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To live forever Episode 5 & 6

💗To Live Forever 💗
📘 Chapter 5📘
Written by: Tamara Blair
A week later.
Doing a project with Mr Goofball isn’t that bad,we ha-rd ly talk to each other, the only time we talk is when we want to argue.
I was going throu-gh some history books which was boring by the way.
Adrian reached out to his bag and brou-ght out a pill,i couldn’t see it clearly but he took it without water.
There was bottled watee with me,so i brou-ght it out and gave him.
“What’s that for?”
“For the pills you took, it’s not good to take pills without water,it doesn’t go down right”
“Since when did you become a doctor?”
“Adrian,i know what am saying so st©p being stubborn”I said and he sighed.
He took the water from me, then drank it,this is my chance to ask him why he was coughing out blood the other day.
“So i saw you coughing out blood and…
“I don’t want to talk about it”He said cutting me off.
“It is just a question,am not trying to…
“Claribel, plea-se st©p talking,we are just fine when we are not talking to each other”
I looked at the time and i nee-ded to be at my workplace,i stood up and started arranging my books into my bag.
“Where are you going?”
“Doesn’t this somewhere have a name,you are always rushing out that’s why we are not done with our project”
“Oh, plea-se,we are almost done”
“Almost done is not good enough for me”
“Then suit yourself,am leaving,bye”I said and walked away.
😍 Adrian😍
The school hallway was filled with students,I and Isaac sat on the stairs looking at every student that pas-ses.
Someone cut my eyes,it was Claribel,she was at her locker,She brou-ght out so many books from her locker intending to put them in her bag.
The books were so heavy that she almost fell, She’s such a super nerd.
Dylan [email protected]£ over and helped her with the books,i don’t know if they are [email protected]!ng,i don’t even care.
She walked away with Dylan,he whispered something im her ears and she giggled.
“If you keep staring at her like that, people will notice”Isaac said
“Staring at who?”
“At that h0t chick with Dylan, Claribel, that’s her name”
“She’s too mysterious,she leaves our study session so quic-kly”
“So? Maybe she has stuff to do”
“Not only that,ome time when we were in the [email protected],i was a hvge scar on her shoulder”
“What could that mean?”
“Anything,i want to find out”
“Maybe she’s a str!pper,you know they always get marks from their clients”
“I strongly doubt it,Even though i hate to admit it, Claribel is different from other girls,she seems strong”
“How will you find out?”
“I will follow her today without her knowing”
“Just be careful”
“Just tell him that you work at a restaurant”Shannon said as we walked out of English clas-s.
“I can’t,no one except you know that i work there and i want it to be that way”
“Fine,if you say so”
“Okay, Adrian,am going,so,bye”
“Okay,see you tomorrow”He said and i looked at him weirdly.
“You seem calm about me leaving today”
“Do you want me to pester about where you are going,you have a free life”
“Um..okay”I said and i walked away.
I walked out of the school compound and boarded a cab.
It’s so weird that Adrian didn’t argue when i said i was leaving,he always has something to say.
In no time,we arrived at the restaurant,it was named the grandeur restaurant.
The riche-st of people come here to eat,i went in throu-gh the back and changed into my uniform, which by the way was so short.
The time pas-sed by so fast and it was alre-ady so late,i only had one customer and i will be able to go home.
“Clary, table 2 nee-ds you”Charlotte,one of my coworkers said.
I went over to take his order,he was alone and he had a hood over his head so i couldn’t see his face.
“Your order,sir?”
The guy re-moved the hood from his head and i flin-ched in shock.
“Wow,this outfit fits you perfectly” he said with a stupid grin on his face.
“ did you know i work here?”
“I followed you”
“I knew it, I knew it was so weird when you didn’t argue with me when i was leaving,you followed me”
He stood up and looked at me with hos hands in his hoodie pocket.
“I was just curious, that’s why”
“If i was curious about you and i followed you home, would you like it?”
“Clary,you working here is not a big deal”
He called me Clary,it sounded so nice with his British accent.
“Well, you had no right to pry into my pri-vate life,i never asked you about your life”
“If it’s about the whole school knowing, then don’t worry,i won’t open my mouth”
“It’s not about that, it’s about you.. don’t worry,just leave”
“It’s about what, that i will see you in a different way,that i will pity you just because you work at a restaurant just to fend for yourself.
I now think highly of you because you are not like other girls who sleep around just for money,you score the highest in every clas-s,yoy work here till it’s so late at night,you are one strong girl”
“Trust me, there is more to me that meets the eye and i don’t plan on sharing my story with you”
“I also have alot of things that no one knows and i don’t plan on telling anyone too,so let’s make a deal”
“What deal?”
“You know at the beginning,i thought you were super annoying but spending a week with you was fun so i was hoping that you and i could..i don’t know,be friends” he said and i started laughing.
“What’s funny?”
“You have never done this,i mean behave so friendly to someone [email protected] from yourself”
“You are right but i can change”
“This is ridiculous, Adrian,every girl has their eye on you and if we are seen together,it will cause problem and that is what i don’t want”
“I don’t really care, it’s just two popular kids hanging out or are you considering Dylan?”
“No,he hangs out with other girls and besides we are not [email protected]!ng”
“So friends?”
He brou-ght out his hands for a handshake,it wouldn’t be bad if we were friends.
“Friends”I said and took his hand for a handshake.
📘 Chapter 6📘
💖Claribel’s P.o.v💖
“You two are friends now?!!”Shannon yelled ma-king me cover my ears.
“Yes and plea-se st©p yelling,my dad is downstairs”
“Sorry,i was just excited,you are friends with Adrian Coleman”
“Yeah and i don’t see anything special about it,i mean he’s human too”
“Nooo,Clary, he’s no human,he’s a Greek god,he’s so h0t”Shannon said and i rolled my eyes.
“I don’t see all those things you see in Adrian”
“Because Dylan has covered your eyes completely”
“Dylan is cute,that i can say”
“But Adrian is S-xy, don’t you see the difference?”
“Noooo and plea-se let’s st©p talking about boys, let’s talk about Isaac”
“But isaac is a boy”
“Don’t try to change the t©pic, Shannon,i literally see you two together all the time”
“Well,he told me that he really likes me”She said and i beamed in happiness.
“Then what happened?”
“Then i punched him and ran away”She said and my eyes wi-den in shock.
“You what?”
“I acted on impulse,he just [email protected]£ at me and just dropped the bombshell”
“So what Happened next?”
“I apologized and told him he has to prove himself to me before we can [email protected]£”
“Yeah,he has to prove that he’s not a pla-yer again”
“Clary, he has been treating me so nice”
“Well,still give him time”
😍 Adrian’s P.o.v😍
Claribel and i were at the [email protected] putting the finishing work to our project.
“After today,we won’t get to spend time on history,am so happy”She said excitedly.
“Yeah,there will be nothing binding us together”
“What do you mean nothing,we are friends and friends are supposed to hang out together”
“Okay, since today is Friday, how about I pick you up at your house tomorrow morning”
“That would be great but i have to be back my 4pm so that I can study”
“You are such a super nerd,you can’t take a day off studying”
“No,sir, I can’t”
“Do you even know how to have fun?”
“Is re-ading a novel fun or…
“Enough,enough,you are alre-ady boring me out.. Seriously, re-ading? On a weekend?”
“It’s not bad, it’s fun”
“Yeah,fun for nerds,how did you become the most popular girl in school?”
“Okay,fine,what type of fun do you have?” She asked and i sm-irked.
“The good kind”I said and she scrunched her face.
“What’s the good kind of fun?”
“Wait till tomorrow”
💖 Claribel’s P.o.v💖
“So is it a [email protected]£?”Shannon asked bas she drove us home.
“No,we are just going out as friends, that’s all”
“Sounds like a [email protected]£ to me”
“Whatever, Shannon”
“You know what,Clary?”
“I know you and Adrian will fall in love with each other,start [email protected]!ng, getting married and name your first child after me”She said and i couldn’t help but laugh.
“Seriously, Shannon,you really nee-d to get checked at that psychiatric hospital”
“Am being serious”
“That can never ever happen”
“Why?Are you planning on being a nun?”
“But nothing,Clary,do you want to die a vir-gin? I mean look at Adrian, he’s so h0t with those broad shoulders,you hold on to them as he goes in and out of you in plea-sure”She said and i sma-cked her arm.
“Shannon,will you shut up, I think Isaac is ru-bbing off on you”
“Whatever,i know you will be the one telling me how amazing he is in be-d”She said and I rolled my eyes.
The next day.
I was getting re-ady for my outing with Adrian,he alre-ady texted me that he will here in 5 minutes,i don’t even know how he got my house address.
I packed my hair in a messy bun,i took my purse from my re-ading table,i noticed something fell off.
It was a picture,i picked it up and it was a picture of my mom.
“Who put this here?” I asked myself,i looked at it one more time, then i wanted to tear it into pieces.
I st©pped, then I took a de-ep breath.
“Am not going to cry over you again, you are nothing to me, absolutely nothing”I said to picture.
I threw the picture un-der my be-d, then walked out with my purse.
I met my dad downstairs having breakfast,he seems sober.
“Um..Good morning,” i stuttered nervously.
“Where are you going to?” He asked ignoring my greeting.
“Um..a friend is picking me up,we are going out since it’s Saturday”
“Male or Female?”
“Um..male but don’t worry, nothing can happen between us”
“I don’t care what you do with your b©dy,you are obviously like your mother,a who-re just like her”
“Am not a who-re,am not”I said and he laughed.
“Same thing your mom said,get out of here and leave me alone”
I looked at him one more time, then i walked away.
He is no longer the father I knew when i was little,he loved me, all that changed because of my mom.
I was pu-ll-ed out of my thoughts by the loud sound from a powerbike.
It st©pped right in front of me.
“Hey,Nerd”He said as he re-moved his helmet.
“A simple hello or Good morning would be nice” I said and he rolled his eyes.
“Hop on”
“Hop on what?”
“On the bike,have you suddenly gone blind?”
“Adrian,i can’t hop on this powerbike,am scared,just tell me where we are going so that i will take a cab”
“Seriously, Claribel, don’t spoil the fun,Hop on, it’s not like you are doing to die”
“I don’t know,am scared”
“Try it and besides i won’t go fast at all”
I hopped in and wore a helmet.
“Hold on to me,so you won’t fall”
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My hands went around his [email protected]!st and i won’t deny that am literally feeling his abs.
“Remember when I said that i won’t go fast?”he asked as he started the bike.
“Well,i lied”
Before i could finish talking,he started ri-ding at full speed.
😍 Adrian’s P.o.v😍
We got to Troublemaker Amusement park, Claribel got down from the bike,he face was hilarious,she still had that scared look on her face.
“You animal,you lied to me,you told me you won’t go fast”She said as she hit me with her purse.
I held her hands and pu-ll-ed her closer,our faces were inches [email protected]
“If i didn’t lie,you wouldn’t want to enter,Clary,you have to live your life to the fullest,we only have one life”
“What if we had an accident?”
“But we didn’t, Clary, loos£n up a enough talking,we are going to get on all these rides today”
“All of them? They seem dangerous”
“What did i just say about living your life to the fullest?”
“Fine, let’s do it but if fall off one of these rides and die,my ghost will haunt you forever”She said and i chuckled.
I held her hand and dragged her towards the ride.
Few hours later.
💖 Claribel’s P.o.v💖
Adrian f0rç£d me to go on all the rides,even the most scariest one.
“Oh my gee, that teddy bear is so cute”i said as i and Adrian approached a store.
I looked at Adrian as he kept on doing stuff on his face.
“What?” He asked.
“I expect you to say “oh, don’t worry ,Clary,i will help you win the teddy bear” i said trying to mimick his British accent.
“Do i have to?”He said grousely.
“Yes, you brou-ght me here,so you have to do it” I said while he scoffed.
I dragged him closer to the store.
“What am i supposed to do to win the teddy bear?”
“You are supposed to throw the ba-lls in those cu-ps..all five of them”
He took the ba-lls and in no time,he won the teddy bear.
“Yessss” I said excitedly and collected the teddy bear.
“What do you think we should name him?”I asked as we walked away from the store.
“Name what?”
“Our teddy bear”
“Our teddy..Clary,i think you are getting a little crazy, the teddy bear is not our child”
“Shut up,i will name him Clarian”
“Clarian? That’s a stupid name”
“It’s not, it’s a mixture of our names Claribel +Adrian, that’s Clarian”
“That’s so cliche,nerd”
“Whatever, let’s go,am so hungry”
“Let’s go buy some ice cream”
We walked over to the ice cream shop, there were few girls were alre-ady drooling over Adrian,he didn’t even spare them a glance.
“I’ll have a banana spilt ice cream”Adrian and i said simultaneously.
We looked at each other.
“You like banana spilt too?” He asked
“Yes,i can’t believe we like the same ice cream”
We ordered our ice cream and He paid for them,we sat down on a bench.
“So do you have siblings?” I asked breaking the slience.
“No,am the only child,You?”
“Only child too,do you feel lonely?”
“Sometimes but Isaac keeps me company”
“Yeah,so does Shannon, she’s like my sister”
“She’s that girl that Isaac likes”
“She really got Isaac hooked,he doesn’t st©p talking about her”He said and i giggled
No one said a thing again,i threw my ice cream cu-p away.
“Goodness” i [email protected] in shock.
“It’s 10pm,how did we spend so much time here?”
“We went on all on the rides here,so we must have spent all our time here,come on,i will take you home”
“Fine,just plea-se don’t ride too fast”
“Yeah,yeah, let’s go”
“Thanks for today,even though you tried to kill me”
“But you enjoyed it, didn’t you?”
“Yes,yes,i did”i said and i smiled at him,he also smiled too.
“You smiled at me for the first time, that’s cute”
“Don’t get used to it”
“I think I like your smile..i have to go now,bye”
I turned around to leave,i was about to open my front door.
“Wait”He called out and i turned,he [email protected]£ closer to me and gave me my teddy bear.
“You forgot Clarian” he said and i collected the teddy bear.
“You are welcome,bye, little Americana”
He got on his bike and zoomed off,i watched as he drove away.
I walked into my house,my dad was la-id down on the couch, probably drun!k.
I went to my room amd placed my new teddy bear on my be-d,i sat down and starred at it.
“My first gift from someone who isn’t Shannon”i said to myself and smiled.

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