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Ulinma Episode 3 & 4

My village wife💍
💕My pretty lunatic👝
Ɓƴ: Victoria Peter 💕📚
A Nigerian story…
💗Episode 03💗
(The shocking introduction🤣)
👴Papa Levy’s Pov👴
I have always been a lover of children but my wife had issues with giving birth and that’s why we have only Fred.
And when I told him to get himself a wife and he refused with the excuse that he’s too young to get married.
I had to discuss it with my wife and immediately i made mention of ulinma, she happily agreed.
So she asked me to go ahead with the marriage preparations and live Fred for her.

I really like that girl ulinma.
She’s a good definition of a wife material unlike mbakwe’s children.
I alre-ady went to mbakwe and he accepted am just waiting for my son to come back.
If he comes back today then we will go tomorrow for the introduction and paying the bride price.
I know my son is a business man so keeping him in the village for so long isn’t an option

Today is Saturday and my wife left for the market and immediately she left, i dressed up on my farm cloth and went to the farm.
I went to check on my yam to see if they are due for uprooting, so I will get people to do it for me.
When I finished at the farm it was alre-ady getting late, I [email protected]£ back home and my wife was alre-ady back from the market and also prepared food.
Ulinma was helping her to fry garri
I went to the bathroom to my bath while my wife served my food.
When I finished eating I went outside to get some fresh air.
Few minutes later……💗💗
I saw a car driving into my compound and immediately a smile appeared on my face.
I have really missed seeing my son.
It’s been long I last saw him.
He [email protected]£ out of car and started coming towards my direction looking just like me when I was a young man.
‘Papa good evening…’ he greeted after giving me a hvg.
‘Evening nwokoma, how was your trip?…’ I asked and he sighed softly.
‘We thank God, it was a little bit stressful but at least am here now…’ he replied.
‘That’s good…’ I simply said.
‘Papa where is Mama?…’ he asked.
‘She’s in the kitchen…’ I replied and he nodded and started going inside.
🌴🌴Ulinma’s Pov🌴🌴
Mama and I was in the kitchen frying garri when a very handsome young man walked into the kitchen.
Don’t tell me this is my husband.
If he is I can’t wait to shock chioma and the other two devils on the introduction day.
Mama and the young man who i later found out his name was Fred was having a decision.
I look forward there direction and our eyes meant and I immediately looked away.
Mama and Fred went inside.
I guess Mama went to serve him his food.
Immediately i was alone my thoughts started going wi-de.
What if he doesn’t like me?
What if staying with him will be worse than staying at my uncle’s house.
I shaked away the negative thoughts from my head and continue with what I was doing.

After a little while Mama [email protected]£ back and helped me with the filtering and in few hours we were done.
I went to mama’s room and took my bath and dressed up in the same dress I was wearing earlier.
Mama dished out food for me to eat.
While I was eating I noticed that someone was watching me but when I looked around but saw no one.
I quic-kly finished my food went to the kitchen and washed the plate and started going outside to tell Papa and Mama it was time for me to go.
On my way out of the house I boomed into Fred and he just smiled and said.
‘Oh sorry dear, are you going alre-ady?…’ he asked and I nodded with a smile.
And I left.
When I got outside the house I went un-der a mango tree were Mama and Papa was sitting and told them am going.
Mama handed me a bag and told me to wear the cloth tomorrow.
I thanked them and set on the journey home.
😍Chioma’s Pov😍
When I got home I told my siblings everything and they brou-ght up an idea.
We plan on ma-king jest of ulinma when see comes back from mama comfort’s house or will I say her mother in-law to be.
We waited until it was evening and immediately we saw her coming.
‘Who do we have here the wife of a mad man…’ nnenna said and we all laughed.
She just smiled ma-king us see her shopping bag.
‘Oh your mother in-law even bought a a cloth you’re going to wear tomorrow…’ nneka said and we laughed.

She smiled even more before speaking up.
‘At least am getting married before you chioma…’ she said and we laughed.
‘Let me boost your bobbles, I have found a husband and don’t worry very soon…’ I said she just smiled and went inside.
Let me save my energy till tomorrow.
Next morning……💗💗
The whole place was alre-ady crowded by people, I know all the villagers wants to see mama comfort’s mad son.
My sisters and I dressed up in our best outfit and we walked into ulinma’s room and my mouth dropped.
She was wearing a red dress.
A very beautiful dress.
I left the room angrily and my sisters join me.
After a while of waiting different types of cars started coming into our compound living everyone in shock.

I saw the same type of car my prince charming was driving and the door opened and he [email protected]£ out and immediately i saw him my heart skipped.
Or did he come for me.
I immediately adjusted my dress.
He went to the other side of the car and opened the door and Mama comfort and Papa Levy [email protected]£ out.
What’s going on? I thought.
He didn’t even look at me.
I told my sisters that he’s the guy am talking about and they were shocked.
Papa Levy cleared his throat.
‘Mbakwe my brother this is my son Fred and we are here with my kinsmen to ask for ulinma’s hand in marriage…’ he said and everyone grasped in shock.
My father after a while he replied.
‘This is the marriage list, no more no less…’ he said and gave him the fake list that’s very expensive.
Papa Levy gave the list to his son and he smiled and nodded.
Few minutes later…💗💗
After a while the whole marriage payment has been made and all this while my prince charming didn’t even look my way but instead he kept stealing glance at ulinma.
And that even made me more jealous.
‘Excuse me sir, since the whole marriage payment has been made am taking my wife with me to Lagos tomorrow…’ he told my dad am dad just nodded.
With the way dad is behaving even a blind man will know his not happy.
‘I will come pick her up in the morning…’ he said and smiled at ulinma and she returned the smile.
I was sitting close to my dad wearing a very short dress but he didn’t even notice me.
I could take it anymore more so I ran out in tears.
💗Episode 04💗
(You stole my husband😏)
🌴Ulinma’s Pov🌴
After the marriage Fred and Papa Levy has alre-ady gone home, but Mama comfort was still around because according to our tradition she has to entertain the women.
I was feeling so happy at least am out of my uncle’s house although I don’t know what awaits me at Fred’s house in the city.
But I know it can’t be more than what I have suffered in the hands of my uncle and his children since I was born.

It was only my uncle’s late wife that treated me well, not until she dead when I was three years old and that was when my life [email protected]£ a living hell.
Mama comfort has be like an angel to me.
And that’s why am so happy to be her daughter in-law.
I looked towards my uncle’s direction and our eyes meant and I quic-kly looked away .
The looks in his face held jealousy and hatred.
But who cares anyway.
I can’t wait to laugh at chioma today when everyone has gone to there houses and everywhere is calm.
Someone tapped me on my shoulder and i looked at the person and it was ngozi my best friend.
Ngozi just got admitted into the university of Ibadan, I just hope Fred will let me go to school.
And if am given the opportunity to go to the university I will like to study law.
Don’t ask me why you should know my whole life has been a disaster.
Firstly my mother was a victim of [email protected]£ and then am a victim of child abuse.

‘i’m going to miss you ulinma…’ ngozi said with a sad face this friend of mine [email protected]£ be dramatic at times.
‘Onye ara (mad person) me I will miss you too, especially your wahala…’ I replied and we laughed.
‘ehhh ulinma did you see how chioma was doing notice me, I even saw when she pu-ll-ed her dress up…’ she said.
‘Don’t worry I’m going to show her pepper today, me am re-ady for them all of them…’ I replied.
Few hours later……🌸🌸
Our compound was alre-ady empty except for few women that are related to Mama comfort.
I also helped them out and after a few minutes they were done and left.
I smiled at the thought of marrying a rich handsome man even after uncle did everything to make sure I get married where am gonna suffer.
I picked up a broom and started sweeping the compound, and guess what that the only thing am going to do today.
No cooking and doing chores.
I want my uncle to die of hunger or ask his stupid good for nothing daughters to prepare his food.
I heard my name from inside and it was my uncle’s voice, I guess his hungry.
🥺Uncle mbakwe’s Pov🥺
The whole thing happening today has been getting me very angry.
I thought marrying ulinma to Papa Levy’s son will make her life difficult but instead I pushed her into good hands.
I was so so angry.
But the bride price has been paid and I can’t do anything about it.
If there was a way to make that handsome looking man marry my daughter chioma.
I would have done it.
I promise to make her few hours stay in this house be hell until tomorrow when her husband will come take her.
‘Ulinma! Ulinma!…’ I called.

After a little while she [email protected]£ in.
Sometimes I ask myself what she did to me to make me hate her so much.
‘Ulinma go to the kitchen and prepare something for me to eat now…’ I said but to my surprise she chuckled softly.
‘Am sorry Papa but you have to tell chioma, nnenna or nneka to prepare your food because I have to prepare for my trip to the city tomorrow…’ she said and walked out.
Oh my god.
Am so hungry and my daughter’s can’t cook.
Of course I can’t do anything to hurt her because her father in-law warned me.
I am I going to cope without ulinma in this house.
Why didn’t I think of that before marrying her out so fast.
😭Chioma’s Pov😭
I feel so heartbroken right now, so ulinma is now married while am still in my father’s house.
She did not only get married to any man at all but she got married to a rich handsome man.
I don’t even know his name.
My prince charming, the guy that won my heart.
Why is she so special huh?
And why does everyone like her?
I remember the first time Mama comfort was coming back from the farm and her dirty cutlas-s fell out from her basket.

She begged me to help her with the cutlas-s but I just finished fixing my nails so I refused.
And now her handsome son is now married to ulinma.
While am still unmarried at the age of 25.
I stayed at the backyard for hours crying my eyes out.
My stomach made a sound and then I remembered I haven’t eaten.
I walked to the kitchen to dish out food for myself and to my surprise I opened the pot and it was empty.
Don’t tell me ulinma haven’t prepared food.
I angrily walk into her room only to see her packing her clothes into a new bag, and that alone made me wanna cry.
‘Bia ulinma why haven’t you prepared food yet?…’ I asked angrily.
‘Oh as you can see am preparing for my trip to the city tomorrow, my husband Fred said I should get re-ady on time…’ she simply said and continued with her packing.
So my prince charming’s name is Fred .
‘Ulinma tell me are you a witch huh? How can you come out from no were and steal my husband…’ I said and she Zi-pped her bag and started laughing.
‘Osi husband?…’ she asked laughing even more.
‘Yes ulinma you stole my husband…’ she just ignored me and lie down on her mat.
I couldn’t take it anymore, I left her room in tears.
I will confront him tomorrow and tell him about my feelings towards him.
Yes that’s what I will do.
I thought smiling a wicked smile at that.
Chioma said our ulinma stole her husband😂😂
What do you want Fred to do to her tomorrow🤔

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