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The exclusive S-x worker Episode 42 & 43

Chapter 42
[Exclusively His]
Written and owned by: Blessing D writes
Writer’s P O V
Yes, I knew it. I knew that something was kinda off with Simon. Thank goodness I decided to follow him and listen to their conversation.
I’m glad Reagan doesn’t have a hand in what’s happening with Ethan and Lilian. But the king, his queen and the crown prince are still left out.
Did simon make mention of the guards Lilian describe-d resembling the crown prince’s guards?
Now I really nee-d to talk with Ethan and Lilian.
Next day.
Pink knocked softly on the door and after some minutes the door got opened by Ethan.
“Hey,” Ethan said stepping out of the way for her to enter.
“Hey,” Pink said to him before stepping in. She dropped the foodstuffs she brou-ght on t©p of the table before turning back to look at Ethan. She got startled a bit when she saw Ethan standing right behind her.
“Hey,” she said again awkwardly wondering why he was so close to her.
“Wh…where is Lilian?” She gulped down and asked.
“She? I think she is still having her bath or something,” Ethan answered not moving away from her.
The nervousness inside Pink grew, she kept gulping down her saliva at how intense Ethan stared at her.
“Um…” she shifted on one foot backwards but Ethan took a step closer to her.
“I…What…” Pink was stuttering when she felt Ethan’s hands on her [email protected]!st. He pu-ll-ed her closer to him, ma-king her eyes wi-den a bit more in shock.
“You..what…are you…doing?” Pink kept stuttering as Ethan’sl-ips neared hers. Just as theirl-ips were about to t©uçh, Lilian [email protected]£ out from the inner room.
“Ok, what is going on here?” Lilian asked, looking from Pink to Ethan who has moved away from Pink now.
Pink laughed awkwardly before turning to look at Ethan for explaination too.
“Nothing,” Ethan simply said before exiting the room.
“Was my brother about to k!ssyou just now?” Lilian asked drying her hair.
“I don’t really know, I think so,” Pink replied nervously before sitting down on the old looking couch there.
“Woah, you really brou-ght foodstuffs,” Lilian beamed moving closer to the bags placed on t©p of the table.
“Yeah,” Pink mouthed drily.
Took it from the kitchen with Prince Reagan’s permission, Pink added.
Lilian smiled. “Thanks babe, I think we’ll be stuck here for a long time. I don’t know the person after us,” Lilian sighed sitting down.
“I heard some things last night. You should call Ethan out,” Pink started. Lillian didn’t waste time before calling her brother out.
Pink explained everything that happened the previous night to her. During her explaination her eyes sometimes moves to Ethan’s. She kept wondering why he behaved that way but couldn’t ask him.
“Woah, so you mean…his guard is listening to all our conversation now?” Lilian asked, her eyes wi-dely opened.
“Yes, I’m sure of it,” Pink nodded. Lilian quic-kly stood up, she rushed out and check all the corners but didn’t find him, she went back inside.
“I didn’t see anyone outside,” Lilian announced.
“As far as Simon drove me here, he is listening. Trust me, he is a prince guard. He won’t be caught easily,” Pink shook her head saying.
“Woah, he is a pro then. I’ll give him that,” Lilian chuckled lightly.
“Simon, you heard us. I can no longer hide anything from you anyways, you can come in and st©p standing. Your legs will hurt you, I don’t intend on going home quic-kly,” Pink purposely said knowing that Simon must be listening.
They all kept silent just waiting to see if what Pink said is true. After about 5 minutes, the door knob turned and the door opened revea-ling Simon.
“Woah,” Lilian blinked in exclamation.
“You can sit here, don’t bother speaking to him. He only reports to the prince,” Pink beckoned on Simon to sit beside her while she referred to Lilian in her last s£ntence.
Lilian shifted uncomfortably on her sit while staring at Simon who has a blank, unre-adable look on. Her eyes trailed down his perfectly built abs. She couldn’t help but swallow down her saliva.
Back at the palace.
Pink kept staring at the ceiling in thought.
I want to meet the so called king. How do I s£nd a message to him? I nee-d a perfect plan, I nee-d to see that man, Pink kept thinking.
“Amanda,” Prince Reagan called, interrupting her thoughts.
He stood up from where he was sitting, he walked up to her.
“What is it? What are you thinking about? You look lost.” Prince Reagan mouthed softly cu-pping her cheeks.
“Nothing,” she answered, her eyes fixed on the ceiling. In order to draw her full attention to him, his hand sneaked into her b©©bs and he squee-zed her ti-ght there. A [email protected] escaped Pink’sl-ips, she focused on prince Reagan immediately.
“Don’t behave that way with me again. I’ll punish you, and I’ll do it in the most painful way,” Prince Reagan mouthed.
“How do you intend to do that, my prince?” Pink asked, sarcastically.
A sm-irk formed on Prince Reagan’sl-ips, with his hand still on her b©©b s. He pinched her alre-ady [email protected] n!ppl!s, he earned another [email protected] from her.
“Geez,” Pink breathed out after a while. She tried moving away from him but he tra-pped her in a position.
“What are you thinking about? Don’t lie to me,” he warned, sounding dead serious.
Prince Reagan wanted to know every of her thoughts to know how to go about protecting her. Alre-ady he has asked someone to secretly follow Derek everywhere he goes, in case, just in case someone from the palace attacks him over there.
Even tho he is no longer close with Derek as he was when they were much more younger, he still de-eply care about him. Although he doesn’t show it, but he does. And he also knows that if anything happens to Derek, it will greatly affect Pink a lot.
“I want to meet your father,” Pink revealed.
“I’m dying of curiosity here. I just want to know the main reason my family got washed away that way.” Pink added.
Prince Reagan buried his head on her shoulder, inhaling her scent.
“You can’t, since you are like this. I’ll have to do it myself. I’ll have to ask father myself, I’ll take my chances,” Prince Reagan mumbled planting soft k!sses on her n£¢k and her shoulder. Every area of her b©dy that was expo-sed, he kept k!ss!ngher there.
“Take me with you Reagan, I…” she paused when she felt another tug and pinch on her n!ppl!.
“No! I can’t put your life in danger. I can’t risk it anymore,” Prince Reagan refused once more. His reply pissed Pink off a lot. She want some much to yell at him but the sudden plea-sure he is causing her is st©pping her from doing what she wants.
Her left n!pplethat he kept tugging must have become red by now. He also kept k!ss!ngher, she is so sure that she will see hitches on her n£¢k when she checks the mirror. Despite all the plea-sure, she still managed to ask.
“What about my lost memory?”
Prince Reagan paused for a while before replying.
“We go see the doctor tomorrow for that.” Prince Reagan announced before burying his head back on her shoulder.
Chapter 43
(In charge. Jealousy)
Writer’s P O V
“So nothing is changing in your b©dy?” Emily asked staring at Celia.
“Yes, nothing at all. I don’t think I’m getting pregnant,”Celia folded her arms, saying.
“You took the pills the way you were asked to take it?” Emily c0cked her brows as she asked.
Celia huffed. “Of course I took it the way I was asked to. Maybe those pills are fake,” Celia frowned.
“Fake? How can you call them fake? If you aren’t getting pregnant then I’m sure you caused it yourself,” Emily snapped at Celia.
“Or maybe they are fake,”Celia snapped back, rolling her eyes.
“They aren’t. I’m sure they work perfectly well,” Emily insisted.
“Have you used them before then? Have you?” Celia asked her.
“Well, I’m not re-ady to have a child right now. I’m not the one desperately in nee-d to tra-p my husband down with pregnancy,” Emily scoffed and said.
Celia wanted to speak but sighted Prince Steven approaching them. She shut her mouth, turned and started leaving.
Emily hissed loudly for Celia to hear.
“Ok, what was that?” Prince Steven frowned at his wife.
“It’s nothing,” she answered trying to wipe the angry look off her face.
“You don’t lie to me, Emi. Don’t start now,” Prince Steven said.
“Well, it’s just that I was trying to help her get pregnant for prince Reagan since she desperately nee-ded another child for him. I don’t no if she overused the fertility pill or something. It didn’t work for her and now she is here trying to blame me for that,” Emily explained hissing at the end.
“Get pregnant for Reagan? Why will you help her with such things? If Reagan was to find this out, you think he’ll be happy with you?” Prince Steven scolded.
Emily pouted herl-ips while looking elsewhere.
“I was just trying to help okay,” she murmured.
“Anything that concerns my brothers. Don’t get involved. In fact, why are you even friends with her?” Prince questioned, his tone gruff.
“I..I..” Emily stuttered.
“You should stay away from trouble. I don’t want you being close with her or with anyone else inside here. I hate troubles, don’t be the one bringing them to me,” Prince Steven scolded again.
“Oh..I’m sorry…it’s just…” Emily tried saying but kept quite at the end.
Prince Steven sighed at the end.
“I’m sorry for yelling at you. I don’t mean to get angry,” prince Steven apologized pu-lling her into a warm [email protected] in which she gladly accepted.
**America. London**
“Derek, can you esc-rt to the supermarket? I nee-d to buy some groceries,” Derek heard Tess voice from the sitting room.
He closed the book he was studying and stood up.
How did she get in? Derek wondered walking into the sitting room to see Tess there.
“plea-se don’t refuse. I’ll be so lonely out there,” Tess pleaded.
“Sure..sure,” Derek agreed not having the mind to refuse her.
“Ok,” Tess nodded happyily.
“Let me get a shi-t,” Derek added before going back into his room. He returned minutes later and they left.
“You know how to drive, Derek?” Tess asked.
“Yeah, learnt it when I had a fight with Pink because…”Derek suddenly paused knowing he shouldn’t bring such t©pics up.
“Yeah. I learnt it with my friend,” he corrected himself.
Tess pas-sed on her car keys to him and he received it. They got into the car and Derek drove off to the mall Tess’s wanted to get groceries from.
They [email protected]£ down from the car. Tess ran to gr-ab Derek’s hand. It made him a bit uncomfortable but he still doesn’t know how to get away from her so he just acted like he was fine.
They went into the mall and Tess picked up a basket for shopping. She started picking out the foodstuffs she nee-ded while Derek watched her.
They kept walking round the mall. Tess kept picking out things she nee-ded.
“Derek,” a familiar voice called out to Derek. Tess and Derek st©pped moving immediately.
They both turned back at the same time to look at the person calling him.
“Michelle,” Derek called in a whisper.
The young girl about Derek’s age smiled and ran to hvg him. What she did angered Tess to no end.
“Um….Michelle?” Derek called trying to pu-ll out of the hvg but the young girl seems determined.
“Derek I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have broken up with you. I hated myself ever since I did that, I was only jealous. plea-se forgive me and accept me back, plea-se,” the girl kept pleading with him.
“Ok. Ok, I’ve heard you. We are in public, Michelle st©p embarras-sing me,” Derek whispered into her ear before she finally pu-ll-ed out of the hvg, she kept on holding his hands ti-ghtly. Totally ignoring Tess who was watching the whole thing in fury.
“You forgive me? Does that mean we can get back together? If that’s it….”
“Get away from him now!” Tess rasped at her before pushing her away with every f0rç£ in her.
Thr girl fell down on the floor with her eyes wi-dely opened in horror and shock.
Derek also blinked repeatedly before un-derstanding what Tess did. He quic-kly helped Michelle stand back on her feet after that, then he turned to look at Tess who was fuming angrily.
She is angry that Derek helped the girl up.
“Tess?” Derek called staring wi-dely at her.
Tess dropped the basket with her and ran off.
“Look Michelle, I’m sorry. I can’t come back to you,” Derek apologized and said to the girl before running after Tess.
Tess followed a corridor that leads to the restroom. She was about entering the female restroom when Derek caught up with her.
“Tessy?” Derek called again turning her to look at him.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. I didn’t know what [email protected]£ over me.” Tess apologized regretting what she did few minutes ago.
Tears alre-ady stained her eyes.
Derek stared at her for a few seconds without uttering a word.
“I said I’m sorry,” Tess apologized again.
“You should have just apologized to her. Tess, you shouldn’t have behaved the way you did. It shows how jealous you are, the same thing that separated that Michelle and I.” Derek said.
“You aren’t going to leave me too are you?” Tess asked as more tears kept streaming down her cheeks.
“No! I won’t. I’ll stay with you till the end, so don’t behave that way again,” Derek cooed.
Tessy immediately throw herself on Derek, she hvgged him ti-ght not willing to let go.
**Thailand. ban-gkok**
Pink slowly raised on her ti-ppy toes as she k!$$£d Prince Reagan. Prince Reagan has been the one giving her all the plea-sure and now she is determined to give him back the same way.
Just as the k!ssgot more tensed up. Prince Reagan slowly lifted her to his b©dy. Pink wra-pped her legs round prince Reagan’s torso and purposely slid down a bit to meet his [email protected] member.
Prince Reagan let out a soft [email protected] what she did. He walked her to the be-d but Pink doesn’t want him to stay on t©p.
She pu-ll-ed out of the k!ss, herl-ips red and swallow from the k!ss.
“I want to stay on t©p today. I want to be the one in charge,” she with a mischievous sm-irk on her face.
Prince Reagan after being slightly confused for two seconds, awarded her with a sm-irk of his own.
He fell back and relax on the be-d.
“Let’s see what you got there sweetie.” He grinned.

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