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The general and his son batch 2

WRITTEN: Anny Edohien Godfrey
At the other side of the bar was Mary> Mary was one of Jane girls, she was with another girl named Vivian.
Mary and Vivian over heard Jack and his friends discussing about general Kingsley so they moved a little bit closer.
”che-ster calmed down!” Abulo said to him.
”che-ster, the reason I [email protected]£ is for us to plan together and st©p general Kingsley my father for killing, ra-ping, and collecting peoples things!” Jack said while his friends were supraised at him likewise Mary and Vivian were shocked and supriased too.
”Babe you hear wentin i hear so?” Mary asked Vivian.
”Babe I hear am clear!” Vivian replied.
”So general Kingsley own pinkin dey against am!” Mary said.
”That’s means general kingsley go soon die!” Vivian added.
”Our mama nee-d to hear this!” Mary said standing up.
”I dey with you babe!” Vivian said and stood too.
”Let’s go!” Mary commanded as the two girls walked away, they went straight to Jane’s house.
At Jane house: Jane could be see sitting with the others two of her girls, they were discussing when Mary and Vivian [email protected]£ in like Policemen.
”This one wan una dey sweat like Christmas goat, wentin dey happen?” Jane the fearless girl asked.
”Mama you nor go believed wentin our eyes see and wentin our ears hear!” Mary said.
”Mary wentin your eyes see and your ears hear wan nor let you talk?” Jane asked.
”Babes afar! Yam us the matter na!” Anita said.
”Our ears dey inches us, tell us wentin sup!” Tina added.
”Vivian abeg yam mama and babes wentin general kingsley son talk!”
”Mama the mama! The only fearless mama in town!”(Vivian hailed Jane before she began) ”Mama, General Kingsley son tell he friends say, he want make dey join am go fight fight he papa!” Vivian said.
”So you mean say Might general Kingsley own son dey against am?” Tina asked.
”Yes oh! The thing wan come pain the guy pas-s be say, he papa come go [email protected]£d one small 16years old girl and girl come go be he friend consins sister!” Mary said while Jane stood up.
”You sure for this informe?” Jane asked Mary.
”Mama very sure!” Mary replied.
”How sure are you?” Anita asked.
”100%percent sure!” Mary replied.
”So where are they?” Jane asked.
”At mama Kate’s bar!” Vivian respond.
”Girls let’s go there!” Jane said as they all stood up.
”That’s mama the mama!” They hailed her as they all walked away. They want straight to mama Kate’s bar.
On the other hand, Jack was still discussing with his friends.
”So Jack you mean say you wan fight your papa?” Okinika asked.
”I nor wan just fight am but I wan kill that evil man!” Jack said with all seriousness while Okinika turned to che-ster.
”che-ster, Jack serious oh!”
”Jack are you serious or you are just pu-lling our legs?” che-ster asked.
”Guys I am more than serious, I just nee-d your support!” Jack said.
”If you’re really serious, then you have to be spiritually prepared!” Jane said as she and her girls walked towards Jack and his friends, all attention went on her as she walked to them.
”Sorry for interrupting you!” She apologized.
”Apology accepted!” Jack said starring at her.
”My name is Jane the fearless girl, and I learnt you general Kingsley son!” Said Jane.
”Yes I am and my name is Jackson!” Replied Jack.
”I learnt general have two sons and one is as wicked as he is, are you the first or second?” Jane asked.
”You heard well Jane the fearless girl, and I am the second son!” Jack replied calmly.
”If you wanna know what I mean by spiritually prepared then come to my house!” She said and turned to Okinika
”Okinika you knows where I lived right?” Jane asked while Okinika nodd end his head.
”Jane the fearless girl!” Okinika hailed her as Jane walked away with her girls while Jack starred at her as she walk out of sight before turning to his friends……..
At the alccultict kingdom: General Kingsley could be standing beside Governor Williams while their lord Zukka was standing at their front backing them.
”Grand master, you summoned us!” General Kingsley said with a worried tone.
”Yes I summoned you too!” Lord Zukka said with a scaring time.
”Grand lord zukka plea-se tell us why you s£nt for us this argent!” Governor Williams said.
”Kingsley, your son Jack is planning to destroy you and Williams and he will st©p at nothing without destroying you!” Lord Zukka said.
”Grand master, I am confuse on what to do that boy have become a Storm in my flesh!” General Kingsley said.
”You nee-d to kill him before he kills you and if you must kill him you must first kill a vir-gin!” Lord Zukka said.
”What?” General Kingsley shouted.
”But grand lord Zukka, why must we kill a v!rg!nbefore Jack can be killed?” Governor Williams said.
”That’s because, Jack have a very strong spirit and the only way he can go down is with a v!rg!nblood! ” Lord Zukka said.
”Grand lord zukka, we will think about it!” Governor Williams said.
[email protected] be very dangerous! ” lord zukka said as he disappeared into his sceret chambers while Governor Williams and general Kingsley disappeared too.
Back to mama Kate’s bar:
”Okinika do you really know where she stays?” Jack asked as soon as he turned to his friends.
”Yes, I do, do you want us to go their?” Okinkia asked too.
”Yes, I thinks she might be of helped! “Jack said.
”Yeah, I agreed with you!” che-ster said.
”Then what are we waiting for, let’s go to her house!” Abulo said.
”Yeah let’s go!” Jack said in conclusion as they all stood up and went to where Jack packed his car, they hoped in and drove way immediately.
**Jane and her girls got home not quiet long a car drove in. Jane and her girls stood still and starred at the car as Jack and his friends pu-ll-ed out !
(He meant what he said) she thought and smile as the boys approach them.
”Welcome Jackson Kingsley!” Jane greeted him.
”Thank you Jane the fearless girl!” Jack said and smile to her.
”Have your seat!” Jane gave they seat while they all sat down.
**Jane was 16years old then, her father Mr Peter [email protected]£ back from his office very tried and stressed. He went upstairs and freshing up, then [email protected]£ down stairs for dinner.
”Jane go and call your brother to come downstairs for dinner!” Jane mother Mrs Peter had said.
”Okay mom!” Jane had replied and went upstairs.
”Frank! Frank! It time for dinner , come downstairs. Jane had yelled.
”I am coming!” Frank Had replied her.
Minutes late the wonderful family were in dinning room eating when they heard a knock on their door!
”Who is that?” Mr peter asked.
”I don’t know! ” Mrs peter answered.
”Let me go check who the person is!” Frank said standing up.
”plea-se do” Mr Peter said while frank went to the door and opened it but was shocked of who he saw……
WRITTEN:Anny Edohien Godfrey
Frank opened the door and saw their gateman with some men, one of the men [email protected]£d Frank by the n£¢k and pointed his gun on his head.
”plea-se let my son go!” Mr peter pleaded as the men and their gateman walked into the sitting room fully.
”Selebobo! What are you doing with this men and gun in your hands?” Mrs Peter asked.
”Shout up woman!” Selebobo yelled at Mrs Peter.
”Selebobo, how dare you yell at my mom?” Jane yell at him.
”Hahahaha! I don’t have your time Jane!” Selebobo say and give way when a hvge ugly man walked into the sitting room smiling devilishly.
(To cut the long story short) General Kingsley was the ugly man that walked in.
He asked his boys to sh0t Mrs Peter, which Selebobo did, he then asked Baddu to sh0t Frank, without [email protected]!sting time, Baddu sh0t Frank with cold blood. Before Jane and Mr Peter were lying dead bodies of Mrs Peter and Frank.
Jane cry as general Kingsley [email protected]£d her before her father.
He asked his boys to [email protected]£d Jane’s father. After the boys were done ra-ping Jane’s father, he was sh0t dead by general kingsley, who took away all what mr Peter had took Jane to a house in the bush where he [email protected]£d her five times a day for good one week.
Jane manage to escape by the help of one of general Kingsley boys, named Miko, who loos£n Jane and asked her to ran away.
Jane ran away and went to Ebenator, her mother’s village, she met her maternal grandmother who was a black witch and also a very strong and powerful priestess, people mistake her for a goddess.
”Jane ogini? Why are you like this?” Her granny asked her as soon as she approach her.
”Granny it a long story!” Jane replied crying.
”Talk to me my daughter! Her granny said while Jane narrated everything that happened to her and her family.
”Hmmmm! My daughter don’t worry, st©p crying okay!” Her Granny said to her patting her back gently..
”Granny, I want him to pay for what he did to me and my family!” Jane said with crying and serious voice while her granny looked at her.
”Are you sure you really want him to pay?” Her granny asked.
”Yes granny, he took away my pride and my only brother and my parents, I must avenge my parents and brother death!” Jane said boldly while her granny starred at her a while before she went into her shrine.
She did some incantations and [email protected]£ out minutes later. She looked at Jane.
”Jane!” She called as Jane stood up from.her seat.
”Granny, what is it?” She asked.
”General Kingsley is an alccultic man, their grand lord zukka asked them to be ra-ping from 14years to 18years old vrigins, that way they would be more powerful, but one of general Kingsley saon would raise against them and with you by himside, general Kingsley and governor willams would be destroy!” Said her granny.
”Grandma, you mean general Kingsley own son would raise and have the ambition of killing his own father?” Jane asked.
”Yes, and when the time comes bring them here for fortification! I will fortified you and make you an immortal!” Said her granny.
”Okay granny!”.
One year later Jane returned to Isiagu town waiting patiently for the day general Kingsley son would raise against his father….
”That’s was how it all happened and how I [email protected]£ fearless!” Jane said crying.
”Did your granny told you the fate of the young vrigins they are ra-ping to get powers?” Okinika asked.
”Yes, she told me that any young girl of 14 to 18years they [email protected]£d would becomes useless in life and that no man would marry them, because their glory has be taking away!” Jane replied.
”What? Does that mean that my young 16years old consins that general Kingsley [email protected]£d have become useless in life automatically?” che-ster asked in fear!
”Somehow?” Jane replied.
”But is there no solution to reversed it back?” Abulo asked.
”There is!” Replied Jane.
”Which is?” Jack asked.
”If general kingsley and governor willams die, every young girls they had [email protected]£d, glory would returned to the and they would be able to marry including me!” Said Jane.
”Then I am re-ady to kill that monster of a father!” Jack said and stood up.
”I am with you!” Jane said while jack looked at her!.
”We are with you!” Jack friends said.
”We are with you too!” Jane girls said while they laughed.
”So when are we going to your maternal home?” Jack asked.
”Whenever you guys want!” Jane replied.
”Next tomorrow would be better, what do you guys think?” Abulo suggested and asked.
”Excellent idea!” Vivian said.
”Yeah next tomorrow is good!” Jane said calmly.
”Together we shall destroy them!” Jack said while the others shouted ”yes!!!!” As they join hands together.
”Let’s go!” Jack said as they left Jane’s house.
They all went home to prepared for their journey. Likewise Jane and her girls were also preparing for the journey.
Jack drove home, pu-ll-ed out of his car, he saw Miko and selebobo discussing.
”Miko, jerry said you and I should go to Amanda’s house and killed her that she insulted him!” Selebobo said.
”Oga, I am not going with you, the other day, he [email protected]£d her and now he wants her dead! Is relationsh!pby f0rç£?” Miko said angrily.
”Miko do you realized we are talking about Jerry, general Kingsley first son?” Selebobo asked.
”And so what?” Jack asked while Miko and Selebobo were shocked.
”So selebobo, you are still killing for my father and brother?” Jack asked walking towards them.
Selebobo was short of words for some moments.
”But it an order from your elder brother!” Selebobo said when he gain his voice back.
”You are very stupid. So killing is an order? Is relationsh!pby f0rç£s? Jack asked while selebobo kept quite.
”So your father f0rç£ your mother to marry him? So you are not tried of killing?” Jack asked.
”But he has be doing it before!” Selebobo manage to say.
”So killing is by f0rç£? He don’t want to kill again! Get out of here idiot!” Jack yell at him while Selebobo angrily left the place as Jack turned to Miko.
”Miko I want to asked you something!”
”Boss, what could that be?” Miko asked. Jack was supraise why Miko was calling him boss.
”Miko you just called me boss!” Jack said.
”Yes, that’s who you are!” Miko replied.
”Anyway, do you know anyb©dy called Jane Peter? Popularly knowed as Jane the fearless girl?”Jack asked while miko scratched his head for some minutes as he thinks of who Jane was. Suddenly he remembered.
”Yes I know her, her parents and brother were killed two years ago by your father and she was also [email protected]£d by him. I was the one that free her!” Miko said.
”She told me all that!” Jack said.
”What? She told you? How? Where? Miko asked supraisely…
One word for Selebobo.
Do you think Miko will join Jack and others to destroy general Kingsley and governor Williams?

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