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To live forever Episode 25 to 27

💗 To Live Forever 💗
📘 Chapter 25📘
Written by: Tamara Blair
💖 Claribel’s P.o.v💖
We went from k!ss!ngso gently to a rou-gh k!ss, it’s like he’s so hungry for it,like i am.
He pu-ll-ed me even more close, k!ss!ngme a little dee-per.
This is really nice,i never thought i would k!ssAdrian and now we are basically having a h0t make out session in the school field, although i really don’t want my first time to be on a gras-s.
We quic-kly pu-ll-ed away from each other, trying to catch our breaths.
Once our breathing normalize,no one says a word,the air between us was awkward.
“Adrian,i really want to…
“We should get going to clas-s” He said cutting me off.
Don’t tellme he’s going to act like the k!ssdoesn’t exist.
“Um..okay,but i..
“Let’s go”
He stood up from the gras-s and helped me to stand up.
“Wait..i forgot,i didn’t bring my books with me so i will just go home, it’s Friday anyway” i said trying to reduce the tension.
“Um..okay,see you after school?”
“Ye.. yeah,after school”
“…okay, bye”
Adrian walked away leaving me to my thoughts.
Why did he just act like the k!ssdidn’t happen?
He didn’t let me talk,maybe he’s shy.
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!” Shannon screamed so loud after i finished telling her everything.
“Holy Christ, Shannon, you are going to make my ears bleed”
“You two k!$$£d,how was it?”
“ was amazing,i didn’t want to st©p,i felt so many sparks”
“So did you two talk about it?”
“No,he started acting strange after we k!$$£d..i think nervous”
“Maybe he’s shy,i mean he just k!$$£d the girl he took to be his friend”
“You think he has feelings for me?”
“Absolutely sure”
“Well,i hope he confesses to me fas-ter”
“He will”
“You know when you asked if i didn’t feel like jumping on that S-xy b©dy of Adrian’s and i said no?”
“Now i really want to jump on him, he’s so S-xy” i said ma-king both of us giggle.
On my way to Adrian’s house,today is his check up day at the hospital and the urge to look really good was strong.
“Woah,Claribel,you look amazing” Adrian’s mom said immediately she saw me.
Adrian kept quiet,he was busy doing something on his phone,he didn’t spare me a glance.
“Adrian, honey,look at her, doesn’t she look divine?”
He looked at me a little, then back to his phone.
“She’s okay”
Did he just say that i looked just okay, even when am in a hoodie and my hair is messy,he still tells me how beautiful i am, What’s wrong with him?
No one said anything,we all got into the car, the ride was so slient which is so unusual.
Normally,Adrian would be ma-king fun of me or try to annoy me but now, he’s just on his phone, he’s acting like he wasn’t the one who k!$$£d me.
“Adrian,is something wrong?” I asked him the minute we got back from his check up.
His mom noticed the mood between us so she went inside,while we stayed at the front porch.
“Something like what? I feel fine”
“Then why aren’t you talking to me?”
“Am talking to you right now”
“Don’t act all cheesy with me,you know what i mean, after we k!$$£d,you just completely changed”
“I haven’t changed and i would like it if you didn’t bring up that k!ssanymore”
“Because i don’t want to talk about it, simple”
“No, it’s not that simple to me,you k!$$£d me and..
“And nothing,Claribel,that k!sswas just a plain mistake,it was so baseless,i only k!$$£d because.. because you were so close to me, there is nothing attached to that k!ss”
I was so torn from what he said,he called the k!ssthat was so special to me a plain mistake and baseless.
“And i thought…
“Thought what?”
“Thought nothing,i have to go,bye”
I walked away without waiting for his reply,i guess i was mistaken.
📘 Chapter 26📘
💖 Claribel’s P.o.v💖
“What the hell is wrong with Adrian?” Shannon asked as we walked into the clas-s.
After the day of Adrian’s Check up,he has been completely avoiding me,he acts like he doesn’t know me.
I have tried to talk to him but he gets away at the slightest chance.
“I really don’t know, Shannon, he’s acting so weird and annoying”
“I don’t know why he doesn’t want to talk to you,he doesn’t even sit on the same table with us anymore.
“He’s acting really weird and it’s killing me,i hate the way he makes me feel so uncomfortable”
“Here he comes”
Adrian walked into clas-s wearing all black and black beanie,he looked so handsome.
How can someone be this handsome?
He didn’t even spare me a glance as he walked to his seat.
“If he wasn’t so sweet and so handsome,i would have hated him that day after his check up but no,i still want him, Adrian has got me hooked so bad”
“I know,babe,but you have to be strong”
“I know” i said and ran my hands throu-gh my hair.
After school hours,i was waiting for Shannon to arrive at the parking lot so we could go home.
“Where is she?” I asked myself looking around,i suddenly sp©tted Adrian walking towards his bike.
“Sh*t,where is it?” He asked while searching his school bag.
He was so engrossed in searching that he didn’t notice his pills fall from his pocket.
I walked over and picked it up.
“Hey” i said to him,he looked at me then back Into his bag.
“What do you want?”
“You don’t have to be so rude,i only [email protected]£ here to give your pills you dropped”
I pushed the pills in his hands.
“Wait” he said as i tried to walk away.
He looked at from head to toe, then looked away.
“Nothing, you can go”
“You are such an idiot” i said and walked away.
Adrian is driving me so crazy and not in a good way,i shouldn’t have k!$$£d him back if I knew he would act like a big j£rk.
Few days later.
“Have you heard of the bonfire that the school is organized?” Shannon asked as she [email protected]£d the popcorn to watch a movie.
We were at her house since my dad is around and i don’t want any problem.
“Yeah,i don’t think am going”
“Why? You have to, Isaac and i are going”
“Exactly why i shouldn’t come, the bonfire is for couples and..i don’t have a b©yfri£nd”
“Claribel, you are the most beautiful and S-xiest girl in school,guys drool over you in school,so don’t worry,you will find someone to mingle with at the [email protected]
“Just come to the bonfire” She added giving me her famous baby face.
“Okay,fine,i will go”
“Yess, this bonfire will be amazing”
📘 Chapter 27📘
💖 Claribel’s P.O.V💖
“I think you should wear this Sk-irt with this S-xy crop t©p” Shannon said as we go throu-gh some outfits.
“The crop will show my stomach”
“Your S-xy stomach, it will fit you so well”
“When is the bonfire starting?”
“7pm,Isaac will take us there”
” I hope i like it”
“You will,now let’s get re-ady”
We started by 4 and now it 6:30, Shannon suggested i dye my hair from brown to almost blonde,it was nice and i liked it.
“You look breathtaking,babe” Shannon said ma-king me giggle.
“You too”
Shannon was about to say something when a car horn is heard downstairs.
“Isaac’s here, let’s go”
We walked throu-gh the front door and Isaac started coughing the minute he saw us.
“Would st©p drooling over us and drive?” Shannon asked we got into his car.
Isaac chuckled,he k!$$£d Shannon on the cheek,then started driving.
“This place looks better than i thought” I said as we arrived at the school field.
There was a hvge firewood burning and a big crowd gathered around it.
“It’s amazing and they are so many things to eat and drink” Shannon said as we looked around.
“Babe, let’s go gr-ab a seat”Isaac holding Shannon’s hands.
“Okay, Claribel, you don’t mind me hanging out with isaac,do you?”
“Of course,not,go ahead,i will just gr-ab a drink”
Shannon and isaac walked away while i went to gr-ab a drink.
“You might want to take the cherry vodka, it’s less alcoholic”
I turned to see who was talking and it was a guy from school,he had blonde hair and de-ep brown eyes.
“You are Claribel,right?”
“Yeah and you are Niall?”
“Yep,wow,you look absolutely gorgeous today”
During this few minutes,i noticed that whenever he smiles,his ton-gue goes between his teeth.
“This is actually the first time that I don’t see company with you” He said smiling even wi-der.
“Meaning i always see you with Adrian or Shannon, the whole school even thinks you and Adrian are [email protected]!ng”
“Oh,no,no,we are not [email protected]!ng”
Although i wish we were,if Adrian wasn’t so much of a j£rk.
“Speak of the devil”
I looked at the direction Niall was looking at, Adrian was seated at the far end away from everyone,he wore a black hoodie and black [email protected]
Black seems to be his colour now and i won’t deny that he looks good in black.
“Don’t you want to talk to him?”
“,i think i will just stay here”
Niall was about to say something when a random guy walked up to us.
“Hey,Niall,they are pla-ying beer bong, wanna join?”
“Claribel,you wanna pla-y?” Niall asked me.
“Sure, although i don’t really know how to pla-y”
“Don’t worry,i will teach you,so let’s go”
I looked at Adrian’s direction but he wasn’t looking at him,so i turned and followed Niall.
We walked over to a group of boys and girls,there was a table with red cu-ps arranged and some sh0ts of beer.
“Now,this is how to pla-y,you take this small ball and try to throw it into one of the red cu-ps,if it doesn’t enter you have to take a sh0t of beer”
“Okay, let’s pla-y”
Niall and i were pla-ying against some students,i was so bad at it at first,i took four sh0ts of beer.
I started getting a hang of it when we pla-yed against Shannon and Isaac.
“Okay,Niall,if you get this one,we will win”
“I will” he said with confidence,he threw the ball and it entered.
“We won!!” I said excitedly and hvgged him,i pu-ll-ed away and my eyes caught Adrian staring at me but he looked away quic-kly.
“Let’s dance!!!”
Everyone screamed and started dancing,it was so fun.
“Everyone, let’s [email protected]çkand b!ow” someone said and everyone gathered.
Apparently,svçkand b!ow is a game where everyone gathers to form a big circle,a girl must been in between two boys,a card is pas-sed from one person to another from the mouth,if the card falls from the mouth of a guy,he must k!ssthe girl beside him.
“Are you in,Clary?” Shannon asked as she sat between isaac and a guy.
The game started on a funny note,for the three rounds i didn’t get to k!ssany guy.
Although there was a little fight between some guys.
The cards started going around one more time,I was about to pas-s it to Niall when it fell off my mouth,i looked at the card then back at Niall.
It means i had to k!ssNiall,i looked around and Shannon had a shocked expression on her face.
“Guess we have to k!ssnow” Niall said sm-irking at him.
He leaned over to k!ssme, before i knew it,he was thrown on the floor.
Then i realized, Adrian punched him to the ground,he [email protected]£ on t©p of Niall and started punching him so ha-rd .
Everywhere was in chaos,why would Adrian punch him?
Adrian punched Niall.😂
Wahala be like watin again 🙆🏾‍♀🙆🏾‍♀🤣🤣

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