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The sole heiress fiNale

🔱 The Sole Heiress 🔱
( Her Hidden Identify 😯)
Chapter 26
By: Evelyn Mba 🤩
❣️ Authoresse’s Pov ❣️
The drive to the building was rou-gh, Bruce nearly strangled the steering wheel.
This was ha-rd for him. He took the blame for too long.
B, drive slowly. Mich’s voice [email protected]£ out slowly.
Don’t worry we’re gonna get him, this time. She said again.
Finally, there were there. Bruce got out and walked to the Sheriff.
What do we have? He said with a frown.
He wasn’t gonna let Mr Turner get away this time.
We’ve surrounded the building, all we have to do now is make him come out. The sheriff said.
So, what are we gonna do now? Bruce asked.
That, I don’t know Mr Wells. The Sheriff said again.
I’ll go in, I can make him come out. Bruce said again.
No, that will be too dangerous. Mr Wells.
I’ve got an idea. The Sheriff said.
We’ll use the girl. He said pointing at Mich.
Me. Mich said with wi-de-ned eyes.
Yes, Michelle you’re gonna draw him out.
No, I won’t allow that. Bruce said sternly.
She won’t go in, all she has to do is talk. The Sheriff said.
And how is that gonna draw him out? Bruce asked.
It’s simple, she will make him mad, so pissed he won’t st©p himself from coming out..
Can you do that, Mich? Bruce asked holding her hands.
If that’s gonna make him come out, I’ll do it. She said and [email protected]£d the Microphone.
❣️ Michelle’s Pov ❣️
Mr Turner, how are you doing knowing fully well you destroyed a while family. I said and clenched my fist.
You know, even though I didn’t know my Mom. I can swear right now, that she never loved you. She loved my Dad but you still wanted her.
Too Bad, she married Dad instead.
And you killed her, killed my Father and tried kill me too.
Unfortunately, am alive and well. And I heard you were looking for me.
Well am re-ady to face you, so plea-se come out.
I wanna see that face of yours Devil. I said and dropped the Mic.
Wow.. what a speech. I heard someone said.
I should applaud you for that. Right? He said and laughed.
I turned to face him and there he was.
The monster that destroyed my life.
Finally, I got him where I wanted him.
Don’t move…. Freeze. The police brou-ght out their guns.
He looked at me and I sm-irked.
I got you….
🔱 The Sole Heiress 🔱
( Her Hidden Identify 😯)
Chapter 27
By:. Evelyn Mba 🤩
♥️ Bruce’s Pov ♥️
Yeah, we’ve got you. I said and sm-irked.
Wow, you really are good. He said as the Police cuffed him.
This isn’t over, I promise you. He said and I scoff.
Tell that to the judge. I said and Mich laughed.
Take him away agents, let him rot in prison.
Wow, you did a great job. I said and pu-ll-ed Mich closer to me.
Never knew you could talk like that. I said giving her k!sses.
Mr Wells, we’re in public. Can you st©p now?.
Miss Almeda,I don’t care about what people might say.
You’re mine and mine alone. I said again.
Okay, I accept defeat. She said and I chuckled.
** At the Mansion**
Wow, son you are finally free. Mom said and hvgged me.
Mom, don’t cry. It isn’t time to cry but to laugh. I said and she nodded.
So, what are you gonna do now? Carie asked
I don’t get you. I said.
You are supposed to call the attention of the people of Salanda, and let them know the truth.
Yeah, B that’s a great idea. Mich said.
Okay, if that’s what you all want. I’ll do it. I said and headed to my room.
💖 Michelle’s Pov 💖
For years, my life has been a lie.
Grew up as a different person, but fate decided to intervene. To give me a good life.
It brou-ght me to Bruce, to Salanda and it made me know about my true identify.
I am Natasha Almeda, the Heiress of Salanda.
Wow, what a title. I said and laughed.
Mich dear, come out alre-ady. Mom yelled.
Mom, am coming. I said and dressed up quic-kly.
Today is the dance festival, I got to know about the dance festival throu-gh Bruce.
He said, it’s a [email protected] they do every two years.
How do I look? I asked Carie.
Dashing and stunning. She said and giggled.
I pray my brother doesn’t eye [email protected]£ you today. She said again.
St©p it, Carie Wells. I yelled and she chuckled.
Knock.. knock. Can I come in? Bruce said and entered the room.
Seriously, what’s the nee-d for knocking. Carie said rolling her eyes.
Hey, give us some space, I wanna talk to her. Bruce said glaring at Carie.
Okay, bye Mich. Carie said glaring back at Bruce.
You look beautiful. Bruce said hvgging me from behind.
Yes, I know. I said and chuckled.
Let’s go alre-ady, Mom asked me to get you. Bruce said.
Okay. I said and we left.
The Dance festival was great, it was amazing.
I ate and ate, and ate. Dancing was included too.
I was happy, being with everyone I love….
🔱 The Sole Heiress 🔱
( Her Hidden Identify 😯)
Chapter 28
By: Evelyn Mba 🤩
♥️ Authoress Pov ♥️
The atmosphere changed, even the sky was happy.
The sun shine brightly, the breeze ca-ressed each b©dy.
It was as if a curse was lifted away.
It has never been like this in Salanda.
It made the people wonder….. Why?
Each tree by the side produced a fruit, it was Asif something was taken away. Something dangerous and Bad…. So Bad.
It’s a great day, don’t you think so? They asked themselves.
It is indeed.
💖 Michelle’s Pov 💖
Gosh, am really excited today.
Guess what guys… Am getting married to the man of my dreams.
I just can’t st©p smiling. Seems like fate favored me this time.
St©p smiling too much, Mich. You’ll destroy the make-up. Carie yelled and I stocked out my ton-gue at her .
You’re Jealous, go get married. I said and she chuckled.
bit-ch, don’t worry Christoff and I are planning about it. She said grinning.
Wow, I knew it. I knew you had something for that guy. You were always avoiding him then.
So, sister-in-law tell me all about it. I said grinning.
Ain’t saying a thing. She said and pushed me away.
Hey, you’ll get my dress dirty. I yelled and she rolled her eyes.
Like i care. She said and walked out.
I walked into the church and Dad took my hands walking me to the altar.
There he was, the guy that made me. They guy that showed me the meaning of love
I wanted to climb the altar and yelled to everyone that he was mine and I was his.
You are here. Dad said jo-lting me out of my thoughts
Ohh.. I mouthed out.
Bruce took my hand and together, we climbe-d the altar.
** Honeymoon**
Hey, come here. Bruce yelled and Chased me, scattering things in the process.
St©p it, what do you wanna do. I half yelled.
What do you think? He win-ked at me.
[email protected]ûghty boy…
Your [email protected]ûghty bit. He said and [email protected]£d my hands pu-lling me to the be-d.
HELP…. I yelled…
And the live happily ever after 😋

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