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Ulinma Episode 11 & 12

My village wife💍
💕My pretty lunatic👝
Ɓƴ: Victoria Peter 💕📚
A Nigerian story…
💗Episode 11💗
💞Ulinma’s Pov💞
After few hours I started perceiving a weird aroma from the kitchen.
Don’t tell me Fred is about to burn down the house.
I quic-kly wore my clothes and ran to the kitchen to see what was burning.
Only to meet Fred slee-ping on the kitchen counter and I couldn’t help but smile.
I left him and turned off the [email protected] cooker, the pot was alre-ady burned and I nee-d to wash it.
Not only that, the kitchen was also in a mess with plates littered everywhere.
I started regretting why I asked him to cook for me.
Look now my precious mushroom is gone and yet I don’t have any mushroom soup to enjoy.
I felt like [email protected]ñking his head right now.
oh god.
I immediately set to work.
and took all the plates into the sink and started washing them.
And in few minutes I was done with everything so I arranged the plate properly.
After that i went into the store and took a bucket and mob and set to work.
When the kitchen was in order, I sighed tiredly and brou-ght out the pot for cooking.
Mama told me Fred’s favorite food was egusi soup served with fufu.
So I settled for it.
I look towards Fred’s direction and saw he was sweating badly.
So I on the air condition.
I felt like calling mama and that was when it occurred to me that I have seen my phone since last night.
I will have to ask Fred about it when he wakes up.
I brou-ght out every ingredients i nee-d in cooking and set to work.
Few hours later……🥣🥣
I was done cooking and so I decided to set the table before waking him up.
So I took the food to the dinning table and set it properly.
After that i [email protected]£ to the kitchen and cleaned up the little mess I made.
And when I was done I went to went to where Fred was lying and tapped him on the shoulder.
Immediately he opened his eyes he stood up very fast.
‘Fred where is my mushroom soup?…’ I asked faking a frown.
‘I know I messed it up and i’m sorry…’ he replied with a smile.
‘Okay but guess what?…’ I asked.
‘I prepared your favorite food egusi soup and fufu…’ I said and he li-cked hisl-ips.
‘Then let’s go and eat…’
‘But you haven’t taken your bath…’
‘Yes I know and I will take my bath after we finish eating same with you because am taking you out this afternoon and it’s almost 2 o’clock…’ he replied.
‘Okay let’s go and eat…’ and we left the kitchen to the dinning.
He sat down on one of the chairs and I served his food and he immediately started eating.
‘Hmmm…’ he [email protected] ed immediately he took the food into his mouth.
‘Beauty you’re such a good cook…’ he complemented ma-king me blush.
‘Ehhh Fred have you seen my phone?…’ I managed to ask.
‘Oh yeah I actually bought you a new phone…’ he said and pointed at the shopping bag on the bar table.
‘Thank you…’ I said with a smile and he just wi-nkled at me.
I never knew I would be this lucky in my life to get married to a rich man.
Not only rich but super caring and sweet to be with.
I think god actually favored me.
am just wondering what my life would have been if I was still at my uncle’s house.
I look towards Fred’s direction and cut him starring at me.
‘Has anyone ever told you how pretty you’re?…’
‘People do say am pretty but I didn’t believe it anyway…’ I replied.
‘Now i’m telling you that so better believe it…’
‘Okay thank you…’
Fast forward……💨💨
Fred and I are at the park enjoying the fun rides.
So many people were taking pictures of us on the park but nor of us paid attention to them.
After the fun at the park.
he took me to a very beautiful restaurant to eat.
We sat down and almost immediately a lady on uniform [email protected]£ to our table.
‘plea-se what’s your order sir?…’ the lady said looking at Fred se-ductively.
My wife first.
he said and immediately the lady’s face change.
‘Ma’am plea-se what’s your order?…’
‘Can i see the menu plea-se…’ I said and she handed a pepper to me.
‘Ehhh I will go for spaghetti, egg sauce and fried chicken…’ I said and she just nodded.
‘what will I serve it with ?…’ she asked.
‘Orange jui-ce…’
‘What about you sir?…’
‘I will have the same thing my wife order, but serve mine with a glas-s of red wine…’ Fred replied and she nodded and left.
In few minutes our order was served and we ate chatting and laughing.
Less I forget Fred bought me an iPhone 12pro and I felt like crying.
He also opened an Instagram account for me and asked his followers to follow his wife.
And guess what in less than three hours he helped me open it, I alre-ady have 2.7 million followers.
The whole thing felt new to me because I haven’t been showered with such love and care before.

😠Chioma’s Pov😠
Since yesterday I have been so angry.
How dare Fred .
How dare him talk to me that way just because ‘i’m in love with him.
I blame my fv¢king heart for choosing such an idiot.
What did he even see in that local smelling ulinma, that doesn’t even know how to re-ad or write.
Take a look at me.
I’m a graduate of second clas-s upper in marketing.
Although I haven’t gotten a job but at least am educated.
If not for me would he have known the way to his father’s house ehhh.
Yes he gave me a large amount of money but does that matter ehh.
I swear I am going to get married to a rich man that is even more richer than him 100 times.
I was still wallowing in my thoughts when nneka and her apparentist nnenna rushed into my room with there phones.
‘Chioma have you logged into your IG account today?…’ she asked.
‘No is anything the matter?…’
‘Just login there’s an important news you nee-d to see…’ they said and ran out.
what can that be’ I thought.
I immediately took my phone and logged into my IG account.
I have about 10k+ followers and am following 5k.
immediately i logged in the first thing that popped into my screen was a picture of Fred and ulinma k!ss!ngat the park.
I re-ad the news and it says.
It [email protected]£ to me as a shock.
is this really ulinma.
I immediately search for Fred uchemba and his account popped in.
I saw a picture he posted few hours ago
a picture of him and ulinma in the kitchen.
with a caption.
Hello fans follow my beautiful wife’s account
@Mrz_Ulinma Fred uchemba.
I tapped the account immediately and her account [email protected]£ in.
She alre-ady has 2.9 million followers, following only one person and that person is Fred. and her account has alre-ady been verified.
She only posted today.
and it was a picture of her and Fred.
she was actually sitting on his [email protected]
wearing a white bu-m short and a black crop t©p.
I angrily threw my phone at the wall and it broke into pieces.
I heard nnenna and nneka’s laughter and that only angered me the more.
‘Arrrggh!…’ i shouted.
That should have been me.
I cried.
💗Episode 12💗
🥺Simi’s pov🥺
Some of the girls helped Stella pack her remaining things.
I don’t have time for nons-en-se.
she has made her own money and I nee-d to make mine.
I went into the bathroom and took my bath.
I didn’t forget to apply my pus*y sweetener I bought yesterday online and also my attra-ction oil.
I [email protected]£ out of the bathroom with a towel wra-pped around my b©dy.
I applied my b©dy lotion and took my dress.
Which was a str!per dress of course, after that i wore my wig cap and my human hair.
I applied my makeup and wore my heels.
I smiled at my reflection on the mirror and took my phone ignoring my IG notification and order my ride.
The other girls were also dressing up, except Anita one of my house mate.
she’s also a pr©st!tût£but am beginning to wonder why she’s not dressing up.
‘Anita this one you’re not getting dressed are you not going today?…’ I asked.
‘Ehhh me i don’t think I can continue this business again…’ she replied.
‘Remember I told you guys what happened to me yesterday abi?…’
‘Nooo you didn’t…’
‘That zaddy you introduced to me nearly used me for money ritual, I escaped with the help of a cleaner…’
‘Arrrggh!!…’ we all shouted.
‘Yes ooo so when I told Stella she told me she pays are worker ₦300,000 monthly and you don’t have to pay for your transport because, her zaddy bought her a bus that brings her worker to work and also takes them back home…’
‘So instead of me slee-ping with different men everyday it’s better to work for her…’
‘Oh so how will you be coping with the daily rent we pay…’ I asked with a small smile but di-p down i was so fv¢king angry.
‘Stella said her zaddy bought a four room [email protected] for her so am free to move in with her…’ she replied smiling like an idiot.
‘So you’re not going today?…’ I asked still faking a smile.
‘Yes am going to stay behind and pack my things because Stella is coming to pick me tomorrow morning…’
‘Okay good luck…’ I said and with that I left her because the cab driver was alre-ady outside waiting for me.
I was so angry.
Stella’s zaddy is the same man that took her vir-ginity that day I took her to the club.
He have sle-pt with me once.
but he just paid me and left.
But he opened a boutique for Stella, bought her two bone straight human hair and an iPhone 12.
Not only that.
he bought her a new Benz and now he bought her a four room [email protected]
While am still here.
At least I have hope of being rich, that’s if Fred is not married.
The car [email protected]£ to a hint in front of the club house and I [email protected]£ down and paid the cab driver.
I walked majestically into the club house and every eyes was on me.
So many people was at the club house drinking while some where dancing.
I walked into the VIP section of the club only to see four of Fred’s friends drinking but he wasn’t there.
I walked up to one of them.
people say his name is Ola and his also rich.
What am I saying.
all of Fred’s friends are fv¢king rich but one problem they have is that they are pla-yboys.
They don’t [email protected]£ instead they fu*k and pay and that’s it.
In all of them excluding Fred that has no relationsh!pstatus.
obinna is the only one that his relationsh!pstatus says in a relationsh!p.
I heard his [email protected]!ngone American ra-pper like that.
Few hours later……💨💨
The Ola of a guy was done fu*king me and guess what i couldn’t even get any information from him.
They are just the same.
immediately after fu*king you they pay you and throw you out.
I didn’t get any client to take me home today so I just [email protected]£ back to our [email protected]
Ola paid me ₦200, 000 just for one round.
but I must say he really damaged my legs.
When I got home I saw that Anita’s things has been properly packed inside her travelling bag.
She was alre-ady sound at sleep.
I went straight to the bathroom and took my bath.
After having a refreshing shower, I wore my night wear and [email protected] on my be-d.
I took my phone and logged into my IG account only to see the shock of my life.
it was a picture of Fred and the lady i saw at his house this morning k!ss!ngat the park.
I searched his account and I saw a picture her posted few hours ago.
A picture of him and the lady .
the pretty lady was actually sitting on his [email protected]
with a caption.
Hello fans follow my beautiful wife’s account
@Mrz_ulinma Fred uchemba.
I tapped her account and the popped in immediately.
To my surprise her account was alre-ady verified and she has 3.1 million followers alre-ady
I went to the comments section and started re-ading the comments.
👥 Oh my gosh she’s so pretty.😱
👥Cute couples❤️
I got bored re-ading the comments so I just switched off my phone angrily.
Why can’t I just get a rich man like Stella did ehh.
I can’t loose Fred .
what am I going to do.
His wife is so so beautiful that I doubt if he will look my way.
what are you even saying didn’t you see the way he threw you out of his house’ my inner man said.
I just have to look for plan B because I really nee-d to flex this Christmas.
Or should I s£dûç£Stella’s zaddy’ I thought.
but at the second thought no.
one of the girls here Faith has tried doing it and the man thought her a good lesson.
more over if I do that now.
what’s my gain am just going to give the man free pus*y and free pus*y it out of my Christmas list.
Fred why do you have to get married this Christmas I nee-d your money.
I rested my head on the pillow and in few minutes sleep took over.
Tomorrow is gonna be a good day.

❤️ Fred’s Pov❤️
Today was really fun and enjoyable to the both of us.
I was the t©pic in the whole social platforms and I love it.
After eating at the restaurant I decided to take her somewhere cool.
on our way her eyes cut a church down the road.
‘Fred we are going to attend this church next sunday…’ and I immediately nodded.
I think ulinma is actually gonna change me completely.
I can’t remember the last time I went to church but she’s here telling me we are going to church next sunday and funniest [email protected] is that am happy.
I took her to a pri-vate beach.
we were just enjoying the beautiful view.
It was alre-ady getting dark but I didn’t even care as long as my pretty wife is with me.
After a little while she called me.
‘Fred it’s getting late let’s go home…’ she said and I smiled and k!$$£d her at first it was like she didn’t know what to do but after a while to responded.
when we broke the k!ssshe buried her face on my che-st.
I guess she’s shy.
I took her hand and lead her to the car.
she got into the car and I zoomed off.
‘Ulinma can you sleep in my room tonight?…’
‘Yes sure I will…’
After few minutes of driving the car [email protected]£ to a hint in front of the house, I pressed the horn and immediately the security opened the gate and I drove in.
My pretty wife was alre-ady sound at sleep and I didn’t feel like waking her up.
but immediately i opened the car door, she woke up.
‘Are we home alre-ady?…’ she asked.
I helped her into the house and we went upstairs to my room.
Immediately we got in I asked her to take a shower and she nodded and went to the bathroom.
After a while I st©pped hearing the sound of running water.
And she [email protected]£ out with a short towel wra-pped around her b©dy.
‘Ehhh Fred I have to go get my clothes inside my room…’
‘No you can wear any of my clothes…’
‘Okay thank you…’
I went to the bathroom and took my bath, when I [email protected]£ out she was alre-ady dressed on one of my shi-ts.
I wore my night robe and [email protected] on the be-d beside her.
I made her lye down on my che-st and we immediately traveled to dreamland.

👵Mama comfort’s Pov👵
At first when I asked Fred to marry ulinma I was scared he will not treat her well.
Since they traveled to Lagos I have been having sleepless nights.
I know my son can be an idiot sometimes and that’s what got me scared the more.
And when I called her line for a while and she didn’t pick I concluded.
I told my husband about it and he just laughed and as-sured me that she’s fine.
My thoughts were still the same.
that I even decided to travel to Lagos to see how she’s doing.
Not until a notification [email protected]£ into my WhatsApp.
Yes ooo.
mama comfort is on WhatsApp and I only have like ten contact.
which is Fred, ulinma and my sisters children that stays abroad.
when I opened the message it was a picture of ulinma and Fred k!ss!ngat the park and many more.
Ulinma was the one that s£nt it to me.
immediately i saw it my mind relaxed.
I don’t think there is a nee-d for me to go to Lagos anymore.
I want them to give me grandchildren and me going there will not fasten it.
I just can’t wait to carry my grandchildren in my arm.
Fred be a man man and do it fast ooo

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