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The exclusive S-x worker Episode 21 & 22

Chapter 21
[Exclusively His
Writer’s POV
Pink sat uncomfortably in the room Simon showed to her. She was inching to go see the prince but she doesn’t know what to do, to go or to stay back.
She hasn’t really been speaking to him because of Derek’s pres£nce and now Derek is nowhere to be found. Probably just walking around the area which looked like an estate.
After contemplating for minutes, she decided to go to him.
With that, she stood up and her legs started leading her to his room. She had seen a door with his name on it, so she figured out the room to be his.
After walking slowly for few minutes, she got to his door and stood. She brou-ght up her hand to knock on the door but took it down again.
She turned to back the door, feeling really uneasy. She doesn’t un-derstand the reason for her nervousness.
What will I say once he ushers me in? Pink wondered folding her hands into ti-ght ba-lls.
Oh $h!t! She hit her head after thinking for a while and not coming up with any reasonable thing, she started walking away but st©pped midway. She went back to his door and stood, she placed her ears on the door to listen to his movement from the other side.
Suddenly she heard someone coughing right behind her.
She flin-ched and turned to see Prince Reagan standing behind her. He wasn’t wearing a shi-t, his f!ngerswere tucked into his [email protected] pocket and ba-lls of sweat fell from his forehead.
Is he coming back from a run? Pink wondered as she stared at him from head to toe.
He coughed again and Pink immediately remembered herself.
$h!t! He caught me, she thought and [email protected]£ embarras-sed.
She took her face elsewhere.
“Um..I was…” she stuttered blinking fast.
“So? You are looking for me?” Prince Reagan asked taking a step towards Pink. Pink took a step backwards still trying to hide her embarras-sed face which has turned really red by now.
“I…I..I was just coming to check up on you” Pink blurted without thinking too much. She is now regretting ever coming.
“For what?” He took another step towards her and Pink took a step backwards again.
She is also wondering why the tone of his voice totally changed.
“I..I was just coming.. coming to thank you” Pink blurted out again, regretting not planning herself first.
“For what?” He asked for the third time. Pink f0rç£d herself to look at him in the face.
He has a sm-irk on, a sm-irk that made her realize how stupid she had been acting.
“I…” she [email protected]£ ton-gue tied taking her eyes away. She is mentally cussing herself for being so stupid.
The prince took another step towards her, he placed his hand on the door behind Pink, caging her.
“If you nee-d me for something, you should really say it” the prince looked into her eyes and said. The grin and the knowing sm-irk on his face weren’t leaving at all.
“Amanda?” Prince Reagan called, his husky voice s£nding waves of plea-sure cussing throu-gh Pink’s b©dy.
Pink swallowed down her saliva at his clos£ness and the way he is acting with her. She stared up above his head, her b©dy suddenly becoming h0t and her pri-vate [email protected] started behaving weirdly.
She continued staring above the prince’s head while the prince stared at her eyes.
Pink prayed and hoped in her mind that he wasn’t hearing the loud sound of her heart beat.
She blinked when she felt his hand tilt her chin, forcing her to look at him in the eyes.
The weird feeling she was feeling in between her legs heated up. She felt her [email protected] getting soa-ked just by his t©uçh.
“I’m listening” Prince Reagan added, adding more heat to Pink.
“It’s nothing. I was just wandering around the house” Pink said, taking her eyes down to his che-st, to stare at his abs. Sweat continued dripping down his che-st, her eyes following the sweats as they got lost inside Prince Reagan’s [email protected]
I wish I can really see where those ba-lls of sweat ended up at, she li-cked her dryl-ips as she thought.
“Hey!” She heard the prince’s loud voice yell at her.
She lifted her eyes up to stare at him.
Twice! He caught me misbehaving twice.
“You can follow me to the office, I as-sume you are probably bored” the prince took a step away from her.
“Yes, yes” Pink replied him sharply, her heart pounding.
“Yeah” his baritone voice [email protected]£ out this time.
His f!ngerswere back into his trou-ser pocket and he was staring at her. Pink wondered why but didn’t ask. She kept standing where she stood.
“I nee-d you to move, Amanda” his voice [email protected]£ out in a low gro-an .
Ah fv¢k! He was staring at me for that reason, Pink cried out silently.
“Yes sure” she stepped out of the way for him and he entered into his room, then shut the door.
“Go get re-ady, waste two minutes of my time and you are out!” He commanded from his room.
Pink took off in a run, she got to her room [email protected] She immediately rushed into the bathroom, she pu-ll-ed off her [email protected] to see her we-tness.
She facepalmed herself feeling so stupid.
“Gosh! I can’t believe this. How could you Pink? How could you be so stupid? He wasn’t even tou-ching you and you alre-ady got we-t for him.”
“What nons-en-se? What nons-en-se?? And to think that he caught you placing your ear on his door.”
“fv¢k! Everything is scre-wed up. I won’t be able to look him in the eye anymore.”
“I’m scre-wed!”
“Not only that. You started drooling at his abs, Pink. How could you disappoint yourself this way?”
“You acted so stupid. So stupid” she kept yelling at herself in front of the mirror.
“How could you do this to yourself, Pink? How?? You are a girl of high standard. How could you get we-t just by staring and hearing his voice.”
“But, I don’t really blame you. It’s his cuteness that should be blamed. Why is he so handsome?” She yelled and started ma-king fake cries.
“This nons-en-se won’t repeat itself again, Pink. You have to promise yourself” she folded her hands into ti-ght ba-lls in determination.
“Sis?” Derek’s voice suddenly pu-ll-ed Pink out out of her own trance.
“Are you probably sick? I think your [email protected] is no longer functioning correctly. I should probably inform the doctors that treated you, they didn’t mention anything about exhib!tt!g weird behavior later on. Oh geez! This is bad” Derek rushed his word, really worried for his sister. He has been watching her talk to herself and he wasn’t un-derstanding the show one bit.
“Huh” Pink’s eyes wi-de-ned in shock,as she tried hiding her [email protected] behind her.
Chapter 22
( A condition)
Writer’s POV
Pink trailed behind Prince Reagan still feeling shy and embarras-sed from the earlier incident.
They got outside prince Reagan’s glas-s house to see Simon alre-ady waiting for them. He was standing beside a porch, immediately he sighted the prince, he opened the door for him to get in, he also held it open for Pink to also get in.
He ignited the engine of the car and drove off after ma-king sure that the [email protected] were comfortable.
Pink sat with her hands on her th!ghs to avoid another sort of embarras-sment. She doesn’t wanna get embarras-sed anymore.
She had to do a lot of convincing to Derek for him to un-derstand that she was actually mentally stable.
It’s didn’t take long, they arrived the grey’s empire.
Simon pu-ll-ed into the garage before st©pping. They were guards there alre-ady waiting for them to arrive. So immediately, they ran to open the door for the prince.
The prince stepped out, Pink also jumped out from the car with him. Her eyes running wi-de at the number of cars parked at the garage.
The prince started walking towards a direction, Pink followed him from behind like a little kid. The guards behind them were about seven. Pink could occasionally glance behind her to see the guards unsmiling faces, she felt inti-mated to be in the mist of them.
It was when they got to the company’s main door and it got opened for them that Pink’s mouth wi-de-ned.
The whole company was white, so big, filled with numerous workers.
She has indeed heard about Grey’s empire but she has never imagined being inside one of the companies before, she never imagined that the company belonged to the prince’s family.
Just a [email protected] is as hvge as a mansion? Only this one is being managed by prince Reagan? She kept asking herself with her mouth open.
Most of the workers stayed focused on their works, just few of them that the prince got close to greeted him, but he didn’t bother replying them. Above all, they were all corporately dressed. So neat!
“fv¢k!” Pink didn’t know when she exclaimed.
She noticed they st©pped, she looked around to notice that they were inside an elevator going up.
Only a guard, more like a worker is with them and he is opening some files with him.
Pink re-moved her eyes from the man and the prince to continue watching the company from the elevator, the elevator glas-s is transparent, you can see the others from inside.
The elevator dinged open after a long while, it opened to reveal a man in his middle fifty and a lady in her twenties.
The lady has a big beautiful smile on.
“Good morning boss” she greeted the prince immediately he stepped out of the elevator.
“Yeah” he mumbled to her greeting, collecting his schedule for the day.
“Good morning sir” the man greeted the prince. He only nodded to the man’s greeting while going throu-gh his schedule.
He handed the white paper back to the lady and continued going, he got to a door and st©pped. He opened it and looked at Pink.
“Come on” he beckoned on her before entering. Pink quic-kly rushed to the door, she got in before the door closed up.
The prince sat down on his office chair and started filling his signature on a lot of files.
Pink stood at a sp©t, she kept admiring the office, which is black in color. Everything in there is black.
“Hell!” She exclaimed a second time lost in the beauty of the office.
If his office is this beautiful, how beautiful will his own room be? Pink thought.
And idea [email protected]£ into her mind instantly.
Well, I’ll check that out myself, she thought, smiling mischievously to herself.
“What is funny?” She heard the prince’s voice and got pu-ll-ed out of her trance.
“Huh” she pointed to herself.
The prince shook his head, he took his eyes back to his work.
Pink walked slowly towards a sofa, her as-s met the softness of the sofa, she breathed out in satisfaction.
Gosh! The grey’s are damn wealthy, she thought to herself.
A knock [email protected]£ to the door, followed by a push. The lady who is Prince Reagan’s secretary, one who handed him his schedule walked in.
Pink took her time to run her eyes all over the female secretary.
She is dressing corporately but at the same time se-ductively. The discovery made Pink to look down at her own dress.
She is on black denim Sk-irt, a tank t©p and a neat white sneakers.
I’m not bad myself, she cli-cked her ton-gue loudly as she thought.
She looked at the prince to realize he is staring at her.
She [email protected]£ dumbfounded as to the reason, not only the prince, his secretary is also staring at her, with a look of disgust.
Pink immediately behaved herself, she sat down properly, she pu-ll-ed a straight look to her face, she glared back at the secretary because of the way she looked at her.
The secretary left after a while, after handing the prince a [email protected] do¢v-ment which the prince started reviewing.
Pink couldn’t re-move her eyes from him, the look he has on his face made him much more handsome, that seriousness look.
Pink blinked when she saw his face changing into a frown, probably he doesn’t like what he is seeing inside the do¢v-ment.
“Veronica!” The prince yelled out, enraged.
Veronica? The bit-ches name is Veronica? Oh great! All bit-che’s bear veronica, Pink thought, suddenly developing hatred for the prince’s secretary.
Veronica ran inside the office, looking alarmed.
“Sir!” She answered.
“What the fv¢k is this?” He asked throwing the do¢v-ment she earlier gave to him on the floor.
Veronica bent down to pick her, her hands shaking with the do¢v-ment.
She opened the do¢v-ment with dilated pupils to look at the fault that got him annoyed.
“How many stocks [email protected]£ in last month?” Prince Reagan asked.
“It’s was…it’s was..fifty sir” Veronica answered.
“How many did I ask you guys to get in?” Prince Reagan asked.
Veronica was about replying with fifty but paused, suddenly remembering something.
“I…I can explain, you see…”
“Go get the manager for me. You are fired!” Prince Reagan didn’t wait for her to finish speaking before yelling.
Pink watched as veronica’s mouth fell open and tears welled up her eyes.
She wanted to say something but shut her mouth. She wanted to say it again but shut her mouth.
Pink didn’t realize when she started pitying her. Veronica turned and left the office.
Pink took her eyes to look at the prince who has continued dealing with the other files there like nothing happened.
She imagined herself being in Veronica’s shoes, the thought s£nt shivers down her system.
She didn’t know what made her stand up but she did.
She dragged her foot to stand in front of the prince.
Even the criminals should be given a chance to defend themselves, what prince Reagan did is too cruel, so cruel to anyone.
Prince Reagan looked up at her, wondering what she wanted.
“Um… can’t you just give her a chance to explain what happened?” Pink asked, her voice coming out low and weak. Prince Reagan closed up the file with him to concentrate on her.
“So?” He c0cked his brows together in question.
“I…you should just give her a chance to explain, imagine if she’s her family’s only hope, after learning what happened to her, to their only hope, they will all cry themselves to sleep tonight. plea-se just give her a chance to at least explain what happened.”
“This is a business, not a law firm Amanda” prince Reagan sm-irked at her.
“I know, but the rights of workers should be protected…”
“You like her that much? You want her back, I’ll grant your request” Prince Reagan said, standing up.
“But on one condition” he added now facing her.
“Be my mistress.”


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