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A wish Episode 35 & 36

🌼A Wish🌼
Chapter 35.
I’ve never been to a cemetery before. Most movies that shows when a girl or boy visit the cemetery to honour their loved ones, was boring to me. The cemetery is really quiet and it kinda creeps me out so i scooted closer to Dad.
I could see different tombstones with names engraved on them. My eyes fell on one tombstones in the middle of other tombstones. It was five times bigger than the other tombstones.
“I-is this hers?” I asked Dad quietly.
Dad smiled and gave my hand a gentle squee-ze. “Yes, bambina.”
I knelt down and placed my bag on the gras-s. My f!nger gently grazed the tombstone, it was a little dusty so i brou-ght out my handkerchief.
“No, bambina.” Dad held out his own handkerchief to me. “Use mine, yours will get dirty.”
“Its okay Dad.” I said, giving him a small smile. “I’ll wash it when i get home.”
“If you say so bambina.” Dad said softly.
I slowly brou-ght my handkerchief up on the tombstone and cleaned the ha-rd surface until the dust were gone.
Dad told me that Mum’s favourite flowers were daisies and roses so i bought two bunches from the flower shop earlier today.
Taking out the flowers from my bag, i placed it on the tombstones.
“Hey Mum.” I started, taking in a de-ep breath and re-leasing it. “Its me Brielle, your daughter. Dad told me some interesting things about you, dont worry, Mum, it was good things. He told me about how smart and intelligent you are, how you love singing. Guess what Mum, i also love singing and not to [email protected] but i have an amazing voice. It would have been really awesome to sing a duet with you, Mum. I saw your pictures, you’re so beautiful and i wish i have your looks but i guess God had other plans.”
I glanced up at Dad and smiled before fixing my eyes back down on the tombstone. “I got Dad looks and i love the fact that i look like my Dad.”
“Look, Mum.” I took off my locket and placed it on the tombstone. “Dad gave me the locket you wanted me to have, its really beautiful and i love it. You know what, Mum, ever since Dad mentioned you, i wished that God still kept you here on earth so i can meet you. But i know that you are in a better place, and were you are, there is peace. I’m going back to my school cause i’ll be graduating to s£nior year. Once i graduate, am no longer staying in that state again. I’ll move to a new state, Mum. It wasn’t really my idea to move out but my best friend, Ava, suggested it. She’s really nice Mum, and am sure you will like her.”
I wiped my tears with my sleeve and wore my locket back. “Her idea was for me to leave the place i grew up in because its not healthy for me. I thought about it and have decided that i want to start over. In a new state, new school, new friends and new family. That’s right Mum, am going to move here in colorado and stay with my Dad and his family. Once i graduate, i’ll gather all my stuff and move here. The best [email protected] of it all is that Ava and Alex wants to stay in whatever state i choose. They’re the best, Mum. Alex will be close to his new crush, Ava wont feel like she’s far away from Damon since he’s going to school in a college here in colorado. My b©yfri£nd, Xavier, is not schooling here but at least he’s not in another country. Xavier is really an amazing b©yfri£nd, Mum, i wish that you were alive to see him. His brothers, Damon and Alex are really cool. Damon is a goofy and cheerful while Alex is shy, quiet but he can still be a goofball if he wants to. Their Aunt, Emily, she’s really a sweet and gentle lady. Emily can be like a scary mama bear when she gets all strict but she is still really gentle. Her son Johnny is a sweet little and adorable kid. Abd lastly, Jordan. He’s our friend, we met him here in colorado. His character is more like another version of Damon but Jordan is still a childishly mature teenager.”
“Mum.” I let the tears that streamed down my cheeks fall. “Even though i’ve not seen you in physical or have met you before, i can feel that you’re here with me. It might sound a bit crazy but i feel it and i know that you’ll always be with me right here.” I t©uçhed the lower [email protected] of my che-st.
I put my handkerchief in my bag and picked it up.
“Goodbye, Mum, for now.” I k!$$£d three of my f!ngersand placed it on the tomb. “I love you, Mum.”
Standing up, i turned to Dad and wra-pped my arms around him. Dad hvgged me back, k!ss!ngthe t©p of my head as he gently stro-ked my hair.
“Your Mum loves you too.” He whispered.
“I know.” I said softly, ti-ght£ñing my arms around him.
“I cant believe we’re leaving tommorow, am going to miss this place.” Ava whined, plopping down on chair.
“Didn’t know you’ve alre-ady gotten attached to colorado.” Damon said, with a sm-irk.
“Of course i’ve gotten attached! Here is really fun and cool. I wish we can stay longer.” Ava said, a sad expression on her face.
“We’re graduating.” Alex said bluntly. “After the graduation we can spend the holiday’s here.”
“But its only going to be for a month, it would have been awesome if we can stay here much longer but.” Ava trailed off, her eyes fli-ckering over to mine.
“But we still have to support Brielle in whatever decision she makes.” Alex finished off.
“Which reminds me, Brielle.” Damon turned to me. “Have thought about the state you want to stay in?”
“Of course i have.” I replied coolly.
“Really? Where?” Ava asked eagerly.
“Colorado.” I said, a sincere smile tugged up in myl-ips. “I’ve gotten close to Emily, Johnny and Jordan. I found out my Dad is here and i have a stepmom and two stepbrothers. So why wont i choose to stay in colorado?”
“Best of all, Xavier isn’t going to be that far since New York is close to colorado.”
“Omg! Bestie!” Ava threw herself in my arms. “Thank you, thank you. You thought about it and made a right decision in choosing here.”
“Okay, Ava.” I laughed, pushing her gently away from me. “But i still have to tell you guys something.”
“Oh, what is it Brielle? Anything wrong?” Alex asked worriedly.
I opened my mouth to reply but got interrupted by the door being slammed open loudly ma-king me jump up.
“What’s up guys?” Xavier asked, k!ss!ngmy cheek and sitting down beside me.
“Brielle was going to tell us something until you decided to show up. Where the hell have you been?” Damon demanded.
“Aunt Emily nee-ded help with something’s so had to attend to her.” Xavier turned to me and held my hand. “What’s it you wanna talk about, princess?”
“Um, i choosed to stay here in colorado, Xavier.” I said and Xavier face immediately spilt up into a smile.
I nodded. “Yes and when Ava, Alex and i move in here. I want to stay with my Dad.”
“Oh, i dont see anything wrong with that, Brielle.” Ava said, surprising me. “He’s your father and you just met him two days ago so eventually, you’ll want to spend some more time with him.”
“Does this mean that you’re okay with it?” I asked uncertainly.
“Hundred percent okay.” Ava said, with a smile.
“We can stay with you, if your Dad agrees then visit Aunt Emily afterwards. So am okay with it.” Alex flashed me a light smile.
“I honestly dont un-derstand what you guys are talking about but am also okay with it.” I rolled my eyes. Typical Damon.
I turned to Xavier, who looks like he’s de-ep in thought. “Um, Xavier?”
He sighed and wra-pped his arms around me. “If you trust your Dad then i guess i can trust him, so am okay with you moving in with him and his family.”
“Thank you.” I whispered.
He k!$$£d my forehead. “You’re welcome princess.”
“Its 8:08 pm guys and tomorrow we’ll be hitting the road so let’s spend the night pla-ying with Johnny.” Ava suggested.
“The kid’s been bu-mmed ever since he learned that we’re leaving tomorrow.” Damon said, crossing his legs together.
“Well why didn’t anyone tell me.” I said, standing up from the couch. “Lets have a sleepover with him, that will make him feel better.”
They all nodded in agreement and we walked to Johnny room. I opened the door, surprising the latter who was currently watching SpongeBob.
“Hey Johnny.” I sat down on his be-d.
“Hi, Brielle.” Johnny mumbled, switching off the television. He must be really upset because SpongeBob is his favourite cartoon.
“Why the long face, bud?” Xavier [email protected]£d Johnny and sat him down on his [email protected]
“You all are leaving tomorrow and am going to miss you.” Johnny said quietly.
“We’re going for our graduation, Johnny.” Alex said gently. “After that, its going to be a holiday for us all, Xavier and Damon own will just be two weeks but me, Brielle and Ava will still be here.”
“I dont un-derstand why Xavier and Damon have shorter holiday’s.” Johnny said, furrowing his brows in confusion.
“We’ll be going to college, little guy.” Damon knelt down to face Johnny. “Xavier and i will spend enough time with you before we go. Okay?”
“Okay!” Johnny grinned. “I un-derstand!”
“So, how about a sleep over with all your favourite teenagers?” Ava asked Jordan and his face instantly spilt into a big smile.
“Really? Yes, plea-se!”
“Okay, i’ll get the snacks.” Damon walked towards the door, dragging Ava with him.
“I want to help the others in setting up the room.” Ava gro-an ed. “Go Damon, you’ll manage to bring up all the snacks on your own.”
“Nuh, uh.” Damon waved his index f!nger dismissively. “You’re coming with me.” He [email protected]£d Ava [email protected]!st and hoisted her over his shoulder.
“Damon, you j£rk! Put me down!”
“Nope.” Ava skrie-ked when Damon started running.
“Can we be so sure that Damon wont eat all the snacks before it gets here?” Johnny asked innocently.
“Dont worry Johnny.” I ruffled his hair. “Ava is there to make sure he doesn’t eat all the snacks.”
“Hopefully, she wont join him in eating them.” Xavier muttered.
“I wish we spent some more time with each other.” Antonio said as he hvgged me back.
“Dont worry Antonio.” I k!$$£d his forehead. “I’ll be back, Dad told you. Didn’t he?”
Antonio nodded. “He did.”
“So dont be upset, once we graduate and stay for a few days, packing up, we’re heading straight here to colorado.”
“Okay, Brielle. I’ll miss you.” Antonio gave me one last hvg before walking towards the living room.
“Do you really have to leave?” A small voice said and i heard sniffles.
I sighed and walked behind the couch, crouching down to pick up my baby brother. “I have to go, Angelo, i’ll be graduating.”
“Antonio told me that.” He looked down at his shi-t, fiddling with his f!ngers. “I’m still going to miss you.”
“Me too bud but am still coming back and when i come back, i’ll be staying here in the house.”
Angelo looked up at me, his big innocent eyes wi-dening. “Promise?” He held up his pinky f!nger.
“I promise.”
Angelo turned and narrowed his eyes at Xavier who was casually leaning against the doorway. “You, big guy.” He gestured with his index f!nger, telling Xavier to come closer.
Xavier rolled his eyes and plodded towards us. “What is it, Angelo?”
Angelo glared at Xavier and jabbe-d his f!nger in Xavier’s che-st. “Take care of my sissy, if anything happens to her. You wont like the consequences. un-derstand?”
Xavier gave a mocking bow. “Yes, your majesty.”
Clearly too innocent to know that Xavier was being sarcastic, Angelo nodded his head in satisfaction and squirmed. I gently set him down on the floor and he ran to Antonio, jumping down on his [email protected] a little too ha-rd .
“Angelo.” Antonio growled. “You know how much i hate it when you jump on me like that.”
Angelo grinned. “Sorry bubba.” He leaned his head on Antonio che-st, wra-pping his arms around him.
Antonio sighed and hvgged Angelo back, a small smile tugging up on hisl-ips.
“They’re so cute.” I cooed, bringing out my phone to take a picture of them.
“Cute my as-s.” Xavier scoffed.
“Xavier, that’s not very nice.” I scolded, crossing my arms. “Dont insult them, they’re my brothers.”
“Sorry, baby girl.” Xavier leaned in to give me a quic-k k!ss.
“We’re packed up!” Ava, Damon and Alex approached us, holding their bags. “We were too busy trying to console a wailing Jordan.”
I heard loud cries and stomping of feet so i craned my n£¢k to see Jordan running into the dining room. Jordan dramatically threw his arms around me, nearly s£nding me down to the floor, if not for Xavier who was swift to gr-ab my shoulders.
“I’m going to miss you so much Brielle!” He cried, ti-ght£ñing his grip in me. “I’ll miss you!”
“I’m going to miss you too Jordan.” I wheezed out, patting his back. “Can you plea-se st©p hvgging me now, i cant breathe.”
Jordan quic-kly let go off me. “Oh, sorry.” He apologized sheepishly.
“Its alright Jord.” Jordan grinned and stared at something behind before he ran and jumped.
“Dude, what the hell?” Ava, Damon and Alex were laughing while bringing out their phones.
Confused, i turned around and was met with an angry Xavier who was trying to rip off Jordan away from his b©dy. Jordan kept on repeating ‘i’ll miss you’ while clinging onto Xavier like a koala.
“plea-se let go of me Jordan.” Xavier said, alre-ady looking tired.
“Not until you say it back.”
Xavier sighed. “Fine, i’ll miss you too.”
Jordan let go of Xavier and flashed him a wi-de grin. “That wasn’t so ha-rd .”
“Speak for yourself.” Xavier grumbled, picking up his bag and storming out of the dining room.
“You really love pissing him off dont you?”
Jordan sh0t me a wi-nk. “A lot.”
I rolled my eyes and strode over to the living room. My Dad, Madison and Emily all walked in to the living room at once. They were having a meeting before and didn’t want to be disturbe-d.
I hvgged my Dad and Madison, telling them goodbyes while promising them that i’ll be back soon.
“Thank you Emily, you’ve been nothing but kind to me when i stepped into this house.” I said as i [email protected] her ti-ghtly.
“Shush now young lady.” She pressed a k!sson my forehead. “I’ll always treat you right, and you have nothing to thank me for. un-derstood?”
“Yes, ma’am.” I gave a dramatic salute to which she laughed at.
After we were all done giving lots of hvgs and calming down the crying ones, who are Johnny and Jordan. We were alre-ady set on the road.
“You better not fall asleep Damon.” Xavier warned his younger brother. “I let you have the wheel so dont even dare tell me that you’re sleepy.”
“I wont kill us all Xavier.” Damon said, rolling his eyes. “And am not feeling sleepy.”
“Fall asleep and i’ll end you.”
“Hah! I’ll like to see you try that big bro.”
“How are you two related to me?” Alex asked dryly, staring at his brothers with a bored expression.
“By blood.” Xavier and Damon responded simultaneously.
“Oh, God.” Alex gro-an ed, covering his face with his hands.
🌼A ~Wish🌼~
Chapter 36
“Hi.” A gruff voice muttered.
Fixing my graduation cap, i turned around only to collide into a ha-rd b©dy.
“Gosh, that hurts.” I ru-bbe-d my nose and looked up to see it was the boy who made my life miserable in school.
Zayn Parker.
“Um, hey.” I greeted, trying to avert my gaze to other students who were all discussing, greeting other people or eating and drinking from the large white table that has different types of foods, snacks and drinks.
“Can we talk?” Zayn asked, a nervous expression on his face. “plea-se?”
“Um, okay.” I led him to a secluded place but i made sure that people were in the area cause i dont completely trust Zayn.
“I’m sorry.” Zayn mumbled. “For everything i did to you in school.”
“You made school a living hell for me, Zayn.” I clenched my fist ti-ghtly, finally mustering up the courage to look him in the eye. “Even though you never la-id your hands on me, you still made your teammates hit me while you just sit down and watch like am some freaking cartoon character.”
Zayn stared at me, guilt and hurt swirling in his eyes. “I never should have done all that to you, Brielle, but i was blinded by my hatred for Liam and i took it out on you.”
“Remember the day you cornered me in the janitor’s closet?” As images of that day flashed in my head, i could feel my b©dy boiling with anger and rage. “Beating me up wasn’t enough, you harras-sed me in an inappropiate way.”
Zayn eyes wi-de-ned. “I never t©uçhed you in an unsuitably way, Brielle.”
“But you still f0rç£d yourl-ips on mine, doesn’t that count as harras-sment?”
Zayn didn’t say anything and just stared down at the ground. “I wasn’t in my right mind then, i have psychological disorder.”
“I know.” I said dryly. “Connor told me.”
Zayn nodded. “I’ve been going to a rehabilitation program and am getting better.”
“How long will you be in the program?” I asked curiously.
“A year.” Zayn responded, giving a a small smile but all i did was stare at him blankly.
“Goodluck, i hope it works out for you.”
“Are you being sarcastic?” Zayn asked carefully.
I sighed and crossed my arms. “No, i mean it when i say goodluck. And i really want you to get better so you can leave your past behind.”
Zayn sh0t me a brief and genuine smile. “Does that mean you forgive me?”
“I’ve forgiven you a long time, Zayn but i just cant forget it.”
“I un-derstand.” An awkward silence stretched out in the air.
“So, friends?” Zayn asked uncertainly.
“No, but acquaintances.” I said, with a small smile.
“That’s fine with me, so i guess i’ll see you around.” Zayn said and shoved his hands in his pocket. “Maybe, next year?”
“Sure.” I flashed him a smile and turned around to walk back to where my best friend is. “Like i’ll still be in this damn state.” I muttered the last [email protected] un-der my breath.
“Brielle, you have got to try this cream puffs they’re so good.” Ava shoved a small cream puff in my mouth and i glared at her before slowly chewing it.
“Well?” She asked when i swallowed it.
“Okay, give me some more of these.” I took the tray from Ava and started eating the sweet pastry.
“I saw you with Zayn.” Ava said as she opened a canned sprite. “What were you two talking about? Did he threaten you? Do i nee-d to get my baseball bat?”
A small laugh escaped myl-ips. “Dont be so dramatic Ava, he just apologized and now, we’re cool.”
Ava huffed and rolled her eyes. “He’s so lucky that you’ve forgiven him.”
I opened ny mouth to say something but st©pped when i felt soft and warml-ips on my cheek.
“Hey, baby.” Xavier whispered.
I placed the tray on the table and turned around. “Hi.”
“Zayn talked with Brielle.” Ava blurted out causing me to shoot her an annoyed look and she smiled sheepishly at me.
“Really? Did he try anything funny?” Xavier asked, his eyes angrily roving around.
“No.” I [email protected]£d his face, trying to bring back his attention to me. “He just apologized to me and plea-se dont be mad at me.”
“I’m not mad at you princess.” Xavier k!$$£d my forehead. “Trusting Zayn with you is the last thing that will ever be in my mind.”
“I dont completely trust him, but hey, i want to move on from the past.” I said, with a small shrug of my shoulders.
“And you will.” Xavier face held determination. “In few days, you will move to a new state, new family and new school. No Liam, no Richa-rd and no Zayn.”
“Cant wait for that.” Xavier smiled softly at me and leaned forward to press his softl-ips on mine.
“Ugh!” Ava gro-an ed. “You two are ma-king me jealous, where is my b©yfri£nd? I want attention too.”
“Here he comes.” Xavier motioned with his f!ngers, at Damon and Alex who were happily walking towards us, with a really young man. He could be around twenty or twenty-one.
“Damon, uh, who’s this?” Ava asked, eyeing the young man who looks like he’s in college.
“Tristan, he’s studying ph0togra-phy in college and he was taking pictures of other students and families so i called him here to take a picture of us, i wanna turn it into a portrait.”
“Heck, yeah!” Ava placed her sprite on the table. “I love taking pictures so let’s do this.”
“Do i have to be in it?” Xavier whined.
“You will.” I told him firmly. “And you better smile.”
“Fine.” Xavier pla-yfully rolled his eyes at me.
After a minute of trying to arrange ourselves, we finally got the perfect posture for the picture. Troy took more pictures of us and he also took a couple pictures of me and Xavier.
“Do you like this one?” Troy asked me.
“Yes.” I smiled down at the picture of Me, Xavier, Damon and Alex. We were all smiling brightly at the [email protected]£ra.
“Its perfect.”
Alex pov
“Do you really want to do this?” Brielle asked me, her expression morphed with worry and concern.
“I’m sure.” I told her, [email protected] my hands together, trying to hide my nervousness from them.
“Why cant i tag along?” Brielle asked, shooting Xavier a glare to which he rolled his eyes at.
“Yeah, me too.” Ava backed her best friend up, glaring at Damon.
“Because i dont want him to eye my girl friend and the station has some per-verted male officers.” Xavier said bluntly.
“But can i come too?” Ava asked hopefully.
“No.” Xavier and Damon said firmly. Ava and Brielle dropped their shoulders in defeat.
“Okay, we’ll stay at home but make sure you kick his bu-tt out there.” Brielle told Xavier, a large grin on her face.
“Yes and give him a ha-rd b!ow.” Ava made a funny punch gesture with her fist that made us all laugh.
“If we physically hit him, we will end up in jail but dont worry, the words i’ll say to him will be more hurtful than physically pain.” Xavier [email protected]£d his wallet and phone from the table and leaned forward to k!ssBrielle.
Brielle and Ava waved at us as we walked to the front door. I got inside the back seat and took my phone out to [email protected] games.
“Are you sure you want to do this, Alex?” Xavier asked, staring at me throu-gh the rearview mirror. “We can turn back and go home if you want.”
“Yes, little bro.” Damon turned a little so he was facing me. “You dont have to do this.”
“I want to, guys.” I said unfalteringly. “plea-se dont worry about me, i’ll be fine.”
Xavier and Damon shared a brief glance before they both nodded. I know that they dont want me to do this but i want to. I want to finally face my one fear.
My father.
If i dont do this, he’ll be at the back of my head forever. I cant let him have control over me again. He’s in jail and he cant hurt me again.
Xavier pu-ll-ed over at the first row in the parking lot. I shoved my phone inside my pocket and stepped out of the car.
I sh0t a glare at Xavier and yanked my hand from his ti-ght grasp when he held my hand like i was some five year old kid who’s lost his way home. “I’m not a baby Xavier and i can take care of myself.”
Xavier mumbled some expletive words un-der his breath and just stormed towards the station.
I sighed. “Didn’t mean to make him angry.”
Damon pla-yfully punched my shoulder. “He’s just worried, dont worry, he’ll cool off.”
“If you say so.” We walked inside just in time to see Xavier talking to the police officer behind the front desk.
“I want to talk to Mason face to face, Xavier.” I said when i heard what he told the officer. “Not behind some glas-s wall.”
Xavier ran his hands throu-gh his hair and let out a frustrated sigh. “Listen, Alex am doing this for your own good.”
“I’m serious, Xavier.” I told him firmly. “I want to talk to him face to face.”
“Okay, but Damon and i are going to be with you.” He gritted out.
“That’s fine with me.” I’m actually a bit relieved that they’re going to be with me cause i dont think i can speak to Mason alone.
“We want him handcuffed.” Xavier told the officer and the man nodded.
He walked towards a door and later [email protected]£ out, telling us that we could go inside.
The room was cold and had only four wooden chairs and a table in it. The table was in between three chairs and one chair.
My breath hitched and a wave of anxiety swept throu-gh me. I subconsiously moved closer to Xavier and Damon when Mason walked in with two guard holding him. Is hands were handcuffed and he was in an orange jumpsuit.
His face was pale white and his blond hair had some grey strands in it. Mason was really tall and he still had that bulging muscles in his arms. He was only two inches taller than Xavier with his towering height.
Mason looked down at us and hisl-ips curled up to the side in a cruel, sadistic sm-irk. “Finally, my sons [email protected]£ to visit me.” His voice was still the same de-ep voice that s£nt bad shivers down my spine.
One of the guard r0ûghly pushed him to sit down on the chair before the two walked out. Xavier and Damon sat down at the right and left chair, leaving the middle chair for me.
I’m happy that they left the middle chair for me because i want to be at eye level with Mason.
“Well if it isn’t my favourite son.” Mason snarled. “Why arent you being a wimp and hiding behind your brothers like you always do.”
“Shut the fv¢k up.” Xavier hissed.
Mason sh0t Xavier a ha-rd glare. “Dont use that tone with me, son.”
“I’m not your son and i will never be, same goes for my brothers.” Mason ignored Xavier and turned to Damon, smiling creepily at him.
“Damon, wont you say hi to your dad.”
“Why should i?” Damon gritted out. “You are an as-s-hole.”
Mason chuckled darkly. “Seems like you all forgot about respect.”
“We’re just saying the truth.” This time around, i spoke up. “We respect people but we dont respect the one’s that are cruel and coldhearted.”
Mason glared at me. “It seems like you grew a backbone, you little mistake.”
“My brother is not a mistake!” Xavier tried to lunge at Mason but i quic-kly held him back.
Mason didn’t seem scared instead he only sm-irked mockingly at Xavier. “Heard that you have a girlfriend and i was told that she’s also really pretty. Blonde hair and blue eyes.”
Xavier veins were visble now. “Who on earth told you that?”
Mason c0cked a brow, pretending to think. “Lets say her stepfather, Liam Johnson. Why didn’t you bring your little girlfriend here, son? I would like to meet her so i can see what she have. Does she has curves? And is she g-”
“Shut the fv¢k up Mason!” I yelled angrily. “You’re such a disgusting pig! Gosh, sometimes i wonder what Mum saw in you.”
Mason glared dangerously at me and i almost shrinked back in fear but still managed to muster up a confident look. “You killed your mum! You took her away from me!”
“No, i did not.” I stated firmly. “Mum was just involved in a road accident.”
“It was still your fault.” Mason said, his voice void of any emotions.
“You know, Mason.” Damon started, drumming his f!ngerson the table. “We here all know that Alex isn’t at fault with what happened to Mum. Mum only wanted to get Alex a toy and she didn’t see the trailer heading her way. But your psych0tic [email protected] just started blaming Alex for what happened to Mum.”
“You hurt me, you abused me and tortured me in different ways.” I continued. “All i wanted was for you to treat me right but you abused me physically and mentally. I cant believe am related to someone like you. You are a stupid excuse for a father. Mason.” I spat.
“Dont you dare use that tone on me, Alex. I’m your father and i demand respect from you and your brothers.” Mason was struggling with the handcuff, his wrist turning red.
“You know.” Xavier leaned forward so he was at eye level with Mason. “I always looked up to you. I wanted to become tall and strong like you are because you always protected me, my brothers and Mum. But now, i want to be nothing like you. We may look alike but am not related to you. You are not my father and i am not your son, Mason. You are just a pathetic and useless excuse for a father.”
“C’mon guys, lets go.” Xavier said, standing up and shooting one last final glare at Mason. Damon and i got up and walked towards the exit door, ignoring Mason angry yells for us to come back.
“Come back here! You are my sons whether you like it or not!”
“This is all your fault Alex! I hate you!”
“Hey, Mason.” I turned around and gave him the middle f!nger. “I dont give a $h!t.”
I casually made my way to the door, leaving a shocked father behind. Wra-pping my arms around my brothers shoulders, we exited the building.
“How do you feel?” Xavier asked as we got to the parking lot.
“I feel awesome!”
“That’s the spirit little bro.” Damon fist-bu-mped me.
Xavier chuckled. “Let’s go home.”
When i entered the car its like a hvge burden has been lifted off me. I’m finally free and i must say that its so awesome!
Heck, yeah!
fv¢k you Mason and i hope you rot in jail for the rest of your life as you live in guilt.
I’m finally free and boy does it feels good.
Brielle pov.
I stared up at the night sky, watching the shining bright stars glimmer in the dark. Watching the stars now made me recall when i would usually climb on t©p of the roof, back then in Liam’s house, just to stare up at the white stars.
I wonder if my Mum loves to sit down on the porch and stare up at the sky, to watch the stars, just like me.
Sighing, i brou-ght arms up around my shoulders, trying to give myself warmth. I forgot how chilly it is here and again, i forgot to gr-ab a blanket or sweater.
A warm and soft material was suddenly [email protected]£d on my shoulders. The swift motion caused my hands to fall down on my [email protected]
Glancing up, i saw Xavier hovering over me, a soft smile plastered on his face.
The warm material was actually one of his hoodies and it scents so nice and fresh.
“Its cold out here and you nee-d it.” Xavier said as he sat down beside me. “Watching the stars again?”
“Yeah, i can never seem to get tired of it.”
Xavier chuckled. “It seems like we should take a trip to space, so you can see how the stars looks like.”
“That’s going to be really expensive, Xavier, and besides i know that the stars will be really big up in space.”
“I can afford it.” Xavier said, with a frown.
I rolled my eyes. “I know you can but am not allowing you to waste billion of dollars just for me to go on a space adventure.”
“Well, that’s not fair.” Xavier slumped his shoulders in defeat and pouted.
“Aw, aren’t you the cutest.” I pinched his cheek.
“No, am not cute.” Xavier puffed out his muscles and flashed me a wi-nk. “I’m h0t.”
I laughed. “No doubt about it.”
Xavier smiled and i leaned my head on his shoulder, my eyes fixed up on the sky.
“Brielle, look.” Xavier pointed at the sky. “A shooting star, quic-k lets make a wish.”
I shut my eyes and breathed out softly before opening it.
“What did you wish for?” I asked Xavier.
“Everyday should always be like this.” Xavier k!$$£d my forehead. “You and i are happy and everyone around us are also happy.”
“What was your wish?”
I smiled and leaned into his che-st. “Well, my wish was the same as yours.”
Xavier eyes wi-de-ned. “Really?”
“Yes, i’ve suffered enough and now i want to always live in happiness with the people i love and also, with my amazing b©yfri£nd.”
“I love you, Brielle.” Xavier wra-pped his arms around me.
“I love you too, Xavier.” I said, hvgging him back.
“Damon! You baboon!” We heard Ava yell out. “You just had to break my phone because of a stupid meatball!”
“Ouch, i’m sorry babe! The meatball was delicious and i promise to buy you another phone!”
“Cut it out guys.”
“We better go separate them or else something expensive will be broken.” Xavier said as he got up and helped me up.
I laughed and entered the house with Xavier. Alex was watching a movie, Ava was chasing Damon around the dining room, while my b©yfri£ndwas now chasing after Ava and Damon, trying to separate them.
Yup. This sure is my happy place.
With the people who adores me, care for me, protect me and loves me.
I couldn’t wish for anything better.

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