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The king’s slave Episode 1 & 2

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Subtitle: My master and I.
Written by: Lilly Chidinma.
“The king is back! He [email protected]£ back victorious yet again!” the villagers screamed, each running in different directions.
“What is the noise all about?” A middle aged woman asked, entering her living room from the kitchen. Her husband was standing by the window wearing a worried look.
“The king, he is back from battle and he won this one too” her husband replied and she [email protected] loudly, goosebu-mps overwhelming her.
This period was dre-aded by the villagers of Axel community. The ruthless and powerful king Marion would come back from every battle and the first thing he does is to pick a slave from the villagers- A young lady to satisfy his S-xual urges whenever he wanted. Nob©dy wanted to be victim to this, so they ran to hide their young ladies… Because sometimes, the slaves don’t make it out alive, yes he kills them when he nee-ds them no more.
“Where is Erica??” the woman asked, afraid for her only daughter. Erica is beautiful, no man could resist her, she has been hiding all these years, but today…
“She left the house for the farm. I haven’t seen her” her husband answered. With tears in her eyes, the weak and afraid woman dashed out of the house with her husband behind her. She prayed that the king had not gotten to her yet.
“Erica! Erica!” she cried out as she ran. She finally got to the farm but it was too late alre-ady, King Marion beat her there. She met the king standing in front of Erica who was kneeling.
“No! No! My king no! She is my only child!” she pleaded, lying flat on her stomach before the dre-aded king.
“Woman! I have chos£n your daughter to serve me, nothing can change that, you know very well” King Marion’s de-ep voice [email protected]£.
“plea-se, plea-se your majesty, I don’t have anyone else” she continued pleading. The king ignored the poor woman’s plea-s and commanded the guards to bundle Erica into their carriage. Erica was taken away to the castle and her parents could only watch.
“No! St©p them plea-se!” the poor woman cried out but her husband held her back.
“The king will have our heads if we interfere, let’s go home” her husband said with agony and led his weeping wife away. The anguish a mother feels when her child is in danger… It was too much for the poor woman.
Episode One.
¤ Erica ¤
My whole b©dy shivered in fear as I sat helplessly in a dark room all by myself. My b©dy is alre-ady soa-ked in my own tears and sweat, I was so scared of what they would do to me. The king an evil and ruthless man, who knows what he has in store for me. I cried bitterly whenever I remember my parents, will I ever see them again?
I heard footsteps outside the room and I [email protected] I froze for a moment as the door flew open, revea-ling a mean looking guard. He walked towards me and j£rked me up, not minding the immense pain he caused me.
“plea-se, plea-se let me go” I whimpered and he huffed.
“You’re nee-ded at the king’s chamber” he informed, completely ignoring my plea-s. He dragged me along while I staggered all over the place. I was weak and tired, so tired. I continued pleading with him to let me go but he said nothing, he just continued pu-lling me along like a piece of rag.
We stood in front of a tall wooden door, it had many designs carved in it, this must be the king’s chambers. Fear overwhelmed me once again. The guard opened the door, threw me in and left. I sat on the floor, crying helplessly.
I looked up only to see an [email protected]!ngfigure standing few metres from me. He had his back turned on me so I couldn’t really see his face. The way he was clothed told me that he is the king.
“What are you waiting for?” [email protected]£ his cold and [email protected]!ngvoice.
“My lord..” I murmured, I was too afraid to do anything at that moment.
“Don’t you know why you’re here? You’re here to serve me and do as I wish” he roared and finally turned to face me. I wondered if he was even human, he had the face of a god. Perfectly chiseled chin, gorgeous brown eyes and glowing skin…
“Get up” he ordered and I got to my feet immediately. I wouldn’t want to get into trouble with him.
“Now str!p” he commanded again and I froze. Did he just say str!p? Like get n-ked?? Is this why I am here? Tears rolled down my cheeks once more, I couldn’t believe this… And I’m a vir-gin.
“My lord.. plea-se” I tried to plead with him but he cut me off with a dirty [email protected] across the face.
“Whenever I give you an order, you do it! No questions asked” he barked at me and I shivered, the [email protected] made me stagger back severally. I immediately started removing my clothes, until I was completely n-ked in front of him. I felt so embarras-sed.
(Don’t re-ad this [email protected] if you’re un-der 18 or you have issues with f0rç£d se-x and pain)
He approached me with a devilish sm-irk on his face, he dragged me by the hair to his desk, the f0rç£d me to bend over it. With his right hand, he pressed my head against the table, ma-king me yell out in pain. He didn’t care, he just continued pressing my head against his desk.
For about a few seconds, nothing happened, then I felt one of his f!ngerson my ba-re a*s. He moved it slowly to the entrance of my v*gina. He sli-pped it in f0rç£fully ma-king me [email protected]! This is supposed to be filled with plea-sure, but all I feel is regret… Why me.
He f!nger fv¢ked me for a few minutes, while I screamed, not in plea-sure but in pains. After that, he re-moved his f!nger and pressed his warm b©dy against mine. I could feel his ba-re di-ck, and it was hvge. With great f0rç£, he plunged into me, I let out a loud scream and he [email protected] me ha-rd on my back. Suddenly, I felt a warm liquid run down my legs. I cried bitterly… He took it, he took my pride.
“You’re a vir-gin?” he asked.
“Yes my lord” I answered, my voice coming out a bit shaky.
“I didn’t know we still had vir-gins in this kingdom” he grinned and continued ban-ging me ha-rd . Each thrû-st was more painful and rou-gher than the last. I screamed, shouted and cried but he had no mercy, he continued like that for close to an hour, before finally pu-lling out. I fell down as soon as he let go of me, I was drained of all my strength…
“I’m going to take a shower, clean up this mess and leave my chamber. A guard outside will take you to your room” he said coldly and entered the bathroom.
I looked at my filthy self while wallowing in self pity. So this is what my life will become, I will be a se-x object to a ruthless King. I picked up my clothes and wore them. Then I used my un-derwear to clean up the blood on the tiled floor, I folded it in my hand and left the room.
One of the guards led me to my dark room where they left me to continue suffering without food or water.. I felt I was going to die.
Episode Two.
¤ King Marion ¤
After a very long bath, I [email protected]£ out of the bathroom and put on my long, red robe, then decided to take a walk in my courtyard. I still can’t believe that she was a vir-gin, this is the first time I’ve la-id with a v!rg!nsince my reign as king. A [email protected] of me felt guilty, but I immediately waved that feeling away, I am king Marion, I have no emotions.
“Sire!” my right hand man, Adrian called, walking over to me. Adrian and I have been close friends for a long time, but he still prefers to be formal with me.
“I’ve told you to call me Marion, that’s the privilege of being my friend” I said and he chuckled.
“You’re the king, and should be addressed as one” he paused and brushed his nose with his thumb, it was cold out.
“Anyways, I’m here for a reason, king Tobias of the seven clan is interested in calling a truce” he announced and I scoffed. That scoundrel is obviously tired of losing to me in every battle, now he wants to call a truce.
“I’m not interested” I said turning my back on Adrian.
“Why? Do you know that his kingdom is rich in gold and diamond? It will be good for us.. We will call a truce on the condition that he gives us half of his diamond mines” Adrian explained and I stro-ked my chin slowly. He’s right though, all that money will definitely make me more powerful than I alre-ady am.
“Alright fine, arrange a meeting with king Tobias, we’ll discuss this by then” I said and he smiled.
“That sounds fine, I’ll get on it immediately” he said, gave a little bow and went back into the castle, leaving me alone in the courtyard.
My mind once again, drifted to my new slave, I never had time to admire her because my S-xual urge didn’t let me. She was quite a beauty, the most beautiful slave I have ever had… Thinking about her smooth, flawless b©dy and nice round a”s made me de-sire her again. I quic-kly s£nt an order to my guard to bring her to my chambers again.
¤ Erica ¤
The door opened again, letting little light into my dark room. A woman entered with a handbag on her shoulder. I managed to see her face with the little light that entered throu-gh room. She should be around 40 or thereabout, with a pretty face. She approached me and placed a hand on my shoulder, ma-king me flin-ch.
“How are you dear?” she asked and I sighed. My whole b©dy hurts!
“I don’t know” I replied and she shook her head.
“I’m Nadine, I’m the head maid here and I [email protected]£ to clean you up” she announced but I remained quiet.
“Get up and follow me” she ordered. I managed to stand on my feet and followed her into the bathroom. We didn’t say a word to each other in there, she just gave me a warm bath, combe-d my hair and gave me new clothes to wear, I must admit she did a wonderful job.
“Everytime you [email protected] the king, you must take a bath afterwards. The king detests uncleanness” she said and I simply gave a nod. She looked at me for a while with pity in her eyes, then she sighed and left the room.
Minutes later, a guard bur-st into my room. I shook in fear because I knew why he was here.
“The king demands your pres£nce in his chambers immediately” he said coldly. Everyone here is heartless and rude, maybe except for Nadine. He made to gr-ab my hand but I st©pped him.
“I will go by myself” I said [email protected] and walked out of the room. I have to accept my fate, it’s not as if I can escape, security here is very ti-ght so I might as well accept this. I made my way to the king’s chambers and placed a soft knock on the wooden door.
“Enter” [email protected]£ his shrude voice.
I entered the room and met him on his be-d, wearing a robe.
“str!p” he commanded and my heart leaped. I saw this coming though. This is the second time tonight!
I didn’t say anything, I just obeyed and got n-ked. I went to meet him on his be-d but he st©pped me.
“Go to the desk, you’re a slave, you’re not worthy to be on my be-d” he said with a terrifying frown. I quic-kly went to his desk and bent over. I cried while waiting for him to do the thing.
He had his way with me for the second time tonight, it was very painful, even more painful than the last.
The worst [email protected] is the awkward silence between us. He didn’t gro-an , he didn’t [email protected] , the only sounds were the [email protected] of our skins together and my pain filled squeaks.
After about an hour, he got a call and pu-ll-ed out of me.
“Hello” he answered.
“Tomorrow? Is there no other available time?”
“Alright fine, tomorrow it is.. But I hate lateness, tell him that”. He hung up and tapped me. I stood up and stared down at my feet.
“I’m having guests tomorrow, you will work with the other servants, is that un-derstood?” he asked and I nod.
“Dress up and leave” he said and disappeared into the bathroom. I dressed up quic-kly and ran back to my room feeling great pains in my pri-vate [email protected] How will I work in the morning with this pain? And I haven’t eaten as well, I’m weak. Maybe I should ask Nadine.


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