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The exclusive S-x worker Episode 29 & 30

Chapter 29
[Exclusively His
Written by; Blessing D writes
(Who is he?)
Writer’s P O V
Prince Reagan slowly flutters his eyes open to take in his strange surroundings. He kept staring around the room until his eyes fell on the person slee-ping next to him on the be-d.
He stared at the individual’s back for long trying to remember who the person is and how he ended up on the same be-d with the person. His eyes went to her dark curly hair and he finally recognized the person to be Celia. He closed his eyes and opened it again still not un-derstanding how they ended up on the same be-d.
He slowly sat up, finding out in the process that he is completely n-ked. Realization dawned on him then, Celia?
He got down from the be-d to see his clothes on the lamp stand, neatly folded. He wore them back on without saying a word, he just wanted to leave.
He was almost at the door when Celia’s voice grunted out.
“My prince, you are leaving?” Celia asked sitting up on the be-d.
Prince Reagan turned to look at her, he stared at her for long ma-king a blush spre-ad throu-gh her.
“Don’t act cheaply again Celia, I thought you said we are married. Then why drugging me first?” Prince Reagan asked, looking calm.
Celia stayed muted for a long time before speaking up.
“I nee-d another child from you, but, you don’t usually t©uçh me. Am I to impregnate myself? I’m sorry I behaved the way I did,” Celia apologized.
Prince Reagan turned and left the room down to the hall to bu-mp into Simon who was busy looking for him.
Prince Reagan paused to look at Simon who hasn’t seen him.
“Simon?” Prince Reagan finally called his attention.
“My prince,” Simon snapped his head towards Prince Reagan’s direction saying.
“Why are you here, anything the matter?” Prince Reagan asked.
“I..I actually have a problem I nee-d to report to you,” Simon responded.
“What problem?” Prince Reagan retorted hating the sound of it.
Simon was about to speak but got interrupted by Celia.
“Let’s go,” Prince Reagan beckoned on Simon. They started leaving to the car Simon brou-ght.
Simon held the back door sit open for the prince and he got in. He was about closing the door when Celia rushed there, she held unto the car door staring straight at the prince.
“My prince, I have no ride and can’t wait for one. plea-se take me along with you,” she asked and started getting into the car.
She entered and sat down beside the prince leaving Simon with the choice of waiting for the prince approval but when he didn’t utter a word. He closed the car door, his eyes slightly fli-ckering to Celia’s.
He turned before getting into the driver’s sit. He started the car then.
“My prince,” Celia said, repeatedly blinking her eyes close as she turned to look at him. His eyes were closed and he is resting his head on the chair.
“Um…about last night, I’m so sorry. But I really enjoyed what happened between us and I think you should be prepared to welcome a child nine months to come,” she said slowly shifting close to the Prince. When he uttered no word, she decided to t©uçh him.
“Have you no shame, Celia?” Prince Reagan gro-an ed at her, ma-king her move away from him.
“What is it you wanted to tell me?” He questioned Simon.
Simon hesitated for a while before speaking out.
“Um.. Amanda, I don’t know where she went to. She suddenly disappeared after asking me to take her to the river,” Simon explained.
“What?” Prince Reagan did as if he didn’t hear a word Simon said.
“I started searching for her tho, I later saw you entering a lady’s car. I couldn’t get her, but I know the plate number of the car,” Simon explained further.
“How did she manage to escape, Simon? Goodness! I simply told you to watch her for this reason,” Prince Reagan said, annoyed.
Celia kept fuming at the fact that Prince Reagan was angry at the news of pink’s disappearance but was happy that she is missing.
“Did you see the lady’s face?” Prince Reagan asked after a while.
“No, I didn’t. I only saw her from behind,” Simon answered parking the car.
“Probably, she doesn’t wanna be a mistress anymore, but she is too stupid to run away from such opportunities,” Celia ch!pped in before going out from the car.
“Have you spoken to her brother?” Prince Reagan asked after a while still inside the car.
“No, but I watched her throu-ghout the night. He doesn’t seem aware about his sister’s disappearance,” Simon replied him.
“Go call him to my room,” Prince Reagan ordered coming out from the car.
He walked into his house and into his room, he undressed himself completely about to go shower when the door opened revea-ling Derek.
“Do you know where your sister went to?” Prince Reagan questioned.
“She is not in? Thought she left with you last night,” Derek asked back.
“Well, obviously she is not with me. Just getting to know about her disappearance, she didn’t give you a clue about where she intended running off to?” Prince Reagan questioned.
“No, but since that’s the case. She’ll be back in no time, don’t look for her so you won’t disturb whatever it is she left without telling me for,” Derek cooed.
“She doesn’t know anywhere. You care about your sister at all?” Prince Reagan gro-an ed out.
“She might be with the wrong people right now, she doesn’t know any fv¢kïng place,” prince Reagan gro-an ed.
“Trust me, she’s okay. My guts tells me so, but in the meantime, can I go horse racing? I hear you go horse racing every morning,” Derek asked.
Prince Reagan grunted his displea-se.
“You are too childish,” Prince Reagan said before going into the bathroom.
Derek shrugged his shoulders.
“She’ll get a piece of me when she returns anyways, no nee-d to rush things,” Derek muttered before disappearing.
Pink kept watching her surroundings.
The lady that has rescued her took her back home when she said she didn’t have anywhere to go. She has gotten to know the lady’s name to be Lilian.
And Lilian is very nice, a year or two years older than her.
She is currently ma-king breakfast in the kitchen right now. After ma-king them scrambled bre-ad and egg with tea, she served for three.
Pink thanked her for the breakfast before she started eating. Lilian equally started eating her meal before a guy of about 26 years strode into the dinning with a grumpy look on.
He sat down reluctantly without a word to anyone and started eating his own portion of meal.
“Ethan, what is it?” Lilian asks.
“I failed again, I failed to get something tangible to write down for the company,” the guy gro-an ed out in pain.
“Oh, sorry. How did it go?” Lilian asked him.
“I saw him, I finally met the fourth prince but he waved me off like some piece of trash,” Ethan explained. Pink almost chocked on her bre-ad at the mention of fourth prince. She knows the guy is referring to Prince Reagan.
“Oh dear, I’m truly sorry. Maybe next time you will get lucky,” Lilian cooed.
“Will there be a next time, they will probably fire me if I don’t get any useful report before the week runs out,” Ethan frowned.
“Oh, I wish I could help bro, but I can’t help it or should I just s£dûç£him for you to put it on the paper?” Lilian asked.
Ethan scoffed.
“How will you even meet him, dummy?” Ethan rolled his eyes at Lilian before his eyes finally fell on Pink.
His brows joined together in question.
“Who is she?” He asked.
Chapter 30
Writer’s POV
“Um.. I’d want to tell you about her last night but you [email protected]£ in very late. She is my new found friend and she is gonna be staying here for the main time, her name is Pink,” Lilian introduced Pink to Ethan.
“Pink, meet my brother, Ethan,” Lilian introduced again.
“Hi,” Pink managed to voice out, ignoring the intense way Ethan kept staring at her.
“Hi,” Ethan replied her before concentrating back on his meal.
“Ok done. So Pink, do still school or you’re working?” Lilian questioned.
Pink hesitated for a while, trying to come up with a suitable reply that won’t say much about her.
“I don’t school anymore, for now tho,” Pink said.
“Oh, and why is that?” Lilian asked.
“Well, I can’t go out now. I might run into, you know my boy…”
“Oh, yeah. But why can’t you report him to the cops, he is abusing you. You should report him,” Lilian suggested.
“No! No! I don’t want that. No!” Pink stated.
Lilian shook her head, chuckling.
“I guess you are still very much in love with him after all,” she said going back to her meal.
The day gradually pas-sed by. Pink and Lilian sat down inside the sitting room watching a soap opera when the door opened with Ethan stroding in.
“Hey,” Lilian turned to greet him before noticing his long face.
“What is it now?” She added in question.
“I said it, I knew the manager was gonna act like a d!¢khead. He gave me until next week to get what he asked me to get, I’ll get sacked after that. fv¢k that man,” Ethan grumbled going to the fridge to gr-ab a bottle of water.
“Oh gosh. Being a reporter has always been your dream, we can’t allow that to happen. You can’t get sacked, considering all you went throu-gh before getting into that company,” Lilian said standing up and walking towards Ethan to console him.
Pink kept listening to them both speechlessly.
Lilian has been good to her. She had fed her, given her her clothes and above all given her a room to stay in until she decides to leave.
Loosing a job isn’t a good thing at all. It will greatly affect them both, they’re just like Derek and I, Pink thought.
I ran out to see if I could get anything on my relatives and parents since Reagan refused telling me any useful thing even after following him down here. Since Ethan is a reporter, he could help me dig up somethings about my relatives and I could find a way of helping him out too. That’s perfect! I never imagined luck could shine on me this much, Pink thought, a smile spre-ading throu-gh her feature.
“Ok, maybe I should really find a way of s£dûç!ng any of those prince. Which one do you think is easier to s£dûç£, one that won’t cut my head off?” Pink heard Lilian say to Ethan.
“Forget it Lilian, I’m actually giving up too. Maybe I should st©p dreaming too much” Ethan gro-an ed.
Pink stood up, she found her legs dragging her towards the kitchen side, where Ethan and Lilian were both discussing.
“I…I might have a way to help you,” Pink ch!pped in ma-king Ethan and Lilian to turn towards her.
“What do you mean?” Lilian asked.
“ b©yfri£ndis kind of, he works for the Prince Reagan. I learnt from him that prince Reagan goes horse racing every morning,” Pink explained.
“Really?” Ethan asked.
“Yes,” Pink answered.
“Where?” Lilian was the one who asked this time.
“Well, I nee-d a favor from you, Ethan. I nee-d to find my relatives too, can you help me dig up some informations on them?” Pink shifted the question.
“Huh, your relatives, you don’t know them?” Lilian folded her arms beneath her che-st, asking.
“Yes, plea-se. Now that I have nowhere to go again, I think I’ll look for them. I lost connection with them years ago, I can tell you the [email protected] location he goes horse racing every morning and I can also help you guys get in if you want that,” Pink narrated.
“That will be great. I’d do anything to get something out of those proud prince,” Ethan answered moving towards Pink.
Pink beamed smiles, happy that her plan was working according to plan.
Now, where did Derek tell me the princes goes for horse racing again? Pink thought fixing her f!nger into her mouth.
“Babe, thanks a lot. Helping my brother really means a lot to me,” Lilian said walking closer to Pink.
“It’s no big deal Lil. I’m in your debt anyways,” Pink shrugged.
“Yeah, I nee-d some informations from you about your relatives. You remember where you guys lived before you got separated from them?” Ethan asked peeling his [email protected]©p from his bag.
“No, I don’t remember anything at all about my family,” Pink answered feeling a bit sad.
“Huh, nothing at all?” Ethan asked to be sure.
“Yes,” Pink nodded in confirmation.
“Ok, I’ll nee-d your blood sample, your age. Your thumb prints, let’s get this done fast. I can’t wait to throw my reports at that lousy manager’s face,” Ethan excitedly said.
“No news about her till now?” Prince Reagan asked going throu-gh his childhood albu-m.
“Not yet my prince, we are still trying to get the identity of the car owner. From there we’ll find out the address of the car owner,” Phili-p, Prince Reagan’s second as-sistant replied.
“Be fast about that, Phili-p. I want something on her tomorrow unfailing, it’s been a day alre-ady,” Prince Reagan urged.
“Yes, my prince. Surely,” he said before walking out.
“So, you did according to our plan?” Emily, Steven’s wife asked.
“Yes Emily, I can’t wait to get pregnant for the prince,” Celia responded happily.
“Huh, you are acting as if you don’t have a child alre-ady for the prince. You forget Frank?” Emily tea-sed. Celia realized that she has spoken more than she is supposed to say.
She brou-ght out a fake smile.
“Of course. I want to have a lot of kids for the prince, it’s exciting you know,” Celia said ru-bbing her belly.
“A second son for the prince,” she added.
“Aww, you love the prince too much. I’ll only have one kid for my husband, just one. I don’t wanna go throu-gh pains of child labor,” Emily cooed.
Celia snickered.
“You are too funny my friend.”
“So, how was it with the prince last night?” Emily asked ma-king Celia blush red.
“It was awesome,” Celia mouthed.
“But, why is the prince finding it ha-rd to t©uçh you, Celia. Isn’t that weird, or you did something to piss him off?” Emily asked, concerned.
Celia ru-bbe-d her temples not really sure how to answer the question.
“I don’t know, Emi. I don’t un-derstand him at all, and to think that he brou-ght home a mistress, a bit-ch to take S-xual plea-sures from. It’s a big [email protected] to my face. But now that she has disappeared, I’ll make sure she doesn’t step her foot into the prince’s life again,” Celia stated, a mischievous smile creeping up her fac

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