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The hearts final Episode

(He’s her idol💋)
#Season 2
🍌Max’s pov🍌
I st©pped the car and mom stepped out, she insisted the three of us should follow her,,now here we are.
“Won’t you come”she st©pped when she noticed we aren’t following her
“I don’t want to see him”Carl said and started operating his phone
“I don’t wanna see his face”Roy also said,, mom looked at me as she waited for my answer
“Same her,mom”I said and she just shook her head
“Okay then,,you wait here”she said and left
“Why would mom want to meet him”I rested my back on the chair
“Who knows”
🎀Sandra’s pov🎀
“Ma’am”the security [email protected] as we stepped inside,the house is so quiet
“Hey, anyone home?”I asked and turned to see mom and dad;they ran to meet me
“Mom”I shuttered looking at her,her pale face and even dad,they look stressed
I suddenly hvgged dad,,then we unlocked
“I thought you left us”she cu-mpped my cheek as tears rolled down her cheek
“I didn’t mom”I said and hvgged her ti-ghtly, what if she knows have found my family? They will he sad right??
“I was kidnapped”I whispered and she unlocked immediately,then looked at me from head to toe
“What! We have also tried looking for you”Dad said coming closer and I wonder how he heard us
“She?”mom said looking at Amy,I went to her side
“Good afternoon ma’am”Amy greeted and smiled
“She’s Amy, my friend”I introduced her and mom nodded
“I’m happy you’re back”mom hvgged me again,,brushing my hair slightly
“Well its good you’re back”jay smiled as we st©pped outside
We entered the car with Amy and I at the back,,we talked inside the car throu-ghout till he st©pped the car
“Amazing”Amy muttered as we walked into the park, they are many kids and adults here,we went to take a sit
“Let me get us drinks. You still have a lot to tell me”Jay stood up and went to the cafeteria
“Amy”I called fondling with my cloth,I think it’s time she know
“Yes”She faced me
“I know my family, even my brothers”I said still looking down
“Who are they?”she giggled
” um they are the Rockboys”
Carl’s pov
Mom [email protected]£ back after some minutes with Dan, we immediately [email protected]£ out of the car
“I can accept anything but what’s he doing here?”I headed to him, I wanna punch the hell out of him but mom got into the way
“Move aside mom”Roy said standing beside me
“You’ll to listen to him,we are at fault, he knows who my daughter is”
“What do you mean?”
“Yes,it time you know her;she’s Sandra Davis”
#Season 2
Final episode
🍡Carl’s pov🍡
Roy was the one driving the car,Max,Dan and I sat at the backseat with Max between us,,we are at fault for not giving him the chance to talk
“But how did she suddenly become Sandra, her name is Rosa right?”I turned to him
“That’s the name given to her by who she’s staying with”Dan replied
“This place”He said and we went out of the car,Roy knocked and the gate was opened
“Is the Davis home?”mom asked and the guard smiled as he stared at us
“Yes ma’am, come in”He said and we got in,,I guess he’s surprised seeing us here
“Hi Sirs”he bowed
“Hi”Max and Roy said
“Come with me”he said and we all followed behind him
“Carl”Dan called and I st©pped,he walked up to me from behind,the rest in alre-ady
“I’m sorry, and would like if we become friends again”he stretched his hand for a shake,I looked away
“Not until I find my sis”I replied and walked in
“Serve then food”the woman said ad we all sat down
“Ok mam”the Lady said and turned to go
“We are okay for now”mom insisted
“Ok,you can go”she told her and they Lady went away
“Why have the Rockboys come to visit us”A man said coming down the stairs
💗 Sandra’s pov💗
“What!”Jay shouted before running over to us,I nodded and Amy stood up
“I left the wristband at their place so they are with it,I have to tell the”I concluded and Amy just went quiet
My phone rang and it’s dad call,I looked at Amy and she nod
📞You have to come home
📞Why dad?
📞be here in next fifteen minutes
“Wait!”I was about to say when the call ended
“They are at your house alre-ady”Said Amy
“How did you know?”
“Cause I know”she replied and I scoffed
“Let’s go”Jay snapped
💜💛Amy’s pov💛💜
Hours later
___________________[Night [email protected]🎁]
It’s the most amazing day with the Rockboys,the day they found their sis after many years
So it calls for a [email protected]
“Ma’am”I called at Mrs Davis who was hurrying away
“What’s wrong?”I asked
“Sandra is acting grumpy, I nee-d to cool her down”she said sadly
“Don’t worry maam,she will soon get used to it”I said,she nodded and walked away
I decided to stroll around when I see Jenna at the bar
“You!”I mutterer angrily, what the fv¢k is she doing here
‘Come on,am here to [email protected]”she said and u rolled my eyes,I was surprised when Carl’s head showed up beside her
“Even you”I [email protected] and he win-ked,stupid!
🎲Writer’s pov🎲
There was a loud cheers as a Lady walked up to the stage
🎤Let’s call on Rockboy Carl,she said and left the stage
💋Damn,,I love him
💋Yeah,Rock it!
“I’m drooling alre-ady”Amy pouted,he hvgged his brothers,they are all prepared for today’s contest
“I have to go”Carl said and turned to go,Amy held his wrist and he st©pped
“I love you”she whispered silently and he nodded
“Love birds, re-lease him”Roy said and separated them,they all laughed and Carl went out
“Are you all done?”Amy said dropping the makeup kit
“Sir”The guard handed him a microphone as he walked to the stage
“Hey everyone, what are we here for?”he screamed
“To Rock”they all shouted, he smiled
🎻Do you think I can stay without you
🎻i’m staying right here with you
🍡he changed his hair
💋The h0ttest guy!
Jay pu-ll-ed Sandra out,taking her to a more quiet place
“What’s it,I don’t want to miss..”She was saying when he placed a f!nger on herl-ips
“I love you”
“How long have you keeping this?”She asked putting his hand down
“Ever since I met you”He said,she ran away,but paused and turned back
“I love you too”She finally said and ran off,he rou-gh his hair and ran after her
🎤Just you and I,do you believe?
Amy stepped in
💋My favourite,,they are perfect
🎤Can’t stay without you
🎤Cause you’re close to my heart
🎤he’s my IDOL
🎤She’s mine !!
Tara stood at a corner,she looked as the Rockboys joined on the stage
” Now am done joining the hearts,it’s time to go”She looked up and went into the air
🌸Amy’s pov🌸
I went into the bathroom to take a warm shower,I smiled when I remembered what happened today
The band blinked, oh Tara!
“I left alre-ady but am always here anytime you nee-d me”
“Thanks pal”I said and ended it when the door opened, and Carl walked in
“You!”I said feeling shy,why did he have to walk in
“Hey”he [email protected]£ closer and turned off the shower,
“What”I [email protected] as he carried me in his arms and [email protected] on the be-d,leaning closer
‘Let’s make babies”He win-ked and landed hisl-ips on mine,I winched when he inser-ted his di-ck
‘Ouch”I [email protected] when he took my b00bs.I held unto his hair
“Oh God”i said he covered me with the duvet
“You know that day you [email protected]£ to ask mom if i could stay with you,what did she say”i asked and it was hell closing my legs
“You gat powers,,i love you Amy”

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