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Ulinma (my village bride) Episode. 7 & 8

My village wife💍
💕My pretty lunatic👝
Ɓƴ: Victoria Peter 💕 📚
A Nigerian story…
💗Episode 07💗
(The drama😋)
🥴Nneka’s Pov🥴
After replying chioma my elder sister, I smiled at myself and started walking inside my room with my plate of h0t rice.
I got to my room and sat down on my be-d and dropped my plate of rice on my small re-ading table.
And started devouring my food.
I was [email protected] ing and enjoying my food when Papa, nnenna and chioma [email protected]£ into my room with there faces looking like angry monkeys.

‘Nneka what’s going on here did you buy food?…’ Papa asked.
‘Me buy food when I can cook, come on Papa have you all seen the value of ulinma now?…’ I said with my mouth loaded with food.
‘So you learnt how to cook from ulinma huh?…’ my twin sister said.
‘plea-se are you hungry Papa?…’ I asked him with an evil smile on my face.
‘Yes my daughter I haven’t eaten since morning…’ he replied immediately.
‘Then you people should get re-ady to die of hunger because I can only cook for myself…’ I said laughing.
‘Chioma I want to tell you something ulinma called me this night, she said her and her lovely husband went to Lagos by flight.
Not only that he changed her clothes and am sure by now they are alre-ady having S-x.
And because ulinma is still a v!rg!nand her husband is a young h0t guy she will soon get pregnant.
Then I will go to omugwo and there am going to meet her husband handsome rich friends that will marry me since I no how to cook…’
I concluded with a smile on my face.
while chioma ran out in tears.
Papa and nnenna later joined her and immediately they left I started laughing.
I can’t wait for school to resume so I will get out of this hell home.
A victorious smile appeared on my face.
When am done with all of you especially chioma.
They will know it’s not good to maltreate someone.
My stupid father is there bad mouthing other people’s children while my twin sister nnenna.
is busy slee-ping with lecturer for good grades.
I do have plans for him but that’s not now.
For now I want to help ulinma on how to dress to make her husband love her the more.
Let my stupid sister chioma keep anticipating on another person’s husband.
Let her not go and learn how to cook stupid girl.
sometimes I wonder if it’s my mom that really gave birth to them.
You guys just saw house war [email protected] 1 and you are crying.
wait until tomorrow.
Tomorrow is [email protected] 2
‘Chioma this is just the beginning…’
🌺Ulinma’s Pov🌺
I woke up early the next day, I’m used to waking up early in the morning.
I went to the white man’s bathroom and took the new toothbrush and toothpaste and brushed my teeth.
After that I decided to take my bath with the casket, so I pressed the place Fred told me and water filled up the casket.
I re-moved my clothes and stepped into the water enjoying the feeling the water gave me.
Life in the city is really easy.
you don’t have to go to the screem to fetch water.
water comes out from the white man’s container.
Few minutes later……💗💗
I’m alre-ady done talking my bath and appling my b©dy lotion.
and am standing at the closet looking for a cloth to wear.
I remember when we were coming to the city I saw the way Fred was looking at those girls wearing bu-m short so that’s what am going to wear.
I took a Jean bu-m short and a transparent t©p.
and then I went to the un-derwear section and took a black [email protected] and a matching black [email protected] that looks like a half cut.

I wore the [email protected] and then the [email protected], I looked at myself on the mirror and smiled.
I then put on the bu-m short and transportation t©p and wore a black fancy sli-ppers.
and the packed my natural hair to sided with a pink ribbon since the transparent t©p is pink in colour.
I know you guys maybe surprised.
Nneka has been coaching me on how to dress.
what I was satisfied on my looks I went downstairs to start my daily job.
I took the cleaning instrument and started cleaning the house.
in few hours I was done with the cleaning I went to the place he told me the dirty clothes are and started Washing his dirty clothes.
when I was done I went to the kitchen to cook.
After a while of thinking I settled for white rice and stew with fried chicken.
And I immediately set to work.
💖Fred’s Pov💖
The sound of my phone woke me up I quic-kly stood up from the be-d to look for my phone.
when I saw it.
it was a call from obinna my best friend.
why is he calling me so early.
I quic-kly pick up the phone.
📱’Hello dude we are outside your house plea-se tell your security to open the gate…’📱
📱’What at the gate? this early…’📱
📱’Check your time dummy it’s 12 o’clock alre-ady…’📱
📱’What!!! I’m on my way…’ 📱
I said and hung up and rushed into the bathroom and did my morning business.
Then went to welcome my friends.
when I got downstairs I was shocked, everywhere was sparkling clean.
I was still wondering when i heard the door bell ring.
And when I opened the door my useless friends [email protected]£ in Laughing at me.
‘I heard you’re now married man …’ Ola said and the rest laughed.
‘Not only that, he is married to a village girl…’ Tobi said and they even laughed the more.
I started hearing foot steps at the steps behind me.
I noticed all my friends st©pped laughing and there attention was behind me with there mouth wi-de open.
I immediately looked back and my mouth dropped at what i saw.
💗Episode 08💗
(The drama [email protected] II)
🥺Chioma’s Pov🥺
It’s just like my world is crumbling before my own eye.
I have been eating from a woman in my village who sells food and her good are not good food.
Am sure papa eats there too.
while nnenna eats at her course mate’s house.
I was so surprised when I saw nneka cooking so my sister learned how to cook from ulinma.
It’s now afternoon and the woman that sells food isn’t yet out.
I was alre-ady dieing of hunger.
Nneka [email protected]£ out of the house with a smile on her face.
She walked pas-s us singing.

she went to her farm close to the house to get what ever she wants.
After a little while she [email protected]£ back with a bowl filled with vegetable leaf.
Few minutes late……💗💗
Papa and I started perceiving a sweet aroma from the kitchen.
and that alone made my hunger even more.
my stomach started ma-king different sound.
After a while nneka [email protected]£ outside of the house with a plate of vegetable soup with fufu.
and started devouring it without even minding if nnenna me or papa are hungry.
We keep looking at her like idiots while she was enjoying and [email protected] ing.
I couldn’t take it anymore more so I had a start a conversation.
‘Papa don’t you think we should hire a maid or something?…’ I said and nneka bur-st into hilarious laughter.
‘Chioma do you think your father has a good record in this village?…’ she said with her mouth loaded with food.
‘Nneka I am your elder sister and you have to talk to me with respect…’ I replied angrily and she still bur-st into another round of laugh.

‘Chioma my lovely sister you will really do well if you go into comedy, elder sister you say huh? an elder sister at 25 and still single…’ she said and I felt like crying.
‘Papa tell nneka ooo I will beat her ooo…’ I said and she laughed.
‘Beat me with an empty stomach?…’ she said and left with her empty plate.
God why is my world turning upside down.
I can remember last week I was like a princess with ulinma doing all the chores.
Now nneka is ma-king life a living hell for me.
💖Fred’s Pov💖
I noticed my friends had there attention somewhere so I had to turn and when I did me mouth dropped.
Is this the girl i [email protected]£ back with yesterday.
I mean is this the village girl I [email protected]£ back with yesterday.
I looked at Tosin my friend and saw his eye was on her wi-de expo-sed h!ps.
She was wearing a transparent t©p of which her black [email protected] was visible.
with a Jean bu-m short showing her as-s cheek.
She cleared her throat bringing us back to reality.
‘Hey good morning, food is re-ady…’ she said sweetly.
I was so proud of my wife and at the same time I was becoming insecure.
She’s too beautiful to be in Lagos.
and with the way my friends are looking at her lvstfully it ma-king me more angry.
‘Beauty how was your night?…’ I asked with a S-xy sm-irk on my face and she blu-shed.
‘My night was lovely huni and yours?…’ she replied, did she just called me huni.
‘Same love…’ I replied and she smiled and walked back to the kitchen.
My eye didn’t leave her S-xy as-s until she disappeared into the kitchen.
‘Hey dude is that your wife?…’ obinna asked.
‘Ponit of correction, yes that my village wife…’ I replied.
‘Did you see that as-s? mehnnn your wife is h0t…’ Tosin said b!tt!g in this lowerl-ip.
‘I swear dude keep a close eyes on her before you start looking for her…’ ola said ma-king me eye him angrily.
‘Guys that were I draw the line all of you should get your sinful eye off my woman…’ I said and they all bur-st into hilarious laughter.
‘The pla-yboy Fredric uchemba is fighting because of a lady…’ Tobi said mockingly and we laughed.
That one thing about my friends once you’re with them get re-ady to laugh your as-s out.
We walked to the dinning to eat and we meant my pretty wife serving food on the dinning table.
we sat down and started eating, and I swear I never knew she is such a good cook.
After my mom she’s second when it comes to food.
‘Hello pretty what’s your name?…’ obinna my best friend asked.
‘My name is ulinma but feel free to call me nma…’ beauty replied.
‘Oh beauty sorry for my manners, this is my friends Ola, Tobi Tosin said obinna, guys this is my wife ulinma…’ I said.
‘Nice meeting you guys…’ she replied with a smile.
‘Can i call you beauty too?…’ ola asked.
‘No sorry only my husband can call me that…’ she replied ma-king me smile.
‘You re a good cook you know, do you have a sister?…’ obinna asked.
‘Hmmm I don’t have a sister nor a brother but I do have a cousin sister, that can cook…’ she said.
Hours later……💗💗
My friends were alre-ady gone living be alone with this temptation called a wife.
We are watching television.
she choose a movie titled 365days.
I have heard of it but I haven’t watched it before.
At first it was like a normal ro-mantic movie not until they started having S-x for real.
And I must confess the guy is a S-x god.
I look towards ulinma’s direction but she wasn’t even feeling anything.
My di-ck was alre-ady as ha-rd as rock.
was just wishing for the movie to just st©p.
I can’t t©uçh her.
at least not yet.
I want her to give herself freely to me not me asking.
She looks at me and started asking.
‘Fred what are they even doing?…’ wait did she just ask me that.
‘They are having se-x…’ I replied.
‘Must they re-move there clothes huh?…’ she asked.
oh god plea-se help me.😢
💓Simi’s pov💓
What is holding that guy Fred from coming nah.
I can only see his friends, but why is he not with them.
He has fv¢ked me once and the money he gave to me I can’t even make it in two months.
Infact i think am in love with him.
I waited for so long but he didn’t come to the club house.
His friends finished with there various bit-ches and went home and I was so disappointed.
I logged into my Instagram account and search for his name.
and I saw it immediately.
his account is verified on IG.
I went throu-gh his pictures and i was blu-shing
his so handsomely cute.
I looked for his address and I saw it.
just hope his not married because he didn’t put any relationsh!pstatus.
Am going to visit him tomorrow, I can’t risk this opportunity of getting a b©yfri£nd.
Can’t wait for tomorrow.
Who is this one Kwa?
Is like she’s re-ady to be insulted 🤣🤣

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