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A wish Episode 29 & 30

🌼A Wish🌼
Chapter 29
Xavier pu-ll-ed over at Mc Donald’s and bought four mac and cheese burgers smoothies for us, Damon was fast asleep at the back seat, seated in between Ava and Jordan. He did throw up twice beside Xavier’s car, but thankfully there wasn’t any single smudge on his car or else he’ll be pissed off at Damon.
“You didn’t have to buy any drink for me, and am perfectly okay in paying for the for the Mc Donald’s goodies.” Jordan said as his eyebrows knits together in a small frown.
Xavier s£nt him a bored look. “Instead of complaining, you should thank me and then eat.”
“You could have at least let me pay for the food.” Jordan pressed.
“St©p your stupid whining and just eat the food.” Xavier snapped, ti-ght£ñing his grip on the steering wheel.
“No nee-d to get all snappy.” Jordan mumbled as he sink in his seat and sulk.
“How was the [email protected] Ava?” I asked, staring at her throu-gh the review mirror.
Ava held up her hand as a signal, telling me to give her a minute so she can swallow the hvge bite of burger she just ate. She swallowed the burger before drinking out of her smoothie.
Breathing throu-gh her mouth and sighing, she looked at me. “It should have been fun, but there was lots of drun!kteenagers who were all dancing. And what made it worse was when groups of boys started smoking.”
“Isn’t the [email protected] suppose to have a ‘no smoking’ rule inside the house?”
“No.” She deadpanned. “The stupid host didn’t say anything about it, simply because he was scared. Like seriously? You invite big buff s£niors to your [email protected] and you’re surprised simply because they were smoking.”
Jordan snorted. “The host seems like a chicken to me.”
“If he doesn’t know how to control his guest, then he shouldn’t throw a [email protected] at all.” Xavier remarked casually.
“Lets forget about this whole [email protected] thing and talk about someone who got a bit wasted at the [email protected]” I peered at Damon, who was snoring softly, some hair hanging loose beside his eyes. His head was comfortably resting on Ava’s [email protected]
“Kid is gonna have one heck of a hungover tommorow.” Xavier said, chuckling.
“Is this his first time drinking?” Jordan asked curiously.
“No its not.” I responded. “Damon first drink was at a [email protected]y back at home and he swore that he was was not going to drink alcohol again.”
“If i had known the jui-ce was spiked.” Ava said, gently stro-king Damon’s hair. “I wouldn’t have allowed him to drink from the fruit punch bowl.” She brushed some loose strands of hairs from his eyes, staring down at Damon with nothing but love.
“Cant a person identify it when their drink is spiked?” I asked curiously.
Xavier shook his head, his eyes trailing over to meet my eyes. “Not really, it will still taste like the drink.”
Our conversation continued but it mostly got silent since Xavier nee-ded to concentrate on the road, Ignoring both Ava and Jordan who were bickering about who the most handsome boy in the marvel world. We arrived home some minutes later and Xavier slung Damon over his shoulder and carried him up to his room, and Ava lazily trailed behind him. Emily, who was seated on a couch, sh0t me a questioning look and i told her about the [email protected] When Johnny, who had on a cute blue pajamas, [email protected]£ into view, Johnny squealed in the most enthusiastic voice before he ran towards Jordan.
Jordan laughed softly and picked Johnny up, ruffling his hair. “Hey there bud, how have you been? Did you miss me?”
“I did!” Johnny grinned. “I missed you so much and i missed going on [email protected]£s with you!”
“Okay little guy.” Jordan set Johnny back on the floor. “Its a bit late, so why dont you get up to be-d.”
“But i wanted to stay here and watch a movie with mummy!” He whined, stomping his feet on the ground for emphasis.
“No, no.” Emily interjected as she got up and made her way towards us. “The movie is not for children and you nee-d to sleep young boy, its past your be-d time.” Her hands were on her h!ps as she stared down at Johnny with a stern expression.
“Why dont i watch a cartoon instead.” Johnny suggested quic-kly causing me and Jordan to snicker. Johnny was trying to get his mum to forget about the be-d [email protected] so he’ll be able to watch his cartoon.
“Nice try young man.” Emily said bluntly. “You cant fool me that easily, now come on, up to be-d.”
He gro-an ed and raised his hands up, wanting his mum to carry him. Emily sighed and picked him up and Johnny clung to her h!p, resting his head on Emily shoulder as she walked towards the stairs.
“Are you staying here for the night?” I turned to face Jordan.
“Yep,” Jordan said, popping the p.
“Then i’ll take you to the guestroom.” I [email protected]£d his hand and drag him to the hall. After about a few minutes of walking i cane to a halt and mentally [email protected] myself two times cause it [email protected]£ to my mind, that i don’t fully know all the rooms in the house.
Jordanl-ips curled up to the side. “Why did you st©p? I thought you wanted to take me to the guestroom.” With his mocking tone, it occured to me that Jordan knew i didn’t know where the guestroom was.
“I cant believe you!” I exclaimed, sma-cking his arm and earning a little pout from him. “You knew and yet you didn’t say a word.”
“It was kind of funny seeing you walking around in circles when you have no idea where you’re going to.” Jordan said, chuckling.
“Just take me to the guestroom.” I gro-an ed.
Giving me a satisfied grin, Jordan walked to right corner in the hall. I trailed after him and watched as he casually took a key from his pocket before he opened the door, revea-ling a fancy room.
“I’ll be up now, good night Jordan.”
“Good night, Brielle.” Waving at him one last time, i walked up to Xavier room and opened the door to see him, sprawled down on his be-d and his eyes were closed. I gently closed the door and walk quietly towards him. I lifted my hands up only to let out a skrie-k when his eyes fli-ckered open. In a swift motion, Xavier [email protected]£d me and sat me down on his [email protected]
“But you were slee-ping!”
He sm-irked. “I was not, at first i tried to get some sleep but i couldn’t get any, so i decided to just close my eyes.”
I yanked his arms that were wra-pped around me and got down from his [email protected], moving to lie down on the be-d next to him. I sat up a little in a comfortable position and placed Xavier head on [email protected]
“Dont tell me you’re going to stare at me until i sleep, that’s kinda creepy.” Xavier said as hisl-ips curled up into a small sm-irk.
“No you weirdo.” I said, rolling my eyes. “I’m gonna sing you a lullaby.”
Xavier frowned. “plea-se dont tell me you’re singing rockabye.”
“No, i have a better song.” He nodded and closed his eyes.
I leaned closer to him and brushed myl-ips on his cheek, gently stro-king his hair. My voice [email protected]£ out soft and melodic as i sang ‘Memories’ by Shawn Mendes.
As i ended the last words in the song, the soft breathing that [email protected]£ from Xavier made a soft smile grace myl-ips. There were single drops of tears on this cheek and i used my thumb to wipe them clean.
I managed to get in a comfortable position with Xavier head still on my [email protected]
His next words that [email protected]£ out as a quiet brou-ght a smile to my face.
“Rest in peace Mum, i love you.”
Damon wouldn’t st©p whining and gro-an ing that his head hurt so Emily gave him some painkillers and prepared what she called ‘my special spicy chicken pepper soup.’
I had introduced Jordan to Damon and Alex and the three instantly engaged in a conversation. Emily had practically f0rç£d me and Ava to get dressed in a simple outfit wear.
Jordan who was seated opposite me, phone started ringing. Join us to re-ad more intriguing story from our telegram page throu-gh kwaku ish on+233544142683. He has on a bored expression as he scrolled throu-gh his phone before his fork dropped, eyes wi-de as saucers. Jordan began cursing out loud, forgetting that Johnny was here so i quic-kly used my palms to cover his ears.
“Would you st©p cursing.” Xavier whispered harshly.
Mumbling an apology to Xavier, Jordan began to pace back and forth. “I am so dead.”
“What’s wrong Jordan?” Ava asked worriedly.
He gulped. “Its my brother, i forgot to inform him i was going to stay here for the night. And now, am pretty sure he ran a search team to look for me.”
“It can’t be that bad.” Alex said, taking a spoon full of his cookie crisp cereal.
“I have fifty six missed call from my oldest.” Jordan deadpanned.
“Oh.” Was all Alex could say. “Well, It was nice knowing you Jordan.”
“Oh no, he’s calling again!” Jordan exclaimed. “What on earth should i do?”
“Pick it up you moron.” I threw an oreo at him. “Your brother must be worried sick about you, so save him the stress by picking up your phone.”
Jordan f!ngershovered over his phone and he let out a heavy sigh, before he tapped on the accept bu-tton. “H-hey M-micheal.”
“Jordan! Oh thank God you called!” A de-ep voice [email protected]£ from the other side. It was put on speaker so Xavier, Damon, Ava, Alex and me could hear everything that the two were talking about. “Are you hurt? Where are you? Do you want me to come pick you up?”
“No, i’m fine, Micheal.”
“Okay.” The voice sounded relieved. “Now Jordan, can you tell me where the hell you spent the night!”
I could finally un-derstand why Jordan said his oldest brother is really strict and [email protected]!ng. As Jordan, explained to him, he yelled at.
Poor Jordan.
“Gosh Micheal, st©p overreacting!” Jordan said frustratedly.
“Dont you dare raise your voice at me, Jordan.” Micheal said coldly. Christ, am alre-ady scared of him and i’ve not met him yet.
“Do you know how worried your brothers were? The twins were going crazy and Elijah looked like he was going to cry.” At this statement, Jordan face morphed into sadness.
“Why the hell are you trying to make me feel guilty? I told you, i forgot!”
“Dont curse at me, Jordan.” Micheal cold voice said in an authoritative tone.
“Come home now so we can discuss about your punishment.” Those words seemed to set Jordan on the edge.
“Are you fv¢king kidding me, you’re seriously going to punish me!” The way Jordan was gripping ti-ghtly onto his phone, i was worried that it will hurt his f!ngers.
“My patience with you is running thin, Jordan, and since you cursed at me again, am going to increase your punishment.”
“as-s-hole.” Jordan muttered un-der his breath and hung up on his brother.
He didn’t spare me or the others a glance before he stormed out of the house.
Johnny cringed at the loud slam of the door. “Did someone make Jordan angry?”
Xavier smiled at him. “He isn’t really that angry bud, now why dont you go freshen up.” Johnny grinned and nodded eagerly before running upstairs.
“One of you boys should go after Jordan and drive him home, he’s really angry and i dont think its safe to drive when you’re angry.” I stared de-eply at the three brothers.
“Honestly i would do it for Jordan, but he’s brother is really scary.” Alex said as he took a spoonful of his cereal.
“I’m still hangover.” Damon added.
“Dont worry, Brielle.” Xavier got up and walked towards me. “I’ll drive him home, i was actually going to do it when i noticed how tense the conversation between him and his brother was.”
“Thanks Xavier.” I flashed him a smile and he smiled back at me before leaning in to k!ssmyl-ips.
“Good Luck Xavier.” Damon chirped. “Tell us how scary Micheal is when you get back.”
Xavier just rolled his eyes and walked towards the front door.
🌼A Wish🌼
Chapter 30
Jordan pov
To say i was pissed off is an un-derstatement. I am literally fuming because of my elder brother. I cant wait to turn eighteen so i’ll be able to gather up my savings and leave that house. I might sound selfish and inconsiderate, but am serious about leaving. Though, i wont leave colorado but i will stay in an [email protected] that is thirty minutes away from home.
It pains me to leave my brothers, but i have to. I cant stand Micheal anymore, just because he’s twenty-eight doesn’t mean he’s my dad. Am pampered by the rest of my brothers except Micheal. He’s ha-rd on me and only cares about my grades. Because of him, i wont be able to [email protected] in s£nior year. I remember that day like it was yesterday.
“Good [email protected]” One one my teammates said, patting my back and handing me a cold bottled water. “You totally nailed it out there.”
“Thank you.” I gulped down the water till it was empty before heading over to the boys locker room. A couple of students also commented on how i pla-yed as i walked down to the locker room.
I took a cold shower and changed into a grey t shi-t and black sweat [email protected] before i dried my hair with a towel and stepped out of the locker room.
“Yo Jordan!” One of friends called as he ran towards me.
“Hey Trevor, what’s up?”
“Nothing bro.” He waved his hand dismissively. “The old man wants to see you.”
I furrowed my brows in confusion. “Old man? I dont know any old man, Trev.”
Trevor rolled his eyes. “I’m talking about Principal William.”
“I’ll go see him right now and you shouldn’t call the principal an old man, Trev.” I said as i walked pas-s him, ma-king my way over to the principal office.
“Whatever man.” I heard Trevor say in a bored tone. Shaking my head, i walked and st©pped in front of the big wooden door that had different designs engraved on it.
“Come in.” The familiar gruff voice of Principal William said. I stepped inside the office and closed the door before ma-king my way to sit down on the chair opposite Principal William. The cool air coming from the air conditioner caused my skin to have goosebu-mps.
“You called for me sir.” I said politely.
“Yes, Jordan.” Principal William fixed his glas-ses and his dark brown eyes peered at mine. “I’m sorry Jordan but you’re not allowed to [email protected] in the next year soccer team.”
“Are you kidding me?” My voice rose to an octave as i got up. I was shocked and bewildered at his words. No, he certainly must be kidding.
Principal Williams glared at me. “Sit down Jordan.”
“Dont test my patience.” He gritted out in a threatening tone causing me to reluctantly sit down.
“How can you do this? I cant just leave the soccer team like that.” I said quietly.
“Its been decided Jordan and dont try to change it, you’re not pla-ying soccer team next year. It wasn’t me who decided that you should not [email protected] It was your oldest brother, Micheal.”
As he said this, i wasted no time in getting up and running outside to the parking lot. I drove speedily to the house, not caring if i was driving past speed limits.
I entered inside the house and stormed up to Micheal office. Slamming the door open, i sauntered inside the office, seeing my brother who looked at me with a ha-rd expression.
“You shouldn’t enter my office without knocki-”
“I dont want to listen to your bull$h!t, Micheal.” I cut him short, glaring daggers at him.
Micheal slammed his hand on the desk ma-king me flin-ch. “Dont you dare interrupt or curse at me again. Do i make myself clear?” I didn’t answer him and just continue glaring.
Micheal stood up and leaned close to me. He [email protected]£d my face in a really ti-ght grip. I tried to yank my face out of his iron grip but it was no use. He’s like ten times stronger than me.
“I said, do i make myself clear?” I didn’t want him to get more angry than this so i answered him.
He smiled coldly and let go off my face before casually sitting back down in his seat. “Now can you plea-se explain to me why you stormed inside my office, interrupted and cursed at me.”
“Why did you cancel all my soccer practices? Because of you i wont be able to [email protected] year!” I fisted my hands and pressed them down to my [email protected]
“I dont see why you’re getting worked up about it.” Micheal was staring at me with one of his calculating gaze.
“I love pla-ying soccer Micheal, you cant just take it away from me.” My voice was low and timid.
“I can and i will.” He said smoothly. “Since you’re the star pla-yer of your school, i gave them a cheque of one million dollar so they wont argue with me. I’m sure they’ll find another person who is as good as you to help them win trophies. Dont worry baby brother, i’ll make sure you’re still the most popular boy in school, even without soccer.”
“I dont [email protected] for popularity, i [email protected] because i love it.” I said, trying to make my tone sound firm.
“Even though, you still cant [email protected] I want you to focus on your studies and not get distracted by Soccer. And dont even dare think of going to the field to [email protected]’s with those bunch of losers you call friends.” Micheal said sternly.
b!tt!g down on my l!pha-rd so i wont say something that will get me in trouble, i got up and walked out of the room, ma-king sure to slam the door really ha-rd .
*flashback over*
Sighing, i reached my hand down to my pocket and brou-ght out my car key. Before i could open the car, a hand held ti-ghtly onto my wrist and i spun around in shock, only to crash into something ha-rd .
“fv¢k! Are you sure you weren’t made out of brick?” Like seriously, i hope his che-st didn’t give me a bloody nose.
Xavier ignored what i said and let go off my wrist. “I’m coming with you.”
“No.” I sighed. “Look dude, just go away.”
“I’m coming with you.” Xavier stated firmly.
“fv¢k off Xavier.” I snarled.
“I’m not going away, we can stand here all day long but i wont leave unless am in that car with you.”
“You’re not dropping this, are you?”
“Nope.” I was quite shocked when he grinned at me. Yesterday he looked like he wanted to rip my b©dy [email protected] but now, he’s acting all friendly.
“Just get inside.” I unlocked the car and sli-pped inside the drivers seat while Xavier got inside the pas-s£nger seat.
“You brother is an as-s-hole.” Xavier said out of the blue, his tone blunt.
A small cackle escaped myl-ips. “He is.”
“Tell me about him.”
I arched a brow at him. “And why should i?”
“His character seems a bit out of hand and i want to know the person i’ll be dealing with once we get to your house.”
“You’re not going to fight with my brother Xavier.” I told him firmly.
Xavier gro-an ed. “I know, i promise not to say anything rude but i will, when i see you get hurt.”
“Aw.” I t©uçhed my heart. “I didn’t know you cared about me.”
Xavier sh0t me a glare. “Dont get all happy about it, am only going to help you once.”
“Whatever floats your boat, Xavier.” I gave his shoulder a pla-yful punch and he glared at me, but i could still see the smile that graced hisl-ips even when he wanted to hide it.
“So tell me about Micheal.”
I sighed. “Micheal and i weren’t exactly close when i was really young, i was mostly close to Elijah. But from my own point of view. When Micheal was young, i noticed that he easily gets angry. Despite with his anger issues, he still always has time for me and my brothers. He [email protected] us and takes us to the park. When my parents died.” I st©pped and stole a brief glance at Xavier to see his reaction. Thankfully, there was no pity or remorse.
“When my parents died, he [email protected]£ cold and emotionless. Since he was twenty one, the court gave him full ownersh!pover me and my brothers. Well, all of us except Elijah, he’s the second oldest. And he was alre-ady eighteen so he didn’t nee-d a guardian. While Micheal focused on my four other brothers, Elijah focused on me. He pampered and babied me a lot. But when i turned fifteen, Micheal was always on my n£¢k every 24/7. He only cares about his reputation and my grades, to the point that he took soccer away from me just because he wants me to focus on my studies. I’m alre-ady a straight A student! What else does he wants from me?”
I held onto the steering wheel so ti-ght, my knuckles turned pale white. I felt Xavier gently ru-b my shoulder, trying to get me to calm down.
Letting out a breath, i continued. “He is so controlling and loves it when people are submissive to him. If he yells at me in front of my other brothers, and any of them try to defend me. He tells them that he’s only training me to become a better person in future.”
“Why dont you try leaving the house and stay with Aunt Emily?” Xavier suggested.
“Micheal will be pissed off and if he demands Aunt Emily to bring me back home and she says no, i’m afraid that Micheal will take it to court. That’s why am waiting for my eighteen birthday, so he wont have guardiansh!pover me again and i can finally get an [email protected] to stay in.”
“So this is my house.” I pressed a bu-tton on the black remote and the gates opened.
“Nice castle.” Xavier remarked.
“Its not a castle Xavier, its a mansion.” I drove inside the garage and parked my car.
“The place looks like a castle to me.” Xavier said as he got out of the car and looked around.
I stepped out of my car and locked it before shoving the keys inside my pocket. Xavier and i both walked towards the mansion. The guards in black suit glanced at me before they stared at Xavier, well more like glare at him. Xavier didn’t seem [email protected]£d by their tall height and muscles like my friends were, he casually walked beside me, ignoring the death glares the guards were s£nding his way. I pressed the white doorbell bu-tton and it was instantly opened.
“Welcome back Mr Evans, your brothers are in the living room awaiting your arrival.” Our butler, Philli-p, said.
“Thank you Philli-p.” I said as he fully opened the door, letting me and Xavier step inside.
“You’re welcome home again Mr Evans.” He gave a small bow and walked away. My brothers, who were all seated in the couch got up and walked towards me and Xavier.
Micheal was glaring daggers at me and is staring at Xavier with a look of confusion. Elijah looks angry and disappointed. Leo just gave me a disapproving look. Adam was giving me one of his cold and [email protected]!ngglare. And Sam just stared at me blankly but i could tell he is pissed off.
“Where the hell have you been?!” Adam thun-dered.
Though i am scared, but i masked it up with a blank face. “At Aunt Emily’s house.”
“Why didn’t you give us a call Jordan?” Sam said, his tone dripping with disappointment. “We were worried.”
“I forgot.” I responded smoothly.
“I’m glad you’re okay but you should have informed us.” Leo was the next to speak up.
“I’m sorry Leo.” I apologized genuinely. “It wont happen again.”
“Its alright Jordan.” Leo gave me a smile and that made me feel relieved because i hate it when him and Elijah are mad at me. I’m close to both of them but am mostly close to Elijah.
“Dont think you can get away with what you told me earlier today.” Micheal said coldly.
“You were being an as-s-hole.” I blurted out.
If i didn’t quic-kly hide behind Xavier, am sure that Micheal would have gotten a hold of me.
Micheal stared down at Xavier with a ha-rd expression on his face. Micheal was like three inches taller than Xavier, but Xavier didn’t feel [email protected]£d by him. He didn’t even flin-ch.
“Step away boy, i nee-d to teach my brother some manners.”
“That’s enough Micheal.” Elijah cut in before Xavier could respond. “You’re scaring Jordan.”
I wont admit it but its true am scared of Micheal, that’s why i always avoid him. He’s like a ticking bomb and you wouldn’t know when he’s going to explode.
“Dont Elijah.” Micheal said angrily. “You’re pampering him too much, that’s why he’s acting like a spoilt [email protected]
“You know that’s not true Micheal.” Elijah said softly. “Jordan is well trained and well behaved.”
“He called me an as-s-hole!” Micheal hollered. “How does it make him well behaved!”
“Simple.” Xavier said bluntly. “He called you that because you were behaving like one.”
Micheal eyes narrowed in on Xavier. “And who the hell do you think you are?”
“Xavier Hill.” Xavier responded dryly.
“Are you Aunt Emily’s nephew?” Sam asked curiously.
Xavier nodded. “Yes, i am. And Aunt Emily also sees Jordan like family so how is it a problem if he spends one night over there?”
“Because he made us all look for him and he didn’t bother giving anyone a call.” I peered over Xavier shoulder to see Adam clenching and unclenching his jaw.
“Still, you guys shouldn’t be yelling at Jordan, he simply forgot. And am sure that Jordan didn’t purposely made you guys worry. Isn’t that right, Jordan?”
“Yes, i’m sorry.” I apologized.
“Yeah right?” Adam scoffed and stormed out of the living room.
“I accept your apology little brother.” Sam s£nt a genuine smile my way and hurried after his twin. Leo smiled at me before walking away.
I averted my eyes to the television because i was hesitant to look at Elijah. I still dont know if he’s angry or disappointed with me.
A shadow hovered over me and i closed my eyes, thinking it was Micheal who has been deadly silent all this while. But when the scent of fresh lemon shampoo hit me, i instantly relaxed and hvgged Elijah
“I’m not mad, Jordan.” He whispered as he hvgged me back, giving me one of his soft smiles.
“Um, Micheal?” I called hesitantly. He didn’t say anything but just clenched his jaw and walked away.
“Give him some time, he’ll calm down.” Elijah reas-sured.
“So does this mean am not getting punished?” I asked sheepishly.
“Oh no you dont, young man.” Elijah fixed me with one of his stern glares. “You cursed at your older brother and talked back at him so you’re going to be grounded for three days, which means no phones, no games, no tv and no visiting of frien-”
“No, plea-se!” I interrupted. “I love spending time with Xavier and the others and they are leaving for their home town next week. Can i plea-se stay with them till they leave?”
Elijah stared at me a little longer and then sighed. “Okay, but hurry up and pack some clothes then leave before Micheal finds out. I’ll cover for you.”
“Thanks big bro, you’re the best.” I gave him a quic-k hvg and [email protected]£d Xavier’s hand, dragging him to my room.
“Not everyone one is a good runner, Jordan, so slow the hell down.” Xavier snapped.
“It means you’re not hitting the gym every weekend.” I remarked sardonically
“I’ll let you know am really strong.” Xavier stated proudly.
“Yeah right.” I snorted.
“You’re not ha-rd to lift up.” As if to prove his point, Xavier threw me over his shoulder and began running.
“Do you even know where you’re going?”

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