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The exclusive S-x worker Episode 44 & 45

Chapter 44
[Exclusively His]
(Pregnancy prevention pills)
Writer’s P O V
“Let’s see what you got there sweetie.” He grinned.
Pink’s eyes remained on Prince Reagan as she slowly climbe-d and stayed on t©p of him, sitting very close to his hvge bulge.
The sight of his bulge almost made Pink laugh but she didn’t.
Slowly, she reached for his bulge. Her hand on him made Prince Reagan j£rk a little.
Pink flashed Prince Reagan a wi-de grin, happy that she is affecting him in a way she liked.
She slowly pu-ll-ed off his trou-ser and his shorts before spilling out his member.
She [email protected]£d his c0ck with her hands, again, the new t©uçh s£nd electric waves throu-gh Prince Reagan’s b©dy but he didn’t let it show.
Then slowly, she lowered her head, reaching for the mouth of his c0ck. She stuck out her ton-gue and tea-sed the ti-p. Prince Reagan again felt the effect and j£rked.
Pink started stro-king his ha-rd ened length, ma-king him ha-rder. The feel of his c0ck in her hands felt so great. She felt in control, literally she is in control.
After teasing and stro-king him for a while. She swallowed him de-ep, till she couldn’t take him in any longer.
She bobbe-d her head up and down, fv¢kïng him with her mouth.
A low [email protected] prince Reagan’s [email protected], gingering Pink to do more. She made the pace fas-ter.
Prince Reagan couldn’t help it anymore, his hand found her hair, he held her hair ti-ghtly almost hurting her. He then aided her in her movement.
“Oh…$h!t…!” Prince Reagan [email protected] ed out as he felt his pre¢v-m. It was coming fas-ter than expected.
Prince Reagan’s grip on her hair ti-ght£ñed again as he helped her in her movement.
Soon, he gro-an ed out loudly re-leasing into her mouth. In other to prevent herself from gagging. Pink had to swallow down his ¢v-m.
She [email protected]£ right back up, her eyes trailing prince Reagan’s exhausted ones.
A sm-irk crept up her face then. She moved herself on his th!ghs until she was sitting directly un-der his semi ha-rd ened c0ck.
“You….!” Prince Reagan was about saying when Pink shut him up with a smug k!ss. She lowered him down to the be-d, ma-king him lie flat on the be-d.
She got back up on him.
“Enjoy yourself my prince. But you’ll have to grant me a request after this tho,” she smiled at him.
Prince Reagan furrowed his brows.
“What request?” He asked suppressing the [email protected] that almost flew out of his mouth as a result of Pink’s as-s on his member.
Pink moved slowly on him, allowing his member move along with her rhyme.
The very act got Prince Reagan more hor-ny.
“You will grant me the request right?” Pink asked and moved on him again.
Prince Reagan remained muted not sure of what to reply her.
“Uhmm,” she hummed twisting her bu-tt on his member. The ti-p of his c0ck tea-sed her hole ma-king Prince Reagan [email protected] a loud “Yes.”
Pink’s smile wi-de-ned, satisfied with his reply.
“That is a promise,” she win-ked before sitting fully on his member, gently taking him in till he filled her up completely.
Both prince Reagan and Pink let out a loud [email protected] as their skin joined together. She lifted her as-s up a bit before going down back to meet him.
And like that, she continued ri-ding him until they both ‘[email protected]£.’
*Fast forward*
“So what exactly are you trying to say, Derek? You mean Tess is really sick and dying?” Pink asked, speaking into her phone. She was lying beside Prince Reagan on the be-d. Immediately she made mention of dying, prince Reagan turned to look at her.
“Yes sis. You nee-d to see her for yourself. She is so skinny, so pale. Her hair is even shaved, she is just using wigs now,” Derek replied from the other end.
Pink hummed.
“Ok..I believe you then. You say its stomach cancer?” She asked him.
“Yeah, that’s what I heard. Her time is very short, I kinda made a deal with her. Not like a deal deal but I kinda promised not to leave her, I mean considering it’s her last days on earth right?” Derek spoke from the other end.
“Hmm. Derek are you sure about that tho? You sure you wanna be by herself till the end because she simply likes you. I still don’t trust her completely. It’s you I trust so if you have really made that decision. I’ll have to accept it,” Pink said.
“Yeah right. Thanks,” Derek mumbled from the other end.
“We’ll speak later then. I nee-d to study now,” he added before disconnecting the call.
“Derek?” Prince Reagan asked after she dropped the call.
“Yup,” Pink answered retuning her full attention back to prince Reagan.
Prince Reagan pu-ll-ed her closer to him. Hisl-ips finding her n£¢k and shoulder again. It seems like he has developed interest in k!ss!ngher there.
“Hope he is okay? Hope he is not in any kind of trouble? Does he nee-d money?” Prince Reagan’s question [email protected]£ out muffled.
“He is okay and he does not nee-d money. The one you sneaked into his bag is more than enough,” Pink replied him.
“Huh,” Prince Reagan lifted his eyes to stare back at Pink’s.
“Sneaked in money?” He asked, pretending not to know about it.
“Yes. I know what you did. He also knows but his anger towards your father won’t allow him call you and thank you for it,” Pink said.
“Well, that was nothing. So what request do you want me to grant you?” Prince Reagan inquired really curious.
“Not now my prince. When the time comes, I’ll let you know. For now, let’s concentrate on getting back my memory,” Pink cooed. Her eyes staring back into his light brown eyes.
**The next day**
“So, my prince. You and your… girlfriend will have to come back tomorrow to see the main doctor in charge. He is not on duty today, we are so sorry about that,” the doctor Pink and Prince Reagan met at the hospital they went told them.
Prince Reagan frowned, displea-sed by the news. He is not used to such things as return back.
“Hey, it’s ok,” Pink squee-zed his hand in reas-surance when she noticed his frowns.
Prince Reagan stood up, ma-king Pink stand with him.
“Make sure to get him here by tomorrow. I won’t come back after that,” Prince Reagan said in a ha-rd voice before storming out of the office.
Pink flashed the doctor a smile before turning to follow prince Reagan. She paused at the door and turned back to look at him.
“Um…can I get pills from you? Pregnancy prevention pills?” Pink requested looking at the doctor with hope.
“You are the one taking it?” The doctor questioned.
“Yes,” Pink nodded her head at him.
“Ok, I’ll write this for you. Go to the pharmacist at the other end of the hospital. Just give him this and he’ll give you the pills,” the doctor said writing something down on a piece of paper.
“Thank you,” Pink thanked collecting the paper. But just then, the door opened abruptly and Prince Reagan walked in back.
“What are you still doing here?” He asked. His eyes fell on the paper with her.
“What is that?” He asked again gr-abbing the paper from her hands before she could utter a word. Pink watched as he re-ad what was written in the paper.
He lifted his head back to stare at her, frowning.
“Pregnancy prevention pills? For what?” Prince Reagan gro-an ed, getting even more angrier.
“I..I just don’t want to get….”
“Why? You don’t want to carry my child? Does it disgust you?” He interrupted, snapping at her.
Pink opened her mouth to speak but nothing [email protected]£ out from her mouth. She never thought the way Prince Reagan as-sumed. She never knew he’ll get angry at her for it.
Still dumbfounded she watched as Prince Reagan turned back and left her there.
Chapter 45
Writer’s P O V
Still dumbfounded she watched as Prince Reagan turned back and left her there.
After finding her feet, Pink left the doctor’s office, fastening her pace so she could get to him fast and she did. Right before Prince Reagan could enter the car opened for him by Simon.
“Reagan,” she called pu-lling him by the arm to turn back to her.
“I’m sorry, I never that will get you angry and no, I am not disgusted by anything.
Carrying your child is actually a gift. So why on earth will I feel that way? I’m not done with my education. I’m just not re-ady for any of those,” she explained as fast as she could. She stared into prince Reagan’s eyes hoping he un-derstands her point.
Prince Reagan kept a neutral look on. He kept staring at her before he sighed. He placed his hands on her two shoulders.
“I’m sure Cas-sy injected that into your veins alre-ady. Cas-sy’s drugs last for a long time. It won’t wash away easily. Taking the pills, a combination of both can harm your health real bad. So, you aren’t getting pregnant soon. Don’t take the drugs. I don’t want you taking them,” he said, sounding strict with his last s£ntence.
A smile appeared on Pink’s face. She went on her ti-ppy toes before placing a k!sson his cheeks.
“Thanks for the advice. I actually thought it hasn’t washed off. Thanks for caring, but you shouldn’t have gotten angry too. It made me feel so bad,” she pouted.
“Any little thing you wanna do, you mustn’t fail to inform me. I must know of your every moves, un-derstood?” He said and asked.
Pink bobbe-d her head repeatedly in response before asking.
“But you really want me to get pregnant for you? You have a child right?” Pink inquired.
“Yeah. I do have a son. Having a child with you will be a dream come true tho so don’t take pills, I’ll take responsibilities,” Prince Reagan spoke sincerely.
Pink smiled at his words again. She awarded him with another pe-ck ma-king Prince Reagan frown.
“What is that for?” He asked and before Pink could reply. He drew her closer ma-king her br£@st press ha-rd against his ha-rd broad che-st. He placed hisl-ips on hers and started k!ss!ngher.
Prince Reagan wasn’t even minding if people were watching them. Hell! A lot of people could take pictures and post them on the net but he was re-ady to announce that she is his and will remain his forever.
He also showed it in the manner he k!$$£d Pink. A very possessive k!ss.
Pink had to f0rç£fully pu-ll out of the k!ss. She was lost for air and wanted to breathe in air. Her cheeks were also flu-shed.
She looked around them to see some patients watching them. One was a boy of eleven years old.
“I didn’t see anything,” the boy palmed his eyes ma-king Pink [email protected] out in more embarras-sment.
She rolled her eyes at Prince Reagan before getting into the car.
She hid her face from Simon who was sitted and indirectly looking at Pink throu-gh the rearview mirror.
Prince Reagan followed her into the car with a sm-irk marrying his face.
“My prince,” Simon called turning to briefly glance at Prince Reagan.
“Yes,” Prince Reagan answered also briefly staring back at him.
He regards Simon as his best friend since they are always together. He doesn’t show it tho but he trust him hundred percent. Even more than he trust his brothers.
“Um…when you found out that someone was pas-sing information about Amanda to the king. Why didn’t you suspect that it was me who did it?” Simon questioned really curious.
Prince Reagan furrowed his brows at the question. He never expected such questions from him.
“That is because you can never betray me. I know it so I didn’t bother suspecting you. It’s a pity that your brother choose the king over me. I know you can never do that,” the prince supplied confidently.
Simon paused in his walkings. Swallowing a lump that formed in his throat.
“Why?” Prince Reagan glanced at him and asked. Simon continued walking.
“I’m just surprised you trust me to that extent,” Simon responded.
“Of course I do. You know everything about me. You have never shown such signs before, so I trust you,” Prince Reagan shook his head as he said.
What if you find out that Frank is actually my child and not yours? It was at the ti-p of his ton-gue to ask but he held himself.
Of course the prince is smart. He’ll find his as-s and run the DNA test after his question.
“Thank you. It’s an honour, I made no mistake becoming your personal guard,” Simon blurted but de-ep down he was worried.
I hope Celia is lying about me being the father of Frank. I really hope she is lying. I think I should run the DNA test first. Let me find out the truth, he concluded in his mind.
“So, your Highness, miss Amanda Scott will nee-d a thera-pist. She’ll have to un-der counseling for a few weeks before we go into her childhood memory lane to find those hidden memories.”
“Hope that is okay?” The female doctor asked, staring from Prince Reagan to Pink.
“Oh, it’ll take that long?” Pink made a sad face.
“Yes, I’m so sorry. From what you explained. Your treatment nee-ds to come in handy. So, are you in for it?” The doc asked again.
“You’re in?” Prince Reagan turned to look at Pink in question.
“I have no choice. I’ll find out the main reason why our memories got wiped off. I think there is something the person who wiped our memories off doesn’t want us to remember.” Pink narrated.
Prince Reagan let out a de-ep sigh. “If you can take it then I can take it,” he said.
“Ok, I’ll set the appointments for you miss Amanda.” The female doc smiled and got up.
“Wait for me here plea-se,” she added before standing up.
The female doctor walked out to meet a man wearing dark hoodie there.
He [email protected]£d her, covered her mouth as she made to scream. He pu-ll-ed her to a sharp corner before uncovering her mouth but not before showing her a gun.
“What did the prince come here for? Tell me now and save your damn life,” the man threatened scaring $h!t out of her.
“I..a doctor can’t reveal her patients…”
“Shh, you’ll have to continue working for us. You’ll get paid real well for that piece of information. But if you insist, your little brother who I heard is still in school, I’ll tell my guys to go abduct him,” the man gave her a scary smile.
“Ok ok,” the doc nodded in agreement.
The man smiled again.
Inside the office. The prince received a text from Simon.
*I just saw one the queen’s men entering the hospital. I followed him and he took the nurse that just [email protected]£ out from a door. I don’t know if it’s the doctor attending to you.* The text re-ad.
After re-ading the message, the prince stood up.
“Let’s go. We are done here,” prince Reagan said gr-abbing Pink’s hand.
“Ok, why is that?” Pink kept asking as the Prince took her away to the car.

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