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The general and his son batch 1

WRITTEN: Anny Edohien Godfrey
It was a [email protected] new day and of course it was on Monday, beginning of the week.
Jack could be see sitting outside their house, he was completely lost in thought.
”Why would my dad being killing innocent souls and collecting people things? Ever since he [email protected]£ the general of this state all he do is to f0rç£fully collect and kill without mercy, for real my dad is evil. He has completely change and the worse is the state Gorveron is doing nothing about it and my elder brother Jerry is supporting him. My father has turned many women to widows, many children to orphans, even many men to widowers. He has succeeded in render many lives useless. He has turned peoples children to killers.
No my father can’t continue to kill innocent people and I will just sit down doing nothing.
I think is high time I st©p him, I don’t care what it takes me but I must st©p him!”
Jack said to himself in thought.
He was disattra-cted by the sound of a woman who was crying for help.
Jack stood up from his seat immediately and walk out from the gate only to see his father boys dragging the woman and her son with a young girl of her earlys 16, who happens to be the woman daughter.
”Hey! St©p that!” (He yell at his father boys with angry face) but they didn’t st©p.
”I say st©p that!” He yell at them again then they st©pped……
WRITTEN: Anny Edohien Godfrey
”What crime has this woman and her children committe, that will makes you to dragged them like a common criminal?” Jack asked the boys.
”The general your father, told them not to entered the land opposite the market road, but they still went there!” Baddu explained.
”And he also asked us to bring her daughter!” Miko added.
”Who own the land?” Jack asked.
”It my late husband only pieces of land!” Said the woman with breaking voice.
”plea-se help us, if your father took the land from us, we will die of hunger!” The son pleaded.
”plea-se sir, have pitty on us, we don’t have any other means to survive if we lost the land to your father!” The daughter added in pleading voice.
Jack turned to the boys and asked them
”Is what this woman and her children said true?”
None of the boys could give him answer. Some were looking down, some looked away, while some scratched their head.
It was obvious the woman and her children were saying the truth.
”So my father s£nt you boys to come and chase and beaten up owner of land and even bring her daughter to him!”
What do you think that monster of a father would do to her?” If not [email protected]£d (Jack asked and continue) ”And you stupidly come here and start beating this woman with her children! Instead of you to found something meanful to do with your lives, you are here killing and collecting peoples things for that evil man that called himself my father!
Are you boys not tried of killing innocent people all the time?” Jack asked sadly.
None of them could say a word, they all stand still, starring at the air.
”Now disappear from here and looked for something to do with your lives!” Jack said.
”I say disappear from here, you blood illiterate!” Jack interrupted Miko. While they left angrily and went to tell general.
Jack turned to the woman and her children on the ground, he took they up.
”What is your name?” He asked referring to the woman’s daughter.
”My name is Juliet!” She answered.
”How old are you?” He asked.
”I am 16 years old!” She answered.
”And you, how old are you? And what is your name?” He asked referring to the boy.
”My name is Emmanuel and I am 18years old!” The boy replied. Jack turned to the woman who was still in tears.
”I am very sorry for what my father did to you! plea-se I want you to know that I am not in support of whatever he is doing! plea-se forgive him!” Jack pleaded.
”Thank you my son for saving me and my children, especially my daughter who has been S-xually abuse by your father countless times, I am not talking about me, cause I am an elderly person!” She said in tears.
”What?”(Jack shouted with his mouth wild opened with shocked. He turned to Juliet who was crying bitterly.)
”My father has been ra-ping you?” Jack asked Juliet.
”Yes countless times!” She replied and nodded her head.
”God! No! No! No! I can’t believed this! That father of mine is evil!” Jack said putting his hands on his face trying to his the tears that was coming out of his eyes.
”What is your name ma?” He asked referring to the woman.
”My name is Mrs Christabel Johnson!”
”Okay, Mrs Christabel plea-se takes your children home and I promise to protect you from my father! Juliet am very sorry for what my………..”
”Is okay, you have done enough!” Emmanuel interrupted him.
”plea-se take this money and use it for treatment or some other things!” Jack said handing over some money to Mrs Christabel.
”Thank you very much” Mrs Christabel said and collect the money! While they left.
Jack was going to meet his friends but decide against it and went home….
WRITTEN:Anny Edohien Godfrey
Jack got home sadly, heartbroken and hatred for his father, he entered the sitting room, he saw his father (General Kingsley) sitting on the couch re-ading news paper, but pretended as if he didn’t see him and was about going upstairs when his father called him back.
”Jack!” His father called while Jack turned.
”Yes, how can I helped you?” He asked with anger on his voice.
”Is that a way of greeting your father?” General asked.
”Okay! Good day Mr general Kingsley! Am I free to go and rest?” He asked his father.
”Jack, why did you st©pped my boys from what I s£nt them?” General asked.
”So you s£nt those things you called your boys to go beaten and chase away that poor woman and her children from their only piece of land and even bring the daughter to you so you could [email protected]£d her as usually?” Jack asked.
”Yes, I s£nt them to even kill her and her miserable son, and bring the daughter to me, cause I warned them to stay off that land!” Said general boldly and shameless.
”Can you hear yourself? You s£nt them to even kill them! Haven’t you had enough blood stains in your hands? Why are you this wicked?” Jack asked his father sadly.
”Don’t you have respect? Did you realized that am still your father?” General yelled at Jack.
”God forbid, you are not my father! You lost my respect ever since you starting killing, I mean ever since you become the general of this state, all you do is to kill and collect people things! You turned into a monster that never gets tried of drinking blood everyday. Are you the only military man that becomes general? Everyb©dy are scared of you, none talks good of this family because of you! Many women has turned to widow, many children has turned to orphans all because of you. You has succeeded in destroying many lives. What kind of an evil man are you?” Jack asked yelling with anger and hatred at his father.
”How dare you speak to me in such manner! Are you mad?” General yell at Jack raising his hand to [email protected] him, but Jack held his hand up.
”I am no longer that little boy you use to know, and don’t ever I mean ever in your life till you die, raise your hand or try to hit me again!” Jack yell back at his father still holding his hands.
”So you now talks back at me when am talking?” Asked general angrily.
”Yes, that because I am not scared of you one bit!” Jack replied boldly…..
WRITTEN: Anny Edohien Godfrey
Just then Mrs Annabel and Jessica Jack mother and younger sister walked in from upstairs!
”What is happening here?” Mrs Annabel asked stepping down from the stairs with Jessica while Jack turned re-leasing his Father’s hand.
”Good day Mom!” Jack greeted.
”Jack you and your father again?”
”Mom, I will not st©p untill this man here changes his ways!” Jack said pointing at his father.
”What happen? What did he do again?” Mrs Annabel asked calmly.
”Mom!”(Jack began) ”You won’t believed that this man here that called himself my father asked those things he called his boys to throne out one Mrs Christabel Johnson away from their only piece of land and even asked his boys to beat up the woman and her son to death and bring her 16years old daughter to him, so I st©pped them for doing that and they [email protected]£ and reported to him, that’s why he is shouting!” Jack narrated.
”What?”(Mrs Annabel shouted and turned to general Kingsley who feel less concerns) ”Mr Kingsley, Are you not tried of killing and collecting people things? What kind of a man are you?” Mrs Annabel asked sadly.
”Woman, how dare you called me by my name?” General Kingsley asked angrily.
”If I do! What will you do? Beat me as usually? Go ahead and beat me!” Mrs Annabel yelled at general Kingsley.
”Mom, is okay!” Jack said taking his mother to himself.
”Just hope he has not be ra-ping that little girl like he always do to small small girls!” Mrs Annabel said.
”Countless times! He had be ra-ping her countless times!” Jack said sadly.
”Jesus Christ!” (Jessica shouted) ”Dad you are wicked, I hate you!” Jessy said almost crying.
”Shout up your mouth, what do you know little rat!” General Kingsley yelled at Jessy.
”She doesn’t know anything, but she knows ra-ping is not good!” Jack said defending Jessy!
”Kingsley, you are an evil man, this are the people, you are suppose to protect and not kill, [email protected]£d and collect their things!” Mrs Annabel said with a tearfully voice.
”Annabel, how dare you speak to me in ssuch manner, are you mad?” General Kingsley yelled at Mrs Annabel raising his hands to [email protected] her but was interrupted by Jerry’s voice.
”What is happening here?” Jerry asked as he walked fully into the sitting room.
”Your brother is insulting me and your mother is supporting!” General Kingsley lied.
”What?”(Jerry shouted and turned to Jack) ”so Jack you’re insulting your father?” Jerry asked.
”Asked what happened before jumping into conclusion!” Jessy said while jerry starred at her for a while, then turned to Jack.
”Jack what happened?” He manage to asked.
”Listen brother, dad s£nt his boys to beat and throne one poor woman that lives down the road away from their only piece of land along side with her children; the worst is that dad has been ra-ping the 16years old daughter of this woman!” Jack said.
”And so fv¢king what? For cry out loud, dad is the general of this state and he can do whatever he likes as long as the government are not not complaining!” Jerry said defending his father.
”Will you shout up your mouth Jerry! You are a big fool!” Mrs Annabel yell at Jerry.
”You are the true son of your father!” General Kingsley said praising Jerry for defending him.
”I am not supraise that you are supporting him, because you’re a s-en-seless person!” Jack said to jerry angrily.
”Jack do you realized that am your elder brother?” Jerry asked with anger bur-sting in his eyes.
”Then behave like one, if you are s-en-sible enough you would know that ra-ping is not good, not to talk of a 48years old man ra-ping a 16years old girl and her mother the same time as if that was not enough, he eeven s£nd those bit-ches he called his boys to them up; Are you blind that you cannot see? Are you not s-en-sible enough to know what is good and what is bad?” Jack yelled at jerry angrily.
”Jack you are talking to me?”(Jerry asked and turned to his father) ”Dad!”….
WRITTEN: Anny Edohien Godfrey
”Calm down Jerry, let him be, They would regret this!” General Kingsley said to jerry.
”We will not regret anything, its you and Jerry that would regret it if you two don’t turned from your evil ways especially you Jerry cause it will led you to your destruction! And do not think that everyb©dy is scared of you cause I am not scared of you and also don’t think that nob©dy can st©p you, cause Jack is going to st©p you!” Jack said.
”Kingsley I curse the day I married you, I curse the day I say yes to you!” Mrs Annabel said crying.
”You all are fools, you are stupid!” General Kingsley said confusedly and sat on the couch while Jerry joined him.
”Mom, is okay, just go upstairs, Jessy take mom to her room, I would be back!” Jack said and turned to leave, he starred at his father and elder brother before walking out of the sitting room, while Jessy and Mrs Annabel went upstairs.
Jack [email protected]£ out of the sitting room, he took his phone and called Okinika his friend.
”Jack, jacker, jackets!” Okinika said hailing Jack immediately he picked the call.
”Okinika am not in the mood for that! Where are you?” Jack asked.
”Ha, bro, wentin dey sup?” Okinika asked from within the phone!
”I will tell you; where are you?” Jack asked again!
’’we dey mama Kate’s bar, we just dey run somethings, normal level nah!” Okinika replied.
”No problem, I dey come!” Jack said and end the call. He putted his phone inside his pocket and entered his car and start the engine! ”San-usi open the gate!” He yell at their gateman as san-usi ran and opened the gate while Jack drove out, he went to mama Kate’s bar.
On the other hand, General Kingsley and Jerry sat next to each other confusedly.
”Dad, we nee-d to do something, cause Jack is becoming so annoying and I can’t take that!” Jerry said angrily.
”Jerry don’t worry i will handle him and don’t forget he is your younger brother!” General Kingsley said standing up from the couch.
”I will be in my room!” General Kingsley said and start walking away.
”Okay dad!” Jerry replied and stood up too. He walked out of the sitting as his father went upstairs.
General kingsley entered his room, he locked the door with key and went to his wardrobe, he changes his clothes to black garment and tied his head with a piece of red cloth, he hold an iron staff in his hands, he then face wall, he do some incantations and disappeared to his alccultic kingdom.
Jack on the other hand, got to mama Kate’s bar, he pu-ll-ed out of his car, then went to meet his friends.
”Jack, jacker, jackest!” Okinika hailed him.
”The only Jack Keisha in this town!” Abulo hailed him too but Jack was not smiling!
”Ha, bro wentin dey sup?” che-ster asked.
”Jack, tell uswho offend you, make we go sock garrison give the person!” Abulo said.
”Na my papa dey make vex!” Jack said.
”Ha! Your papa, the general, wentin come sup between una na?” Abulo asked.
”That man dey make me vex! You nor go believed say that man s£nd his boys to go beat one Mrs Christabel Johnson, with her children and pursue them commot for their only land! You know the worst, my father don dey [email protected]£d the woman 16years old daughter since!” Jack narrated.
”fv¢k! You mean your papa dey [email protected]£d 16years old? Your sister age mate?” Okinika asked in supraised while Jack node his head sadly.
”Your papa nah wicked man!” Abulo said.
”That Mrs Christabel Johnson nah my late uncle wife and your papa dey [email protected]£d my 16years old consins! Ha! Hai! Jack if nor be say you too good, if nor be say you be my friend eh!” che-ster yelld………
What do you think General Kingsley is up to?
What do you think about Jack’s friends?

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