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The alpha and the female warrior Episode 5

Chapter 5
Theme : They Are Mates
“Pas-s the ketchup! You’ve been hogging the entire supply for the past half hour!” Leona complained, rolling off the sofa to trying snatch the ketchup sachets off Kobi.
Another thing I’ve learnt, is that Kobi loves ketchup…like really loves the sauce. We’ve been pigging out in the main living room and eating pizza, fries, garlic bre-ad with lots of soda.
So far so good, I thought. It’s only been the first day and I’ve found such fun friends. It’ll be a nice trip, all I nee-d to do is to win the fight and I’ll be good to go.
There might even be a chance that I’ll ask for Julian, Leona and Kobi’s contact details if we become even closer.
“So can tell us some information about this pack?” Jay asked, before he [email protected] fries on a slice of pizza and scoffed it down. Leona saw this and visibly cringed; yes girl, I know…
Julian tensed up a bit before asking, “Why?”
I stepped in and said, “Well, we don’t know much about this pack, and I think we’d appreciate it if we knew some things about the pack we’re staying in.”
Kobi nodded at this and spoke up. “As you may know, our previous Alpha has pas-sed away two years ago.”
Ah, the mad Alpha. Who could forget?
“He had only conceived one child, a son. When our Alpha died, obviously his son rightfully took his place as our current Alpha.” Kobi carried on.
“Ah, Alpha Theo Hunter? I heard he’s the same age as Jay, is he twenty one?” I asked, not sure. The three of them nodded, confirming my question.
“How about his mum? The previous Luna? She hasn’t been mentioned much.” I asked, pausing my eating session.
I was really curious about this pack, it’s so mysterious. I knew almost all the previous and current Alphas and Lunas of each pack, except this one.
The three of them exchanged wary glances at each other before Julian decided to answer this time. “Unfortunately, she pas-sed away seven years ago. It was a natural death.” He briefly explained.
The finality in his answer warned me not ask any further questions.
So I, of course, respected that and went back to stuffing myself with fries. Although being respectful, I couldn’t help but still be curious.
“Sorry, but could you pas-s that Cola?” I asked, pointing to the can behind Leona.
No one answered me, ma-king me look up at them in confusion. They all wore a familiar looking expression, like they were concentrating on something only they can see. Or more like hear…
My pack members and I looked at each other knowingly before looking back at the three. They were definitely mind linking with each other or someone else.
I popped another fry into my mouth as I waited for their mind link to disconnect.
“Oh $h!t!” Julian shouted suddenly. He started to pick up the empty pizza boxes, clearing the area.
Leona turns the TV off and nearly trips in trying to help her mate. Kobi sat there with ketchup covered fries in his hand, obviously torn between helping his friends or continuing to eat.
“Whoa, why are you guys tidying up all of a sudden?” Jay asked, slowly getting himself up. I stood up too, and proceeded to help the couple, although I was also quite confused.
“Alpha Theo just told us he’s in town and is on his way. He must’ve changed his mind last minute and decided to come here earlier than we thought.” Julian hurriedly explained, almost finished with cleaning up the area we ate.
“And…we’re cleaning up, why?” I asked, having a feeling of what the answer might be.
“He hates mess and junk food.” Leona responded, wiping off any trace of food on her face.
She then proceeded to hand out we-t wipes, because, and I quote ‘the kitchen is too far away and will waste our time in cleaning up’.
We all complied and helped to clean, ensuring that we were efficient as possible. None of us commented on the fact that they st©pped eating mid-meal, just for the sake of their Alpha’s preferences.
I wondered if they have to leave the house every time they eat junk food. So their Alpha hates mess? No wonder this place looks impeccable, it looks like a showroom rather than a home.
We were done clearing the mess and cleaning the place. Leona went the extra mile and even sprayed the room with a rose scented air freshener.
If only it was stronger, than it would be able to cover the cinnamon and chocolate smell. Since everyone denied they could smell the cinnamon and chocolate scent, I’ve been wanting the delicious scent to disappear.
However, the scent has doubled in concentration in the past hour and has been ma-king me go crazy. I even asked if Jay could smell it in a mind link, but he denied it and said he was being completely honest. So I guess I’ll just have to deal with it, it’s not like it’s a bad scent or anything.
Just as we all began to sit down on the sofa, the gates in front of the Alpha House opened.
“He’s here.” Kobi announced, standing up.
Finally, I might get to ask Alpha Theo how long we’ll be staying here. Julian and Leona quic-kly walked out of the room before I could blink. I looked at Kobi with an expression that I hoped meant ‘where are they going?’
He must’ve un-derstood my expression because he replied with, “They’ll greet our Alpha at the front door and [email protected]£ him about what has happened today. So basically they’ll inform him that you’ve arrived and are in the living room.”
Jay, our four pack members and I stood in a line, re-ady to meet their Alpha. It might be wishful thinking from my [email protected], but I was hoping Alpha Theo and Jay could hit it off. They are the same age and can relate with each other since there both from an Alpha family.
I heard the front door open, followed by Julian and Leona’s greeting. I couldn’t help but tune my s-en-sitive hearing to eavesdrop their conversation.
“Good Afternoon Alpha.” Julian and Leona said in unison.
“Afternoon.” A curt and short reply from the Alpha.
His voice…sounds so nice to listen to. A shiver of plea-sure ran throu-gh my nerves. Just by hearing that one word, had me excited to see him. Why and how is that even possible? I breathed in and out de-eply and slowly to control to keep my emotions in check.
“Have the Imperial Pride Pack members arrived?” That de-ep voice made me shudder with emotions I couldn’t really describe.
I felt Jay’s confused stare beside me, but I was too busy listening in on their conversation.
“Can’t you smell their scent, Alpha?” Julian cautiously asked, blatantly confused.
I was confused too; usually wolves can easily smell a non-pack member in their territory. An Alpha’s s-en-se of smell is supposed to be incredible, so what’s up with this Alpha?
“Well, if you didn’t make the whole place smell like vanilla and strawberries, than maybe I’d be able to smell them out!”
Vanilla and Strawberries? I don’t smell that all.
“I could smell the scent from when I entered the town.” The Alpha growled, clearly annoyed at the fact that his abilities has been questioned. “Regardless of how strong it is, I want you to buy more of it so I can place them in my side of this manor.”
“But…Alpha. I didn’t-”
“I usually find the candles you burn around the house to be mediocre, but you’ve really outdone yourself this time.” He went on, complimenting Leona’s choice.
“Looks like their Alpha has a faulty nose, just like you.” Jay tea-sed me throu-gh the mind link. I shook my head in disbelief as a response and focused my attention back to the conversation.
“They’re in the living room, re-ady to meet you.” Julian said, ma-king me straighten up. I heard some shuffling and his sturdy footsteps getting closer.
I patiently watched the door, waiting for him to come in and ignoring the fact that the cinnamon and chocolate scent was getting stronger. I felt his powerful pres£nce as an Alpha, before we even saw him.
A tall, well built looking man walked in wearing a pristine black suit. I couldn’t tear my eyes off his face, he was incredibly good looking. Actually, to say he’s good looking is an incredible un-derstatement because he looked perfect.
So perfect that I had to supress the [email protected] that was threatening to leave myl-ips. b!tt!g myl-ips in effort of st©pping my mouth to open in shock, I couldn’t help but check him out even more.
His full head of jet, black hair was styled to perfection, complementing and contrasting his bright, dark blue eyes. He had sharp features with a perfectly carved jawline and cheekbones. How many times do I have to say the word ‘perfect’ to get my point across?
I briefly brushed my gaze past his plump k!ssable lookingl-ips and settled on taking in his figure. His suit fit him well, like it was specifically tailored to him. The suit he was wearing, although covered him completely, highlighted his muscular, lean b©dy.
As soon as I realised I’d been checking him out for longer than I intended, I closed my eyes to st©p looking. If I didn’t close them, I might’ve just kept staring.
Opening them again, I took the chance to look at his face. I wasn’t expecting his intense gaze to be focused on me, he kept staring with an unre-adable expression. Starting to feel h0t un-der his gaze, I looked away again. My wolf kept bugging me, scratching the back of my mind desperate to say something.
I’d been so engrossed in this man’s looks, I’d completely neglected my wolf side. Feeling bad, I let her in.
My wolf repeated that word over and over again, ma-king me stumble from the shock. Firstly, she’s never been that loud in my head…ever. Secondly, mate?
This Alpha…is my mate?
No. Wait. He’s an Alpha. He’s the highest rank a wolf could be and I’m just a chief warrior. I could see myself being paired with an Gamma… or even a Beta, but never an Alpha. Maybe my wolf was mistaken?
My wolf growled at that thought, and repeated, “HE IS OUR MATE! Smell his scent.”
Listening to her, I took a dee-per breathe in, letting myself fully take in the scents around me. There is only one [email protected] scent that caught my attention; cinnamon and chocolate.
Looking up, I realised that it had been coming from him the entire time. That’s why the scent had increa-sed the last hour, because he was travelling closer. I frowned, wondering why I could smell it since I arrived here.
“Because we’re in his house, dumbas-s.” My wolf mocked me, ma-king me flvstered by her bluntness. I cut off the mind connection I had with her, because her instincts were too strong for me right now.
She wanted to jump into her mate’s arms and stay there forever. However, I had to think clearly and logically here because this handsome man isn’t just my mate, but the Alpha of The BlackShadowed Pack.
Tuning back to my surroundings, I heard Jay introducing himself as he held out his hand to greet Alpha Theo. They shook hands to everyone’s relief. The man who is supposedly my mate, took his time greeting everyone with his curt nod and non-existent smile.
I suddenly felt hyper aware of my heart beating at a ridiculous pace and how super drawn I felt to this handsome man.
He had finally reached me; I’d been standing at the end of the line. I didn’t think it was possible for him to be even more h0t up close. He wore an unre-adable expression, almost had me thinking he didn’t know I am his mate.
But of course he knew, it’s a unique feeling when you find your mate. If he didn’t know, then his wolf definitely told him. Not to mention, you’d be able to smell them before you see them; their desirable scent would be tailored especially to you.
Remembering his comment earlier made me blush. Do I smell like vanilla and strawberries to him?
Having a mate is a blessing. Everything about them, their physical, intellectual and emotional attributes will draw you to them like a moth to a flame. The attra-ction is there, but the love and the de-ep un-derstanding of each other is something that mates have to work on themselves.
“My name is Elisia Knight, I’ll be the warrior going up against Irene.” I introduced myself, looking straight into his eyes. Honestly, I was surprised at this sudden confidence, but I’m sure it stemmed from his lack of reaction. I’m talking about his lack of reaction to me, his mate. Everyone sharing their experience of finding their mate sounded amazing.
I’ve witnessed mates meeting each other for the first time, and it was beautiful to see every time. I know I shouldn’t hold my expectations against people’s experience, but he hasn’t even acknowledged me thus far and I couldn’t help but feel…unwanted? Stupid mate bond, I hope he can’t feel my disappointment.
Wait, we’d have to actually t©uçh skin to skin to initiate the mate bond.
“I know.” My mate replied coldly, before moving back towards the door he [email protected]£ in from.
That’s all he has to say? ‘I know’? No wishing me luck?
It hadn’t gone unnoticed by me that I am the only person he hasn’t shook hands with.
Nice, I thought sarcastically.
Well, at least I knew that he knew we’re mates.
Later in the day ~
“It looks really good!” I complimented excitingly, looking at Julian’s cooking.
We were all gathered in the kitchen waiting for Julian to finish cooking dinner.
Since Theo basically unacknowledged me as his mate, I’d been feeling really down. As much as I tried to not let it show outside, Jay saw throu-gh my happy façade and asked me what was wrong. I couldn’t bring myself to tell him the truth, so I just said that I felt sick from eating too much junk food from earlier.
“Thank you. However, I’d appreciate it if you all set the dinner table up so we could get stuck in as soon as I’m done cooking.” Julian commented, busy with adding all kinds of herbs and spices.
Just like that, we all rushed to set the table up. I guess we’re all feeling hungry. Julian and Leona [email protected]£ in with pots and pans filled with food.
We were going to start to dig in, when we heard someone walk down the stairs. My eyes wi-de-ned as I internally gro-an ed. plea-se don’t let that be who I think it is, I prayed.
You’d think I’d be excited to have him joining us, and a small [email protected] of me was. However, the way he was when we first met made me feel embarras-sed and insignificant.
Hearing his footsteps getting closer, I made the decision to be petty and [email protected] with his own game.
“Oh, It sli-pped my mind we had guests. I [email protected]£ down for dinner out of habit.”
Theo had walked into the dining room, wearing a grey tee and black joggers. Holy cra-p, I can see his muscular arms. His dark blue eyes quietly observed the room and held his gaze on me a second longer before looking away.
“No, it’s fine! We were expecting you to come.”
We were?
“We saved your seat, come in!”
He has a designated seat?
Kobi, Julian and Leona stared at me in surprise, ma-king me stare back at them equally surprised.
Why are they staring at me?
“I mean, we did save your seat.” Leona laughed, almost nervously. It didn’t take me long, after she said that, to realise that that I was on his seat. I got up immediately as I tried to explain myself.
“Well, I thought I heard ‘Elisia, you can sit there’, so naturally I did. I must’ve heard incorrectly.” I was about to move my plate food when Theo interrupted me.
“Don’t bother, I wont be joining you guys.” He said, eyeing me at the corner of his eye.
A surge of annoyance filled up in me.
“Why not?” I questioned, standing up and crossing my arms.
I held his emotionless gaze for a moment before carrying on. “Julian made enough food to feed 10 people, there’s no point in wasting this much food, is there?”
Leona spluttered and coughed in shock as the whole room filled with tension.
Well, I guess I did just question their big scary Alpha…
His lack of reaction frustrated me until I noticed his jaw flexing in annoyance, ma-king me feel accomplished.
So the man has feelings after all! To everyone’s surprise, including mine, he replied.
“No, it’s a shame to waste food. Especially Julian’s.” Theo agreed, walking dee-per into the room.
That’s it?
He just agreed?
Honestly, I thought he would have put up more of a argument. Staying seated in the same sp©t, I watched him pu-ll the seat opposite me.
“I’ll join you guys for dinner, but can you handle it?” He asked, slight amusement lacing his voice. The question was obviously directed at me, as his gaze sweeps over me as he said that.
Everyone, oblivious to our silent exchange nodded to his question and dived into eating. So did Theo, but not before he s£nds me a smug sm-irk.
Oh, I can handle it. Don’t you worry.
Ah! the first encounter between Elisia and Theo !!…… 😁
What’s your first impression of Theo? Gat any predictions?

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