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The exclusive S-x worker Episode 31 & 32

Chapter 31
[Exclusively His]
Writer’s P O V
“Who is that? I think someone is following us,” Lilian said looking at driver’s mirror to check out the car coming right behind them.
“Huh,” Pink turned to look behind her, confused. At a careful observation, she realized the car is worth millions of dollars.
The palace! Reagan might have s£nt them, the thought kept ringing inside Pink’s head as she stared at the car that continued following them.
They [email protected]£ out from Lilian’s house an hour ago. Lilian decided to get one or two clothes for Pink at the shopping mall, Pink didn’t want to follow her because of the fear of being seen by Reagan.
She is so sure that Reagan won’t just ignore the fact that she ran off alone and will want to find her by all means.
Panic filled Pink at that.
“I don’t wanna go back now,” she mumbled fixing her f!ngersinto her mouth.
“Could it be that your b©yfri£ndthat works for the palace, Pink? It must be him, because I can’t figure out any other reason why someone will follow my car,” Lilian asked and answered her question.
“Yes, probably. But I don’t want to go now,” Pink answered nervously.
Lilian saw the worried look on Pink’s face, then decided to break the traffic rules.
She increa-sed the speed of the vehicle ri-ding past a lot of cars, moving in between them and causing vehicles to get out of the way for her.
As she kept speeding away, she noticed the car still following hers.
“fv¢k!” Lilian bite her lowerl-ips as she mumbled. Then she decided to use another trick to get away from them.
She increa-sed the speed of the car again and noticed the car getting close to hers.
She watched the car pas-s hers to suddenly hit the [email protected] of her car, she reversed and started going back throu-gh the other road, leaving the car which was following them a bit confused for a while. Before they could think of reversing, the cops ran up to them and held them for road block and over speeding.
Pink and Lilian exhaled a sigh of relief seeing that the car has been caught by the cops.
“Gosh, you are so good at driving Lilian,” Pink smiled walking into her house with her.
“Yeah, my Dad taught me how to drive before pas-sing away. I also do car racing back in highschool,” Lilian said to her.
“Woah, I didn’t expect you’d reverse at that point. I’m grateful the cops didn’t get us tho,” Pink cooed.
“I’ll have to change the plate number of my car. They might have copied it down, can’t take chances,” Lilian answered.
They both got into the house to see Ethan typing away on his [email protected]©p.
“Ethan, what are you doing here?” Lilian asked, surprised to see her brother.
“Well, took permission from the company. It was granted on the basic that I return back to the company with a lot of meaning stories,” Ethan replied rolling his eyes at the process.
“Oh, so who wants a sandwich, I wanna make one for myself?” Lilian asked throwing her hands up.
Prince Reagan received a call from one of his guards.
“What?” He asked.
“My prince, we..we lost the car,” the voice from the other end said.
“You what? Gosh, what can you ever do right?” He gro-an ed into the phone.
“We got delayed by the cops, we’re sorry,” the voice apologized.
“Well, fv¢k you! Get off my phone, as-s-holes.” Prince Reagan rasped cutting the call and throwing his phone aside.
Two days now and Pink hasn’t been found to where ever she ran off to, Prince Reagan thought in annoyance.
After arranging the files and do¢v-ments in front of him. He stood up and started strolling out to calm himself down.
He got to the Frank, his son’s room and st©pped seeing the door slightly opened.
He took few steps towards the door to hear Celia’s voice coming out from there.
He looked into the room to see Celia feeding him with some cereal. He made to leave but Celia was quic-k to grasp his pres£nce.
She left her son, ran to the door and opened it to see Prince Reagan walking away.
“My prince, you [email protected]£ to see Frank?” Celia asked her eyes glittering with happiness.
“I asked him and he told me that you haven’t visited him ever since you [email protected]£ back. You can come in, I’m done feeding him anyways,” Celia cooed opening the door more wi-der.
Prince Reagan saw little Frank staring at him from where he sat and his heart melted, guilt filled him for always running away from the boy because of fears that he might not be his son.
He reversed his steps then walked into the room to meet Frank’s intense gaze.
“I’ll leave you two my prince,” Celia said, happiness evident in her tone. She closed the door but didn’t leave, instead she placed her ear on the door to listen to whatever Prince Reagan was gonna say to Frank.
Prince Reagan went to stand in front of him.
“Hey, how have you been?” Prince Reagan asked squatting down a bit to become eye level with him.
Frank nodded twice without uttering a word. He is a little boy who doesn’t like talking, even his words are ha-rd to un-derstand as he is only two years old.
“Your mom has been good to you right?” Prince Reagan asked again. He nodded.
“Ok, I don’t really have much to say to you. I’m kind of really busy that’s the reason why you haven’t been seeing me. But I’ll create more time for you buddy, you like that?” He said and asked, not really sure he was gonna keep to his words. The little boy nodded again at prince Reagan. A sad smile formed on Prince Reagan’s face.
He is afraid to get too attached to the boy. What if he turns out to be someone’s else son then he won’t be able to let him go.
He has considered running a DNA test a lot of times but was really scared of the outcome. Probably because he still wanted to trust Celia and leave her as his wife or probably because he is afraid of getting criticised and mocked by his brother and father.
A week pas-sed and it was time for Pink to also help Ethan and Lilian. She and Lilian has become best of friends now and Ethan? Well Ethan has become another case this past few days, they have also gotten really close, mainly because of the fact that she was always around him when he worked on finding her origin.
Lillian handed Pink a blue wig and an eyeglas-s to change her looks so no one will be able to really recognize her.
Right now, they are on their way to the joint houses of the princes.
They arrived the gate and got st©pped by guards.
They all got down from the car and Pink walked to them, not really sure if what she has in mind can help them.
“I’m here to see the guy leaving here with prince Reagan. Derek, his name is Derek,” Pink said sounding as polite as she can.
The two guards there looked at each other recalling Derek’s name and that he is staying with Prince Reagan in his own cut out house.
“Yes Derek, it’s not been too long he arrived here with the prince. He is actually my brother and I’m here to speak with him, you can go call him out if you like and it you nee-d a perfect description of him, I can give you. And…he actually asked me to come tho, he says the prince wanna meet my friends and I here for something,” Pink lied.
The two guards kept staring at themselves and at Pink.
“Gosh, Prince Reagan will soon get back from horse racing with the others, once he gets back and finds out that I am not in with my friends here, he’ll be so mad at you, you guys knows his temper a lot,” Pink lied again, getting tired of their mean faces.
When the guards heard her saying horse racing, they un-derstood between themselves that she must really know the prince for her to say such, because people outside the palace doesn’t know that. And about Derek, people outside haven’t seen him before. Gathering up all her lies and figuring out that she might be saying the truth, they decided to let them in.
After getting in, they didn’t allow them go far, they simply told them to wait till when the prince could return from horse racing alongside Derek so they will clarify if what Pink is saying is true.
Ethan, Lilian and Pink stood at the corner the guards asked them to stay but when they were no longer watching. Pink started leading them away quietly.
Episode 32
Writer’s P O V
Pink took Ethan and Lilian far away from the security post into a ranch house.
“Ok, this is where they’ll keeping their horses when they get back. You know what to do from there,” Pink said referring to Ethan and Lilian.
“But, what if..he happens to be with his guards?” Lilian asks.
“I’ll look for a way to lure them away, Lilian. You just have to be quic-k…” Pink was still saying when they started hearing sounds coming from outside.
“Geez, they are here alre-ady!” Lilian exclaimed pu-lling off the big hoodie she has on. Leaving herself clothed only in a thin revea-ling dress.
Ethan quic-kly brou-ght out his [email protected]£ras from his bag and started setting it.
“Ok, Lil. I won’t be there with you, you’ll have to do it alone,” Pink said to Lilian.
“But why? I’m afraid that prince might strangle me,” Lilian huffed.
“He..he won’t, hopefully,” Pink cooed trying to calm the tension down.
They hide their selves in a corner immediately the door to the ranch house opened.
Derek’s face was the first face Pink saw, she saw him dragging a white horse into the house but remained still.
Derek left after that but returned again with another horse. When he went outside again, Pink [email protected]£ worried that he might not come in back and that they may all disappear from there.
“Derek,” Pink called ma-king Derek halt in his tracks. He turned to see whether the horses has suddenly started speaking, he focused his gaze on the horses, he started going back to where the horses are, suspicious.
When Derek was fully in, Pink [email protected]£ out from her hiding to his surprise.
“Aman…” he was about half yelling but Pink was quic-k to place her hand on his mouth.
“Hey, shut up. Don’t move,” Pink hissed re-leasing her hold on Derek’s mouth. Derek continued staring at her in awe.
“What…what… have you been here the whole time?” Derek whispered.
“No, it’s not that, Derek,” Pink replied and asked.
“Is the prince outside?” She asked.
“Yeah,” Derek replied giving her a suspicious look.
“Why are you in a disguise anyways? What’s with the big eye glas-s?” Derek questioned.
“Alright thanks. I’ll explain things to you later,” Pink said pushing Derek further in.
She ti-p ti-ppoed to the door, peep out to see Prince Reagan standing right outside, beside Prince Steven. Sweats covered their b©dy, ma-king their hair we-t.
Prince Reagan’s hair glued to his head, giving him that cute badas-s look.
Pink f0rç£d herself to st©p looking at him, she went back to meet Lilian and Ethan where they were still hiding.
“Plans changed, I think I’ll have to get involved a little bit. I’ll lure either of them in and immediately either of the prince comes in, Lilian you jump on him and do your think quic-k, while Ethan takes the pictures,” Pink whispered to them both.
“Yeah re-ady, as long as I’m getting something,” Ethan whispered back to her.
Pink breathed in and out before stepping out from the ranch house, Prince Steven who was facing her side was the first to see her but he didn’t recognize. He pointed at her, wondering who she was. Prince Reagan had to look behind him to see someone that looked like Pink but Pink was quic-k to run into the ranch house leaving Prince Reagan damn curious of who she really is.
So as Pink predicted, Prince Reagan ran into the ranch house but got st©pped by Lilian who suddenly attacked him.
Lilian couldn’t dare k!ss!nghim on hisl-ips as she had thought she could, she got scared and only hvgged him. She wra-pped her arms ti-ghtly around him with her eyes closed, praying and hoping in her mind that the prince doesn’t kill her.
“The fv¢k! Who the hell are you people?” Prince gro-an ed trying to get Lilian off his skin but Lilian being determined tho scared still cling unto him. She knows that Ethan could have been taking a whole lot of pictures so she wasn’t re-ady to let go.
Derek just stood where he was watching the crazy think his sister and his friends were doing, stunned.
Where did Amanda meet all these crazy people? Derek wondered.
After some minutes, Prince Reagan was able to get Lilian off his skin. He [email protected]£d her by the n£¢k in fury, aiming for her life.
Ethan ran out to save his sister but couldn’t because the prince’s hold on Lilian’s n£¢k remained ti-ght.
He was strangling her and Pink couldn’t keep watching, so in a stuttered tone. She whispered his name.
“My prince,” Pink’s voice distracted Prince Reagan a lot from what he was doing. Even tho he hadn’t seen Pink, he could recognize her voice from anywhere.
Ethan succeeded in pu-lling Prince Reagan’s large arms away from Lilian’s n£¢k. They ran out of the ranch house, ran pas-s Prince Steven who was waiting for Reagan and didn’t st©p running, heading for the gates.
“Amanda,” Prince Reagan called in a [email protected] hoping he hadn’t been imagining things.
“Come out,” he instructed impatiently.
Derek found his way to where Pink hid, he [email protected]£d her arm and pu-ll-ed her out.
“Your friends left you, you can st©p hiding,” Derek said, bemused.
“Damn you Derek!” Pink winched ru-bbing the so-re on her arm. She lifted her eyes to see the prince’s eyes fixed on hers.
“Just pretend you didn’t see me for now. I’ll.. I’ll come back soon,” Pink stuttered, nervously. She was about running out from the ranch but Prince Reagan [email protected]£d her arm. He pinned her to the walls of the wooden house, angry.
She winched at the f0rç£ he used.
“Where do you think you’re going to?” Prince Reagan snapped at her pressing her to the walls.
“St©p…you are hurting me,” Pink cried hurt by the f0rç£ he was using on her.
“Derek, leave us,” Prince Reagan ordered.
Derek hesitated but later left, leaving both of them alone. Prince Reagan freed Pink, he went closer to the door before locking it.
“What do you think you are doing? You have been missing, it’s almost close to two weeks since you ran off. Now you sneaked back here with your new found friends and think you can sneak back out huh!?” Prince Reagan snapped at her again.
“I..I am sorry for leaving the way I did,” Pink cooed her gaze on the floor.
“Do you know how worried I was Pink, I was going crazy thinking about you. Praying and hoping you didn’t get into the wrong hands, I should have known better,” Prince Reagan said throu-gh gritted teeth.
“I said I’m sorry okay. I didn’t mean to, if you had complied with the main reason you brou-ght us here, I wouldn’t have run off the way I did to still search for info concerning I and Derek’s life,” Pink retorted.
“So, you’re saying, I’m the reason you ran off on your own. $h!t! You could have gotten into the wrong hands,” Prince Reagan thun-dered.
“I know, I took my chances and I’ve found out what I nee-d to know. Now I get the reasons why you didn’t want me to find out anything, you didn’t want me to find out that your father was the very reason why my whole family got scattered, my whole relatives died. You were trying to protect your fv¢kïng father,” Pink screamed out at him in annoyance, recalling everything Ethan found out about Pink’s family. Tears pricked her eyes but she didn’t let them fall.
She stormed to the door and was about unlocking it when Prince Reagan pu-ll-ed her back to her sp©t.
“Who told you that, how did you get all those informations?” Prince Reagan asked, his voice growing low and calm at being caught.
“Let go of me. You shouldn’t have brou-ght me here. You gave me hope and took it all away again,” Pink shouted struggling to get away from the prince’s tra-ps. By now, the tears she was trying to hold back has began spilling from her eyes.
“Hey, I can explain ok?” Prince Reagan cooed, trying to get her in place but she kept struggling. He took his hands to her cheeks and cu-mpped it, stilling her movement.
Now it was time for prince Reagan to apologise because he was starting to feel guilty.
“I’m sorry. I..I should have revealed it to you the moment I found out, but I was scared you were gonna go back. I didn’t want you to leave, I had to look for a way to tra-p you here,” Prince Reagan said in a apologetic tone.
Pink kept staring at prince Reagan who also couldn’t st©p staring at her. A moment pas-sed with neither of them talking, Prince Reagan slowly reached for herl-ips before slamming his on hers.

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