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The exclusive S-x worker Episode 19 & 20

Chapter 19
[Exclusively His]
Writer’s POV
“Don’t f0rç£ yourself to remember. You’ll only end up hurting yourself the more” Prince Reagan gruffy voice spoke when he saw her in pains.
He took a step in to face her.
“Go sit down, you might fall” he ordered and she obliged although she eagerly wanted to know the whole truth.
She sat down on the be-d, her pounding headache started reducing.
After it has all gone, she turned her attention back to him again.
“plea-se, you nee-d to explain yourself to me. How come you happen to know me and my brother?” Pink asks in a pleading tone.
His explaination might give light to her background, her origin, where she really [email protected]£ from.
Prince Reagan strode in, he sat on a sofa opposite her. He poured out the drink that was on t©p of the table separating them into the glas-s cu-p beside it. He took a sip from it before answering.
“You were five then, so it’s normal if you don’t recall it” Prince Reagan utters.
Pink didn’t know when she stood up from her seat to his sit, she desperately wanted to learn more from him. She doesn’t wanna miss a word that comes out of his mouth.
“So? How did we meet then?” Pink asked.
“First, you’ll have to tell me if you believe me before I can continue” Prince Reagan stated.
“I believe you” Pink wasted no time in telling him this although she wasn’t so sure she believed him. Imagine being friends with a prince.
Prince Reagan chuckled at her fast reply before sipping from his drink again.
“Do you remember how you ended up here, in America?” Prince Reagan asks.
“No, I don’t. The sisters, I mean the orphanage I and my brother grew up in, they told us a man dropped us off at the gate with a card indicating that we are siblings and that we should be taken care of there” Pink replied immediately.
Prince Reagan stays quite, de-ep in thought. After a while, he sighs and spared her a glance.
“I woke up one morning, asked the guards to take me to your small house as usual, but when I got there, I saw your house on fire.”
“I asked about your whereabouts but I was told that you ran away with your brother after setting the fire” Prince Reagan says, his face straight without any emotions.
What he said puzzled Pink the more.
“You know….you know my parents?” Pink gulps as she asked.
The prince remained muted for a while. He finally turned to look at her with a smug smile.
“Of course, I know your parents, but I can’t remember what they look like now. I only saw them twice before….” Prince Reagan paused, swallowing back his words.
Pink’s eyes remained wi-de open as she stared at Prince Reagan in so much anticipation.
“… Anyways, we were friends back then, your homeland is Thailand, you don’t belong here” Prince Reagan continued.
“But…” Pink looked away. She looked back at him.
“How I’m I supposed to believe all these? I mean, I don’t know you, how do I believe you?” Pink asks.
“I believe you still have relatives over there. You should find out the truth yourself, it’s been so long, I doubted you to be the one but you are the only person I’ve met that truly has pink hair” Prince Reagan turns to look at her as he said.
“I thought your pink hair was artificial not until I saw it myself. You are always dying your hair into different colours, it was ha-rd really believing it” he says.
Pink’s heart by now was beating fast.
A lot of thoughts kept flooding her head.
She has been wondering, wondering why her parents might have left both she and Derek to live in an orphanage. If they had relatives. if they were ever loved. If their parents are still alive.
And now, if what the prince is saying turns out to be true, she might see her parents, if not parents she might see her other siblings or relatives too and she will also get to see her country, also find out the reason she and her brother were thrown into an orphanage far away here in America.
“I want to go to Thailand, I nee-d to discover the real truth behind all of these” Pink suddenly blurted out.
Prince Reagan looked at her.
“Well, that’s a good decision” he agreed with her.
But, how the hell did you guys get to America? That question stayed on Prince Reagan’s mind.
You’ll also find out about your parents. That will hurt but you have to find out.
I’m glad I got to see you again, I thought you really burnt down your parents house and escaped with your brother, I’m glad you didn’t do such horrible thing, Prince Reagan thought.
“But…how did I become friends with you then? Since you are a prince, how did I become friends with you? Prince are of royalty and shouldn’t just mingle with anyone or am I also kinda important over there?” Pink couldn’t help but ask the question.
Prince Reagan snickered at her question.
“I was just a kid then too, so I didn’t take it as anything” he replied simply not wanting to tell her the full details.
“So, are you re-ady to leave with me even if tomorrow?” Prince Reagan asked her.
The question surprised Pink a bit. Leaving could affect her education greatly but she is too desperate to learn about herself.
“I am” [email protected]£ Pink’s reply.
Prince Reagan nodded at her reply.
“Then get prepared, I have a company to look after” he mouthed standing up.
“And…” he turns to her.
“Quit your job at Cas-sy’s bar. St©p being a who-re, I’ll advise that” he adds before walking into the inner room there.
Pink relaxed her back on the soft sofa.
I hope it’s really true, someone that knows me, knows us. I hope it’s real to, she thought to herself.
She got home later on that day, she went straight to lie down on her be-d because she was alre-ady feeling more sick than before. Probably because she stressed herself by going out.
Derek isn’t at home.
Her eyes were alre-ady closing up when she heard the front door slamming shut. She f0rç£d her eyes to remain open.
Soon, her be-droom door opened and Derek showed up.
“You are finally back!” Derek gro-an ed.
“I thought you were gonna spend the night with him in your state” he went to sit down with her on the be-d.
Pink remained muted as she stared at her brother.
“Amanda?” Derek called, confused by her silence.
“I think we’ll finally know who we are Derek, we’ll finally be able to find our parents – possibly” Pink said out.
Derek shifted closer to her on the be-d.
“What did that prince tell you?” Derek questioned.
“He knows our parents. He knows who we are, we are like his subjects. He has agreed for me to follow him to Thailand anytime soon, ‘our homeland’ to find out the whole truth” Pink explained.
“Follow him? Look, if you are following him then I’m not gonna be left behind. I’m also coming with you guys” Derek replied.
Chapter 20
(Set her free)
Writer’s P O V
Prince Reagan walked into Mama Cas-sy’s club and was greeted by numerous lvstful eyes. The number of eyes on him were so much but he cared less, some eyes were even ripping out his clothes and fv¢king him.
He finally got into the pri-vate room with Simon. Mama Cas-sy kept wondering.
Isn’t he alre-ady with one of my girls? Does he want to add another one? Probably one isn’t enough for him or is he here to complain? Mama Cas-sy kept thinking.
Prince Reagan sat down on a provided sofa facing mama Cas-sy who looked too timid.
He stretched forth his hand and collected the lighted cigarette from Simon who stood behind him with a mean look on.
He fixed the cigarette after collecting it into his mouth while staring at Mama Cas-sy.
Mama Cas-sy laughed nervously still wondering why he [email protected]£.
“So, what do I owe this visit, my prince?” Mama Cas-sy asked.
“I want to make a deal with you” prince Reagan began going straight to the point.
Mama Cas-sy shifted uncomfortably on her sit.
A deal with a prince? She thought nervously.
“What could I possibly have that makes you want to make a deal with someone like me, my prince?” Mama Cas-sy asked again.
“It’s about one of your newest recruit” Prince Reagan started.
“Oh…!” She ohed.
“But, who exactly? Which one of them?” Mama Cas-sy went on asking.
“She goes by the name ‘Pink’, the one I left with last time” Prince Reagan explains.
“Oh!” She ohed again laughing nervously while still thinking.
Does he wanna spend more days with her? That will mean a lot of money on my side, she thought greedily cl!çk!ng her ton-gue.
A smile spre-ad across her feature.
“Anything my prince” she happyily obliged.
Prince Reagan signalled to Simon and Simon walked to the table separating them both. He kept the briefcase full of dollars in front of Mama Cas-sy.
Mama Cas-sy speedily opened the briefcase to see the briefcase filled to the brim.
Her mouth fell open as she looked up back at the Prince.
“My prince?” She called in a [email protected]
So much money, she thought.
A smug sm-irk appeared on Prince Reagan’s face.
“The money for her freedom” he finally let out the truth ma-king the smile on Mama Cas-sy’s face to vanish.
“Wh..what?” She stuttered out the question.
“You heard me. That’s 500 million dollars in there, take it or leave it, either ways I’m having her” Prince Reagan stated in a cold tone, ma-king cold shivers run down mama Cas-sy’s spine.
She shifted uncomfortably on the sofa again, leaning away a bit from the briefcase.
“May I ask why you want her?” She inquired.
“She’s special” he replied.
“To me” he added ma-king mama Cas-sy’s crock her brows in surprise. Even Simon looked down at him in surprise but of course Prince Reagan didn’t notice this.
“ I mean, it’s been just a few days you met her, how come?” Mama Cas-sy kept on asking.
“You don’t nee-d to know the rest of the details” prince Reagan says standing up to his feet.
“So, are we on the same boat?” He asked to be sure that she has accepted his deal.
Mama Cas-sy let out a sigh, eyeing the money greedily.
“Of course my prince, we are. I’ll cancel her out immediately you leave here” she smiled as she stood up.
“Do. Not. Doublecross. Me.” He emphasized each of his words to her.
“Never! I will never!” She shook her head.
“Have a nice day then” he added before stepping out throu-gh the door.
Veronica who had heard from the other girls that the prince [email protected]£ by [email protected]£ so excited. She wished she had seen him first. She wondered why he [email protected]£ to have a meeting with Mama Cas-sy.
She waited at the long corridor for him so she wouldn’t miss him again. She stood there for long before she started hearing the girls chattering and whispering louder.
He is here, she thought as she composed herself with a beautiful smile on.
The prince got to the corridor to see her standing there.
He made to ignore her as he had no business with her but Veronica st©pped him.
“My prince” she called blinking repeatedly like she was about losing her eyes.
“What?” Prince Reagan voice sounded de-ep and without emotions.
“I..I..I’m glad to see you here, I was wondering. Maybe I should come over to your h0tel and satisfy you for tonight” she stuttered a bit and ru-bbe-d her f!ngersas she spoke.
The other girls were alre-ady standing at the far end of the corridor staring at them both. The stares gave Veronica even more courage.
“No!” His reply [email protected]£ out sharp and simple.
He took a step to leave but she tried tou-ching him, Simon was fast to hold her back and the prince ignored her, he walked out throu-gh the door.
The coldness annoyed and killed Veronica’s courage.
“Vero” the two girls that always stick with her. The ones she allows near her [email protected]£ to sympathize with her.
“Don’t t©uçh me!” She snarled at them before disappearing.
Pink and Derek followed Prince Reagan out from pri-vate jet and into a waiting her.
It’s been two days since Pink’s contract as an exclusive S-x worker got terminated. Up till now, she doesn’t un-derstand the miracle that worked.
She had gone to mama Cas-sy after a call from her. She was about telling mama Cas-sy that she wanted to st©p working, she was re-ady to accept any consequences that comes with it after she might have found out her real self but got the shock of her life when mama Cas-sy told her that she was free to go whenever she wanted, that she has the right to walk out right now, no longer a S-x worker.
Pink’s mouth was left hanging for two minutes before she was able to come out of her trance.
Still in shock, she had thanked mama Cas-sy and turned back to leave, expecting mama Cas-sy to call her back and tell her that she was only joking and that she wasn’t free but got more shocked when she got home without being st©pped.
What happened? She kept thinking even up till this moment.
When she had narrated everything to Derek, Derek was also left shocked but he was really really grateful. He had hvgged Pink to himself, almost suffocating her, he was so relieved. My sister will no longer work as a S-x worker, the thought kept ringing in his head.
The vehicle they all entered, which is actually a limo started off.
Prince Reagan sat far away from Pink and Derek, his eyes fixed on the [email protected]©p with him. He has been working on the [email protected]©p ever since they entered his pri-vate jet.
It took an hour and few minutes before they arrived a glas-s house.
The doors got opened for them and they [email protected]£ door. Pink and Derek kept following prince Reagan until they got inside the house which looked kinda dark. Yeah, it was alre-ady evening.
Prince Reagan [email protected] twice and the lights turned on automatically leaving Pink in awe.
“So, this is where we’ll be spending the coming days before we finally fly to Thailand” Prince Reagan announces before leaving them in the wi-de dazzling sitting room.
T B C Pink.

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