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A new beginning Episode 5 & 6

Roy stared at Nina thinking of the best reply to give her, he knows rejecting her might halted the friendsh!phe had with her, he wasn’t re-ady to loose Nina, she was his best friend, all his life he had never [email protected]£d any girl before, Nina was the clos£ness girl to him, he doesn’t un-derstand love, he knew he like Nina more than anything, could that be love? Roy thought to himself….
” Roy I can un-derstand if you do not feel anything for me ” Nina replied dejectedly trying her possible best to be calm but Roy could s-en-se the disappointment in her voice…
” Nina I love you, and I would love to start a relationsh!pwith you ” Roy finally replied putting unimaginable smile on her face, but he was not happy, she wasn’t attra-cted to him, not that Nina wasn’t beautiful but he had been used seeing her as a his sister and his best friend. Immediately he made that statement his conscience began to hunt him, he knew he was not being sincere but he couldn’t risk losing Nina, she was like the half of him..
Lex was very eager to marry Sandra not that he loved her but because Sandra was the only child of Mr Johnson that automatically means she would inherits his property… “Sandra is an as-set” that was how lex sees her..
He quic-kly drove to her house with the intention to tell her about the [email protected]£ of their wedding, he had been ma-king preparation for the wedding, he got to Sandra’s house and met her sited on the couch glued to the TV, immediately Sandra heard a footsteps she stared at the direction and behold lex who was smiling, she breathed a sigh of frustration…
“hey! how have you been “lex asked as he sat close to her ..
” I have been fine ” Sandra replied nonchalantly.
” Guess what!!! ” lex suddenly muttered..
” just tell me “Sandra waved at him while he shrugged…
” our wedding is next month, on the 27 to be precise ” lex replied with a smile…
” actually it was our parents idea, they planned the [email protected]£ of our wedding ” he added still with the smile…. Sandra was furious firstly lex proposed to her without her knowledge now they’ve fixed a [email protected]£ of her wedding without her accepting to marry lex..” only God knows what they will do next “she thought to herself…
” it’s too early, and by the way I have not accepted to be your wife “she bluntly told lex…
” Anyway I guess I should be on my way, and don’t forget to invite your friends.. ” lex said, he stood up and took his leave, he was not in the mood to argue with her.
Sandra was at home bored, she was tired of staying at home, she quic-kly stood up and took a stroll outside, he met Roy who sat down on a bench singing, he was singing ” all of me ” by John legend and he was very good at it, he had the voice of John legend the same voice which could sweep any ladies off her feat , Sandra was mesmerized by his voice, she couldn’t help herself but went closer to him for her hear him clearly, Roy eyes was shut he didn’t know someone was close to him…
” you’re my downfall! You’re my mute! Sandra sang jo-lted Roy from Wonderland, Roy calmly open his eyes and saw Sandra starring at him…
“I am sorry! ” Roy murmured..
” for what? ” Sandra asked..
” em em for signing “Roy stuttered while Sandra smile..
” I am the one that suppose to say sorry, you have a nice voice I must confess.” Sandra breathed while Roy smile..
” thanks ” Roy smiled.
” I have been watching you for the past few days now, you sound intelligent, what happened that you are working as a security guard ” Sandra asked while Roy shrugged…
” it’s a long story “Roy replied dejectedly not willing to duel on the issue..
” I have all the time In the world ” Sandra muttered while Roy stared at her, she smiled encouraging him to go ahead…
” firstly my parents abandoned me in a car-nal , I never knew my real parents except for the man who trained me, i went to secondary school but was not opportune to go University, I am here working so that I could save some money which I could use to enroll in per time..” Roy explained while Sandra stared at him.
” how could someone’s parents abandoned him in car-nal what kind of wicked parents will do that ” Sandra thought to herself . She couldn’t help but felt pity for him , such a handsome and intelligent man….
She unintentionally held Roy’s hand and stared at him ” I know you will make it, I will try my possible best to help you come out from this dilemma” she suddenly offer surprising Roy with her attitude…
They gisted and talks for about an hour, Roy was now free with her, she left to her room while the event of the day pla-yed on her head.. She couldn’t help but admired Roy, she likes his personality, the way he carried himself, his mesmerizing voice, the way he smile, she couldn’t help herself but wish Roy was the one she was getting married to not to lex the maniac, but it’s too late, she can’t turn the hands of time… Or can she?
Nina was just coming back from church, she was walking in a lonely road which was kind of deserted, suddenly she heard footsteps, she swiftly turned to her back and behold him Victor and two guys, she started walking fast while Victor and the two guys increases the pace, realization hit her like an atomic bomb in no time she took to her heels while victor and the guys chase after her, they caught up on her and took her to an uncompleted building, his intentions was to [email protected]£ her . “since she don’t want to submit to him willing, she will Submit by f0r磔 that was victor’s thought.
They la-id her on the floor, she was screaming, fighting with them but they were stronger than her, 3 hefty guys against a slime lady, what can she do?.
Victor friends held her hands and leg strongly ma-king it difficult for her to move, Victor r0ûghly lifted her go-wn up while het [email protected] [email protected]£ to view, she tried to struggle but all went to no avail, only her voice could save her, she scream while Victor quic-kly landed a heavy [email protected] at her face ma-king her to close her mouth, he shifted her [email protected] to the left direction and brou-ght out his rod, he quic-kly in-sert it without any lubrication ma-king it a ti-ght pene-tration hurting Nina in the process. “ahhhhh” Nina screamed in pain. Victor was moving fast while Nina was screaming as the pain [email protected]£ unbearable, She suddenly began to beg him, Victor and his friends bur-sted into laughter. “when you dey shakara you no know abi” that was victor’s replied
“yesaaa !!!!!!!!!” Victor scream as he re-leased his seed on her. While his friends decided to have their turn due watching Victor had turn them on.. About 30 minutes later they were all done. They left Nina on the floor totally debilitated, she was wailing bitterly. She stood up went home, some [email protected] of her go-wn were filled with Victor and his friends spam.
“Victor must surly pay for this “she cried inwardly but who could she tell, she can’t tell her parents, her dad was never around while her and her mum were not even close. She can’t even tell Roy because she thought it will halted their relationsh!pseeing her as a [email protected]£ victim, she can’t bear the stigma.
Sandra and Roy are now friends, Sandra can’t stay a day without talking to Roy, she had found him interesting, she knew she like him because him alone clouded her thoughts, but her wedding is just 3 weeks, 3 weeks for her to be the wife of lex.
Roy on his own [email protected] admired her, he knew his feeling should not go beyond that because they were not in the same league. The way they [email protected]£ friends astound him, it all begin ever since she heard him sang “all of me” by John legend since then Sandra had been coming to chat with him..
Roy sat down on a plastic chair with Peter , they were both discussing the EpL matches which will be held in the evening.
” Man city will defeat Chelsea, I am sure about that,,, na we get league ” Peter [email protected]
” there is no way Man city will defeat Chelsea, Man city way dey flop” Roy replied.
Suddenly they saw the maid, she was walking to the direction. “Roy madam Sandra is calling you” she said while Peter smile.
“Roy be careful of this madam Sandra ” Peter said jokingly mimicking the maid, While Roy shrugged and left with the maid.
Sandra was the only one at home, her mom traveled while her dad went to work as usual.
” I was told you were calling me ” Roy said as he walked to the sitting room.
” i am kind of feeling bored, so decided to chat with you ” Sandra smiled.
” you knew you shouldn’t be s£nding for me, your mum will not be happy if she find me talking to you instead of staying at the gate post. ” Roy said.
” they are not around, or Is it a crime for me to like you ” Sandra blunted unintentionally.
” like “Roy asked in surprised.
” I like you that’s why I am always s£nding for you “Sandra replied.
” i like you too ” Roy replied while she smiled..
” like you have a feeling for me ” Sandra asked while Roy shrugged. He knew he had feelings for her, who wouldn’t? She is the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, but he had a girlfriend, he can’t cheat on her, and Sandra was not on his clas-s. She will be getting married to lex in 3 weeks time, even though he knew she didn’t love lex, . So he should kill the feeling he was having for.
” Roy what are you thinking ” Sandra asked jo-lted him from the realms of thought.
” noth_ing “Roy stuttered.
” so do you have feelings for me ” Sandra asked for the umpteenth time.
“is no use if I had any feelings for you, you are alre-ady pledge to lex, and there is no way we can be together, your parents will never allow it” Roy blunted.
“I like you Roy, and I had feelings for you I had be keeping it a secret but I can’t anymore, your pres£nce give me joy. ” Sandra said and sat close to him .
” your voice mesmerizes me, your handsomeness astound me,” Sandra words took him by surprise they stared at each other without uttering a word, their heads started coming while they suddenly k!ssfor the first time..
They were both devouring each other like hungry lions, they were both carried away due to their feelings for each other.
Sandra’s maid unknowingly walked in jo-lted them from Wonderland while they both look at themselves sheepishly.
“i am sorry ” the maid apologized and left Roy and Sandra who were steering at each other.
Love they say is a feeling that could make you happy, sad, angry and even confused..
Both Sandra and Roy were both confused.
” I am sorry I was just carried away ” Roy muttered after minutes of silence.
Sandra just remain mute, she was perplexed on what to reply, Roy calmly stood up and walked to the security post, Sandra stared at him from the window as the event pla-yed on her head.
It was the first time she was having a real k!ss, her hor-mones were ragging in fire, when Roy k!$$£d her she knew she had definitely fallen in love with him she was sure about that.
In Roy’s head, Now he was sure what love means, the way he feels for Sandra was different from the way he feels for Nina, he love Nina but he was sure it was not real love, the love he had for her was just sisterly love. the kind of love a guy will have for his sister, but it’s too late, he had alre-ady concede to her request, he can’t just break up with her just like that it will really hurt her, what really made him to [email protected]£ her was not to hurt her feelings now breaking up with her will hurt her more, what will be his reasons?
He also know getting involve with Sandra means he will lose his job, he knew that Is the least punishment he will be receive, or if he didn’t even loose his life in the process.
He made up his mind to shun Sandra, getting too close to her had made his feelings to magnify and the last thing he want was creating a problem .
Since the past two weeks she had been feeling kinda dizzy, she decided to visit the hospital, after conducting several test on the doctor told her to do a pregnancy test but she quic-kly rebuff the idea saying she is not pregnant. The doctor pursued her telling her she got nothing to lose, she finally suc¢v-mb, they quic-kly conduct a pregnancy test and to her greatest dismayed she was pregnant and the most painful [email protected] was that she don’t even know the actual person among the people that ra-pped her, one thing she had hated was abortion the thought of abortion scare her, she hated it and she had always condemn girls who [email protected] in such barbaric act.
She knows there was no way she could keep the baby and still keep Roy to herself, which man will want to [email protected]£ a girl who was pregnant for another man? She was so confused on what to do, she decided to seek for a second opinion. “a problem shared is a problem solve”
She got to Vivian house while she calmly welcome her on the couch in the sitting room.
“girl while is your face like this? You are looking so gloomy and disheveled. ” Vivian queried as she scrutinize her friend.
” I am pregnant “Nina blunted.
” so quic-k, why didn’t you guys use protec-tion “Vivian asked
” I am pregnant but it wasn’t for Roy, i was ra-pped. “Nina answered dejectedly while Vivian drew back in disbelief.
” who is responsible “she asked the obvious questions anyone would asked.
” I don’t know I was [email protected]£d by Victor and his friends ” Nina explained to her friend who was shocked.
” babe you have opt for an abortion as I quic-k as possible ” Vivian advised while Nina shrugged.
” I can’t, it’s against my belief ” Nina replied while Vivian stared at her in awe.
” you can’t!, you have to unless you will lose Roy, as-suming it’s for Roy you would have use it to cage him “Vivian said
” have you ever had S-x with Roy” Vivian suddenly asked surprising Nina with her question.
“No! ”
” if you can’t abort the child you have to find a way to have S-x with Roy even though you had to drug him in the act and you have to do that ASAP , after the act you will wait for a month before telling him you are pregnant for him ” Vivian explained while Nina stared at her in awe.
She so much love Roy but telling him he is responsible for a child that is not his is not fair, but she don’t want to abort the child, that would have been easy.
The only way to be with Roy is to do as Vivian instructed after all she didn’t cheat on him, she was ra-pped…she thought.

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