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To live forever Episode 40 to 42

💗 To Live Forever 💗
📘 Chapter 40📘
Written by: Tamara Blair
💖 Claribel’s P.o.v💖
I woke up from my be-d with a slight hangover,last night after Shannon and i went inside,she cried so ha-rd and requested for a bottle of whiskey.
I brou-ght it because i also nee-ded it,i drank a little but Shannon almost finished the whole bottle.
I looked around my room and saw Shannon starring out the window.
“How are you awake before me when you had so much too drink”
“I couldn’t st©p thinking about Isaac and that bit-ch,i even had a nightmare of the two of them fv¢king each other on the same be-d that i and Isaac made love, at least i thought we were ma-king love”
“Don’t think about him, Shannon..i think you should rest a little,you must have a terrible hangover”
“The pain from the hangover is nothing compared to the pain i feel in my heart” She said amidst tears.
I have never seen Shannon like this, She’s usually the strong one out of the two of us.
“Clary, the worst [email protected] is that i still love him,am so stupid”
I [email protected]£ closer to her and hvgged her.
“No,you are not, it’s just that the heart wants what it wants”
“What are you going to do about Adrian?”
“Am confused, He’s has been b!owing up my phone all night,i had to switch it off.
I want to forgive him,i want to run to his house and k!sshim all over but I can’t because anytime i look at him,am reminded of Hailey,i don’t know what to do”
“Why are guys like this? I mean why can’t they ever tell the truth or be faithful?”
“Where do you want to go?”
“My house,I have to switch on my phone incase my mom or brother called”
“Don’t worry,i alre-ady told them you are with me,just freshen up and you can wear one of my clothes, I’ll go make breakfast”
“I just want to be away from Isaac for a few days but i know he won’t st©p bugging me”
“I will handle that,just go take a shower,i will make breakfast”
She stood up and went to the bathroom while i switched on my phone,i saw many missed calls from Adrian and Isaac.
I decided to call Adrian,he picked up immediately.
“My love, plea-se you have to…
“Adrian,i didn’t call to listen to your explanations,i called because i nee-d you and Isaac to st©p bugging us.
Leave us alone for a little while,after what you did to us,we deserve a little peace so plea-se don’t call any of us again,tell Isaac the same thing”
I ended the call and fli-pped my phone on the be-d,i have been holding myself from crying because i want to be strong for Shannon.
Ever since Adrian and i started [email protected]!ng,we have never been [email protected],i just hope he is okay.
😍 Adrian’s P.o.v😍
Fli-pping throu-gh the pages of the ph0to albu-m of I and Claribel, it’s just ma-king me miss her more.
I scre-wed up so bad, anytime we fight,she always comes back to me but this time around,she wants me away from her.
I heard a loud thud at my front door ,i opened it and Isaac was sitting on the floor,drun!k.
“What did you do?” I asked angrily as i helped him inside.
“She’s.. she’s not answering my calls,i..i miss her”
“That’s not a reason to get drun!k,you caused all this,She told you that Bella had ulterior motives but you didn’t listen,now look at you”
He ran his hand throu-gh his hair,then his face.
“I know,i trusted Bella,i didn’t know she liked me since we were little,i messed up so bad.
She always forgives all my sh*ts and i always wonder how she keeps on loving me despite how fv¢ked up i can be,now i have lost her for good”
“I have never seen you like this for any girl” i said and he chuckled.
“I didn’t believe I would be like this because of a girl but Shannon is not just a girl, she’s my everything,i love her so much”
“Same way i love Claribel”
💖 Claribel’s P.o.v💖
I think am proud of myself,i have been able to live without Adrian, although i won’t deny that i miss his scent,hisl-ips, everything.
Shannon has become the shadow of her former self,i even f0rç£ her to eat.
I was brou-ght out of my thoughts as i heard a knock on the front door,i stood up to open it.
“What are you doing here,Isaac?”
“I asked him to come” Shannon’s voice sounded at my back,i faced her and she was looking normal again.
“Are you sure about this?”
“Yes,am sure”
“Okay,i will leave you two alone”
I gave Isaac one last glare, then went up to my room.
I started going throu-gh some novels when my phone started ringing,it was Adrian.
“ how are you?”
“Adrian,why did you call?”
“We nee-d to talk,i have something to show you”
“Adrian,am not in the mood for..
“It’s not a game, plea-se come over to my house, plea-se,for the sake of the beautiful memories we had”
I ended the call and started getting re-ady,i decided to check on Shannon and Isaac,i peeped throu-gh my door and i saw them k!ssing.
Guess they are back together,i took my small bag with my phone and ran downstairs.
“I see you two have made up” i saod as i saw them cudd-ling each other.
“Yeah,i forgive him,i love him so much not to” Shannon said and giggled.
“Well,am glad you are happy and Isaac,if you break her heart again,i will personally break every bone in your b©dy”
He chuckled and k!$$£d Shannon on the cheek.
“I won’t”
“Okay,i am going out to see Adrian,he said he has something to show me”
“Clary, Adrian really loves you,i hope you forgive him” Isaac said and i nodded.
After getting down from the cab,i paid him and walked to Adrian’s door,i rang the doorbell and he opened it.
He tried to hvg me but i resisted.
“Why did you call me?”
“Come in”
I walked into his living room and i saw a girl with brown hair sitting on the sofa,she stood up and walked towards me.
“You must be Claribel,right?” She asked in the thickest British accent.
“Yeah and who are you?”
“Am Hailey”
📘 Chapter 41📘
Written by: Tamara Blair
💖 Claribel’s P.o.v💖
“ are Hailey?” I asked and she nodded.
I thought Hailey lives in England,why did she come here?
“You mustbe wondering why i [email protected]£ here and how.
Well, Adrian over here [email protected]£ over to England to look for me”
“He what?” I asked in shock and looked over at Adrian.
“Yes,babe..i mean Claribel,i went over to England since i know you want me to do that and i really nee-ded to apologise for what i did to Hailey”
“He looked for me and found me,he told me about you and he kept on apologizing on our way here”
“Adrian,give i and Hailey some time alone”
“Okay” He said and walked away, Hailey and i sat facing each other.
“How did you like..cope with everything,your parents kicked you out, Adrian didn’t offer you a place to stay,it must have been ha-rd ”
“It was at first,i kept looking for a place to stay until a guy helped me,i stayed with him.
During my time with him, I hated Adrian so so much”
“I would hate him too”
“I got a job as a waitress,i went back to school and fortunately,i and Micheal.. that’s the name of the guy that saved me,we started [email protected]!ng..i love him so much”
“You are strong”
“Not as strong as you, Adrian told me everything you have been throu-gh since when you were little,I admire your resilience and strength” She said and i smiled.
“He loves you, Adrian loves and i hope you forgive him, he’s so sorry for what he did,he was a difficult guy and he was always getting into fights but he has changed”
“I love a whole lot”
“Should we call him in and put him out of his misery?”
“Nah,let him suffer a little bit more” i said and we started laughing
😍 Adrian’s P.o.v😍
Few hours later, Hailey had to leave because she had a flight to England that night.
Claribel and i sat in complete silence,i just hope she has forgiven me.
“Adrian” She called out and i looked at her,she gestured for me to move closer.
“I love you,you know that,right?”
“I know and i love you..Am sorry,Claribel”
She stood up and sat on my [email protected], she leaned in and k!$$£d my cheek.
“I forgive you and i miss you so much” I smiled, then k!$$£d her.
Few months later.
💖 Claribel’s P.o.v💖
“Adrian,i alre-ady told you for the umpteenth time,that guy wasn’t staring at me”
We went to a nearby restaurant and Adrian almost punched the waiter because he thinks he was staring at me.
“Babe,i saw him,he was literally drooling,i told you it was a bad idea to wear those yoga [email protected],it brings out the shape of your a*s wonderfully” He said and i swatted his arm.
“You are the biggest per-vert ever”.
We walked back to his house and got to the living room.
“Your mom is still on a vacation?”
“Yeah and that Robert guy won’t st©p asking about her”
“Robert? Your neighbor?”
“Yeah,i think he likes her.. Gross”
“It is not Gross, it’s amazing,your mom is still young amd beautiful,she deserves a b©yfri£nd”
He carried me bridal style amd started taking the stairs to his room,he placed me on the be-d and started k!ss!ngmy n£¢k.
“I want you” He said against my n£¢k.
“Then take me” He tried to pu-ll away but i held him.
“I can’t,you are not re-ady”
“Yes,i am,i want you just the same way you want me”
“Are you sure?” I nodded,then he got down from me.
“So aren’t you gonna start taking my clothes off,like in the movies?” I asked shyly and he chuckled.
“Nope,You will do it yourself”
“Yeah and i want to watch you take them off”
“Are you for real?”
“Yeah,i will sit here,while stand over there and take your clothes off”
He sat upright on the be-d,while i stood in front of him and started taking my clothes off.
“Do it slowly,i want to remember every moment”
I could see it in his eyes that he finds plea-sure in seeing me take my clothes off slowly.
His eyes were on me until i was stark n*ked,i started feeling shy,he noticed.
“Don’t feel shy, it’s just me”
He started tracing invisible lines from my ñ@v£l down to my h!ps,he stood up and pu-ll-ed me closer.
“You are so beautiful”
He claimed myl-ips and made us fall on the be-d,he pressed his b©dy against me and i could feel his ha-rd ness.
“Your b©dy is driving me crazy” He began to take off his clothes in a haste.
We were now both n*ked,hisl-ips went everywhere,all over my b©dy ma-king me [email protected] .
“Keep [email protected] ing,it drives me crazy” He whispered in my ears, then he suddenly pu-ll-ed away.
“What?” I asked, disappointed at the fact that he st©pped.
“We have to use protec-tion,wait,i have con-doms in my drawer”
“Want to put them on me?”
“I don’t know how to” I said and be chuckled.
“Okay,let me teach you”
He brou-ght out a packet foil and opened it.
“So you take the ru-bber and place it”
He held my hands as I wore it for him.
“Now can we go back to what we were doing?”
“Someone’s in a rush” I k!$$£d him immediately, dragging him back to the be-d.
I don’t regret doing this, I told myself that i would give myself to the man i love and that’s what am doing.
I go love oh 🤗🤗🤦🏽‍♀🤦🏽‍♀
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💗 To Live Forever 💗
📘 Chapter 42📘
Written by: Tamara Blair
💖 Claribel’s P.o.v💖
The sun rays on my face woke me up,i ru-bbe-d my eyes and finally opened them to see Adrian staring at me.
“Good morning” I said while pu-lling the duvet up to my n£¢k to cover my n*ked b©dy.
“Babe,we made love yesterday,you even wore a con-domon me and you still feel shy being n*ked around me”
“Well,am not used to being completely unclad infront of anyone”
“Well,get used to it because it won’t be the last time and it’s good you cover up because if i see your b©dy one more time,i swear i will take you again” I hit his arm pla-yfully ma-king us both laugh.
“Last night was…a bit painful but amazing”
“Was i too rou-gh?”
“In the beginning,no but towards the ending,a little bit”
“Am sorry,i will be gentle next time” He k!$$£d my forehead.
“You go shower, I will go make breakfast” He tried stand up but i held his hands.
“Let’s shower together”
“Really? You want to do that?”
“Yeah, don’t you want it too?”
“Of course,i do.. It’s just that i would want to fv¢k you again”
“You are so raw with your words,..i also want to do it again, you know like shower se-x”
“Aren’t you s*re from last night?”
“A little but i really want to do it again”
“Okay, let’s go” He carried me from the be-d and into the bathroom.
Few Days Later.
“Good morninggg” I said excitedly as i hvgged Shannon.
“You are super happy today”
“Am always happy”
“Yeah but you have changed, physically”
I looked at myself,i do look alot more curvier and i feel Se-xy now.
“Your skin is glowing,se-x really does good on you” She said and i giggled
I opened my locker and i saw a rose alongside a card,i opened the card.
“It’s been two years of complete happiness with you by my side,i never thought i would be truly happy,you made me feel things that i never thought,i would feel, Happy Anniversary” After re-ading it,i closed it and hvgged it so ti-ght.
“Adrian is so sweet”
“I know” He said behind me, i turned around and hvgged him.
“I’ll leave you two love birds alone” Shannon walked away.
“Thank you”
“That’s not all,I have a surprise for you tonight,an taking you out,so dress nice”
“Okay,i can’t wait” With that,i k!$$£d him, he responded and [email protected]£d my a*s.
“Not here” I said and i pu-ll-ed away.
“Am not doing anything wrong,am just gr-abbing what’s mine” I rolled my eyes at him.
“Let’s go to clas-s”
“I can’t wait for the surprise Adrian has for me” I said to Shannon as she styled my hair.
“Don’t you think the dress is a little too loose?”
“It’s supposed to be loose,it will be easy to take off when you and Adrian wanny, you know” I rolled my eyes while she giggled.
“But honestly,Clary,am happy for you,we have been friends since we were very little and i have never seen you so happy,i love seeing you like this”
“Thanks,Babe, Adrian is a blessing to my life,not only is he so caring and sweet but be un-derstands me and he is also fantastic in be-d” We started laughing.
“You are seriously ma-king me miss Isaac”
Few Minutes Later.
“Woah,you look amazing” Adrian’s eyes went round my b©dy.
“Thanks to me” Shannon said excitedly.
“Let’s go,i can’t wait to see the surprise” I took Adrian’s hand in mine.
“Go have fun,kids and plea-se use protec-tion” I gave her a pla-yful glare while Adrian chuckled.
“Thanks for the advice”
We left Shannon’s house, Adrian started driving,the drive was pretty long.
“We are here” We were at a deserted area,it was an open field.
Adrian took my hand as we walked down the field,we arrived at a beautiful scenery, roses were arranged on the floor like a pathway, they were pillars of light that had a picture of I and Adrian.
We got to a big tent that had a dinning area arranged with different foods.
“This..this is absolutely amazing, it’s beautiful”
“Glad you love it, let’s eat”
We sat down to eat and i couldn’t st©p looking around.
“Before we start eating,i have another thing” He [email protected] his hands and an orche-stra [email protected]£ out,they started pla-ying.
“Gosh,i love you so much, Adrian”
“What other surprise do you have for me again?” I asked as we walked down the field.
“It’s my favorite”
We ate and slow danced, then watched funny videos of ourselves.
We finally st©pped and it was a tent without a roof,we got in and there was a hvge be-d with roses all over.
“Now I know why you said it’s your favorite” He chuckled and walked closer to me.
“How were you so sure that I would agree to this?”
“First of,you wore a very loose dress and secondly,i knew you want to do this”
“We are in a tent with no roof, what if someone sees or hears us?”
“Babe, it’s a deserted field,no one can see or hear us”
“What of the orche-stra group?”
“They left immediately they were throu-gh..Come on, the moon is literally shinning on the be-d.
Let’s make love un-der the moonlight”
He pu-ll-ed me closer and re-leased the rope holding my dress.
“I love you” i said to him and he k!$$£d my n£¢k,i felt hisl-ips curve into a smile against my n£¢k.
He looked at me,then k!$$£d the bridge of my nose.
“I Love you” He claimed myl-ips and we fell on the be-d.
Our Anniversary night was spent ma-king love over and over again.

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