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Ulinma (my village bride) Episode 23 & 24

My village wife💍
💞My pretty lunatic👝
Ɓƴ: Victoria Peter 💕📚
A Nigerian story…
💗Episode 23💗
🎀Ulinma’s Pov🎀
After a little while of exercising my b©dy i started feeling bored.
Even my phone couldn’t st©p my boredom so i decided to try watching television.
And they were showing a very interesting cartoon series.
I ran to the kitchen and got myself a box of pop corn and a glas-s of orange jui-ce to use make it spicy.
After a while i started noticing some movement in the security guys quarters.
At first i didn’t want to take it serious but in every pas-sing minutes the noise got louder.
I paused the movie drop the box of pop corn at my hand and walked outside towards the security quarters.
Initially my aim was to knock at the door and tell him to st©p the noise but when i got close to the door what i heard made me change my mind.
So i went over to the window to see who he was talking to and when i looked throu-gh the window i was surprised to see a lady i couldn’t see her face clearly because of the cotton.
I immediately brou-ght out my phone and started recording there conversation.
Why does she want the security guy to spy on my husband and I huh?
When i was satisfied with what i have gotten i decided to visit Fred at his working plea-se.
So i left the window and walked into the house and when i got to the living room i turned off the television and took the popcorn into the kitchen.
I went into our be-droom and str!ped off my clothes and went to the bathroom to take my bath.
After talking my bath i dressed up in a clas-sic red dress that reach my knee and hvgged my b©dy with a little opening at the back.
I matched it with a pair of black sandals and a matching black Gucci bag.
After that i repacked my hair in a ponytail and looked at myself at the big standing mirror.
I have never been a fan of makeup so i just addedl-ipgloss.
I took my phone and ordered a cab, i would have gone with one of Fred’s cars but unfortunately I can’t drive.
After a while the driver arrive so i went outside the house and immediately the security saw me he ran to help me open the gate.
With the way he’s looking at me i know something is bothering him.
“Daniel is anything the matter?”
I asked him with a smile.
“Ehh ma’am i don’t know if you are in a hurry so i won’t waste your time..”
he replied nervously.
“No i am not in a hurry so go ahead..”
I said and he sighed softly.

He sighed again then took his eyes to the ground.
“Ma’am one lady [email protected]£ here this morning and when i asked her who she was looking for she kinda ehh.. s£dûç£d me..”
He explained feeling nervous and scared at the same time.
I urged him to continue.
“After we finished having S-x she said something very suspicious..”
He said with a worried expression on his face.
“Something suspicious like?”
I pretended has if i didn’t know because i wanted to confirm how loyal Daniel was to Fred.
“She said if i want to be having S-x with her i should start spying on Oga Fred and you ma’am..”
“Do you know who she is or where she lives?”
I asked him but he shaked his head negative.
“No ma’am i can only recognizes her when i see her but she’s just a total stranger..”
he replied almost immediately.
“Okay i am happy you told me this it shows how loyal you are to Fred..”
I said with a smile.
“Ma’am abeg don’t tell Oga Fred about this my family relays on me and if Oga Fred hears i allowed a stranger in he will sack me..”
He pleaded almost on his knees and i had to promise him i won’t tell Fred although am still gonna tell him in my own way.
After our little discussion i apologize to the cab driver and got into the cab.
“Ma’am were are you going to?”
the elderly man asked with a smile.
“I am going to F.E..”
I replied and he nodded and zoomed off.

🖤Chioma’s Pov🖤
After my little discussion with security guy Daniel my mind didn’t tell me he was gonna do it.
So when i got out of the house i had to get a clear view of Fred’s mansion.
I never knew this guy was this rich and if i had known i would have faught more ha-rder back then he [email protected]£ to the village.
I started counting the cars in the compound one, two, three……. twenty five.
This guy is so rich and he is married to ulinma.
I most try everything within my powers to eliminate that winch that charmed my husband.
“How did you know she charmed him?”
My conscience asked.
“Of course i know she charmed him with those her pretty face..”
I can’t wait to have all the money to myself and also Fred.
when he start taking me to [email protected] wearing expensive diamond clothes and rings.
When I was done checking the house out i decided to leave before anyone notice me.
When i got outside the gate my mind kept telling me to wait a little bit and i did.

After a while I saw ulinma living the house.
wow perfect timing if i knew things were going to go this way i wouldn’t have allowed that stupid secretary t©uçh me.
I yelled angrily so that guy fu-cked me for nothing huh?
Before i [email protected]£ out i asked Simi my bestie to look for some gun men for me.
The ones that are good at it and she agreed to help me out.
She’s really a good and reliable friend and that’s why i love her.
She texted me while i was still with the gate man and said she saw good ones and i told her to ask them how much they take.
And she said they said they take ₦700.000 for the job.
Thank God Mr Bello gave me ₦700.000 after the conference dinner [email protected] so i told her to pay them with it.
So i immediately took my phone and dialed simi’s number.
After few rings she picked up.
📱..Simi tell the men she just went out of the house and she’s heading to Fred’s company..📱
📱..Okay but was it the security that is giving you information about her well about?..📱
📱..No ooo don’t mind that useless security the foolish guy just fu-cked me for nothing..📱
📱..Ahh was he ha-rd on you? like did he fu-ck you very ha-rd ?..📱
📱..Hmm Simi that guy is a p©rn star he nearly shifted my wo-mb for me oo..📱
📱.. Don’t mind him you know free pvzzy they sweet nah anyway let me go and inform them..📱
📱.. Thanks bestie me i am even on my way home just about to order my cab..📱
📱.. Okay nah i am at home, but remember we are still going to heat the club today oo..📱
📱.. Of course nah, don’t worry i dey show for house..📱
I said and ended the call.
Ulinma today is going to be your last day on earth watch and see.
I can’t wait to have Fred all to myself.

🧡Simi’s Pov🧡
After the call i bur-sted into hilarious laughter.
I never knew chioma was damn doom like a fool, how can she believes everything i tell her.
I was asking her about the svx with the security because i wanted something to laugh about.
I feel so happy because the security guy fu-cked her well and also because her plans are falling in place.
Immediately the news of Fred’s wife’s death comes out i will go to Fred and [email protected] voice note of chioma planning to kill his wife.
And immediately i get his truth getting his heart wouldn’t be a biggie.
Actually the men i saw told me they were gonna collect ₦300.000 for the oppression.
But i told my fool ₦700.000 and now the whole money she got from the s£nator are gone.
She should be awarded for the best fool of the year.
Since she thought she can come to Lagos un-der my roof and take what’s mine.
I still want to be more better than Stella and i most be.
And i [email protected]£ only do that with the help of Fred’s money.
My plans are alre-ady set and re-ady the only thing getting in the way of my plans is Fred’s wife.
And i just hope the boy do a good and clean job.
💗Episode 24💗
❣️ Fred’s Pov❣️
Work at the office today was hectic not because there was so much work but because my stupid secretary didn’t even t©uçh the files i gave her for two days now.
The idiot told me she wasn’t done with it yet without me knowing she didn’t even t©uçh it at all.
The files weren’t even complete until it was time for the pres£ntation and that got me really angry.
I had to tell her if i fell to get that [email protected] contact i was gonna get her fired.
Guess that was why she put in her best and i won the contact over.
She’s really good at what she doesn’t but she’s not alway concentrating with her work.
All in the name that she wants to get my attention when she’s aware that am married.
It was almost lunch break and i was getting some important work done.
I hope she’s taking care of the files i gave her to do against tomorrow and if she’s not doing it she’s in for my trouble tomorrow.
I was still going throu-gh my files when i started hearing voices from outside.
Does my fu-cking Secretary think this place is market square huh?
I sighed angrily when the noise got louder.
So i decided to go check out what was going on outside.
Hope it’s something reasonable if not someone is getting fired.

🎀Ulinma’s Pov🎀
After few hours of driving the cab driver st©pped in front of a very mas-sive building.
And i got down from the car feeling nervous like someone going for a job interview.
“Sir how much is your money?”
I asked politely.
“Oh my money is ₦9.200 my dear..”
he replied with a smile.
I brou-ght out the ₦10.000 at my bag and handed it to him.
“Sir keep the change..” I said and he thanked me and i started ma-king my way into the building.
While I was pas-sing a security st©pped me, the guy was looking so mean and scary.
“Excuse me miss who are you looking for in this premises?”
he asked and i swallowed ha-rd .
“Point of correction Mr it’s Mrs not miss, and to answer your question i am Mrs Fredric uchemba and am here to see my husband..”
I replied him authoritatively ma-king me wonder where the boldness [email protected]£ from.
“Oh sorry for my manners ma’am you may go in. sorry once again..”
he said.
“No nee-d to apologize Mr you’re just doing your job..”
I said and walked majestically into the building.
When i got in front of the receptionist she looked at me and then smiled.
“Excuse me pretty Mrs plea-se how may i help you?”
she asked with a smile.
“Actually i am here to see your boss Mr Fredric uchemba..”
I replied her.
“Okay but do you have any appointment with Mr Fredric uchemba ma’am?”
she asked again.
“No not at all moreover i don’t think i nee-d an appointment to see my husband..”
I replied her politely.
Everyone started raising there head up to see there bosses wife.
“Oh you’re welcome ma’am it’s nice to meet you..”
she said.
“Same here darling but can you direct me to his office plea-se?”
I asked.
“Of course ma’am you just have to go towards your left the first office by your right is his PA and secretarys office she can then help you get to him..”
She said with a smile.
“Thanks so much darling..”
I replied and started going towards the direction she gave me.
Fred’s employee kept greetings me and i replied.
people were ma-king comments like.
👥.. Wow so that’s the boss’s wife she’s so pretty..👥
👥..The boss’s wife is so simple..👥
👥..She even answered my greetings i am a celebrity..👥
👥..I think i alre-ady like her she’s so simple and not bossy..👥
I couldn’t help but smile.
When i got to the PA and secretary’s office she st©pped me from going into Fred’s office.
“Sorry young lady but you can go into my boss’s office..”
she said rudely.
I sighed tiredly before looking at her.
She was putting on heavy makeup on wearing a very skimpy outfits.
“Miss sorry for my manners i want to see Mr Fredric uchemba..”
I said with a smile and she scoffed.
she’s so rude to be a personal as-sistant and secretary.
“Where you deef when I said you can’t see him huh?”
she yelled.
“Or do you have any appointment with him?”
She asked rudely.
“No i don’t have an appointment with him and i don’t think i nee-d an appointment before i see my own husband..”
I fired alre-ady angry and she laughed.
What’s so funny. I thought.
“Husband huh? you better get the hell out of here before i called the security..”
she yelled.
I was about replying her when an angry voice cut me off.
“Linda! have you suddenly gone nuts huh?” Fred yelled.
“But sir…..”
She was about saying but Fred cut her off.
“S..shut up! how dare you talk to my wife in such disrespectful manner.”
he fired.
“I am really sorry sir i..I never knew she was your wife.”
She stuttered in fear.
“Linda i see you no longer value your job the next time you repeat this nons-en-se you will loose you job.” Fred said and the lady nodded.
He [email protected]£ close to me and place a pas-sionate k!sson my l!pand i responded immediately.
when we broke the k!sshe looked at my face with a sm-irk on his face.
“Baby why don’t i take you to a restaurant so we can eat..”
he asked.
“That will be a good idea because i also [email protected]£ to tell you something..”
I replied.

❣️ Fred’s Pov❣️
Ulinma locked her hands with mine and we started walking out of my company building.
When we got outside the security gave me my keys and i opened the car door for my queen and she got in.
I didn’t get the chance to check her out , she was wearing a knee length red dress with a black sandals.
She always looks pretty every fu-cking time you get’s any cloth from her wardrobe.
I got into the car and drove off. the drive to the restaurant was a fun driving because we kept talking about lots of things.
And in no time the car [email protected]£ to a hint in front of a very big restaurant and we [email protected]£ down.
I felt like someone was watching us but when i turned i saw no one.
“Fred is any thing wrong?”
my queen asked looking around.
“No not at all so lefts go in..”
I said and she nodded and we started going into the restaurant.
When we were sitted a male walter [email protected]£ to our table.
“Sir and ma’am welcome to our restaurant plea-se what’s your order plea-se..”
He said.
“Can we see the menu?”
i asked.
“Here you go sir..”
he said and handed me the menu.
“Ehh… I will go for a plate of fried rice and chicken served with red wine..”
I said and he wrote it down.
“What about you ma’am?”
he said.
“Hmm.. I will have a plate of properly garnished macaroni with chicken wings served with Apple jui-ce..”
she said and he wrote it down.
“Your order will be delivered in few minutes..”
he said and left.
After a while our food was served and we started eating.
I noticed ulinma my trying to tell me something but she doesn’t know how to say it.
“Beauty what is it you said you wanna tell me?”
I asked.
she cleared her throat.
“Fred the security told me a lady [email protected]£ to him and told him to help her spy on us..”
I was still confused.
“Okay love just let’s finish our food we will talk about that later..”
I said and she nodded.
I still got that feeling that something is watching us again but when i turned i saw nothing.
that’s strange.
In no time we finished eating and paid for our meal.
And walked out of the restaurant towards the car.
Something inside me told me to look front and when i did i saw a guy pointing a gun ulinma.
“What the fu-ck!”
I pu-ll-ed my wife to the ground and immediately the sound of a gun was heard.
“Oh my god!”
ulinma lamented looking at me with fear in her eyes.
People shouted and started running around.
I noticed the gun sh0t heat a police officer.
I guided my queen to the car and disappeared throu-gh the crowd.
I noticed that ulinma my shivering in fear and to say that the gun was aimed at her not me.
When we got to my company i wanted to go inside to get my briefcase but she held my hand.
“plea-se don’t live me here all alone..”
she said with tears rolling down her eyes.
“Okay i won’t..”
I replied and called the security to help me get my things.
After a little while he [email protected]£ back with my briefcase and some other important files.
And i drove home straight.
I made ulinma rest her head on my shoulder while driving.
my mind kept thinking about what happened few hours ago.
Who wants my wife dead.
guess the person doesn’t know he or she is pla-ying with fire.
And that fire is gonna consume him or her.

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