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Boss lady Episode 21 & 22

in-sert 21🔞🤏🍌👈
Forgive yourself for being fooled by those who deceived you. Sometimes a kind ha-rd does not see the bad.
Forgive all those who have wrong you. You are doing it for your peace of mind, not for them.
Forgiveness is the sweetest vengeance against those who have offended you.
Never say sorry or attempt to defend yourself unless someone is pointing a f!nger at you. Will sorry be truly enough against the thousand pins of hurtful actions, scarred hearts and painful memories?
A sincere apology can repair anything. It pieces back a broken heart. It can save a broken relationsh!p. It will heal your conscience as well.
Apology comes with a sacrifice to make amends, with all your heart, with the wrong things you did.
Apology is a great thing as long as it comes from the bo-ttomof the heart. Be careful, however, with those who simply utter the word just to wash themselves off the guilt.
The best apology for the bad behavior in the past is the right actions in the future.
I was willing to fight for her love, since her husband didnt want her, I want to marry her, I want to be with her forever, yes, she lied to me but I will win her heart. I kept on looking for her and I finally found her.
as she walked with two boys in her hands, I followed her.
Rose ” I called
she turned
hey ” she said surprised
mummy why is he calling you Rose ” the eldest asked
jr not now ” she said
can we talk ” I asked
about what ” she asked sarcastically
plea-se just 10 minutes” I said
boys run inside ” she said
okay mummy ” they said
cute boys ” I said
Andrew, I don’t have all day plea-se, their father is coming to pick them up and I don’t want him finding you here ” she said
Rose, I love you and I want to marry you” I said
she laughed
I am serious am willing to accept everything about you “I said
she just stared at me.
rose I have forgiven you for whatever you have done ” I said
you arent my husband,am busy begging my husband and you are here with your nons-en-se” she said
a car pu-ll-ed over and it was the husband.
bashi jr ” she said
I can see you are spicing up the love ” he said
it’s not like that ” she said
it’s not like how, you are here with your man friend what do you want me to say ” he said
Caleb am begging it’s not what you think ” she said sobbing.
bring my boys, I want to go ” he said
she wiped her tears.
you are not supposed to remind her of her mistakes” I said
who gave you the right to talk to me ” he asked?
she [email protected]£ back with the boys and I found myself smiling.
daddy ” they shouted
my boys let’s go ” he said
what about mummy” they youngest said
mummy has a guest ” he said
bashi jr ” she whispered
I have to go honey” he said
babe don’t do this plea-se” she begged
look Andrew you can have her; I don’t nee-d her any more so you are one lucky chap dude ” he win-ked
I want you not him “she said
I don’t want you, so here Mr. h0t stuff wants you ” he said
she cried and the husband Drove off.
I tried tou-ching her but she didn’t let me. You can hi omeano on+233544142683 to be added to story headquarters room for more stories.
I love you, let me show you want love is ” I said
I want my husband’s love ” she said
he doesn’t want you ” I said
he will want me ” she cried bitterly.
you can tell from her voice that she was hurt and she was really sorry but you can’t turn time to change what happened. her husband was really hurt and he was never taking her back.
indeed, we don’t know what we have till it’s gone. but I was going to help her forget her husband.
you don’t know what am going throu-gh ” I said
maybe you better are in a relationsh!pcrisis ” she said
Lisa was my cousin and she is a go getter kind of girl.
what’s been going on in your life I haven’t seen you ” I said
am in love with a married man ” she said
while am in love with a married woman” I said
seriously, who is the lucky woman ” she asked
I showed her a pic of Rose.
I know this woman “she said
how ” I asked
she is married to doctor mwila the man who am dying to be with “she said
this is simple who the man, so that I can have the woman ” I said
this man is ha-rd to woo the man, its like that woman gave him in all angles” she said
that’s what she did to me no wonder I don’t want to lose her ” I said
so, let’s win our loves ” she laughed
we chatted on how we are going to win our loves lol.
I decided to see her in the evening.
can I help you ” a lady asked?
am here to see rose ” I said
Sharon someone is here to see you” she shouted
rose [email protected]£ out.
hey beautiful” I said
what do you want ” she asked?
I miss you ” I said
are you done ” she asked?
Rose look, your husband doesn’t know what he really wants, but am willing to erase on the pain, just give me a chance ” I said
Andrew, I have better things to do that let you come here with your poem ” she said
so am no longer important to you ” I asked
you were never important Andrew; you were just a S-x object” she said
I don’t care as long as I will love you ” I said
are you done” she asked?
Rose …. she Interrupted
Rose what huh, leave ” she yelled
would you calm down ” I said
am trying to fix my life, you are not ma-king it easy ” she said
I held her hand
look life is full of choices and my choice is being with you ” I said
you got the wrong choice ” she said
Sharon ” the lady yelled
yes Nana ” she yelled back
I love you” I said
whatever,” she went inside
in-sert 22🔞🤏👈🍇🍇🍇🍆🍆🫑🍓🍓🍓
I wish I lived in a world where no matter what happened in your relationsh!pwithin reason, I’m not condoning cheating or anything here everything could easily work itself out.I know it’s not realistic, but I’m willing to put my life on the right track,I think one of the ha-rd est things to remember in marriage, and something I am constantly going back to every day, is that marriage is supposed to be two people who are able to have their own thoughts, friends, and lives, yet can come home at night and be with the person they love.Let me explain.
When you become too dependent on your significant other, it becomes unthinkable that you would do anything without that person.
You might find yourself wondering if she would be okay with you going out to the movies with your best friend, or refusing to make a decision about your own personal life until you get some advice from your [email protected],I’m not saying it’s bad to want to do everything with your significant other, but it’s not exactly healthy either.Think of it this way: You should want to be able to be your own person outside of your marriage in addition to having a better marriage.
I gazed at the ceiling as tears streamed down my face , wondering what went wrong in my marriage ,I have been a perfect husband ,I have never cheated ,I loved my wife more than anything in this world but she decided to betray me like this …
I closed my eyes ..went back to memory lane .
babe am pregnant ” she said
our second bambino” I danced
she looked at me wondering what I was doing.
isn’t it to early ” she asked
early for what” I asked
another baby,jr is just a year and having another ~baby he will become emotionally ~damaged” she said
last time I remembered you were studying business admini~ stration” I said
meaning what babe ” she asked~
meaning am the doctor ,so our son will be okay ” I said
she smiled ,her smiled made me have goosebu-mps ..she k!$$£d myl-ips .
you want us to make twins ” I tea-sed
even if I never studied medicine but that ain’t possible” she laughed ..
I opened my eyes ,I couldn’t control my tears ,I cried like never before ..
someone knocked ..
come in ” I wiped my tears
people are here sir” Blessings said
am coming ” I said
I washed my face and headed to the lounge were our family will meet from ,today is the day I will make the final decision ..
good morning Everyone ,we are here because of our children here,our son here called us and informed us that he wants to divorce his wife here ” my uncle said
why ” selina asked ( first born)
this monkey over here had been having multi-ple marital affairs” I said
what ” selina said
don’t be surprised ,this idiot has ruined my life ” I said pointing at her ..
mwila calm yourself ,there are elders here ” mum said
Sharon is it true ” selina asked
yes it’s true ,I have a problem and I told my husband about it ,I thought if I get married it will change but it never did ,as I gave birth it [email protected]£ worse ” Sharon said
liar ” I said
mwila behave what’s wrong with you ” mum asked
my wrong is this good for nothing piece of trash ” I said
shout up ” mum yelled
what is the problem my darling ” selina asked
sharon [email protected]£ quite ..
speak you don’t have a mouth ” her mother said
I was [email protected]£d when I was young ” she said
what when ” her mother asked
mama will talk about it some other time ” Sharon said
I want a divorce ” I said
why do you want a divorce when you knew the weakness of your wife ” selina said
didn’t I fv¢k you any how you wanted huh” I asked
mwila language” mum said
ask her ” I said
I was even shaking ..
my elders ,I know I have wronged my husband and i have hurt everyone who is here today ,am human and I make mistakes ,I didn’t mean to do it ,I can’t say it’s the devil but am willing to go for help and am willing to do anything to win my husband back ” Sharon said
win who ” I asked
mwila if it was you who did this don’t you think she would have forgiven you ” selina asked
who’s side are you on ” I asked
am on the side of love ” she said
which love ,I don’t love this hypocrite” I said
mwila I saw how you treasured your wife ,your wife also loves you ,she is just add!çted to S-x ” she said
I nolonger treasure her ” I said
you are even sweating” mum said
my son ,I know my child has wronged you but are you willing to let another woman raise your children” her mother asked.
if that woman knows how to keep her lingerie intact, than yes ” I said
mwila you don’t mean it ” selina said
I want a divorce and that’s final” I said
you will not divorce her ” selina said
why not ” I asked
give her a second chance ” she said
so this good for nothing has been feeding you are nons-en-se ,or you are the one encourage her to do prostitution” I asked
selina [email protected] me ..
I think leave my house ” I yelled
I went to my room and selina followed me ..
didn’t you hear what I said ” I asked
I heard you loud and clear ,mwila you kids are young think about them ” she said
was she thinking about her kids when she was busy opening her legs for other men” I asked
she is human ,and she got tem-pted ,give her a second chance plea-se” she begged
I will keep her in this house but I will never t©uçh her again” I said
she didn’t argue ,we went to the lounge and mum ,was busy talking to Sharon’s mother ..
you can come back to the house ” i said
she looked at me ..
I walked away.
she thinks I would take her back ..Sharon will wish she was never born .
you would think things were better between me and Sharon but naah ..I moved out of our room. I wasn’t re-ady to share my be-d with her .
food is re-ady ” she said
I alre-ady ate” I said concentrating on the TV.
what time ” she asked
am suppose to tell you that ,my darling wife I alre-ady ate huh” I asked
yes ,cause I prepared food for four ” she said
you can give my share to the dogs ” I said
she knelt Infront of me .
Caleb plea-se,you don’t eat from this house am begging you plea-se come we eat ” she begged
didn’t you hear the [email protected] I said I ate” I asked
Caleb ,plea-se ” she begged
I got up and went to the be-droom and sle-pt

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