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What lies beneath Episode 4

Episode 4
Jerome and Chuka went on laughing as I narrated what I went throu-gh after consuming the meal at Oby’s place.
“Guy… so you threw off your big boy level due to stomach upset…” Jerome asked while still laughing.
“Mennn… you won’t un-derstand. I was sweating seriously. My stomach was in gunfire war. I won’t say is one of the worst day of my life because all I went for was decided and agreed in perfect terms. Is just one of those days that I gat to learn in a ha-rd way. Lesson learnt, if you travel to a place try not to eat everything pres£nted to you. And make sure you pres£nt your matter first before the merriment. Well, I failed in that aspect but thank God nothing worst happened”. I said to my two friends.
Chuka replied
“Austin, This lesson doesn’t apply to someone like me. The day I traveled for my introduction before the proper traditional wedding, my in-laws brou-ght different delicacies, my wife can confirm what I’m saying. I tasted each of them, some were nice while others tasted very strange. I almost finished small jar of palm wine… I also ate gras-s cutter bush meat mixed with oil bean…ukpa, the meat was dry and crunchy. My wife [email protected]£ to whisper to my ear to take it easy since that was the first time I was trying some of the food. She was afraid the food will react strangely to my system but nothin happened. My stomach has a solid setting unlike yours…
We started laughing again.
Chuka later continued
“….by the way I’m happy your journey was smooth and everything has been finalized. So Austin, when are we traveling to east again for the main thing and to bring our wife down to Abuja. Since she is the only woman after your heart…
Jerome nodded in agreement.
I breathed calmly before saying
“That won’t be soon because she nee-ds to finish school first but Oby is alre-ady my wife and that’s why I want to see to it that she further her education. It was one of her father’s wish and Oby also de-sires it before the proper marriage can take place. I agreed to do the sponsoring and to wait until she is throu-gh before proceeding with marriage rites…”
“Guy… you be mumu…”
Jerome interrupted with disappointment in his voice. He continued bashing me
“…. are you for real Austin? You agreed to train a girl in school with your legit money? What kind of nons-en-se talk is that, I don’t think you are with your right s-en-ses. You have lost your mind… because the Austin I know is not stupid but this Austin right here who agreed to sponsor a village girl in school is more than stupid. Who does that this days, nob©dy is that foolish again. Even if you don’t know what to do with money, we can go clubbing everyday and enjoy the best life…carry multi-ple girls as many times as you plea-se or even get a serious one who will adores the ground you walk on. Chuka did you hear what Austin said or am I having hearing disorder…
Chuka [email protected] out
“I heard him, well…is his choice and his money Jerome. He is free to do as he plea-se. But my suggestion is… Austin, why not marry her first, make her your wife and then you can continue sponsoring her from the comfort of your home… knowing fully well that she is yours. Why sponsor her before getting married to her? I’m not saying something will happen, but is very risky… especially with girls of today. You are taking so much risk…but if this is what you really want to do then is fine. Waiting for her to finish school is a long time from now, can you wait…? That’s around four to six years man…
Jerome interrupted Chuka again.
“Can you imagine the years he will be waiting for one village girl to finish university so that he can marry her. The ru-bbish talk about not seeing a suitable lady in this whole Abuja is a bulshiiit nons-en-se. Abuja chicks are the most sophisticated, clas-sy and endowed ladies I ever come across. I’m not talking about beauty because they all have it yet Austin here said he didn’t see any one to his taste. A village teenage girl who knows nothing about the city life happens to be his taste. No clas-s, no beauty like what I have seen in Abuja, No level at all. I’m damn disappointed in Austin’s decision. Stella, your junior sister is studying medicine in a pri-vate university in Lagos. Your parents are pouring in money to make sure she lacks nothing, why not tell your Dad not to bother paying your sister school bills, you will take care of it since you are looking for who to train in school? I don’t un-derstand you guy… this is absolutely nons-en-se and I suggest you withdraw yourself from such. Think about it…a village girl, a nob©dy…oh $h!t…
I have heard enough from Jerome, I had to caution him.
“, Enough man. You have said too much on t©p of my own personal decision. Maybe I shouldn’t have said it out. You have to watch your ton-gue now Jerome, insulting Oby is an insult to me. Is my money for crying out loud, why so angry and bitter over it. Thanks for your concern, I appreciate the bashing but you’re b!owing it out of proportion. Whenever Stella, my sister nee-ds my help on anything at all I make sure she has it but my parents are responsible for her and she ha-rd ly calls me for money. Why even bring in Stella’s case to this? I’m gonna make Oby my wife after all, helping her parents sponsor her is no big deal. She is mine after all… and beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. She is a Queen in mine. Get hold of yourself man… there’s no point dragging this issue since I’m not asking you for a dime. plea-se, you all should either respect my decision or let me be in peace…”
Chuks who has a way of easing tension began to smile.
He later said
“You’re right Austin, your money your time. Atleast there’s also a bonus attached, you will be the first to open her package…her vir-ginity is a bonus gift. Many of us are not lucky like you are…”
He suddenly started laughing, Jerome joined in and I couldn’t help but also laugh.
“Is true man…fresh untapped package straight from the village. You will have to teach her different styles… the horse and the doggy too….” Jerome added while still laughing and demonstrating with his hand
“You all are crazy mhennnnn…”
I said as we went talking about other things later on.
My friends allowed me be in peace over Oby’s issue after then.
As the year runs, first and second semester was over and I s£nt in money both for school fees and upkeep.
Oby was obe-dient and continue being herself despite the distance between us.
She was schooling over in East, not her state exactly but the next state closer to hers.
After a year, I asked if she wants to change her old phone but she said is okay, she doesn’t nee-d a new phone.
She was contented with what I got her.
I sometimes s£nd a sti-pends to her parents too but my major concerns was Oby.
She does not fail to sing my praises, s£nd lovely messages anytime she is free.
I doubled up my hustle, got more houses for sale and source for serious buyers
Her second year in school, we agreed she was going to travel down to my base and spend her holiday in Abuja.
She was excited, I was also very happy.
That will be her first time coming to Abuja.
I s£nt her money to buy new wears and to get everything she nee-ded but she said she will do the shopping when she comes to Abuja.
Stella, my sister who will be rounding up with meds school the following year also called to let me know that she was coming.
I really wanted to have some pri-vate time with Oby alone, my sister will interrupt alot of things.
I wanted Oby to feel at home and be happy since is her first time visiting me.
Stella has always spend most holidays at my side, she was used to Abuja lifestyle and knows all my friends.
Jerome was ma-king move on her back then but I warned him off.
He should stay clear from my sister and he respected himself.
Jerome was a wom-anizer and doesn’t value women.
He believes he can use and dump anyone he plea-ses because he has the money, sweet catchy ton-gue and fashion s-en-se.
And unfortunately, ladies fall cheaply for his charms.
If not that Oby was coming, Stella would have been ma-king arrangements of flying down.
But she will have to travel home. My parents were also based in Lagos, she should spend the holidays with them or with my cousins.
Stella is the baby of the house and the only girl, my elder brother Mike was married and live abroad with wify and daughter.
We’re just three and my Dad is expecting me to get married soon which I also want to but it all has to wait until Oby is throu-gh with school.
My people does not know about Oby or the fact that I’m sponsoring her in school.
They only know I have a woman who is studying.
I use her picture as my [email protected] sometimes on WhatsApp and Oby has always used mine too.
She even idolize me on her status almost all the time
Calling me all sorts of sweet name even names like “cute hubby”
At the right time, I will introduce her properly to my parents but not yet.
Maybe when she is about graduating.
I’m happy that a year has gone alre-ady and her 20th birthday is around the corner.
I will spoil her with so much love and gift when she comes.
I found a means to dismiss Stella and she didn’t bother me again.
I’m looking forward to spending quality time with my future wife.
I was very happy that I began counting days to her coming.

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