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To live forever Episode 52 to 54

💗 To Live Forever 💗
📘 Chapter 52📘
Written by: Tamara Blair
💖 Claribel’s P.o.v💖
“Gosh, mom,these cookies are so good, You will have to give me some for Adrian” My mom and i were in the mas-sive living room eating the Cookies she made.
“No problem,am happy you like it”
“I love it”
“Speaking of love, let’s talk about Adrian,we haven’t had the time to.
How is he to you?”
“Mom, He’s amazing,he loves me just the same way i love him,he cares about me,i don’t really see myself with any other man”
“Am happy seeing you this happy,i can tell he loves you very much”
After staying with my mom for a while,i decided to head home,i walked in and saw Adrian’s mom checking out some pills.
“Hello” She smiled at me.
“Who are all these pills for? Is Adrian alright?”
“He is, he’s feeling a little sick” I ran upstairs and Adrian was on the be-d looking pale,i rushed to his side.
“Are you okay? Is something wrong?” He smiled at me,then held my hands.
“Am fine, it’s just a fever”
“Are you sure? You look pale,Have you been taking your pills?”
“Yes,i have,Am actually going to the hospital tomorrow for the regular check-up”
“I forgot that tomorrow’s Saturday,Am coming with you”
“No,you can’t”
“Because you have to submit your final projects,your graduation di-ploma depends on it” I sighed and ran my f!ngersthrou-gh my hair.
“I almost forgot,but i want to be there when the doctor checks you”
“I’ll be fine,Go take a shower and come [email protected] me,okay?”
“Okay” I k!$$£d him slightly before heading to the bathroom.
The Next Day
😁 Author’s P.o.v😁
After Adrian’s check up,he and his mom walked out of the hospital.
“Are you going to tell her?” Adrian’s mom said,Adrian sighed.
“No,not yet, She’s so happy with her mom and i don’t want to ruin it”
Adrian’s mom was about to say something when Claribel bur-sted into the hospital.
“I..i..made it” She was [email protected] heavily like someone who just finished marathon race.
“Babe,did you run?”
“Yeah,the cab was going so slow and i really wanted to be here so i ran”
“You didn’t have to do that,plus,am done with my check up”
“So how was it? Are you okay?”
“Yeah,am fine,it was just a fever” Claribel heaved a sigh of relief.
“I thought it was something bad”
A Week Later.
💖 Claribel’s P.o.v💖
Adrian and his mom have been acting so weird, it’s like they are hiding something from me and i nee-d to know what it means.
It was late at night and i and Adrian werr on the be-d,i couldn’t sleep because something keeps telling me something is wrong.
Suddenly, Adrian started coughing,he ran to the bathroom and i followed himbuy before i could enter the bathroom,he closed it.
“Adrian,are you okay?” He [email protected]£ out looking pale.
“Am fine,babe, let’s just go back to sleep”
“Sleep is something i haven’t had all night” He [email protected]£ closer to me and cu-mpped my cheeks
“And why’s that?”
“Because am worried about you, Adrian plea-se tell me the truth, what’s going on with you?”
“It’s.. it’s nothing,babe”
“Adrian, I know you so well,i know when you are lying,Tell me the truth, plea-se”
He ran his hands throu-gh his hair and sat down on the be-d,i also sat beside him.
He faced him and took my hands in his.
“Claribel,i didn’t want to tell you because you are so happy spending time with your mom and Trevor”
“What is it, Adrian,you are scaring me, What’s wrong?”
“Last Saturday that i went for my check up, the doctor said that the hole in my heart has gotten bigger”
“What? How’s that possible? You don’t drink and you take your pills regularly”
“She said that the pills are no longer strong”
“Then she should give you stronger pills”
“It doesn’t work that way, the truth is my condition has wors£n,Am dying,Babe”
📘 Chapter 53📘
Written by: Tamara Blair
💖 Claribel’s P.o.v💖
“Am dying,Babe” Adrian’s voice echoed in my head,i chuckled slightly.
“You are joking,right? This is a joke to scare me, Right?”
“Babe, I know this is ha-rd but am not joking,i would never joke around with this”
“But it’s not possible,you have been perfectly fine for so long, Why now,why? We were finally happy”
“I know, Babe but i told you about my condition before we started [email protected]!ng,i thought you were prepared for this”
“Prepared?Did you just say prepared?
Adrian,no one is prepared to lose someone especially the love of their life.
I know we talked about this but i tried not to dwell on it.
Adrian,we have been together for 3 good years,we have argued,made love so many times and faced difficult times together,I can’t be away from you”
“I know,i don’t want to leave you too but nothing can be done,I love you with every fibre in my b©dy,i love you more than the air i breathe and i don’t want you to be miserable”
“You know what,Before you [email protected]£ into my life and i was still in that darkness,i hated love, I hated the idea of marriage,i called it a stupid concept and wondered how someone could be tied to one person and not get tired but everything changed when i met you.
You changed my views on love and marriage, Adrian,i pictured you and i finishing school, accomplishing our dreams, getting married and having kids with you.
I pictured you being the father of my kids but now everything is shattered, everything” He held my head in his hands.
“Am truly sorry that i won’t be able to give you that kind of beautiful future,am sorry”
“Don’t apologise, it’s not your fault, it’s life’s fault, Life is so unfair, it’s such a bit-ch.
It wants to take my biggest source of happiness from me”
“Let’s just go back to sleep, we’ll talk tomorrow” With that, Adrian and l la-id back on the be-d,i scooted so close to him and wra-pped my hands around him.
The Next Day.
I woke up and it was morning, Adrian was still slee-ping, I looked at him and he was looking a little pale.
Everything we talked about last night [email protected]£ back to me in a rush,i couldn’t help but cry,it still feels like a dream,a nightmare intact.
A nightmare that i really want to wake up from,i want to scream out everything.
I went to the bathroom to wash my face,then went downstairs to see Adrian’s mom ma-king breakfast.
I sat in front of her and watched as she arranged so many plates on the table.
“Good morning,Clary”
“Good morning,Aunt”
“What is it? You look worried about something”
“Aunt,you are very strong,very strong”
“What do you mean?”
“Adrian told me about his condition last night” She sighed and ran her f!ngersthrou-gh her hair.
“Am sorry,we didn’t tell you earlier”
“Aunt, am afraid to lose him, He’s the love of my life” She hvgged me as i cried in her arms.
“I know that, He’s my son too,i always knew this would happen,the doctor alre-ady told us,but now that it’s really happening, it’s painful.
Don’t worry we will get throu-gh this”
📘 Chapter 54📘
Written by: Tamara Blair
💖 Claribel’s P.o.v💖
“I can’t believe this is happening now, Now when the both of you are so happy being together” Shannon said as she hvgged me.
I was at her house feeling so sad amd angry at the fact that one day i would wake up and Adrian’s gone.
“Before we started [email protected]!ng,we talked about it,at that time i didn’t want to dwell on it, I pushed it aside,now it’s really happening.
Shannon,I love that man so much,so very much”
“Isaac lost his younger sister to cancer when she was just 5 and at that time,he was 13 years.
He said he almost ran crazy,he almost lost his mind,it was damn painful.
When my dad died, I lost a [email protected] of me,Claribel, I know how you feel,i know that feeling” She ca-ressed my hair.
“Clary,You shouldn’t be here..with me”
“Every second, minute and hour you spend away from Adrian is not good,you should be with him all throu-gh” I wipe my tears with the back of my palm.
“Yes,I should be,am such an idiot,i should be with him now..i gotta go, Thanks”
😍 Adrian’s P.o.v😍
“Mom,leave me the hell alone,i don’t want your fv¢king company,am fine on my own” I slammed the door in her face and sat on my be-d.
“Adrian,You can’t keep all this hate in your heart” My mom’s voice sounded from outside my room,Why won’t she leave me alone?
“I can and i will,i have nothing to live for anyway”
“You have me” I scoffed at what she said,how ridiculous.
“You and i know that i have been nothing but trouble for you so let’s st©p pretending”
That was back when i was still angry at life, reckless, stupid,that was before i met Claribel.
She changed me to a better person,i found myself trying to be better for her.
I had quit drawing but that beautiful brunette made me want to draw her a thousand times.
I would steal glances at her in clas-s,i would always think of a situation that would bring us together.
During our History project,i would [email protected] so that she wouldn’t leave my sight.
Her smile is something that i can never get tired of, though she is very stubborn but i love her,God,I love that woman so much.
I have had so many flings, one night stands but i never in my life imagined myself getting lost in someone, She’s the first woman i ever made real love to.
We weren’t just driven by physical attra-ction and lvst but we were driven by love, pas-sion and every time our ba-re bodies meet,our souls connect.
It’s truly an amazing feeling and in my next life,i would look for Claribel Johnson and fall in love with her all over again.
I was pu-ll-ed out of my thoughts when I felt a pair of hands wra-p around my n£¢k.
I looked up and it was her,the woman of my dreams with those beautiful eyes.
“Hey” She said taking her lower l!pinto her mouth.
“Hey” I smiled at her and made her sit on my [email protected]
“I thought you were staying at your mom’s place all weekend” I added as i ran my thumb up and down her cheek.
“I was but i changed my mind, I want to stay with you,all day,every day”
“Yeah, Don’t you want me to?”
“No,i want you to stay with me,i just feel bad about your mom,She just [email protected]£ into your life and now you are spending time with her”
“Don’t worry about that,She knows the situation and she un-derstands perfectly,All i want is to never leave your sight” We shared a k!ss.
“So when is our graduation?”
“In a few weeks,I can’t wait to graduate”
“Do you think I can make it to our graduation?”
“I have faith that you will,At least life owes you that”
“I really want to be by your side when you graduate,it will as-sure me that you are going to accomplish your dreams of being a writer”. She placed her forehead against mine and smiled at me.
“I love you”
“I love you”
Next episode is bomb 😎😎

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