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A wish Episode 25 & 26

🌼A Wish🌼
Chapter 25
I woke up, feeling bright today as i felt a wi-de grin creep up on myl-ips. One, today is my birthday and two, its the last day of school. I got down from my be-d and skipped to the bathroom, taking off my clothes and throwing them inside my laundry basket. I brushed my teeth and stepped inside the bathtub, adding enough bubble soap as i scru-bbe-d my b©dy clean. I tied my towel around my che-st and walked out of the bathroom, heading towards my walk-in closet. A red sweatshi-t and black leggings were the first simple wears that were in sight, so i dried my b©dy and put the clothes on. I threw my hair into a neat ponytail and applied a simple make-up on my face before i then wore my white high t©ps. I [email protected]£d my backpack and trudged out of my room. I met all three brothers alre-ady eating breakfast in the dining room.
“Good morning.” I slid in the seat beside Xavier, taking a warm burger from the white plate. I received a chorus of ‘good morning’ from them, as Xavier leaned forward to pe-ck myl-ips.
“How was your night, princess?” He asked, using a small knife to cut the pound cake in four [email protected]
“It was fine!” I munched on the burger, trying not to rush it.
“That’s good to know.” He smiled and [email protected]£d some powdered sugar, dusting the content on his cake. I stared at the side of Xavier’s face, my brows arching up as i watched him casually eat his cake and take a sip out of his mug of h0t chocolate.
“Aren’t you forgetting something?” There’s no way he could forgot about my birthday.
“Is there anything that i should recall or remember?” Xavier asked, confused.
“Nevermind.” I picked on my bacon and scrambled egg, my fork scra-ping the white plate every second. I cant believe he forgot that my birthday is today!
“Oh i know what today is!” Damon exclaimed, ma-king feel relaxed untill he dropped it. “Its the last day of exam, which means today is the last day of school!”
“We get to have lots of sleep, [email protected] and carnivals!” Alex excited voice made me inwardly scowl.
“You got it bro.” Damon and Alex [email protected] high fives.
“You two must be pretty happy about it.” I grumbled.
“Its the last day of school which means its a special day.” Damon stated, his tone filled with excitement.
I glared at the table. “Sure, am really happy that its the last day of school.” Damon response was to act all crazy and delirious about it. Xavier, Damon and Alex conversed throu-gh out the whole breakfast, talking about the fun things they will like to do before prom and graduation. While i was left alone, just sitting down on the chair as i grudgingly ate my breakfast. I cant believe they all forgot about my birthday to the point that non of them even bothered to ask me about it, all they care about is that today is the last day of school. I really dont know if am that angry with Damon and Alex, but i do know that am pissed off with my b©yfri£ndbecause i didn’t expect him to forget about my birthday.
After we were all done eating, we went outside and settled inside Xavier’s car and he drove to Ava’s house. Even my best friend forgot that today is my birthday. I tried giving her hints but she just asked me if i was talking about today being the last day of exam. In the hallway, some students surprisingly st©pped me to wish me happy birthday and they also gave me sweets and chocolates. I stuffed the goodies in my locker and put some in my backpack before ma-king my way over to the exam hall. Avoiding a [email protected] pair of eyes, i walked over to the front row ad sat down. I heard his sauntering footsteps walk towards were i sat but i just ignored him and fixed my eyes on the wooden desk that was five feet away from me.
“Hey.” [email protected]£ his soft and smooth voice beside me. I ignored him and pla-yed with my [email protected]
“I said, hey.” His tone was laced with amusement and i could alre-ady picture the small smile that will be plastered on his face.
“plea-se talk to me Brielle.” I hummed cake by the ocean by DNCE, drumming my f!ngerson the rou-gh desk.
“Brielle.” He snapped. I sighed and turned a little so i was facing Connor who was staring at me with dark eyes.
“What do you want?” I asked dryly. “Cause if you’re really keen in trying to bother me, just get the fudge out of my hair.”
Connor frowned. “You dont have to be so cold, Brielle, i’m sorry about the way i acted, i was a self-centered j£rk and i shouldn’t have snapped at you.”
“You know, my best friend once told me that i forgive people way too easily and its not good because they will try to take advantage if it. I cant accept your apology, Connor. Dont worry, we’re still friends but i cant forgive you yet.”
Connor gave a sad smile. “At Least our friendsh!pis not over, i have something for you.” His hand went inside his pocket and he pu-ll-ed out a really small brown box. He opened the box the box, revea-ling two small diamond earrings. They were beautiful.
“Happy birthday Brielle.” I smiled and threw my arms around his n£¢k. He chuckled and encircled his arms around my back. I pu-ll-ed back from the hvg and smiled sheepishly at him.
Connor sm-irked. “Does that mean am forgiven?” He asked hopefully.
I sighed and masked on a look of seriousness. “You’re forgiven Connor, but try that again and i wont be so forgiving.”
“Its a promise, um do you like the earrings?”
“Like it? I love it! They look so beautiful.” I exclaimed, staring down at the earrings with glimmering eyes.
“If it makes you feel better, i’ll put it on.” I took the earrings from Connor and wore it before turning to him.
“Well, how do i look? Is it too big or too small?”
“It suits you.” Connor smiled. I returned the smile and grasped my pen with my f!nger. Connor and i had engaged in a conversation before the examiner [email protected]£ in. I learnt that he was travelling to france, to study fine arts. Connor was extremely flvstered when i complimented his drawings, but i really wasn’t kidding. His drawings are far from perfect. They were so enthralling and beautiful. Too bad that i wont really see him again since he’s going to be studying fine art in college, all the way in france. College, the thought of college made me remember that i dont know where Xavier is going to be schooling. What if he’s going to be studying overseas? If that happens, will he want to break up? I heard that most long distance relationsh!pdoesn’t work out so the couples just break up to avoid further heartbreaks in the future. Dont freak out Brielle, you still dont know where Xavier wants to study so no nee-d to get worked up about it.
I kept quiet throu-ghout the whole ride as Xavier drove. The song Damon, Ava and Alex were singing was quite catchy but i just wasn’t in the mood to sing since non of them wished me happy birthday.
Xavier pu-ll-ed over at a parking lot and i craned my n£¢k a little, peering over at the far distance only to an-alyze that we were at the carnival parking lot.
“I’m going to go get some smoothies, anyone want one?” Xavier opened the car door, one of his leg outside as he used his right hand to support the door so it wont press his leg against the side.
“I’ll come with you.” Damon opened the door and stepped outside.
“I’ll come too.” Alex got out as well and the three all walked towards the direction of the carnival.
“Bestie, i gotta go pee, i’ll be right back.” Ava hurriedly got out of the car and dashed off. I sighed and brou-ght out my phone to [email protected] video games. The light radiating from my phone was too bright so i tapped on eye care and reduced the brightness of the phone.
A frown made its way on my face as i stared out throu-gh the tinted window. Xavier, Damon and Alex should have been here alre-ady. Its been ten minutes since they left, and where on earth is Ava? I dont think a girl uses the restroom for more than five minutes. I switched off my phone and put it inside my backpack then stepped outside, the cool breeze causing goosebu-mps to rise up in my skin. I walked up to the carnival and got to the gate. It was a bit confusing because the man who always act as a security guard let me inside without asking me for my ticket. I shrugged it off and just stepped inside the carnival.
Myl-ips [email protected] in shock and i could feel my jaw dropped down, my eyes wi-de as saucers. I felt a jo-lt of adrenaline wash throu-gh me as i stared up in awe at the hvge banner that was hung beautifully on two poles. ‘Happy birthday Brielle’ was written on it.
“Happy birthday!” The crowd chorused. My eyes wander around the crowd till they settled on the four most important people in my life. Without a second thought, i ran towards the crowd and threw myself in my b©yfri£ndarms before hvgging my best friend and brothers.
“Thank you.” I whispered, feeling tears stream down my cheeks.
“Today is a special day baby, so no tears.” Xavier used his thumb to wipe my cheeks and he leaned down to place a soft feathery k!sson my forehead.
“Happy birthday bestie!” Ava threw her arms around me, nearly s£nding us both down to the floor.
“Thanks bestie.” I laughed, hvgging her back.
“Happy birthday sis.” Alex wra-pped his arms around me and k!$$£d my forehead.
“Thanks Alex.” I hvgged him back, feeling protected and safe in his arms.
“My baby sister is now seventeen, they grow up so fast.” Damon cried dramatically, pu-lling out an imaginary handkerchief to wipe his eyes. He grinned and wra-pped his arms around me. My hands went around his torso and i hvgged him back, inhaling his fresh similar cologne.
“Now let’s get this carnival started!” Ava yelled. What the four planned for me was really nice and sweet of them. I pla-yed lots of games in the arcade and got on all the rides. I ate a big bowl of vanilla and strawberry ice cream with sprinkles on t©p. The vanilla cake Xavier made got finished on time because it was mostly me and Damon who ate it. A few people wished me happy birthday and i thanked them. Currently, Xavier and i were both on the ferris wheel.
“Here’s the best [email protected]” I was confused at his words but a flash of colour from my peripheral vision caught my eyes and i stared up at the sky with confusion settling on my brows. My eyes wi-de-ned when different colours of fireworks shoot up in the sky. I felt [email protected] as i stare at the sky in awe. ‘Happy birthday Brielle’ was what formed in the sky throu-gh the fireworks.
“I love you.” I turned to Xavier. The look in his eyes makes me want to melt because i felt so special. I love the way his eyes brightens whenever he stares at me.
“I love you too.” Xavierl-ips tugged up and he leaned in, closing the distance between us and he pressed hisl-ips on mine. The k!sswas soft, gentle and pas-sionate and i immediately savoured this beautiful moment. We both pu-ll-ed away and Xavier’sl-ips curled up to the side. He k!$$£d my forehead, then my nose and eyes. I was giggling like crazy when he proceeded to k!ssevey inch on my face. I la-id my head on his che-st as the ferris moved round one more time. We got down from the ferris wheel and went to the parking lot. Ava, Damon and Alex were alre-ady standing beside the car when we got there.
“Dont fall asleep Brielle because i still haven’t given you my gift.” Xavier whispered in my ear. I nodded, settling inside the car. Xavier dropped Ava at her house and soon drove us all back home.
“Today was so tiresome.” Alex stretched his arms, cracking his f!ngersand knuckles.
I cringed. “St©p doing that with your hands, Alex, you know i hate if when you do that.”
He sm-irked and cracked his knuckles again to annoy me further. I glared at him and delivered one of my best sma-cks on his arm.
“Ow.” He whined. “What was that for?”
“Since you really love cracking your knuckles and f!ngers, i thought my sma-ck will be of great help to you.” I gave him an innocent smile to which he scowled at.
“Your girlfriend has the character of a vixen, Xavier.”
Xavier rested his arm on my shoulder and he nuzzled his face in my hair. “That’s why i love her.”
“I really nee-d to get myself a girlfriend.” Alex muttered, turning to walk towards the stairs.
“She’s coming soon little bro!” Xavier yelled. Alex just fli-pped him off and continued to walk upstairs.
“So where’s my pres£nt?” I asked Xavier. Hisl-ips tugged up into a smile and he held my hand, pu-lling me over to the stairs. We got to the t©p balcony and Xavier opened the glas-s sliding door. I stepped inside and made my way over to the balcony, looking up at the sky. The nighttime was really dark and full of stars, they were glimmering brightly up in the sky.
“Beautiful, right?” I heard Xavier ask, feeling his warm pres£nce beside me.
“Yes it is.” I whispered. “It looks so captivating.”
“Well, the stars are not as captivating as you.” Xavier win-ked causing me to blush.
His grey eyes bored at something on my face ma-king me subconsciously use my hand to t©uçh my cheeks. His eyebrows were knitted together. “You weren’t wearing those today.” His f!ngerst©uçhed my diamond earrings.
“Connor gave them to me as a birthday gift , they’re pretty, aren’t they?”
Xavier sighed and tucked his hands in his pocket. “They look really pretty.” I couldn’t help but notice his whole features looked tensed and uneasy.
“Hey, what’s wrong?” I asked worriedly, my hands reaching up to ca-ress his cheek.
“Connor’s gift looks really nice and beautiful, i dont know if mine is worth it.” Xavier clenched his perfectly sharp jaw.
“Xavier, i want the gift you have for me, right now.” I demanded, stretching out my right hand and tapping my foot on the floor. He rolled his eyes and walked out of the room, later returning with a purple box in his hand. I took the box from him and opened it. There on the purple surface was a beautiful golden heart locket. The downside of the heart had X&Y engraved on it. I opened the heart to see a little and beautiful picture of me and Xavier in it.
“Can you put it on for me?” Xavier nodded and i turned around. His hand gently pushed my hair to the side, ex-posing my back n£¢k. He placed the n£¢klace around my n£¢k and cli-cked in the hook. I turned to face Xavier and stared down at the lovely heart locket.
“Its perfect, thank you Xavier.”
Xavier re-leased a de-ep breath. “I’m so glad you love it, i was actually worried cause i thought you were going to hate it.”
“I love it.” I smiled.
“Thank God.” Xavier let out a relieved sigh and k!$$£d my cheek.
“I dont see the reason why you hid this from me.” I t©uçhed the n£¢klace.
“This looks so perfect on me, i’m never taking it off. ”
“Drama queen.” Xavier mumbled. I flashed him a wi-de grin and launched myself in his arms. His warmth and comfort was all i nee-ded just now and being in my b©yfri£ndarms is all i can ask for.
Xavier stro-ked my hair and placed a k!sson my hairline. “Happy birthday princess.”
The next morning i woke up at exactly ten o clock and i walked to the bathroom, did my business before brushing and bathing. I really didn’t know my walk-in closet was messy until now. un-dergarments, leggings, go-wns and dresses, t©ps and [email protected] were all scattered on the floor. Sighing, i gathered up all the clothes one at a time and arranged them in the sections and hanger.
I sli-pped in my black sweatshi-t and [email protected] before putting on my white converse. My hair was let down as i brushed and combe-d the hair till it was was not tangled together. I powdered my face and applied nûd£l-ipgloss on myl-ips, taking the glance at the full length mirror to see if i looked alright. I adjusted the collar of my shi-t and went downstairs to the living room.
Xavier [email protected]£ up to me and k!$$£d my forehead, his grey eyes boring into mine as hisl-ips were graced into a gentle smile. “How was your night?”
“My night was great, this is the very first time i feel so happy about my sleep. ” i said, snaking my arms around Xavier arms, my feet jumping up and down at little to show my excitement.
Xavier chuckled, the gentle smile never leaving in his face. “I’m happy that you had a nice beauty sleep but you still have to eat breakfast.”
“Lets go then.” I dragged him to the dining room and stared down at the table filled with custard, bacon and scrambled eggs, pancakes and h0t chocolate. I sat down and scoped threw pancakes in a white plate before adding nutella on t©p. I started eating a little too fast and because of that, i choked on my pancakes, repeatedly hitting my che-st. Xavier poured milk in a glas-s cu-p and gave it to me as he gently pats my back while i drank.
“Dont rush food again young lady.” Xavier scolded. “Calm down, the food is not running away.”
“Guess i was a little too hungry.” I flashed Xavier a sheepish smile.
“Hey you two.” [email protected]£ a voice from the living room. Damon made his way over to the dining table and plopped down on the chair, taking a barbecue from the plate.
“Hi.” Xavier and i greeted.
“Ew.” I grimaced, watching as Damon di-pped the barbecue inside custard before he casually opened his mouth and ate the whole thing.
“Dude.” Xavier nose scrunched up in disgust.
I glanced down at my plate and sighed, dropping the fork and getting up. “I dont have the appetite to eat again after seeing that, thanks a lot Damon.”
“Hey dont be mad at me Bri.” I ignored him and held my b©yfri£ndhand, pu-lling him towards the living room.
“Dont be mad at me!” Damon exclaimed. “You’ll be happy when you hear the news Xavier and i have for you.”
“What news?” I asked.
Xavier scratched his hair, his eyes darting around nervously. “Aunt Emily invited us to stay in her place for a week, she also wants to see you and Ava.”
“Really? That is so cool! I gotta go tell Ava!” I rushed out, trying to fish out my phone from my pocket.
“I alre-ady told her.” Damon said casually. “And it resulted to my ears bleeding.”
“When are we going? Is it today? Oh i wish you guys told me about all this sooner! I dont even know what type of season they have!” I rambled on, pacing back and forth.
“Hey, hey.” Xavier placed both his hands on my cheek. “We’re going tommorow so you have plenty of time left to pack up, and just take simple clothes cause the weather there is quite h0t.”
“I cant believe i’ll be going on a vacation with my b©yfri£nd.” I squealed, jumping up and down excitedly.
“And i cant wait to meet your Aunt, do you think she’ll like me?” I asked worriedly, feeling my anxiety kicking in.
“She’s going to love you.” Damon confirmed. “Aunt Emily is really nice and she has been dying to meet you ever since we told her about you. Her exact words were ‘i want to see the girl who has captured my little Xavier heart’
“That is so nice of her, i cant wait to meet her too.” I fli-pped my hair to the side and jogged over to the couch. Xavier and Damon tea-sed me about my about my enthusiasm, till after, we were all watching a movie when Alex plodded downstairs, his hair were as messy as a be-d nest, eyes looking so tired.
“Did the princess enjoy her beauty sleep?” Damon asked sweetly, a smug sm-irk plastered on his face.
“Shut up Damon.” Alex grumbled. “I’m not a princess.”
“Really?” I feigned confusion. “I thought you were a girl, Alexandra.”
Alex pinched the bridge of his nose. “Brielle.”
“Yes.” I flashed him an innocent smile.
“You have five seconds to run.”
My smile dropped. “He is joking, right?” I whispered to my b©yfri£nd.
“Sorry babe, but your five second headstart is almost up.” Xavier whispered back. I screeched when Alex [email protected]£ charging at me and i bolted up from the couch and ran around the living room with Alex looking fully awake as he tried to catch me. After running for almost two minutes, Alex caught me and threw me on the couch.
“A-alex s-st©p it!” I giggled, trying to push him away as he attacked my sides with tickles.
“Xavier, help!” My b©yfri£ndjust grinned and joined his brother in tickling me.
“Damon.” I called hopefully. The nerve! He too joined them in tickling my sides and all i could do was giggle and laugh as happy tears brimmed my eyes.
“You guys are j£rks.” I huffed, my bo-ttoml!pjutting out into a small pout as i pla-yfully glared at the three brothers.
“We love you too.” They replied simultaneously.
“And i love you more.” I blu-shed as Xavier leaned in for a k!ss, ignoring Alex and Damon fake gag.
🌼A Wish🌼
Chapter 26
“You nee-d to chill out.” Ava jostled her bag in the boot and joined me inside the car, taking out a half opened snicker bar from her pocket.
“I’m fine.” I told her unwaveringly, my f!ngersgrasping my small black purse ti-ghtly, which only had my phone and a couple of dollars in it.
Her eyes glanced down to my hand before she looked back at me with a blank expression. “Then can you plea-se explain to me the reason why your hands are trembling?”
I buckled my f!ngerstogether and pressed my hands down to my [email protected], staring at Ava with the same blank expression. “My hands are not shaking, its just goosebu-mps from the cold weather.”
Ava stared at me a little longer, her eyes looking shady. “If you say so.” She peeled half way throu-gh her snicker bar and began eating it. I brou-ght out my phone from my purse to watch comedy shows since the silence was getting a bit ill at ease.
“Are you mad at me?” I asked after some moments. The silence was getting uncomfortable and some of the comedy shows were boring.
Ava’s back reposed on the car seat. “I’m not mad at you, i just find it bothersome when you lie to me, especially if i know that you’re troubled about something.”
“Its just that ever since Xavier mentioned this whole one-week vacation, i realized that i might not spend enough time with him because of college.
“That should be the least of your problems, we havent graduated yet so hold your horses.”
“Thats the thing Ava!” I exclaimed. “I dont know where he’s going to school! He can just decide to school in italy, or Britain, Russia, hell! Maybe even Egypt.”
“Xavier isn’t going to school in Egypt, Brielle.” Ava chuckled, trying to lighten my stressed out mood.
“But what if he decides to school in another country?” I slumped against my seat.
Ava sat up straight and stared right at me. “, Brielle, i’ve been meaning to talk to you about something.” Her tone was really serious and firm, no jokes or sarcasm behind it, that it made me slightly worried.
“Brielle you’re the true friend and best female friend i’ve ever met, you’re humble, fummy, smart, sas-sy and kindhearted. I dont see any reason why someone can hate you, but Liam did, he ruined your childhood and made you lack the love of parents. With what am about to say, dont think of it as me trying to tell you to runway, but think of it as a friendly advice from your bestfriend who loves you very much.”
“Where Xavier is going to be schooling should be the least of your problems, instead, think about yourself for once. This city has so many bad memories, sure it had good memories of the time me, you and the boys spent together. But the bad memories are still there, much more than that of the good memories. Liam abused you, physically, verbally and emotionally. Zayn bullies youan you were almost [email protected]£d. All this horrible things happened to you yet you remaimed strong and courageous. Even after the horrible experience, you forgave your enemies and put it all behind you. But dont you think its time to start over? I a new place? Move to a new state, start a new school and make friends. You might think that all is fine, but you staying in a city were you were abused is not healthy. Think about it Brielle. How do you feel when you pas-s Liam’s house whenever you want to go somewhere? All that you will feel is anxiety because your mind drifts to all the bad experiences that happened to you in the house. So plea-se Brielle, think about what i just told you. Startover in a new state and new school, you wont be Brielle Johnson, you’ll be Brielle Valentina. We still dont have any idea who your real parents are or where they are but lets just leave that for now. I want you Brielle, to leave this state and start afresh in another state.” Seriously, her words shocked me to the core.
“I-i dont know what to say.” I stammered. “I never thought about that, all i just wanted was to be with you, Xavier, Damon and Alex.”
“Alex and i will still be with you.” Ava said, a small smile ma-king its way to her face.
“What do you mean?”
“I alre-ady talked to my parents about everything i just told you and i also talked about it with Alex.” Ava f!ngerscurled around her hair. “They told me that i can go on ahead with it as long as i visit them during breaks and holidays, and Alex also agreed to it.”
“You mean to tell me that.” I drawled out, trying to imbibe on what she just said.
“Yes, Alex and i will stay with you in any state you decide to choose, that is if you want to move.”
“But what about you and Damon?” I asked, trying to ignore the thousands of questions and statements that fogged in my mind.
Aval-ips tugged up into a genuine smile. “He’s going to a college in colorado.”
“Colorado? Isn’t that the state Aunt Emily lives?”
“Yep.” She nodded.
“I’ll think about it.” I said quietly. Ava gave me a small smile and nodded, leaning back against the car seat. We remained seated in silence till Xavier, Damon and Alex finally returned with the last bag that contained gifts for Aunt Emily abd her family. Yesterday, Xavier told me that she also has a two seven year old son.
I sat at the pas-s£nger seat, Xavier in the driver’s seat and Damon, Ava and Alex at the back seat.
“All buckled up?” Xavier asked, buckling in his seatbelt and starting the car.
“Yes.” Damon, Ava and Alex replied simultaneously. I gave Xavier a nod when he turned to me with raised eyebrows.
“Can we st©p at Mc donalds?” Damon asked excitedly.
“No.” Xavier replied bluntly.
“But why?” Damon whined.
“Well, lets see, this morning you ate a sumarine sandwich, five cream puffs, bacon and scrambled eggs, h0t chocolate and finally two burgers. Oh, and lets not forget that you ate all the ice cream cake i made. Who on earth eats ice cream in the morning, Damon!”
“Dont yell at me! Its not my fault that your desserts are so satisfying to my stomach!” Damon argued defensively.
Ava let out a small [email protected] and she sma-cked her b©yfri£nd’s shoulder. “I cant believe you ate an ice cream cake and didn’t even remember to leave a single slice for me!”
“You’re only encouraging him Ava.” Xavier sighed.
“Ava, babe, i’m sorry, i’ll make it up to you.” Damon gave Ava a quic-k k!ssbefore he turned to Xavier. “I’m not sorry for eating your cake so deal with it.” He childishly stuck his ton-gue out at Xavier.
Xavier’sl-ips curled up. “Thant means you wont be having any cake.”
Confusion settled on Damon’s eyebrows. “What are you on about?”
“Alex.” Xavier called out to his younger brother who looked up from his phone, a bored expression plastered on his face. “plea-se explain what i mean to our dear brother.”
Alex sighed. “Xavier made another ice cream cake after you ate the one he made, everyone is allowed to have a slice of cake except you, Damon.”
“You two are lying, ice cream cake nee-ds to be cold before someone can eat it and am pretty sure that a refrigerator cannot fit inside a small truck.” Damon sas-sed.
“We do have a fridge in the truck.” This time around it was me who spoke up.
I reached down to the small cold box beside my feet and brou-ght it up, turning to face Damon. “A mini fridge, see.”
Damon’s jaw dropped and i decided to shock him further by opening the small door, showing him a perfect view of the delicacy inside the fridge. “Oh glorious lord, someone should plea-se pinch me because i must be dreaming.”
“Ouch, Ava!”
“You said you wanted to be pinched.” She shrugged her shoulders in an innocent manner.
Damon pla-yfully glared at her and huffed, scooting closer and encircling his arms around Ava’s shoulder. “I dont nee-d some stupid ice cream cake when i have a lovely girlfriend.” We all awed at that causing Ava to get flvstered.
I stared at everyone in the car, feeling myl-ips tug up by just looking at them. Ava, my intelligent and awesome best friend. Damon, my sweet and cheesy brother. Alex, my quiet and protective brother. Then lastly Xavier, my amazing b©yfri£ndwho i love with all my heart. This four people mean so much to me that i can do anything to make them happy. They helped me a lot. The three brothers saved me and took me in. Damon and Alex are like the brothers i never had and i love them. Ava is the only girl who never looked at me like i was death. She is my best friend and sister. Xavier, words cant describe how much he means to me and how much i love him.
My f!ngersreached up to t©uçh the n£¢klace Xavier gave me on my birthday and i recalled me and Ava’s earlier conversation. I cant believe she’s leaving her house just to stay with me because she doesn’t want me to feel lonely. It will be really unfair if i reject her suggestion. But even though i choose to live in a new state, what about Xavier? Where will he be schooling? Another state? Or another country? Ugh! I’m so confused. God plea-se guide me to make the right choice.
“Babe, are you alright?” I was snapped back into reality by Xavier’s worried voice. I turned to stare at him, keeping my face blank as i tried avoiding eye contact with him.
“I’m fine.” The lie rolled off my ton-gue in a curt tone.
Xavier eyes lingered on me for a few seconds before he looked back at the road, his grip ti-ght£ñing on the steering wheel. I turned away from him and stared out the window, looking at the people, houses and trees.
I dont know how long we’ve been on the road, but Ava, Damon and Alex were alre-ady fast asleep, ma-king me to be aware that i was avoiding any sort of conversation with Xavier.
Out of the blue, my stomach so loud that i was sure that even people outside could’ve heard it. My face reddened when Xavier chuckled softly. He pu-ll-ed over beside the roadside and un-buckled his seatbelt, turning to stare at me.
“What are you doing? We are not yet in colorado.”
“You nee-d to eat Brielle, end of discussion.” Xavier said firmly.
I huffed. “So you’re saying i cant decide on what i want now?”
“What? I never said that Brielle, you only drank a small cu-p of h0t chocolate in the morning.”
“Thank you, but am not hungry.” I averted my eyes away from his piercing grey orbs that was staring at my face and stared at the window. It was quiet for some seconds and i involuntary turned my head to peek at him. A small [email protected] escaped myl-ips when Xavier was suddenly in front of my face. We were only inches [email protected] and our noses were almost tou-ching.
“W-what are you doing?” I stuttered, feeling my cheeks heat up.
Xavier brushed a strand of hair behind my ear. “You’re cute when you look angry.”
Right now am sure my cheeks were as red as a tomato. “No am not.” I mumbled.
“I’m your b©yfri£ndand i cant lie to you, dont you think it should also be reciprocated by my girlfriend?”
“Yeah.” I whispered, feeling myl-ips tug up. “I promise to tell you everything when we get to your Aunt Emily house.”
“That’s my princess.” Xavier smiled and leaned in, capturing myl-ips in a soft and pas-sionate k!ss.
“I fall asleep and wake up to see two people k!ss!ngeach0ther like their life depends on it.” Xavier and i quic-kly break [email protected] when we heard Damon smug voice. I felt my cheeks heat up in embarras-sment and i didn’t bother to look at Damon because i can alre-ady picture the smug sm-irk that will be on hisl-ips.
“Shut up.” Xavier grumbled, his cheeks reddening slightly.
“Aw, is Xavier blu-shing?” Damon cooed. Xavier sh0t a death glare at his brother before he mumbled out curses and got out of the car. He soon returned with four large burgers and four pineapple smoothies. Damon tapped Ava and Alex awake so they can both eat.
“Gosh, i’m so hungry.” I muttered, taking a big bite out of my burger.
“Are you gonna finish that?” Damon craned his n£¢k over my shoulder, alre-ady reaching out to take my burger.
I [email protected] his hand away. “You’ve alre-ady had your own Damon, seriously, how wi-de is your stomach?”
“This wi-de.” He grinned, wi-dening his hands a few inches away from each0ther.
“If only his [email protected] is as wi-de as that.” Xavier said dryly.
“Hey, what’s that suppose to mean?”
“It means you’re stupid, babe.” Ava replied sweetly.
Damon [email protected] and hit Xavier’s shoulder. “You better dont hit me again little brother.” Xavier warned.
“You’re such a meanie and you too Ava!” Damon cried.
“I’m so sorry sweetheart, will a k!ssmake you feel better?” Ava said, placing my hand on Damon’s cheek.
“Maybe.” Damon faked a sniff and Ava grinned before she leaned forward to k!sshim.
“Gosh, i live with a bunch of weirdos in my life.” Alex commented, pacing his headphones in his ear.
“Right back at you bro.” Xavier said.
“This isn’t a house Xavier.” I breathed out, staring up at the beauty in front of me. “It looks like a castle!”
“Is this paradise?” Ava questioned, her jaw hung open as she stared at the building in awe. The boys snickered at the both of us and we glared at them.
“Dont look at us like that, you two are acting like locals, no offence.” Xavier said and his brothers nodded in agreement.
“Offence taken Mr Rich boy, just so you know, we weren’t born out of silver spoon.” I huffed and [email protected]£d my purple travelling bag, slinging it over my shoulder. “C’mon Ava, lets leave this three here and go inside.”
“Yeah.” Ava [email protected]£d her own travelling bag and we both walked close to the hige white gate, ignoring the boys snickers.
“Do you know how to open the gate?” I whispered to Ava.
“No, i’ve never seen a gate like this before so how do you expect me to know how to open it!” Ava whisper-yelled.
“Having trouble girls?” Alex asked, a mocking sm-irk plastered on hisl-ips.
“Just show us how to open the freaking gate.” Ava grumbled, her eyes shooring daggers at Damon who grinned in response and blew her a k!ss.
Xavier chuckled and slid his hand in his pocket jeans, bringing out what looks like a really small black remote. I snatched it from his hand and stared down at the black remote.
“Hit the green bu-tton.” He instructed me.
My thumb pressed on the green bu-tton an i heard a rustling sound before the gate slide open, revea-ling the gigantic mansion.
“Oh my God! That was so cool!” Ava exclaimed.
“Yeah, yeah, get in the car so we can park inside the garage.” I gro-an ed abd plodded over to the truck with my travelling bag over my shoulder. When we were all settled inside tthe truck, Xavier drove inside and i was surprised when the gate closed by itself without me even tou-ching a bu-tton.
I surveyed the surrounding. The creamy white fountain that had a clear water flowing in it was like five feet high. The mansion was a beautiful colour of golden yellow and white. It was enormous.
Xavier drove to the side and took a left curve at the right, st©pping in front of a big and wi-de black door. “Brielle, the remote plea-se.” I handed the remote to Xavier and he pressed on another bu-tton, ma-king the wi-de door move to the side.
“Oh. My. God.” I whispered, staring at the different types of cars and jeeps that were in here.
“I think we landed in a world of cars.” Ava stated, her eyes roving around the garage.
“We better leave now cause you two are acrmting creepy.” Xavier and Damon literally dragged me and Ava out of the garage. We only took our bags but left the the gifts for Aunt Emily in the car. When i asked Xavier about it, he said i shouldn’t worry that the guards will bring it in. When we stepped inside the house, i couldn’t st©p looking around. I rember my first reaction when i had walked inside the boys house. But this place looks five times more bigger and grand.
“Xavier! Damon! Alex!” A littke boy with brown curly hair and blue eyes was running towards us.
“Hey little guy.” Xavier scooped the boy up in his arms and tickled his side ma-king the little boy let out a cute giggle. “How have you been?”
“Great!” He grinned wi-dely and squealed when Damon picked him up from Xavier’s arms.
“I missed you so much Damon!” He said excitedly.
“I missed you too bud.” Damon chuckled, leaning down to k!sshis forehead.
“What about me?” Alex piped in. “Am i not also missed?”
“Alex.” He exclaimed happily as Damon placed him fown on the floor. The little boy ran to Alex who quic-kly scooped him up in his arms and peppered his face with k!sses, ma-king the kid giggle.
“Of course i missed you too Alex, you’re my favourite.” He said, grinning up at Alex.
“Hey!” Xavier and Damon frowned.
“But i love you all equally.” The little boy said and Xavier, Damon and Alexl-ips tugged a soft smile.
“Bubba, who are they?” The little boy asked politely, staring at me and Ava.
Xavier arms encircked my shoulder. “Brielle meet my bundle of joy, my cute and adorable cousin, Johnny. Johnny meet the special girl i told you about, Brielle.”
“Ava meet my sweet, innocent and loving cousin, Johnny. Johnny meet my lovelely girlfriend, Ava.” Damon introduced.
“Hi, nice to meet you. The both of you are pretty.” Johnny said shyly.
“Aw.” Ava placed he hand on her che-st. “And i think you’re really cute.” This causes Johnny to blush.
I [email protected] Xavier’s arm. “Ow, what was that for?”
“That’s for keeping you adorable, little cousin from me.”
“I like Brielle.” Johnny blubbered, his cheeks showing a cute shade of red.
“And i like you too.” I tickled his sides ma-king him giggle.
“I cant believe my nephews are right here with me.” We all turn towards the stairs. A beautiful woman who seems to be in her mid thirties was standing on the last stairecase, a genuine and happy smile on her face. She has ong brown hair and emerald green eyes.
“Auntie!” Damon exclaimed, running up to hvg the woman who i can alre-ady tell that its their Aunt Emily.
“You’ve gotten taller.” Aunt Emily commented, staring up at Damon.
“And muscly.” Damon said proudly, flexing his muscles.
She chuckled and turned to Xavier and Alex. “Are you two feeling too big to greet your Aunt now?”
“Sorry Auntie.” Xavier apologized, walking up to hvg her.
“Dont worry Auntie, i dont have a big ego like this two. I missed you so much.” Alex said, smiling as he walked up to hvg his Aunt. Ava and i just stood awkwardly beside the door.
“Mummy, i m-” Johnny started but st©pped when he saw that the tv was pla-ying SpongeBob [email protected]
“SpongeBob!” He exclaimed, running to sit down on the couch as grinned up at the tv.
“Kid loves to watch SpongeBob.” Aunt Emily chuckled. I smiled nervously when she turned her head to where me and Ava stood.
“Hi.” I greeted shyly.
“Hello.” Ava greeted nervously.
“Your girlfriends are beautiful.” Aunt Emily smiled. “Come on dearies, dont be shy.”
Ava and i shared a brief glance before we both walked towards the stairs. I stretched my arms out for a handshake but she suprised me by pu-lling me in for a warm hvg.
“Brielle, right?”Aunt Emily asked and i nodded.
“She’s beautiful Xavier, just as you describe-d her.” Aunt Emily reached her hand out to my hair.
“Thank you.” I smiled.
“Call me Emily, and you must be Damon’s girlfriend, Ava.” Emily also hvgged Ava. After our introduction, we ate a delicious meal prepared my the maids in the grand dining room. Emily husband, Gerrard, went for a business trip in Nigeria, that is why he’s not home with his wife and son.
The evening was really fun. Johnny showed me all his toys and he made me watch a marvel cartoon with him. I wasn’t really a fan of superheroes but still stayed with Johnny cause i cant say no i someone as adorable as him. Emily showed me and Ava the room we were going to be staying in. It was really big and wi-de, way wi-der than my own room. What was even more cool is that the room has a vending machine and jacuzzi. Ava and i were given a tour all around the mansion by Emily. Seriously, i nee-d a map or else i might get lost in the mansion one day. The mansion had some cool stuff that i cant imagine a house to have. A spa, h0t tub and a small arcade.
Right now, i am seated on the be-d, scrolling throu-gh my phone. I glanced up at the door when it was opened. Xavier walked in and stood in front of me.
“We nee-d to talk.” He said seriously.
“About what?” I asked, confused.
“You told me in the car that you are going to tell me what has been going on in your head.”
Oh.” My voice was ba-rely above a whisper.
“Dont even think about lying to me, Brielle.” He warned. Taking in a de-ep breath, i blurted out everything to Xavier.

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