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The sole heiress batch 1

🔱 The Sole Heiress 🔱
( Her Hidden Identify 😯)
Chapter 1
By: Evelyn Mba 🤩
( The [email protected]…)
Michelle’s Pov
No…..mummy, where are you, No….come back plea-se. Ahhaaa….. I yelled.
Hunny, are you okay. Mom and Dad ran into my room looking worried..
I had that dream again, I was in a big house someone [email protected]£ in and sh0t mummy but I couldn’t recognize mummy’s face, It looks different.
And then I ran and ran to a beach house, a hvge one it had a a lantern on t©p of it.
Mom, it was so scary and I thought it was real.
No hun, It wasn’t. Mom said stro-king my hair..
It’s just a Nightmare..
Go to sleep, okay
At Morning
Wake up sleepy head. Mom said dragging my blanket.
Mom, am sleepy. I muttered.
Seriously, I thought you said you’re working on a big project..
Yeah, yeah. So get up and go take your bath. Mom yelled..
Okay… Okay, am up. I said and ran into the the bathroom.
Before I forget, am Michelle Gordon. Am 21 years old. I have Sweet parents. They are loving, caring and kind. Am working ha-rd to make life better for them. We are not rich, but we love ourselves. I think that’s all for now..
Mom, am done. I said running out.
Okay, your dad just brou-ght in your armoured bike🤣
Seriously, Dad I love you..
I love you too Princess. He yelled from his room..
Okay, how do I look. I asked with my hands akimbo.
You look Fabulous dear, hurry now. You don’t wanna be late.
Okay, I love you Mom..
I love you Dad..
Am sorry am late, so what’s the big thing you were talking about Allison.
Babe, we’re going to the [email protected] Allison yelled..
What [email protected]? I asked.
Seriously, you forgot? Clarice asked..
I forgot what?
The Blue Red [email protected] Clarice said.
Oh my God, not again.
Guys, let’s go now. The [email protected] is about to get started…
Woah… and forget your Problems. Allison squealed..
Keep it down girl. I whispered..
You what babe, you should dance. She said and dragged me to the stage..
St©p it Allison, you’re drun!k. I said trying ha-rd not to laugh..
I was about moving when someone pushed me out of the way….
🔱 The Sole Heiress 🔱
( Her Hidden Identify 😯)
Episode 2
( What the heck?)
Bruce’s Pov
Where are they holding the meeting. I asked Matt..
The Blue Red [email protected]
The Blue what? They expect me to come to a [email protected] I asked.
It’s a secluded [email protected] of the [email protected], that’s were they meeting is holding..
Okay, let’s go
We got in the hall, where’s the Pas-sage?
Sir, we have to go throu-gh the [email protected]
Are you serious, the music is too loud. I said trying ha-rd not to tell.
Am sorry Sir, it’s the only way.
I walked too fast and mistakenly pushed someone. Not glancing a spare, I proceeded to walk but she gr-ab my suit..
Are you crazy, you almost knocked me down.
I looked at her hands on my suit and glared ha-rd at her..
What, you can’t say sorry, or your mouth is too heavy? She yelled.
Are you done? I asked her and she scoffed..
I’ll let this pas-s dumbas-s. She said and walked away
We nee-d a marketing team, to advertise our resort. The one we’re launching. I said to Matt..
Okay, I’ll search for the best. He said and walked out..
Michelle’s Pov
Girl, keep it done you might bring down the building. I said as I dragged both Allison and Clarice inside our office..
Seriously, you didn’t even drink and you’re saying what now? Allison whispered.
Shut up drun!kard or I’ll shut you up..
plea-se take me home Mich. Clarice muttered..
Oh God, you know if you two weren’t my best friends, I would leave you here till you sober idiots.
St©p ma-king noise bit-ch. Allison yelled..
Am sorry, I know am late. I said as I opened the door..
You’re right on time for dinner. Mom said and sat down
Go change up and come down
Okay Mom..
Few Minutes later
Mmm, taste good..
My Mom is the greatest cook. I yelled and li-cked my f!ngers..
Eat more meat. Dad said dropping meats on my plate..
Dad, am full. It’s too much. I said.
Seriously, is it my last day on Earth.. I said and laughed..
I retired to be-d and sle-pt off…
.🔱 The Sole Heiress 🔱
( Her Hidden Identify 😯)
Chapter 3
( Oh my God!!!)
Allison’s Pov
Girl, I heard we were chos£n to advertise a resort. Clarice said.
Mich, the owner of this resort is Bruce Wells. Oh my God, I can’t wait to see him. I half yelled.
Is he a God, Alli? She asked
He’s not but he is damn handsome and he’s a monster too. I said.
Monster? Mich asked laughing.
That’s what they call him. I said.
Ands why’s that? She asked again.
They said he is cold towards people hence the name Monster, beast and what again cutie, with a handsome face too. I said and smiled..
Michelle’s Pov
Attention everyone
We were chos£n by Light’s Company owned by Bruce Wells to advertise their resort, so let’s give it out best..
Michelle, you’re gonna handle this one. Okay
Okay Sir.
But why her, I can handle this one. Shelby said.
It’s for Mich girl, so buzz off. Clarice said sticking out her ton-gue..
fv¢k you. She said and left.
Oh my God, girl am so happy for you. You might as well just fall for him. Allison said laughing..
That’s true. Clarice said and laughed too.
God, this people. I muttered.
Anna’s Pov (Mich’s Mother)
Diego, am so confused right now.
Let’s tell her the truth alre-ady, she’s 21 now. I said.
No, imagine how it will be for her. He said
Let’s not bring back the past.
It’s hurts when I think about it. I said.
About what?
That Michelle is not our daughter, it hurts. I said admist Sobs.
Don’t worry, we took her away for her own protec-tion..
We were servants for the great family. The ‘ Almeda’s. That night tragedy befalled that family..
Mr Frank Almeda went out and did not come back on time. Little Mich was having a [email protected] with her friends, when a masked lady [email protected]£ in and sh0t her mother ( Emily) In front of her.
We hid and saw her ran to the beach house..
We quic-kly took her and ran away with from the small town, Salanda..
We raised her, as our kid and made life better for her.
Diego, Mich’s dreams are real, the are memories from that night.
What if she discovers the truth. I said crying.
No, we have to protect her at all cost..
Cause, she’s our daughter. He said wiping the tears away..
🔱 The Sole Heiress 🔱
( Her Hidden Identify 😯)
Chapter 4
( Painful Memories)
Michelle’s Pov
Alli, plea-se help here or get out. I muttered tiredly..
I’ve been the one writing ever since morning and it’s getting to noon but these people are slee-ping..
Clarice get your as-s up and move with Alli. I yelled.
Seriously, it’s your Project not ours, so leave us alone witch. She yelled back..
It’s ‘our’ project, ‘our’ client for your information..
Mich, the CEO of Light Company will be here tomorrow for the marketing piece, are you good? Ryan asked..
Yeah, am almost done.
Bruce’s Pov
Mom, am coming to Salanda by 2pm tomorrow, I have a meeting I’ll be attending by 9am.
Okay, don’t worry too much and take your meds. I said to mom throu-gh the phone…
Son, are you okay over there? Mom asked.
Yes mom, am okay. Bye now. I said and hanged up.
Am okay…..”okay”. How can I be okay?
Everyday I recalled what happened that night.
How I was accused of killing Emily and her daughter..
How I got imprisoned for a crime I did not commit..
Emily was like a mother to me, I would never hurt her. But they said I killed her…
That night I went to the Almeda’s mansion. I just got there and then I heard a gunsh0t.
I was just 13 then but I had hvge b©dy like an Eighteen year old..
I ran to the mansion, only to see Ma’am Emily on the couch lifelessly. I ran everywhere looking for their five years old daughter Natasha Almeda but didn’t find her..
I ran downstairs and saw a woman going out of the mansion..
I don’t know how, but I was framed for the killing of Emily and her daughter..
I couldn’t have done it, I know I didn’t do it. I said crying..
Whoever that woman is, I’ll look for her and make her pay. I said clenching my fist 👊
Sir, the meeting with the marketing team is tommorow. Matt said jo-lting me out of my thoughts..
Okay, make sure you prepare the chopper to Salanda by 2pm tommorow. I said.
Okay Sir..
Sir, it’s 6:30pm and the Pent house is re-ady…
Okay, am on my way. I said gesturing him to leave..
All i nee-d is to sleep and forget this Painful memories 😢😢
🔱 The Sole Heiress 🔱
( Her Hidden Identify 😯)
Chapter 5
( You? Client??)
Michelle’s Pov
Wake up Mich, it’s 7:00. Mom yelled.
I immediately j£rked up, oh no!
Am late…. I cried
I kept dragging your blanket, but you just sle-pt there like a log of wood. Mom yelled again.
Oh my! I have a meeting by 9:00. I said rushing into the bathroom.
Yeah, you told me about the project you’re working on, owned by a rich God. Mom said laughing..
Mummy, st©p it. I said crying.
Am sorry am late. I said as I got into the office.
It’s not your fault, we all know, you were busy on that project. Clarice said.
Awwn.. Thank you hun. I said and blew her a k!ss..
Anytime Sweetheart. She said and we all chuckled…
What’s the time? I asked.
8:30am. Allison said.
Okay, let me get coffee downstairs. I said going out..
Get for me too. Alli said.
Few minutes later, I was in my way back to the office, when someone bu-mped into me..
I looked up and saw the same guy who pushed me during the Blue Red [email protected]
Hey Pompous, can’t you at least be careful. I sh0t at him.
Do you work here? Or you just visited someone? He asked.
Is he serious, he should be saying sorry not asking questions..
Just shut up and leave. I said angrily leaving him jaw dropped..
Bruce’s Pov
Who is she? I asked Matt
I don’t know but I’ll ask about her. He said.
That lady keeps getting on my nerves.
Where’s the meeting holding? Matt asked a lady.
What meeting? She asked.
The Light Company meeting..
Ohh, sorry sir. You’re right on time.
Is that Bruce Wells? She asked drooling…
I scoffed!! Women..
Sir, we’re sorry for the [email protected] the meeting is about to start.
I got in and took a seat, few minutes later, they all got in..
Okay, where’s the advertiser? I asked.
She’s here.
The door opened and she walked in.
Immediately she saw me, her eyes wi-de-ned..
OMG…… You?? You are the Client?? She asked.
🔱 The Sole Heiress 🔱
( Her Hidden Identify 😯)
Chapter 6
( Forgive me..)
Michelle Pov
Uhmm… It’s you. I muttered
He had a sm-irk on his face, and I had the urge to punch that face of his.
Start the advertisement, Miss,I don’t have time to waste here. He stated coldly.
I gulped ha-rd and started my speech..
And they will stay comfortable, because it’ll feel like home. I said ending my speech..
Wow, it’s amazing. Allison and Clarice said.
Thanks. I said.
So, how was it Sir? I asked Mr Bruce Wells..
Uhmm… It’s lacks the feeling of being at home.
So, I’ll give you the last chance to come up with a better speech. He said standing up..
So, you’re giving me a second chance? I asked.
Yes,make it worth my time. He said walking out..
I ran after him and t©uçhed his shoulder.
Yeah, what is it? He asked.
Sir, I wanted to say thank you,I know we didn’t start on the right foot. So, plea-se forgive me for everything I said in the past, am sorry. I said.
It’s okay,but this time around I want you to make me feel satisfied with that speech.
If you nee-d to visit the resort to do so, you’re free. He said and walked away..
Allison Pov
Tell me what Happened Mich? I asked curiously.
Uhmmm.. He gave a free ticket to the resort. She said.
Oh my,it’s love at first sight. Clarice yelled laughing..
Shut up guys. Mich yelled..
Remember the guy that pushed me at the Blue Red [email protected], it’s him. She said
No way, you mean the guy you called names. I said and she nodded.
No wonder, there was tension in the marketing [email protected]
Oh My Goodness, what if he doesn’t accept your speech. Clarice said with concerned..
I don’t know but for sure, am heading to Salanda. She said.
Salanda? I asked.
That’s where the resort is. Mich said again..
Okay. Good Luck girl. I said.
😋Bruce’s Pov😋
Sir, why did you give her a ticket to the resort? Matt asked looking at me weirdly.
What? Is there a problem. I asked.
No, it’s just that you ha-rd ly talk to people. But with her it’s different. He said again.
She’s my advertiser, she’s advertising my resort, I had to give her a ticket..
Uhmm.. Sir before I forget, Cas-sandra called earlier…
Tell her am busy. I said not glancing a spare..
T. B. C
Who’s Cas-sandra

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