
am fine thank you ” I said
she smiled and left.
she [email protected]£ back with some PaJamas.
thank you ummmm…she interrupted me
Blessings” she said
I nodded
she left. I heard a knock.
come in ” I said
he entered all sweaty, just looking at him I [email protected]£ turned on. I was drooling.
I wanted to check up on you ” he said
am fine ” I said
you will be staying here for a while until I found a place safe for you to stay because I don’t know what he will do to you next ” he said
I faced down.
Maria told me don’t worry am here to protect you ” he said
I nodded
let me shower than we can talk ” he said
he [email protected]£ back while I was eating.
am glad you are eating ” he said
I smiled
when I was done, I put the tray on the table in the room.
he sat next to me.
how long have you been [email protected]!ngthe same guy ” he asked?
8months ” I said
and he is alre-ady hitting you” he asked
this is the second time, the first it was about some nûd£s I found and the second was about you ” I said
what did I do ” he asked?
he thinks I have something to do with you ” I said.
he is a jealous freak huh” he said
it’s the first time he is acting like this, he has never even once showed me he cared ” I said
it’s okay ” he said.
he looked straight into my eyes; I felt a special connection between us.
he k!$$£d me and I k!$$£d him back, hisl-ips were so soft that I wanted to eat them up. he pu-ll-ed out leaving me craving for me.
I have to go ” he said
really dude ” I thought to myself …
he left.
what was that, he k!sses me and leaves me craving for more like a crazy lunatic …
the days that pas-sed were crazy, though he never k!$$£d me again and I was craving for more. but he was a gentleman man.
so, you won’t come back ” jasmine asked
I will but he says not now ” I said
that Ray is a lunatic” maria said
I tell you “I said
I picked some few clothes, as we were waiting for Caleb to reach the car park Raymond showed up but this time, he was drun!k.
babe ” he said
I started shaking.
he won’t do anything stupid, we are here “the girls said
I nee-d to talk to you ” he said
she doesn’t want ” maria said
hey hey are you her spokesperson” he asked
Ray just go ” I ordered
babe plea-se ” he begged
just leave ” I said
Caleb showed up.
he [email protected]£ were we were standing and k!$$£d me.
shall we ” he asked
yes love ” with my eyes closed.
by girls ” Caleb said
see you ” they smiled.
so, it’s that bustard you want not me ” Ray yelled
shout up ” just heard jas say.
he took me to have out dinner than went home.
I really wanted Caleb tonight, yes, we had some few drinks and when I drink, I become a little hor-ny.
he put the bag in my room.
huh ” I faked a pain
what is it ” he asked?
he [email protected]£ close and I made him face me, I made him k!ssme.
we can’t ” he said getting up.
why ” I asked
Sharon goodnight” he said
I want you ” I said
you had too much to drink ” he said
am not drun!kCaleb” I said
he walked away and I started throwing things everywhere.
I hated what he was doing to me like seriously.
I went to school and when I got back ,I found my room clean ..I went to the kitchen to eat and went to sleep ..I woke up ,when I checked the time it was 7:30pm..Caleb didn’t wake up cause he was in the afternoon shift ..I took a shower and just wore my robe and went to the kitchen ..
his Caleb back ” I asked
she nodded
what time did he come back ” I asked?
he [email protected]£ back an hour ago ” Blessings said
where is he ” I asked
study, he is with someone ” she said
who ” I asked?
I don’t know but its a lady ” she said
oh okay ” I said
I went to the lounge, it was next to the study, they were busy giggling in the study.
after sometime it was quiet, I knew he was fv¢king her. I went to my room disappointed. I thought we had a sh0t at this.
madam, sir is looking for you ” she said
I fixed myself and went to the study.
I knocked.
come in ” he shouted
when I opened, he was busy packing some folders?
you called me ” I said
yes, I was thinking that you just stay here, for a while I will just find you an [email protected] when you get back ” he said
Is that why you called me ” I asked
yes ” he said
is your pretty miss gone ” I asked?
yes, she is gone ” he said
it was one h0t session leaving you packing your files do fast ” I said
it was” he said looking at me.
I got upset, I was about to leave when he [email protected]£d my hand.
look at me ” he whispered in my ear.
I couldn’t look at him.
mi amor look at me ” he whispered
I turned slowly and looked at him .my legs were weak.
he k!$$£d me oh my gosh I felt every bone cracking lol. he placed me on t©p of his study table he k!$$£d my n£¢k all the way to my belly bu-tton, I had nothing un-derneath.
he re-moved his short.
he got protec-tion and the minute he was in oh gaah. [email protected]
we made love everywhere his couch, floor, everywhere. the dude was big the time he was done I felt like my vir-ginity was broken again but it’s okay cause I enjoyed every minute of it …when I wake up, I was in my room…
I found a note ” I got work, take care of yourself ” I k!$$£d the note. took a shower and prepared for clas-s.
what’s with the blu-shing today ” maria asked
am happy ” I said
okay amor ” she tea-sed
only Caleb calls me that ” I said
I thought you never liked the guy ” jasmine said
bye guys” I said
why bye come back here ” maria yelled
in-sert 8
Missing someone and I mean really, really missing someone is one of the worst feelings. That person could be gone for one day or a few weeks and it can still feel like an eternity.
And let me tell you, when you start to miss someone as soon as they leave, youve got it BAD.
It doesnt matter if you fall in love easily, but when you finally find someone who is your best friend and significant other all rolled into one, you know that someone is special.
de-ep love like this means a lot of things; you have a more positive outlook on life, you are willing to try new things (as long as your girl does, too), and you start thinking about the future, even if the idea growing old together used to freak you out.
Being this connected to a person can also mean that missing them is that much ha-rder on you.
Sure, texting and video chatting can work to an extent, but there really is nothing that can compare to actually being with your boo especially when you miss them so much.
I went to work to chingola for a while but being away from her was like I don’t know. the worse [email protected] was she also went back home and being kept by her strict step mother it was really ha-rd to have a chance to see her.
when are you opening” I asked?
next week and when are you getting back ” she asked
tomorrow ” I said.
I wish I can see you ” she said
will wait for next week babe, and I found an [email protected] for you just want you to see it when I get back so we pay for it ” I said
oh ” she mumbled.
babe will talk to you some other time, let me hung out with the boys and I will call you, I love you” I said
bye ” she said
I know she was upset that was going to be leaving alone, I wanted her to have her freedom. . I didn’t what her to feel tra-pped in my house as if we were alre-ady married.
it felt good working in chingola again at least I was close to home and I missed this place so much seeing my friends brou-ght so much memory.
so, you are in chingola you can’t even call me ” she said
Carol ” I said
don’t Carol me, Caleb you disappeared and couldn’t call or text ” she said
my bad work has been doing me bad, moreover I lost your line ” I said
give me your phone ” she said.
I handed her my phone.
this is the Mrs. ” she asked
yes, that’s her ” I said
you and slim girls what’s up ” she asked
you weren’t slim ” I said
she laughed.
we chatted a little bit and she left …
a week later Sharon [email protected]£ back though I haven’t seen her because of work, I was in the night shift and most of the time when I go for work, she was alre-ady at school. And when I go for work, she was back from school …
I got back from work and I was really tired I just wanted to take a long nap.
mwila” mum said
mayo wandi (my mother)” I said putting my car keys on the table.
mwila I thought you said you will bring the girl ” she complained.
I don’t even know how I sle-pt just woke up covered. there was something smelling nice in the kitchen and I knew she was back; I checked my watch it was 12:05hrs.
I got up slowly and went to the kitchen.
hey ” I said with a smile
hi” she was busy cooking.
I held her from behind.
let me cook babe ” she said
we arent doing anything” I said
she turned and k!$$£d me.
I thought we arent doing anything” I asked
a k!ssis nothing” she laughed
she continued cooking while ma-king small talks.
the girls and I will go see the [email protected] ” she said without looking at me
will take you to go see it ” I said having my meal.
she kept quiet.
what is it ” I asked?
nothing” she said
Sharon ” I said putting my folk down.
I enjoyed being here with you ” she said
babe it’s not like you won’t be coming over” I said
she faked a smile.
come my babe” I said
she sat on my [email protected], she looked at me.
you and me it’s forever ” I said
my phone rung and it was saved boo boo. Sharon just looked at it and just ignored it.
hey ” I answered
hi you ” she said
Sharon got up and started doing the dishes, I didn’t know that’s how she saved her line.
let me call you later.” I said
okay ” she hung up
I put the phone in my pocket.
let me shower than I will take you.
I didn’t know how am going to explain things to Sharon, women are so unpredictable I don’t know how I was going to talk to her, we have been together for 8months now and I never want to hurt her, I love her too much …
I have called the girls they will be waiting for us ” she said facing down.
I knelt Infront of her. she was crying.
why are you crying amor” I asked?
let’s go ” she got up
I [email protected]£d her hand she wasn’t looking at me.
mi amor look at me ” I said
she didn’t
cuddles look at me ” I said
she looked at me her eyes were red.
let’s go Caleb” she said
I don’t know why you are crying ” I asked
you are cheating on me ” she said
excuse me ” I said
you are cheating even your phone could tell ” she said
could tell what ” I asked
That you are cheating” she said
babe I swear I am not cheating ” I said
how about that one saved as boo boo” she asked
she is a nob©dy, I met her when she was in chingola she got my number and saved it, I didn’t know that’s how she saved it ” I said
you are lying” she said with tears in her eyes. You can hi fresh ish on+233544142683 to get more of such intriguing story from unlimited story platform, fresh stories Kingdom, house of story room ,sweet and nice story room.
I got my phone and dialed Carol’s line. I put it on loud
hey ” she answered
why did you save your line like that babe saw it and she think am cheating ” I said?
my bad didn’t mean to cause trouble ” she said
she is here you can explain to her that you and me there is nothing” I said
hey love don’t worry there is nothing between your man and I, you are lucky to have him in your life ” she said
chat with you later ” I said
sure” she hung up.
I just looked at her.
she wra-pped her arms around my n£¢k.
am sorry ” she said
you better be ” I said looking away.
she k!$$£d my n£¢k.
let’s go ” I said
I got my car keys.
we got in the car; it was in the garage she started pla-ying with my man-hood.
oh my gosh ” I [email protected] ed softly
she continued her crazy doing.
Sharon st©p ” I said
am sorry ” she said
let’s go the ladies are waiting ” I said
you can’t go like that ” she said
I will clear my mind” I said
the time we reached that place I was back to normal.
this is beautiful ” they said
I know right ” I said
we will get it ” they said
so, girls we will help pay for one month and the rest Caleb will help us ” she said
I was busy on my phone, I bought this [email protected] a few months ago and I didn’t want Sharon to know because it was un-der her name.
Caleb ” maria called
where is your mind? ” jasmine asked.
sorry you were saying” I asked putting my phone away
we were saying that we help you pay for the house for one month than” maria said
it’s fine, just use the money to buy groceries ” I said.
oh my gosh thank you ” they said.
here are the keys, this is your house you can. shift any day ” I said with a smile.
we drove back home because I had an hour to go back to work.
she made me st©p in the middle of nowhere.
are you still upset? ” she asked.
am not shasha” I said
babe you only call me that when you are upset” she said
look am tired okay ” I said
am sorry I didn’t trust you ” she said
I started driving. I wanted to make her worried cause I had a surprise for her home. when we got there the surprise was alre-ady home.
she got out of the car worried.
you have visitors ” she asked
kind of ” I said
oh ok” she said
I got the papers for the [email protected] handed them to her.
she looked at me.
it’s yours ” I said
oh my gosh ” she hvgged
babe you are hurting me ” I said
I love you ” she said
can I go prepare for work now ” I asked?
so, I was about to nag you that how can you let us leave they for free” she said
oh, plea-se even if I love you that much can I let you leave they for free ” I said
Mr. mwila it was nice doing business with you ” Mr. daka said
thank you as well Mr. daka” I said
we shook hands and he left …
I showered again and got re-ady for work.
I will spend a night here” she said
okay babe” I pe-cked herl-ips

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