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To live forever Episode 31 to 33

💗 To Live Forever 💗
📘 Chapter 31📘
Written by: Tamara Blair
💖 Claribel’s P.o.v💖
“So what did he say?” Shannon asked after i told her Adrian [email protected]£ to me today.
She was driving to my house after school.
“Nothing,well,he wanted to say something then he saw the bruise on my elbow, the one from last night”
“The one your dad gave you?”
“Yeah and he started asking me about it but i shoved him away”
“Why is he suddenly interested in talking to you?He basically asked you to leave him alone”
“I dony know what his problem is but am not going to let him break me again”
“Speaking of your dad,you should do something about him,he keeps hitting you” She said and i exhaled de-eply.
“I don’t know what to do,am tired of his behavior,at least he doesn’t come home that often so i ha-rd ly gets scars”
“You make it sound like it’s normal for your dad to give you scars but it’s not”
After some minutes of chatting with Shannon, she finally dropped me at my house.
I waved her goodbye and watched as she zoomed off,i walked towards my front door.
I was scrambling for my house keys in my bag when I heard footsteps.
“Hey, you are Robert’s daughter, aren’t you?”
A male voice said,i turned and it was two men who looked so unkempt and drun!k.
“She’s definitely Robert’s daughter”
“So what if i am?”
“You are very h0t,i mean look at that a*s,so big and yummy” One of them said and they both started laughing.
I finally found my keys and attem-pted to open the door when one of them [email protected]£d me by the arm.
“Let me go” i said trying to free myself.
“We want to have a good taste of you”
We kept on struggling but they were really strong.
A thun-derous voice sounded,it was Adrian,he had this scary look on his face but it didn’t seem to scare them.
They let go of me and went to face Adrian.
“What are you going to do to us,you….
One of the men didn’t finish his statement when he was being thrown to the floor,Adrian punched him so ha-rd that the guy’s jaw shifted.
Adrian punched the second guy ma-king him pas-s out.
“That’s enough,Adrian,you will kill them” i said as he tried to punch them once again.
“Well, that’s what am aiming for” He said and i gave him a ha-rd glare.
We were both quiet, looking at the two guys who were unconscious.
I looked over at Adrian’s knuckle, they were bleeding.
“Your knuckles are bleeding”
“Yeah.. I know”
“Well,go treat them”
“Can you treat them for me?” He asked softly.
“What,i will not,you are not coming to my house, besides we are not friends anymore”
“Just plea-se,if my mom found out that i fought again,she will ground me forever, plea-se” He said in a pleading manner,i sighed in defeat,he alre-ady got me.
“Fine” i mumbled.
“But after am done,you are out”
I opened the door and we both walked in, luckily my dad wasn’t around.
He sat down on the couch while i went to the kitchen to get the first aid kit.
I [email protected]£ back and sat beside him.
“Give me your hand” i said and he brou-ght his hand for me to hold,i felt that spark but i ignored it, Adrian seem to have noticed so he sm-irked at me.
“I don’t un-derstand how everytime you get in a fight,you never get hurt except your knuckles”
“Guess am lucky” he said and i rolled my eyes.
We stayed quiet for some minutes as i cleaned this wound,i looked up at me and he was so close to me,i scooted away but he [email protected]£ closer.
“Would you st©p staring at me like that? You are ma-king me uncomfortable”
“Really? Am glad i still have that effect on you”
“Don’t flatter yourself because you don’t anymore”
“Oh, really?”
He moved closer to me, staring de-ep into my eyes,he tucked a strand of hair at the back of my hair and ca-ressed my face.
His thumbs t©uçhed myl-ips,he leaned in to k!ssme but i stood up immediately.
“What’s wrong?”
“I should be asking you,what do you think you are doing?”
Trying to k!ssyou,what did you think?”
“Are you okay in the head? We fought like few days ago and now you are here to k!ssme,are you crazy?”
He stood up and made me face him,he pu-ll-ed me to himself by my [email protected]!st.
“I was a j£rk back then” He whispered in my ears,i pushed him away.
“You still are a j£rk,i thought i was a clingy bit-ch to you”
“Claribel,we nee-d to talk”
“We are alre-ady talking”
“No, let’s talk like adults.. follow me to the garden,i haven’t been there in a while”
“So have i and i really don’t want to go there,Adrian,leave,am gradually getting over you and..
“No,no,no, I don’t want you to get over me, plea-se don’t”
“I don’t want to speak to you and why are you bothered about me getting over you?
Don’t tell me you have also fallen in love with me, Adrian am no fool”
“I know that but i really nee-d to talk to you,what do i have to do so that we can talk”
“I don’t know,do anything,i don’t care”
“Can i k!ssyou?”
“No,get out,Adrian”
I pushed him out and locked the door.
Few days later
😍 Adrian’s P.o.v😍
Claribel is the most stubborn person i have ever seen, she’s so ha-rd to convince,i literally tried everything.
I put roses in her locker,she took them out and burned them right in front of me.
I got her favorite chocolate,she squee-zed them and ru-bbe-d it all over my face.
I offered to take her home,she stomped on my feet,which hurt alot,but I have to admit I enjoy chasing her.
Whenever i annoy her,the faces she makes are so funny.
“I hope this works” i muttered to myself,i decided to have her talk to me by f0rç£.
I went to her house,i decided not to use the door,so i climbe-d in throu-gh her room window.
After i sucessfully climbe-d into her room,the bathroom door opened and Claribel walked out wearing only a towel.
Her hair was we-t and so was her whole b©dy,i mean the [email protected] i could see, she’s so beautiful.
“Ahhh” She screamed the minute she saw me.
“You creep,how did you get in here?”
She threw a pillow at me which i dodged.
“I just wanted to..
“I don’t want your explanation,get out”
She tried to push out but her towel fell, leaving me to see her n*ked b©dy.
She was beyond shock,i couldn’t take my eyes off.
📘 Chapter 32📘
💖 Claribel’s P.O.V💖
I tried to push Adrian out of my room but my towel fell down,i have never been so shy in my life.
His eyes didn’t leave me,i immediately pu-ll-ed the towel on my b©dy.
“Get out,now,get out,you per-vert”
“ so sorry..i…
He kept on stammering like an idiot,i pushed him out of my room,i leaned on the door and placed my hand on my che-st.
“Oh my goodness,how do i face him now?”
I wore a sweatshi-t that st©pped above my knees,i went downstairs and Adrian was seated on the couch.
“What the..are you still here?”
“Yeah,we nee-d to talk”
He seems more composed than before.
“No,i nee-d you to get out of my house,my dad might come in any minute”
“Don’t worry,i can handle him,i really nee-d to talk to you”
“Why didn’t you knock on the door like a normal person,you just had to sneak into my room”
“Am sorry,i knew that if i had knocked,you wouldn’t open so the only way i thought was to sneak in.
Am also sorry that i saw you…
“Enough, plea-se don’t talk about it”
“Okay,i won’t talk about it”
We stayed quiet for a while,He was staring at me while i stared at the floor.
“It was a beautiful sight,by the way” He said and i hit his arm.
“I think you have over stayed your welcome,leave now”
“Claribel, plea-se just listen to me,we nee-d to talk,i promise i won’t say anything or make crude remarks on what i saw”
He has been begging for a few days now,i should at least listen to him.
“Okay,fine, let’s talk”
“Not here, let’s go to that garden”
“Fine,let me just go put on my [email protected]
“Can i follow?” He asked and I gave him a ha-rd glare.
😍 Adrian’s P.O.V😍
I drove us to our secret sp©t, the garden, it’s a place where the two of us can be free to say whatever we want to each other.
I tried to hold her hands as we walked down the rocky path but she resisted.
“We are here,start talking”
“Can we at least sit down?”
She sighed, then sat down on the bench,i sat close to her but she moved away.
“First of,i just want to say that am really sorry i said and did horrible things to you,am really sorry,it was never my intention”
“Never your intention?,Adrian,you called me a clingy bit-ch”
“I know and am sorry,i only did and said all that so that you could hate me”
“Why would you want me to hate you?”
“So that i can move on from you”
“Wait,hold up,am confused,why would you want to move on from me?”
“Because am in love with you” I said sincerely and she [email protected]£ shocked.
She stood up and started pacing back and forth.
“Do you know what you are saying? You are talking about emotions, don’t joke with me”
“Am not joking,i really do love you,i always did,i realized it after i took you out on your birthday”
“Then why did you act like a j£rk?”
“Because i wanted you to leave me,i did that because i knew you would never work”
“How are you so sure we would never work?”
“Claribel,you nee-d someone who can promise you the future”
“And you can’t?”
“I have a heart condition,i don’t know for how long i will be able to contain,i don’t want you to feel miserable after i leave.
You nee-d someone who you wouldn’t have to be giving pills everyday”
“I don’t care about the future,i care about the pres£nt,i love you,Adrian and i want to be with you”
“I want to be with you too,fv¢k,i really want you,Claribel but..
“But nothing,we both love each other and that’s all that matters,when we get to that bridge,we will cross it”
I pu-ll-ed her closer to myself ma-king our foreheads meet.
“I love you”She said and k!$$£d my forehead,then my eyebrows,my two eyes,my nose, then my cheeks.
Herl-ips landed on mine and i lost control,i k!$$£d her back holding her so close.
Her hands went to my hair as i de-epen the k!ss.
We finally pu-ll [email protected] to catch our breaths.
” I really want to see you n*ked again” i said and she hit my arm.
“We are not even [email protected]!ngyet and you are alre-ady a per-vert”
“What do you mean we are not [email protected]!ngyet,what was the k!ssabout?”
“You haven’t asked me yet?”
“Do I have to? I mean you alre-ady know that i love you”
“That doesn’t count”
“Fine..Claribel Johnson,will you be my..
She didn’t let me finish before she jumped into my arms,her legs around my [email protected]!st.
“I love you” I said to her and k!$$£d herl-ips swiftly.
“I love you too”
“No, don’t say too,it just means you ba-re just saying it back to me”
“So how do i say it?”
“Just say i love you back,no ‘too’ ”
“Okay,i love you”
We started k!ss!ngagain,i sat down on the bench,she was still wra-pped around her [email protected]!st.
“I want to show you something” i said as i pu-ll-ed away from the k!ss.
💖 Claribel’s P.O.V💖
“I want to show you something” he said as he pu-ll-ed away from the k!ss.
We stood up and he led me to a wall,that same wall i saw the words ‘To live Forever’ scribbled on.
“I have seen it alre-ady”
“You haven’t seen the whole thing”
He re-moved the [email protected] on the wall and i realized there were other things on the wall.
That was same quote on his room wall is written here.
“I was thinking of you when i wrote this quote,you re-moved all loneliness nd darkness in my life and showed me how to love wholeheartedly, thank you”
“Don’t thank me,you also changed my life,you make me so happy and special,i am myself when am with you”
“Do you remember that my special art book that i never show you?”
“I didn’t show you because everything i drew there was you,every page of that art book has all the drawings of you, that’s why it’s so special to me”
I hvgged him so ti-ght,it feels like am dreaming.
“I love you, Claribel Johnson”
“I love you,Adrian Coleman”
📘 Chapter 33📘
💖 Claribel’s P.o.v💖
If I was told six months ago that i was going to be so happy with someone else,i wouldn’t have believed.
My life with Adrian has been the best thing that has ever happened to me.
Our relationsh!pkeeps growing each day,even though we fight sometimes but we always find a way to solve it.
“So where’s Adrian?” Shannon asked the minute we got to school.
“He oversle-pt so he is running late for school”
“You didn’t wait?”
“No, because i told him to set an alarm everyday but he said that he isn’t a nerd”
“You two are always cute when you argue over little things”Shannon said,i was about to say something when someone hvgged me from my side.
“Babe” Adrian cooed as he k!$$£d my cheek repeatedly,his hair was dripping we-t.
He was dressed in a white bu-tton up shi-t and black skinny jeans.
“You are so late and why is your hair we-t?”
“I didn’t remember to b!ow dry my hair,i woke up so late”
“Serves you right” i said and he rolled his eyes.
Isaac arrived and dragged Shannon with him,Adrian and i held hands and started walking to clas-s.
“You look really handsome in a bu-tton up shi-t,it suits you better than those different hoodies you wear”
“I only wore this because i didn’t have time to look for my hoodie”
“I like you better in this one”
“Shut up”
He used his we-t hair to ru-b on my face ma-king me giggle.
“You are so silly”
😍 Adrian’s P.O.V😍
After school,I took Claribel to our favorite place,i think this garden ha become a big [email protected] of our relationsh!p.
We come here when we argue with each other,we come here when one of us is feeling sad, it’s a place where only the two of us know about.
“It’s so amazing how no one except us knows about this place” Claribel said as she la-id her head on my [email protected]
“I like it this way,this place knows every of our secret”
“Adrian,am really thankful to have met you and to fall in love with you”
I lifted her up so that she can face me.
“No,i should be thankful,you are like the brightest star in my dark world,you light me and make me have a reason to smile”
She placed her hand on my cheek and ca-ressed it,i took her hand and k!$$£d it.
“Claribel,i don’t know how you did it or when you did it but you have bewitched me,b©dy and soul”
“You got that [email protected] from a novel, didn’t you?”
“What [email protected]?”
“You have bewitched me,b©dy and soul.. it’s from the novel called pride and prejudice”
“Yeah but i mean every single word,i love you,Claribel,i love so so much”
“I love you”
“Oh,before i forget..i got you a little something”
“What is it this time? You are always getting me gift”
“Because you are really special”
I brou-ght a box and opened it,she was surprised.
“Adrian,this is..this is beautiful”
It was a golden locket,She hvgged me and k!$$£d my cheek.
“Open the locket and re-ad what’s inside”
“This is amazing and beautiful..i love it and i love you”
She crashed herl-ips on mine.

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