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The alpha and the female warrior Episode 13

As produced by Yasminne
Chapter 13
Theme : It’s Love, You Can’t Deny It.
I curled up in a ball before stretching ha-rd , ma-king me hit my hand on the wall behind me.
“Ouch.” I mumbled, retracting my hand and cradling it in the other.
Slowly, I peeled my eyes open to get adjusted to the bright light coming into the room throu-gh the large window.
Today is the last day I’ll be waking up in this room before we all travel back to the Alpha Manor. I felt incredibly warm and comfortable, a lot warmer than I was used to. Maybe the weather is a lot warmer today…
I sh0t up in be-d, completely wi-de awake as I looked around the room.
I don’t remember coming up to my room.
I frowned as I looked down at my hair. It wasn’t in its bun anymore, but I also don’t remember letting it down. I looked around my pillow and duvet to look for my hair tie. My bun ha-rd ly ever comes loose while I was slee-ping.
After having no luck in finding it, I glanced at the night stand next to the be-d.
To my surprise, the hair tie was sitting on t©p of it. It was neatly and purposely put there, right inbetween my phone and hair brush.
What the hell?
I’m sure I didn’t come up here. Did I sleepwalk here or something?
I sat up on the be-d, staring into space and thinking ha-rd of what had happened early this morning.
Did all that actually happen?
About The MoonKnight pack, being my pack. Finding out Theo’s dad, Maxwell, ordering the mas-s killing my pack, including my parents as well as all their leaders. Finding out about Maxwell’s obse-ssion with his ex lover, Lily, even after finding his mate and having a son.
It wasn’t a dream, was it?
So what had happened after?
He lent me his hoodie.
I looked down at what I was wearing to see a large black hoodie that had been keeping me warm.
Oh my God.
The whole room was filled with his scent; it smelled so good. The hoodie alone couldn’t have caused this, which means…he [email protected]£ in here.
I thought back to when he gave me his hoodie. What had happened after that?
I got comfortable and closed my eyes, to rest them.
I gro-an ed out loud and la-id back onto the warm be-d. I must’ve fallen asleep on that chair when I didn’t mean to. I just closed my eyes because I wanted to calm my headache and forget about what I had found out.
I didn’t remember much after that point. I started to remember being carried somewhere by someone.
I started blush a little and pu-ll the covers over my head in embarras-sment.
Rather then leaving me curled up on the chair or waking me up, he carried me up to my be-droom instead. I did remember this happening but…
I thought it was a dream…?
I remembered being put into be-d gently by someone with strong arms. I felt them reach for my bun and take it down.
“Isn’t that uncomfortable?”
That husky voice stayed in my memory long enough for me to know it was Theo.
I had started to sl!pinto de-ep sleep at that point. I wouldn’t have heard anything he said beyond this point but he spoke again.
“I’ll make sure you never find out.” He said, his voice filled with sadness and regret.
What did he mean? Was he referring to what pack I’m really from?
Why hadn’t I said anything then? Why didn’t I opened my eyes, and demand to know what he meant by that?
After saying that, he stayed quiet. During the silence, I felt a fluttering k!sson my forehead.
A k!ss? On my forehead.
With a [email protected], I t©uçhed my forehead in shock. I can’t believe that actually happened…
I just thought it was a cute dream.
I put my hand on my che-st to calm my heart frantic pounding. Instead, I felt a sharp scratch on my che-st.
Confused, I reached into my pyjama t©p and reached into my [email protected] I felt a material that didn’t belong, ma-king me pu-ll it out.
I pu-ll-ed out…the ph0to.
The ph0to with Maxwell and Lily.
Feeling very relieved, I sighed heavily and held the ph0to close to my che-st. If Theo was to have seen this ph0to with me, I wouldn’t have been able to explain myself.
Honestly, I would have had no excuse.
I crawled out of be-d and stretched even more. Glancing around the room, I was glad it was not messy. I didn’t exactly want Theo to see a [email protected] hanging off the radiator or something.
Reaching for my phone, I looked at the time and saw it was almost noon.
Weird. Jay or Leona would’ve barged into my room by now. Shrugging it off, I went into the en-suite and got re-ady for the day.
Today was the last day so I had make sure I had everything was packed away. I took extra care in hiding the ph0to in the duffle bag.
I wore a casual outfit that consisted of wearing high [email protected]!sted demin [email protected] paired with a black crop t©p and my usual Nike shoes.
I stood up, hands on h!ps and looking at the duffle bag with a proud smile. I was able to put everything back in there without struggling like I usually do.
This time I actually folded my clothes.
After a few minutes of double checking for anything I might’ve left behind, a thought occured to me.
Did I pack Theo’s hoodie by accident?
I face palmed myself when I realised I was holding his hoodie when I started packing. It must’ve been the first item I packed so it’s the bo-ttomof the duffle bag.
I guess he’ll just have to wait until we get to the main town and into the Alpha Manor. I swung my duffle bag on my shoulder and held my phone the opposite hand.
I made my way downstairs, perking up at the sound of Jay’s voice.
“What do you mean there’s no yogurt?” Clearly hearing the shocked tone in his voice.
I chuckled to myself and walked to the front door where there were three duffle bags lined up. I put mine beside theirs and walked towards the kitchen where everyone was.
“What kind of lakehouse has no yogurt?”
Leona and Theo were sitting on the stools by the kitchen island, watching Jay rummage throu-gh the hvge fridge. Leona wore a short white dress and french [email protected] her hair. Jay wore a head to toe monochrome outfit with a black hoodie, black jeans and black sneakers.
Theo wore a khaki green T shi-t with black joggers. His hair was not styled as usual, and looked quite messy. But the messy hair look suited him so well, I almost [email protected]
It’s actually unfair, for him to not try at all and still look this good…
“I wasn’t aware every lake house had yogurt.” I commented, giving Leona a side hvg.
I glanced at Theo, who avoided my gaze completely. I rolled my eyes in annoyance and don’t bother greeting him.
“They do.” Jay sighed, closing the fridge reluctantly. “The ones I’ve been to do.”
He [email protected]£d the handle on the fridge a second after he let it go.
“I swear if you open that fridge one more time, I will pour this freezing water over you!” Leoana exploded, gesturing at her tall glas-s of water.
She saw me stare at her with an amused and surprised expression.
“He opened that fridge like twenty times before you got here.” She shrugged, sipping on water. “He kept opening it like some yogurt is going to magically appear.”
“I’ll buy you yogurt and some fro-yo when we get back to the main town.” I offered, swinging my phone from hand to hand.
Theo looked up at me at that moment and held my gaze with those intense eyes. Woah, his blue eyes were so much darker than usual.
Just then, I felt my phone suddenly sl!pout my hand and fall towards cold marble floor.
I just stood there watching it fall, like it was falling in slow motion. Just when it had registered my phone was falling to its death, it was alre-ady too late.
It hit the floor with a painful cracking sound, echoing the kitchen.
Everyone flin-ched at the sound, including Theo.
“Ouch.” Leona said, looking at my fallen phone. “It landed screen first.”
My poor phone…
“Your reaction time is usually a lot better than that, what happened?” Jay retorted, holding his phone like a mic. He waited expectantly in front of me like a reporter.
I shoved his phone away from my face and crouched down to pick my poor phone.
“Wait!” Leona screeched, jumping from the high stool. “You have to pray first.”
I stared at her in disbelief, but did it anyway. Anything to hope that my phone isn’t covered and decorated in cracks.
“Now turn it around.” Jay spoke next my ear ma-king me jumped in surprise. I hadn’t heard him crouch down by my side.
I looked up to see even Theo leaning over the table to see the reveal.
Taking a de-ep breath in, I turned my phone over and took a good look at the screen.
The screen was shattered.
“Damn. If you don’t like using phone cases, then you should’ve got a Nokia brick or something.” Jay tutted, standing up. “So that way when it sli-ps out your hand, it breaks the floor instead.’
I sighed and silently picked up my phone. I didn’t like using phone cases because I wasn’t a fan of how bulky they make my phone feel.
“I doubt the screen would work well judging by how it looks.” Leona said, looking at me sympathetically. “Will you get a new one or replace the screen?”
“I’m not sure yet.” I answered truthfully, sli-pping my phone into my pocket. “I worry about it later.”
My precious phone…
“Right, we should get going.” Theo spoke up for the first time.
We put our stuff in the trunk of the car and hit the road. The journey back was pretty comfortable and fun. Theo offered to drive so I was chatting with Leona in the back the entire time.
I was surprised Leona trusted him to drive her ‘baby’. Her car’s name is quite ironic considering how hvge her jeep is. Theo’s occasional glances at me throu-gh rearview mirror did not go unnoticed.
Does he want to ask for his hoodie back? It’s stuffed at the bo-ttomof my bag, so he better not ask me now.
We finally got to the main town. Theo pu-ll-ed up to his manor and parked next to Julian’s white jeep. I hopped out the jeep and retrieved my bag. So did the others and we walked into the manor.
Julian was waiting by the door with a smile illuminating his face. Leona squealed beside me, dropped her bag, and ran to him at full speed.
Julian [email protected] himself as he held his arms out wi-de. Leona jumped into his arms and ti-ghtly wra-pped her legs around him. They hvgged each other while whispering, I missed you’s and I love you’s. They started to k!sslike they had to make up not seeing each other for years.
“Okay, now I’m leaving.” Jay retorted, reaching the t©p of the long flight of stairs in a matter of seconds.
Theo followed after him, who didn’t even spare a glance at the couple.
I, however, stayed downstairs and closed the large front door to look busy, while they finished ma-king out.
Two of the four guards from my pack rushed downstairs, observed me for a long second to see if I was alright before rushing back upstairs.
Wow, some guards they are…
But then again, they knew not to worry about me or Jay.
Once the couple st©pped their PDA, I flashed them a knowing smile and said, “I never got to ask how you two met, would you mind telling me?”
“I love telling our story, but let’s sit down first.” Julian said, holding his mate close him. The way they looked at each other made me feel longing to be in a relationsh!plike that.
We ended up in the living room with me on chilling on a large comfy chair opposite to the large L shaped sofa they were sitting on.
“Where do we start?” Leona asked, leaning on Julian.
“The beginning would be nice…” I interveened, obviously being sarcastic. They chuckled and started to tell their story.
“Well, we were both born and raised in this pack, but we never interacted with each other at all.” Leona started, alre-ady smiling. “Julian was very popular at school, so I alre-ady knew of him. All I knew was that he was the Beta’s only son, and will be our future Beta.”
“It wasn’t until Kobi and Irene’s birthday [email protected] that I noticed her.” Julian spoke up. “I would’ve noticed her earlier, but I never saw her…like ever. She seemed to be a very reserved and quiet girl.”
I bur-st out laughing when he said that. “Leona? Quiet?”
“Listen, that was my first impression of her!” Julian defended himself. “Anyway, she was invited by Irene and I was, obviously, invited by Kobi.”
“Kobi and Julain were, and still are, best friends. Irene invited me and a friend of mine because I accidently let her in front of me in the lunch line.” Leona laughed, shaking her head. “She thought I gave her space to cut the line, when all I was doing was backing up to look for my ring.”
“Anyway, Leona almost didn’t go to the [email protected]” Julian added.
“Yeah, I was kind of pressured to go the [email protected] by my friend at the time. She insisted that it would be fun.” Leona explained, shrugging.
“Who knew you would’ve met your mate there!” I exclaimed, waggling my eyebrows.
“No, that wasn’t where we found out we were mates.” Julian quic-kly said, shaking his head.
“No?” I replied, completely confused. “So you were un-der the age of seventeen?”
“Yup, we were sixteen at the time. So of course, we didn’t know we were each other soulmate.” Leona said, blu-shing slightly. “It’s a good thing we are because…”
“Because what?” I said, looking between them. Leona looked incredibly shy.
“We totally made out, only half an hour after meeting each other.” Julian revealed, sm-irking at the memory. “Of course, we did it in secret because you know how taboo it is to be with someone who isn’t your mate.”
I nodded un-derstandingly. Most people avoid being in any ro-mantic relationsh!ps before they find their mate to prevent any awkward situations in the future. Like a mate wanting to hurt the person who la-id hands on their mate. Or a mate discovering their mate lost their vir-ginity to another random person.
“We knew we weren’t going to see each other again, because she was an innocent daughter of a lawyer and I was the son of the Beta. I lived in the Alpha Manor with my father and she lived on the other side of this town. We were so different. Even though we were in the same grade, we never shared the same clas-ses and never got to see each other because of how many students there were.” Julain said, folding his arms. “However, if I did see her, my heart would do multi-ple fli-ps but I was always too shy to talk to her.”
“So you guys alre-ady liked each otber before you knew you were mates!” I [email protected], shaking my head at their luck.
“We’re so happy and glad, whether it was coincidental or fate.” Julian sighed, k!ss!ngLeona’s forehead.
That sight reminded me of what happened early this morning. That fluttering k!sson my forehead, did he really do that?
“So, how and when did you guys actually find out you were mates?” I asked, my curiosity peaking.
“I was out the country doing business with my father when I had become seventeen, so I didn’t get to find my mate straight away.” Julian said.
“When I turned seventeen, he was still out the country. So when I couldn’t find my mate, I thought that he might’ve been in another pack.” Leona sighed, hvgging a large pillow.
“My friend organised trips to various different packs, for people who hadn’t found their mate.” She continued. “I agreed to go, and before I knew it, we were at the airport.”
She turned to Julian with a small smile, silently asking him to continue the story.
“I was actually flying in on the exact same day they were flying out.” Julian continued, ma-king me wi-den my eyes in shock. “I actually was supposed to have boarded a later flight, but luckily an earlier flight had empty seats so my father and I got on that plane.”
“So we would’ve missed each other, if he hadn’t gotten that flight.” Leona added. “Since we lived very different lives, it would’ve taken long to find each other even if we were both in our pack’s territory.”
“We were in the parking lot, getting our luggages out the car and suddenly I smell the most wonderful scent.” Leona gushed as her eyes glazed over from the memory. “I remember my legs almost giving out when it hit me. I just knew at that point, that scent was from my mate.”
“I was getting into the car that was waiting for my father and I, when I smelt her beautiful scent.” Julian spoke up. “I told my father that ‘I’d be back in a sec’ and ran towards the scent. I can’t even begin to describe the emotions I felt when I saw her.”
“My heart was pounding so ha-rd when I saw him, I almost cried of happiness because I knew. I knew he was my mate; the love of my life.” Leoana smiled, looking very content. “I ran towards him with tears flowing down my face and hvgged him ti-ght.”
“I almost didn’t let you go, remember?” Julian chuckled. “I was too scared that you would disappear or something.”
The front door slammed shut, ma-king me jump a little. A familiar scent reached my nose, confirming that it was Theo who had left the manor.
Ignoring his [email protected], Leona ru-bbe-d the back of her mate’s hand and said, “As soon as we hvgged, we had some skin to skin contact which initiated the first stage of the mate bond.”
“On the ride back home, we verbally accepted each other as soulmates and when Julian invited me to his room, we-”
“St©p right there!” I exclaimed, putting my hands on my ears. “I know what nee-ds to happen to seal the bond, you don’t nee-d to tell me.”
“So that’s our story. It’s been three years since we entered each other’s lives for good.” Leona sighed happily. “Pretty different to the usual stories you hear, right?”
“For sure.” I agreed, nodding my head. “Much more dramatic, that’s for sure.”
“Now that Theo left, do you want to hear another story?” Julian asked, raising an eyebrow.
I raised an eyebrow as well. “What kind of story?”
“The story of the former Gamma’s daughter and her obse-ssion with the Alpha.”
They nodded in unison, wearing matching mischievious expressions.
I didn’t know then, that today was going to be a very long day.
“Let’s hear it.”

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