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Who’s this girl batch 5

WHO’S THAT GIRL? … (18+) …
[email protected] 13
Freddie stood up from the chair breathing nervously.. He shut his eyes and then opened them again and clearly nodded
“I’ll do it.. I’ll do the bonding” he said and Nora couldn’t help but smile. “you did the right thing bro” Chad whispered in his ear while Freddie Gave him a look that says “I had no choice”.. Chad walked away leaving Nora and Freddie alone.
“can I be alone plea-se” freddie asked while Nora nodded and walked away ..
Freddie sat down again and sighed real ha-rd .
*its not going to hurt
*its just a bonding
*a bonding.. What the hell do I know about bonding
Freddie thought and sighed more, just then Lynn walked in and saw Freddie’s state she walked up to him and places her hand on his shoulder
“you okay” she asked.
“kinda” Freddie replied and j£rked his shoulder ..
Lynn sighed and re-moved her hand from Freddie’s shoulder she knows he’s sad and didn’t want to make him more sad so she walked away And to her seat but Freddie st©pped her
“Lynn wait” he said and Lynn swiftly turned.
“yes” she replied
“the n£¢klace, I’d like to get it back would u bring it to school tomorrow ” Freddie said calmly trying ha-rd to find his voice.. Lynn nodded and walked away and Freddie watched her go with her brown hair trailing behind her.
That day and everyone went home for some reason Freddie didn’t feel like going home.
*i’m going to be dead * he subconscious said to him and he sighed.
He held his bag firmly re-ady to leave but searched for Nora but didn’t see her. He sighed softly before heading home.
Freddie got home exhausted he met his mom at home
“oh good day son how was school ” she asked
“great as usual” Freddie lied
“well good to hear an off to the bakery” she said gr-abbing her purse.
“well bye mom” he Said sadly and fought the urge to hvg his mother maybe after today he wouldn’t get to see her..
“well bye son” Mrs Mercury smiled and hurried to the door with her black hair tied at the back and her blue apron covered in flour.
“I love you mom” Freddie whispered to himself and dropped his bag he went upstairs and took a shower before eating dinner in his room he just wore a plain brown shorts without a shi-t revea-ling his masculine b©dy , he sat on his be-d and took a big bite out of his sandwich thinking about his life at stake.
Just then nora appeared by the door, wearing a white plain dress that st©pped right at her knee..
Freddie almost pas-sed out seeing that he gently dropped his sandwich cause he just lost his appetite and then turned to Nora.
“you scared the $h!ts outta me ” he Said and sighed .
“I’m sorry if I scared you, it’s almost seven and my mom doesn’t waste time in getting what she wants” nora said and Freddie stood up and sighed.
“am just not sure about that” freddie said
“Freddie! it’s your life we’re talking about here, I’m trying to help plea-se just do this. I’m sorry I got you into this mess ” Nora said and Freddie sighed bitterly, he has sure been sighing a lot .
he moved closer to Nora and her heart skipped she shut her eyes then opened them again, she has no idea why her heart suddenly skipped, ‘maybe because I love Freddie’ she thought but pushed the thought away .
“OK look nora I know this may sound exactly stupid. But I’m a ” Freddie paused and pushed his hair back..
“you’re a what” Nora asked feeling confused but never taking her eyes of Freddie he’s just so cute with this worried expression on his face .. He looked at Nora and how her pretty face glowed and how herl-ips [email protected] open to hear what he’s going to say.
“I’m a vir-gin” Freddie said with his teeth gritted together.
“yeah. And it’s not a problem Freddie” Nora said trying to hide those beautiful smile of hers .
Freddie took another step towards ma-king Nora and him real close Nora could feel her heart beating fast so Freddie was wrong she does have a heart ..
“seriously you’re sure it’s okay” Freddie asked Nora again with his breath all over her face and he stared into her eyes he fought the urge to k!ssher cause right now she looks damn beautiful,
Nora couldn’t speak instead she nodded and her hair turned purple, she noticed at Freddie moved back.. “your hair” he whispered while she brou-ght her hair to her face and [email protected]
she shut her eyes and listened to her emotions and un-derstand stood that her purple hair stands for love anytime she’s feeling loved. Her hair turns purple, she looked at Freddie at Freddie daresay her weirdly.
She adverted her eyes to the wall clock and [email protected] “were running out of time it’s seven thirty” nora called while Freddie breathed calmly trying to calm down but he couldn’t he was alre-ady overtaken by fear..
“don’t worry Freddie it’s going to be fine” Nora Said Calmly with her angelic voice Freddie nodded and said “so let’s begin” ..
“during this bonding process Freddie you’ll feel and see nothing cause you’ll be half dead and half asleep” nora said
“what.. Why! ” Freddie said.. “because that’s how it is” nora said and Freddie nodded before Fred could utter another word Nora Said
“by the power vested in me, Freddie Mercury you may lie dead and never wake up until I say so” Freddie arched an eyebrow at Nora who immediately walked up to Freddie and Gave him a k!ssand all of a sudden Freddie fell down on the floor pas-sing out and Nora hair turned red.
“now I shall begin” nora said and with a blink of an eye she went n-ked.
[email protected] 14
Freddie woke up on his be-d with sweats all over his b©dy, he was still wearing his shorts but was shi-tless.
He turned to his side and saw Nora standing by his side and staring at him, her hair purple..
“what happened?” Freddie said sitting up.
“well thank goodness you’re Awake, and I’m done with the bonding ” Nora said happily but sounds a little qualm.
“you’re done. And nothing bad happened?” Freddie said curiously while Nora smiled and nodded..
“well this is great” Freddie ponjoured while Nora bit herl-ips in anticipation
“well Freddie. Now, any pain I feel either emotional or physical you feel it to, and any pain you feel emotional or physical I feel it to that’s the consequence and main reason for bonding ” Nora explained while Freddie arched an eyebrow and said “whoa” and then Nora nodded.
“but trust me Freddie my mom’s never gonna get u now I promise” Nora said while Freddie nodded
Nora looked at the time and sighed “it’s like she’ll be on her quest now, you’re gonna be okay alone right” Nora said with her angelic voice and her eyes searching Freddie’s..
“to be sincere Nora I’m kind of scared, I don’t think I wanna be alone” freddie said and Nora tried to hide her beautiful smile.
“if that’s the case Fred, then I’m gonna stay here with you for as long as you want okay” Nora said and Freddie smiled, they both kept quiet and stared at each other smiling
With Nora still standing
“why are you still standing, come, sit” Freddie said and tapped his be-d and Nora moved closer shyly to the be-d and sat beside Freddie..
[in the ocean] Nora’s mother the queen, [queen Nellie] was re-ady to lure Freddie’s soul that night to the sirens realm all the three princesses gathered around a big magical trident , while queen Nellie their mother stood in the middle of them beside the trident.
All of them looked beautiful with their black hair streaming down their sli-ppery, glowing and s£dûçt!veb©dy..
“Nina I want you to start with the chanting.. ” the queen commanded referring to the first daughter.
“yes mother. ” Nina replies and begin
” for power vested in us, his souls shall be ours, with this hour of light, his soul we get tonight” Nina kept repeating that and nija joined the second daughter before Nika the third daughter.
They all kept repeating the chantings and the trident begins to glow.. “yes yes my beautiful daughter were close ” the queen said and excitedly and laughed hysterically..
Freddie and Nora sat still on freddie’s be-d, and Freddie couldn’t believe he would ever be sitting this close to Nora asking her to stay with him, feeling comfortable and safe around her. he knew this isn’t the Nora he hated at first..
And he sorta maybe likes her a little. A little..
“okay, this is crazy and all but I didn’t expect you to be nice up to this level” Freddie said and Nora turned her gaze to him
“I don’t get you” she said while Freddie sighed
“well when you [email protected]£ to this school and then tra-pped chad you seemed harsh and rude and more of a monster i guess you made life ha-rd for me but all of a sudden you changed and started acting nice around me which is pretty weird but you seemed like only nice to me its cool though but I gotta ask why?”
“well the truth is that.. I think. Well I don’t think anymore but my gran was right. Freddie ..i lov…
“you what?” Freddie asked feeling eager cause Nora suddenly st©pped..
“oh my, did you are you feeling that” Nora asked controlling her ra-pid breathing
” yeah I can.. My b©dy it’s feels a little tingly” Freddie said running his f!ngersthrou-gh his amazing hair..
“it’s my mother she’s at work but don’t worry she can’t get throu-gh me, I’m more powerful and my powers are protecting you”
Nora said..
“mom this isn’t working ugh” Nina said angrily
“keep trying we have to get that boy ” queen Neilla said
“but mother we are trying our best but it isn’t working, he’s.. It’s like he’s being protected.” nija said and [email protected]
“of course he’s being protected that’s why the trident still low on power” nika the youngest said while the queen [email protected] and swam away from the trident ..
“girls st©p ” the queen orders and they all st©pped chanting and re-leased their gr!pp£dhands and faced their mother..
“don’t you girls see it now , Nora is protecting him” the queen said.
“what!!” the girls said In unison
“Why would Nora do that she’s just so stubborn” nina said angrily with her hair turning red..
“I figured she did the bonding with him ” Nija said and they all nodded in agreement
“my instincts were right she is in love with that human boy” the queen mother said
“love!! What is that?” Nina said and the queen sighed.
“we don’t nee-d to talk about that now but Freddie.Mercury nee-ds to go” the queen suggested
“but what do we do now the boy is bonded with Nora if we hurt him we hurt her” Nina said..
“I don’t care Nora betrayed us and also threatened me, she’s not [email protected] of us anymore we’re killing the boy and I don’t care if Nora dies with him ” the queen uttered..
[email protected] 15
“i just had a feeling it’s over.. For now ” Nora said to Freddie
“so did she like give up ” Freddie asked..
“no Fred. My mother doesn’t give up that easily she might have st©p now, but she’s not going to st©p hunting you, I mean us.. She must have find out we did the bonding and will try to kill us both ” Nora explained
“wait.. Your mom will kill you?” Freddie asked
“oh yes. She’s my mom for you ” Nora said while Freddie sighed.. “I have to go now” nora said. Freddie didn’t want her to leave he’s actually enjoying her company
“well it’s true you better go it’s getting late my parents would be home any minutes and they’d probably Want to check on me anyway” Freddie said while Nora smiled beautifully and said “okay see you In school tomorrow but trust me you won’t even feel alone just sleep ti-ght” Nora said and with a blink of an eye she vanishes into thin air..
Freddie sighed and la-id back on his be-d, Nora was right he still felt like she was still here he didn’t feel alone he smiled to himself thinking about her..
Nora appeared on her be-d and smiled her room was dark.. Without any light or candles only the beam of the moonlight her room is always dark..
She turned to her side and [email protected]£d a hold of her pillow.. She still felt Freddie’s pres£nce, she closed her eyes and smiles but later falls asleep.. She could feel her love growing de-ep down inside her heart for Freddie..
The next day Freddie woke up and so did everyone else he got re-ady for school feeling great as ever, as he brushed his hair he noticed his hair has become darker and more soft and his skin, so smooth..
As he walked in school everyone stared at him like they’ve never seen him before he looked more handsome than ever he didn’t notice his midnight eyes and pinkl-ips his skin was kind of glowing..
He walked in clas-s and all the girls just paused and stared at him he walked up to his seat and sat down, he greeted Chad but Chad just stared at me
“okay dude you’re freaking me out” Freddie said and laughed nervously
“dude.. You’re. can I put this.. Um..didnt you notice the people staring at you, you look more handsome what’s the secret man, introduce me ” Chad said and laughed ma-king Freddie laugh also..
“okay.. You’re just saying things.. I feel totally the same just noticed my hair got more darker that’s all ” Freddie said
“hmm but whatever you’re doing keep it up okay” Chad said while Freddie rolled his eyes..
Just then Lynn walked in with her hands folded she sighted Freddie and [email protected]
‘whoa what happened to Freddie he look so beautiful’ she thought and smiled.. Freddie noticed her gaze on him from the front of the clas-s and immediately re-moved his eyes, she Held her bag firmly and approached him
“good morning Freddie you’re looking smoking h0t ” she said and [email protected] at her straight words.
“well thanks…i guess” he said and smiled..
“I brou-ght your n£¢klace” Lynn said while Freddie smiled and said “great” Lynn reciprocated the smile and handed the n£¢klace to him after bringing it out from her bag
“thanks” he saYs”
“you’re welcome” Lynn said and walked happily to her seat..
Just then nora walked in clas-s looking beautiful as ever..freddie suddenly felt happy seeing her same for Nora she felt more alive and happy seeing him..
“good morning” Nora said immediately she sat down
“morning to u too” Freddie replied and they both smiled staring at each other..
“I’m over here thanks for noticing ” Chad said sarcastically while Nora laughed and said “oh sorry, good morning”
“well am not telling you good morning too incase you’re expecting that” Chad said and Freddie and Nora laughed together, Lynn noticed and looked at them she suddenly [email protected]£ jealous… So she got up from her seat and moved to a seat beside Chad but Chad didn’t notice including Nora and Freddie..
Freddie turned to Chad and said “Chad I want you to have my n£¢klace again I don’t nee-d it ”
“really have you guys done the bonding stuff or whatever you told me ” Chad said and they both nodded..
bonding?? Lynn thought..
Freddie Zi-pped his bag open and took out the n£¢klace but immediately threw it on Chad’s b©dy.. “what?” Chad panicked looking at Freddie..
“I can’t t©uçh it. It hurts but I don’t un-derstand why can’t I t©uçh it.. I t©uçhed it seconds ago and nothing happened but now that I t©uçhed it, it feels like tiny fire ants are trying to rip my skin [email protected]” Freddie explained
Nora sighed and clasped her hands with Freddie and cooled the pain, Freddie breathed while Nora said…
“I told you before Freddie as Long as you are bonded with me the pain I feel you feel it too and the numbania n£¢klace is a great treat to us and so it will be to you too you’re a [email protected] of me now ” ..
“what?? ” Lynn yelled from her seat and they all turned to her directions..

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