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To live forever Episode 49 to 51

💗 To Live Forever 💗
📘 Chapter 49📘
Written by: Tamara Blair
Few hours later.
💖 Claribel’s P.o.v💖
After i and Adrian showed and took breakfast,he called up my…i mean Bethel, apparently she kept her business card in the book she gave me.
It was alre-ady time to go,Adrian was downstairs waiting for me,i took one last look at myself.
“YOUR ANGER WILL ONLY LEAVE YOU IF YOU TALK TO HER” Adrian’s mom voice echoed in my head,i sighed.
“God, plea-se give me the strength to keep my anger at bay” i prayed sliently.
“Babe, the driver is here” Adrian’s shouted from downstairs, Bethel insisted she s£nt her driver to pick us up.
I went downstairs,Adrian looked up at me and he looked speechless.
“Woah, you look gorgeous” I rolled my eyes.
“Come on,i didn’t even wear makeup so don’t exaggerate”
“That’s just it, you don’t nee-d make up to look gorgeous and do you know when you look even more gorgeous?”
“When you are n*ked” I giggled,his mom walked up to us.
“You two have fun and be careful” She k!$$£d i and Adrian’s forehead.
“Mom,what are you going to be doing while we are gone?”
“Am going over to Robert’s house to watch a movie” Adrian scrunched his nose while i swatted his arm
“Mom,wear that simple floral go-wn we got last week,it really brings out your eyes I said to her excitedly,She hvgged us both.
“Glad that’s finally over” Adrian and i walked holding hands to the car,our jaws dropped at the sight of the car.
“Woah, It’s the latest Maserati,this is so awesome” Adrian and i took our time to admire it before the driver took us to Bethel’s house.
The drive was a little long but we finally got there,She lives in an estate,a beautiful one.
“Woah” Adrian and i said at the same time,The house was hvge and beautiful, the gate opened automatically.
“Adrian,Claribel” Bethel said as we got into the house, scratch that,i mean paradise.
She tried to k!ssmy cheek but i declined.
“One step at a time” I said and she nodded,We were led to the big dinning room.
Trevor was alre-ady seated,he looked at me but quic-kly looked away.
Adrian held my hand amd squee-zed it slightly as we sat down.
“Thanks for coming,i know how ha-rd this is but thanks” Christian [email protected]£ downstairs, my dad’s best friend,the person I used to refer to as my uncle.
He sat down and smiled at me,no matter what i couldn’t bring myself to not hate him but that’s the reason for this dinner,for me to st©p hating them.
“Clary,You have grown so big and beautiful,how are you?” I looked at him wondering how he feels snatching his best friend’s wife,he must feel good about himself.
“When Bethel told me you were coming,i had to st©p everything at work to come”
Of course,you did” I said sarcastically,Adrian nudged me with his elbow.
A chef arrived with different varieties of food and we started eating.
I couldn’t help but look at the way Bethel showered Trevor with love,She k!$$£d his hair every now and then,i never got that,My dad even refused to give me food.
“So Clary,How is high school going?”
“First of,Call me Claribel and.. High school is okay”
“ guessing you will be graduating very soon?” Bethel asked nervously.
“Yes, Bethel”
“Sis,you don’t call your mom by her name, it’s disrespectful” I looked over at my supposed step brother.
“Did you just call me Sis?” He nodded slowly.
“Don’t call me that ever again and i can call your mom whatever i want to call her”
“Claribel,St©p it, he’s just a child” Adrian whispered in my ears.
“Now that we are done with dinner, let’s have some desert”
The plates were carried away and plates of ice cream were brou-ght to us.
“Claribel,i personally asked them to prepare banana spilt ice cream since it’s your favorite” I scoffed at what She said.
“Banana split is not my favorite,am allergic to banana, Chocolate ice cream is my favorite and you would have know that if you weren’t…
Adrian held my hands and i st©pped talking.
😍 Adrian’s P.o.v😍
Claribel is finding it ha-rd to talk to her without saying harsh words, It’s going to be very ha-rd for her to get her daughter back.
After eating, Claribel’s mom offered to show us around the house,it was a hvge beautiful house.
“We got that when we traveled to Dubai” She said as she showed us some paintings,Claribel looked less interested,she was busy on her phone.
“Babe,look this paintings are amazing” She glanced at it, then went back to her phone.
“Yeah” I gave Bethel an apologetic look because of the behavior of her daughter.
“Am going to be right back,you guys can make yourself feel at home” Bethel walked away.
“I thought we were here to sort things out with your mom”
“Yeah, that’s what we are doing”
“No,you are just dropping nas-ty comments about her and why didn’t you talk to Trevor when he asked you a question?”
“I didn’t feel like it, the kid is so clingy”
“He’s clingy because he likes you, He’s your brother”
“Step brother”
I was about to say something when Bethel walked back with a little box in her hand.
“Um..Claribel,i was thinking you could come stay with us for some time”
“No,am not coming here”
“Okay, I un-derstand, i got you something” She opened the box in her hands andit was a diamond [email protected]
“It’s a 16 carat diamond [email protected] and i got it just for you”
“I don’t want it, thanks but no”
“Claribel, plea-se am trying real ha-rd for you to forgive me”
“Showing me around your fancy house and buying a ridiculous [email protected] is not going to make me forgive you”
“Then what will?”
“Nothing” She walked away from the both of us.
💖 Claribel’s P.o.v💖
I walked back to the kitchen and started looking throu-gh all the drawers.
“What are you looking for?” Christian’s stupid voice sounded.
“For a bottle of vodka,i know you guys have it”
“It’s in the drawer behind the dishwasher” i brou-ght it and opened it,i opened it and took a big gulp.
“Aren’t you un-deraged to be taking vodka?”
“And who are you to tell me what to do?”
“Claribel,i know you are hurt by everything but you just nee-d to sit down and listen”
“I don’t want to,i don’t want to hear the story of how you snatched your best friend’s wife and fv¢ked her”
“Claribel, you nee-d to listen” Bethel said as she walked in with Adrian.
Adrian tried to collect the bottle from me but i held it ti-ghtly.
“No,Bethel,i don’t want to listen,i thought i could somehow forgive you but when I got here,i realized you didn’t suffer as i did.
While i was suffering,you were busy going all around the world with your lame a*s husband and your perfect son”
“Speaking of your son, I want to ask you a question, Christian.
How sure are you that Trevor is your son?”
“Am so sure”
“Am not so sure,If Bethel could in her husband with you, don’t you think she’s doing the same thing”
“Claribel, St©p it”
“Adrian,let me talk,this is my family issue not yours”
“So as i was saying, Bethel is surely a loose woman and a horrible mother,my dad was right,she is a who-re” I felt a hand on my cheek, Bethel [email protected] me.
“You will respect me,am your mother” i turned the other cheek.
[email protected] me again and give me more reasons to hate you, Come on, [email protected] me.
You left me for 12 years and now you are back and you just think that i will forgive you.
You got me a diamond [email protected] and showed me around your stupid house and you think everything you did will be forgotten,no,it won’t.
You left me,Dad didn’t take care of me”
“I was going to come back for you” She said and i took a plate from the sink and smashed it on the floor, everyone flin-ched back in fear.
“When? After you alre-ady settled down with the lowlife that framed my dad up and got him fired.
I had to beg from door to door for money just to eat because dad didn’t care about me,i would pick used up bottles to sell just to get money to eat.
When i was 10,i started working in an ice cream shop,i would sweep people’s houses just for money and what were you doing during those times,you were cruising around the world” I continued to smash so many plates and cu-ps,the kitchen was in a mess,Bethel started crying.
I took another big gulp of the vodka.
“And one time,while i was in the 5th grade,i was in clas-s when my clas-smates laughed at me and yiu know why, because my Sk-irt was stained with blood.
I was scared and confused,i didn’t know girls experience these kind of things because my supposed fv¢king mother was busy doing sh*t outside.
The boys made fun of me all week,Dad would come home drun!kand beat me up”
I raised the sleeve of my clothes to show them the marks i got.
“He would beat me till i was numb..i almost committed suicide” Adrian looked at me with a shock expression,i didn’t tell him about that [email protected] of my life.
“I was going to esn’t myself in my room, Shannon,my best friend [email protected]£ and st©pped me,if not,i would have been dead.
I hate you, Bethel,i do,i really do and i don’t know what to do with all this anger” I kept on smashing more plates.
“Babe,St©p it,st©p” Adrian tried to hold me from breaking any more plate.
“Let me go,let me go” i angrily threw a cu-p at him,he dodged it a little but wheb it fell ,some of the broken pieces pierced his arm ma-king it bleed a little.
“I told you to leave me alone”
“I don’t want to”
“Then,am leaving and nob©dy follow me” i took the bottle of vodka and walked out the door.
📘 Chapter 50📘
Written by: Tamara Blair
😍 Adrian’s P.o.v😍
Seeing Claribel this angry has made me realize that it was a really bad idea to come here,She has so much anger inside of her that i didn’t notice.
“Does she always get violent when she’s angry?” Bethel walked up to me with a first aid kit.
“I have never seen her this angry,this is my first time, that’s why i nee-d to find her
She might look and sound like she doesn’t nee-d anyone but she does,she nee-ds someone to comfort her”
“Christian has s£nt a driver to follow her so don’t worry”
“I think bringing her here was a bad idea,am sorry about the mess she did in the kitchen” I looked around as the maids cleaned up the kitchen.
“It’s okay,your cut wasn’t that de-ep so it will heal fas-ter” She walked away with the first aid.
I tried Claribel’s number but she wasn’t picking up, I just hope she’s okay.
“Don’t worry she’ll be okay, She’s a fighter” Trevor said as he sat in front of me.
“How are you so sure?”
“I can see it, I know we don’t know each other but i know she’s strong,what she said today confirms it,She has every right to get angry”
“You speak so highly of her when all she said to you were harsh words”
“She’s just angry,i have always wanted a sibling now i have a step sister and am happy”
“How old are you again?”
“12 why?”
“You talk older than your age” We both chuckled, Christian walked in
“My driver just informed me that Claribel is at the estate’s park with a baseball bat”
“What’s she doing with a baseball bat?”
“Apparently, she’s using it to hit the trees,the driver said she’s a little bit ti-psy”
“Then let’s go get her”
💖 Claribel’s P.o.v💖
It’s amazing what anger can make people do,i never in my life thought i would be outside an estate park at 10pm hitting trees with a baseball bat.
I got a few stares from pas-serbys but who fv¢king cares?
I got tired of drinking so i smashed the bottle on someone’s car.
I sat on the bench in the park,my phone was [email protected] every now and themln,i knew it was Adrian and i don’t want to answer.
“Claribel” Someone called out,i turned around and it was fv¢king Christian.
“What are you doing here? How did you find me?”
“ s£nt my driver to follow you,Adrian and your.. I mean Bethel are here,they are in the car”
“What [email protected] of nob©dy follows me didn’t you un-derstand?”
“Pushing everyone out isn’t going to solve the problem,let me explain”
“No,leave me alone,go back to your fv¢king lame a*s wife,who…
“OKAY,THAT IS ENOUGH” He yelled at me.
“You have said enough for tonight,we have been letting you speak, it’s time you listen” He sat beside me.
“Nothing you say will change the way i feel about you and that woman”
“How do you feel about us?”
“Hatred,Pure hatred”
“Where did you get the baseball bat?”
“I took it from a house down the street,i pictured the trees as you and bethel and i hit it very ha-rd ”
“Did it make you feel better?”
“Bethel and i [email protected]£d back in college,we loved each other just the way you and Adrian love each other.
Peter,your father was the rich kid in school,he had eyes for Bethel,i wasn’t as rich as him so i felt [email protected]£d.
Bethel always as-sured me that she loved me and wouldn’t leave me for him but one day,She [email protected]£ to me telling me she didn’t love and didn’t see a valuable future with me.
I tried to convince her to stay but she dumped me and two months after our graduation,i found out she got married to Peter,i was beyond devastated.
So i thrived to find a good job,i worked so ha-rd ,i finally got a good job where i earned so much money.
One of the days i was going home from work,I saw Bethel with a little girl, that was you,i tried to talk to her but she declined.
I eventually got to talk to her and she told me the real reason why she left,Her parents f0rç£d me to marry Peter because he was at that time rich.
Peter squandered his parent’s money but with a little connection he got a job where i work.
At first,he was a good employee but later i found out he did dirty dealings”
“So you didn’t frame him up?” He looked at me, then back at the ground.
“I didn’t,one of the people he did dirty dealings with framed him up but honestly he deserved it,Your mom ran over to me when he found out that she was pregnant for me”
“Why would she fv¢k someone else when she’s married,even if her marriage wasn’t a happy one,it doesn’t mean she had to cheat and when she was leaving why didn’t she take me?”
“Claribel,Love makes us do so many things,we were and still are very much in love and we plan on being together forever and we are very sorry for everything,for how you suffered, it was never our intention,I love you Claribel and am more than re-ady to take you as my daughter”
I did something i haven’t done since the beginning of this dinner night,I started crying, Christian hvgged me while i cried out loud in his che-st.
“Am sorry,am really sorry,Claribel” He ca-ressed my hair.
“Can i talk to her too?” Bethel’s voice sounded hoarse like she had been crying.
I looked up at her,then back at Christian.
“Okay” I said softly, Christian stood up and left the both of us,She sat beside me.
She tried to t©uçh my shoulder but she st©pped and kept her hands on her [email protected]
“…am sorry” She looked shocked at what i said.
“Am sorry for calling you a who-re,i..i just had a lot of anger in me,i was angry at you,at the fact you left me but now i know the full story even though i don’t support you cheating on my dad”
“Am sorry,Claribel,am really sorry i shouldn’t have done all that,i was a big fool,iove Christian so much, it’s all my fault that Peter beats you and that you had to work at a young age”
“He almost [email protected]£d me..Dad almost [email protected]£d me but Adrian saved me”
“What?!!!,How dare he? He nee-ds to be arrested”
No, plea-se, He’s my dad,i don’t want that,all i want is for him to be taken to rehab for excessive drinking, plea-se,mom” She looked plea-sed as i called her mom.
“Okay,honey..Can i..Can i hvg you?” I chuckled and hvgged her.
“Am sorry for everything,am really sorry,i promise i will make up for everything,i promise”
“I forgive you and i love you,Mom”
📘 Chapter 51📘
Written by: Tamara Blair
💖 Claribel’s P.o.v💖
The anger and hatred i have had all my life has reduced the minute i hvgged my mom,i still love her, She’s still my mom and i know that nothing might justify everything she did but i can’t keep getting angry,I miss her.
“I promise,Claribel,i will make up for lost time,I promise”
“I know”
“Let’s get back to the car” We held hands as we walked back into the car, Adrian and Christian [email protected]£ out.
“I guess you two have settled”
“Yes and i am willing to make up for everything” Christian and my mom went back to the car leaving Adrian and I alone.
“Am sorry i hit you with that cu-p,i un-derstand if you want to break up with me,i….” He claimed myl-ips before i could finish talking.
“I can never leave you,I love you and forget about the cu-p saga”
“I love you” I k!$$£d him again.
“So will you be living here with us?” My mom asked as we got back to her house.
“No,i can’t,i would love to but it’s so far from my school,but i can come here on the weekends”
“Fine by me” Trevor walked in,He looked at me then looked away shyly.
“Little Bro,i have always wanted to have a sibling,am lucky i got a handsome one” He chuckled and hvgged me,i hvgged him back.
We had to stay at the house for the night, then we went back the next day.
Few weeks later.
“I still can’t believe your mom took us to Dubai for the weekend,it was so amazing” Shannon said as we sat in the school garden.
I have been spending lots of time with my mom, it’s been really fun and my dad agreed to go to rehab.
My mom suggested i and my friends went the weekend in Dubai which was really nice.
*Come to the Janitor’s closet* The text from Adrian said.
“Um.. Shannon,i will be right back” i walked out of the garden and went over to Janitor’s closet.
I was about to call Adrian when a pair of hands dragged me into the closet.
“Gosh,Adrian, you scared me,why did you ask me to come here?”
“Did you bring your birth control pills?”
“Yeah,why?” He pushed me gently towards the wall.
“Because i want you right now”
“Seriously?Now?In the Janitor’s closet, What if someone comes here?”
“No one comes here,It will be fun” He pressed his b©dy against me and I could feel his ha-rd ness.
“I really want to bend you over that table” He k!$$£d me hungrily and carried me to the table behind me.
My hands were unbuckling his belt,His unclasped my [email protected] and brou-ght out one of tits and su-cked them which made me [email protected] in plea-sure.
He turned me over and entered me throu-gh the back.
“Oh god” He started in a slow pace ma-king me go crazy in plea-sure,then he increa-sed the pace.
“I can’t believe we missed an entire clas-s because of this” We were putting on our clothes.
“I would have been fas-ter if you weren’t so ti-ght” I swatted his arm ma-king him chuckle.
He pu-ll-ed me closer to himself ma-king our foreheads meet.
“You are always amazing, always” We k!$$£d,he [email protected]£d my a*s, then i pu-ll-ed away.
“Don’t you ever get tired?”
“When it comes to you,Nope”
“So am going out first, then you come out afterwards”
“Wait, let’s just come out together”
“No,we can’t,then people will know that we did something in here and that’s so embras-sing” He held my hands and reached for the door knob with his other hand.
“We are going out together” We walked out and thankfully,no one was in the hall.
“See,you were worried for nothing” I sp©tted Shannon running towards me.
“I have been looking for you two, it’s lunch time and you missed history clas-s”
“We were praying”Adrian said and i and Shannon gave a confused face.
“Yeah,so ha-rd ,Claribel over here kept [email protected] ing…i mean screaming and yelling while we prayed” Shannon got what he was saying and start laughing.
“Shut up, Adrian”
“Babe,i nee-d to tell her the position we stayed while we prayed” Shannon kept laughing while i shoved Adrian away.
😍 Adrian’s P.o.v😍
I was at home going throu-gh a novel while Claribel was preparing to go visit her mom.
“Does this look good?” She asked and she twirled around me,She was in a crop t©p and jeans.
“Yeah, the jeans hvg your big a*s perfectly” She rolls her eyes while i chuckle
“per-vert..Okay,the driver is here,i have to go,i love you so much” We shared a k!ss,i sma-cked her a*s as she walked out ma-king her give me pla-yful glare.
I watched the driver zoom off throu-gh my window,i sat back down to focus on the novel.
I started coughing a few times,i looked over at my palms and saw..blood.
“Why did i cough out blood?” I asked myself.

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