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Who’s that girl batch 6

WHO’S THAT GIRL? … (18+) …
[email protected] 16
“what do you mean by you’re a [email protected] of me now” Lynn said referring to Nora..
“look Lynn just shut up and go back to your seat” Chad said while Lynn Gave him a glare..
“what did you do to Freddie, Fred what happened to you ” Lynn said with a soft voice..
“it’s none of your business okay” Freddie said and Lynn [email protected] and angrily walked to her seat with her hands folded across her che-st..
Morning work started As their math teacher walked in and told them to solve some random math he wrote on the be-d and everyone started solving it.
While solving it Nora started feeling awkward she was getting a hint of something just then she heard her mother’s voice calling her and she knew her mother was about to mind communicate with her..
“are you feeling that” Nora asked Freddie
“yeah and I heard your name who’s that and what’s happening ” Freddie asked
“it’s my mother she wants to mind communicate with me and you’re going To be there also ” she said and Freddie nodded nervously
“here hold my hand” Nora said and Freddie did “close your eyes and breath” Nora said again and Freddie did so.. And suddenly he saw himself in a red empty room with Nora a very beautiful woman and three girls who were damn identical and who looks so much like nora, you can’t know who’s who….
“I said it she did a bonding with the human boy” Nina the first daughter said..
“Nora I can’t believe your stupidness can reach up to this level how can you do this” the queen said
“I’ve done it and there’s no going back ” Nora Said boldly ma-king Freddie breath a little cause no matter how beautiful her sisters and mother is they still look scary
“well you’ve left me no choice honey am going to kill you” the queen said threateningly
“I know mother, you’re free to kill me but am not giving up easily you know.. You’re just a siren but am a siren and a witch so I don’t think you can bring me down easily ” Nora said and Freddie [email protected] at her boldness..
“speaking of witches Nora, your sister Nina just killed her so are you going to stand there or bid her to hell” the queen said and Nora [email protected] .
“you killed granny, ” Nora yelled while Nina smiled and said
“yes sis I killed that old hag cause she’s a bad influence on you”
Nora was boiling in anger that her hair turned red including Freddie’s hair but he didn’t notice..
She looked at Nina with her deadly eyes and Nina begin to choke on Her own breath .. The queen immediately used her eyes to make a shield for Nina so her sister wouldn’t choke her to death..
This is just the beginning mother ” Nora threatens and the queen laughed and so did her sisters except Nika, second to the last.. Who looked Nora in a way that says
“I’m sorry”
Nora nodded and then held Freddie’s hand and then they both [email protected]£ back to reality..
“okay everyone submit your book” the math teacher said and everyone went to submit their note on his table..
“what just happened to of you just went silent all of a sudden” Chad said.. And Freddie gave him a look and immediately he knew something was wrong..
“I have to go” Nora said
“why but your mother she’ll kill you ” Freddie pured
“I know Freddie you can’t win without a fight, they killed gran Lian and I will make sure she feels my wrath” Nora said
“but there’s one of you and four of them ” Freddie yanked
“no my sister will help me I trust her, Freddie plea-se just trust me on this one ” Nora said while Freddie sighed and nodded..
Nora stood up to go outside when Lynn shouted..
“Mr Sydney Nora’s going out without your permission”
“seriously Lynn? ” Chad said quietly while Lynn eyes him
“st©p right there Ms Ephron ” Sydney Says and Nora sighed with everyone attention on her, she was running out of time
Nora sighed and said some incantationions un-der breath and everything paused No one moved or breath or even blink except Lyn Freddie and Chad..
“whao what happened” Lynn panicked..
“I st©pped time ” nora said and was about to head out the door when Freddie st©pped her and walked close to her, he stood close to her and held her hand
“be careful out there ” he said and surprised everyone by k!ss!ngher and Lynn almost pas-sed out while Chad just watched in anticipation
“thanks” Nora said and as they dis£ngaged..
“I have to go now” Nora said
“but who’s going to unfreeze all this people and time” Freddie askes
“you are remember you’re a [email protected] of you can do anything I can just do it ” Nora said and immediately disappeared..
Freddie turned to the clas-s he closed his eyes and breathes and then everyone [email protected]£ back to life..
“I did it” he said and smiled..
WHO’S THAT GIRL? … (18+) …
[email protected] 17
Nora arrived by the water side and saw her mother and her sisters, all looking scary but she wasn’t scared at all not one bit.
“wow how nice of you to join us Nora I thought you wouldn’t come” the queen said while Nora rolled her eyes and said..
“I’m not here for you to give me ru-bbish mother where’s Lian ” Nora said..
“oh shush.. Nina’s with her ” the queen said and with a spell Nina casted, Lian appeared with a rope tied all over her b©dy..
“let her go now” Nora commanded
“never” Nina replied..
“oh really?” Nora said angrily and used her eyes to control Nina who started to cough out blood again but this time the queen used her trident power to blast Nora on her che-st and Nora fell helplessly on the floor.. But stood up again fumming In anger and her hair turned red..
Freddie was quiet watching Mr Sydney teach and so did Lynn and Chad the three remaind quiet with Lynn staring at Freddie watching his every move..
All of a sudden Freddie felt a very sharp pain in his che-st , he held his che-st and gro-an ed in pain, “dude are you okay ” Chad asked..
“I.. I think so.. ” Freddie replied when the pain cooled down
Lynn figured something was wrong when Freddie felt that pain she watched more closely to know what was actually going on..
A girl called Avril, who sat in front of Chad, pen suddenly fell down she bent down to look for it but didn’t see it.. When she turned back to ask freddie or Chad if they’ve seen the pen Freddie hair suddenly turned red and she [email protected] , Freddie suddenly [email protected]£ angry and he knew Nora was in nee-d of help…
“whoa how did that happened” Avril said and quic-kly took a picture of Freddie..
“Ms Montez no phone in my clas-s ” Mr Sydney said..
“but sir Freddie hair just turned red ” Avril said and everyone turned just to look at him,… Mr Sydney was confused and so was everyone but Chad and Lynn knew the deal…
“Mr Mercury can you explain to us why your hair suddenly turn red” Mr Sydney said but Freddie didn’t reply instead he tried to control the anger burning within him..
“I… I.. Have this,.. it’s the shampoo I used, it has a chemical reaction that makes your changes colour” Freddie lied..
“oh really cause I also teach Chemistry and I haven’t seen a chemical like that would you tell me the name of this shampoo and chemical you speak of” Mr Sydney said and Freddie eyes grew wi-der thinking of a lie to give to him.. �
When he suddenly heard her sweet angelic voice saying..
“Freddie.. I nee-d your help”.
“oh my god ” he said to himself..
“am sorry but I don’t think I’ve heard any chemical called oh my god ” Mr Sydney said ma-king the clas-s laugh..
But Freddie wasn’t in the mood to laugh..
“dude you okay” Chad whisphered to him while he shook his head negatively
“Nora’s In trouble and she nee-ds my help” Freddie whispered back and Chad said..
“well I think you have to go”
“but I can’t Mr Sydney’s here” Freddie said and sighed..
“no talking in my clas-s” Mr Sydney yelled referring to Chad and Freddie but all of a sudden the bell went ringing and Mr Sydney’s period was over.
Mr Sydney [email protected]£d his books and walked out..
“I have to go now ” Freddie said
“safe journey bro” Chad said and Freddie stood up and walked to the door, as he reaches outside the school gate he felt like something was pu-lling him from no where.. He tries to move but he couldn’t, the f0rç£ was too strong but then he disappeared and appeared by the water side and he was surprised, but suddenly [email protected]£ weak.. He felt a pain in his n£¢k and when he t©uçhed it he felt blood..
“no.. ” he said with his hand shaking as he stared at the blood..
“oh look who’s here” Freddie heard the queen’s voice behind him..
He turned and saw her looking deadly and Nora’s sister behind her..
Just then Nora appeared beside Freddie with a bleeding n£¢k she looked so weak and tired. .
“thank you for coming Freddie” she said to Freddie weakly..
She t©uçhed Freddie and suddenly [email protected]£ powerful again.. As long as they are bonded together, if she feels weak Freddie can give her the strength she nee-ded and If Freddie feels weak she can give Freddie the strength he also nee-ds…
Nora breathed in and her bleeding bruised n£¢k closed up and so did Freddie’s..
“whoa ” freddie whispered to himself..
“remember Freddie you can do all things I can do.. Okay” Nora said
“so I can control someone with my eyes and Close up a bleeding wound” Freddie asked his tone very surprising..
“yes you can ” Nora said and gave him a smile that made Freddie heart flutters..
“then let’s do this” Freddie said [email protected] and returned the smile..
Everyone sat down in clas-s quietly waiting for the next teacher, some where busy re-ading while some were busy with their phones..
Chad stayed quiet thinking about Freddie and how he’s doing.. Lynn was burning in anger and was feeling left out.. She [email protected]£d her phone from her desk.. And went to the front of the clas-s..
” hello everyone ” she said and immediately everyone attention was on her..
‘what the heck is she upto now’ Chad thought
“I have some important information I’ll like to share with you all” Lynn said and everyone payed more attention to her..
“it should be important Lynn or you don’t want me to shove your eyes in my f!ngers” an annoying boy at the back threatened..
“oh it is very important.. You guys all know Nora.. Nora Ephron the new girl who’s known to be pretty” Lynn said and everyone nodded..
Chad gave Lynn a look that says dont do it..
“well Nora’s not human” Lynn said and everyone [email protected]
WHO’S THAT GIRL? … (18+) …
[email protected] 18
Everyone was shocked when Lynn said Nora wasn’t human Chad felt like ripping her hair off from her head..
“how do we know you’re telling the truth lynn” a girl from the back said
“cause she’s the reason why Freddie hair turned red she possessed Freddie with her witch and sirenic powers ” Lynn said and Chad sighed..
Everyone [email protected] in shock again and Lynn sighed devilishly feeling the anger boiled in her..
“and if you think am lying I’m probably thinking you guys should all go to the beach down town and see what’s going on yourself and look Freddie and Nora are not here and there’s no way I am lying ” Lynn said and everyone started to murmur, “thats it were all going to that beach ” Avril said and everyone screamed In excitement rushing out throu-gh the door.. Chad quic-kly walked up to Lynn and [email protected]£d her Hand
“what do you think youre doing ” he asked angrily
“ex-posing Nora’s secret ” Lynn replied back with full hatred on her voice..
“you know I once thought Nora was the one who didn’t have a heart but you were the one, how can you be so cruel ” Chad said with his voice getting horsey..
” am not the cruel one Chad, Freddie is, I gave him my heart but what, he just smashed it against the ground like it was a pile of nothing just because of Nora and he k!$$£d her right in my face , do you know how much that hurts, do you? Chad answer me do you? ” Lynn yelled and stomped her feet angrily on the floor with tears coming out of her eyes..
“he k!$$£d her because he had to, Lynn st©p being so childish okay Freddie doesn’t like Nora he never did and he never liked you even when Nora hadn’t showed up so don’t blame it on the girl.. Nora was the one who had been looking out for Freddie she put him in a mess and tried to fix him out at least she tried, why don’t you just go Home and live your life instead you make me sick, I feel like punching your face so ha-rd ” Chad said threateningly
“you can’t hit me I’m a girl and guys don’t hit girls ” Lynn said proudly…
“maybe they don’t,but I do” Chad said and Lynn blinked uncontrollably feeling kind of scared
“just leave me alone ” Lynn said and j£rked her hand away from Chad feeling her heavy heart beat..
“now see what you’ve done, everyone is going to go to the beach now and see Nora battle her mom, what is wrong with you Lynn ” Chad said and began to space out beside the clas-s window.
Lynn sat down on a chair,her anger reducing ‘what have i done’ she thought and sighed, and immediately she walked out of the clas-s.. Chad sighed heavily before going out too..
Freddie and Nora could be seen breathing heavily and sweating Real ha-rd , they are winning the battle and the queen is becoming weak..
‘Freddie our next aim is to collect the trident from my mother trust me she’s powerless with that” Nora said to Freddie throu-gh her mind and he nodded in agreement..
As Nora find her way to get close to her mother, Freddie tries to distract the girls by trying to re-lease Lian who was still tied with ropes and was still kneeling down by the water side and the water waves pushing very ha-rd ..
“get him ” Nina said to Nika and Nija immediately she sighted Freddie..
Nina and Nika immediately ran to Freddie but Nija stood alone watching each and every one fighting each other..
Nina started controlling Freddie with her greenish eyes he couldn’t move or breath he just stood still trying to control himself, but couldn’t.. “Nina st©p you’re hurting him” Nija said ..
“that’s what we all want Nija now do something don’t just stand there” Nina ordered..
“thats what you all want but that’s not what I want ” Nija said and immediately Nina let Freddie go because she was being controlled by someone else..
“Nija what are you doing, you betrayal ” Nina said trying to catch her breath..
“mother has gone too far this time if any of us doesn’t Give up one of us is going to die” Nija said and Nina rolled her eyes. .
“I don’t care, Nika handle the boy” Nina ordered,
And Nika nodded re-ady to control Freddie but st©pped when she saw students coming towards the beach.. (water)

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