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The alpha and the female warrior Episode 11

Chapter 11
Theme : The Second Mystery (Untold) {2}
I sat on one of the chairs in the waiting area, waiting for my name to be called. I started to fiddle with my f!ngers, trying to calm my nerves.
I’ve never been in a hospital for a health problem before. Actually, I don’t know any wolves with a health problem. I’ve only been treated for fighting wounds and injuries, so I didn’t know what to expect.
I had been taking the pills Dr Oswald prescribe-d me several days ago so I’ve done my [email protected] in taking care of myself.
Jay reached over and held my moving hands as a reas-suring gesture. s£nding him a grateful smile, I held his hand back.
A sudden loud cough in the quiet waiting room made me jump in surprise and re-lease Jay’s hand in the process. I let a breath out realising who it was.
“What the hell is taking them so long?” A certain someone grumbled beside me.
Sighing, I turned to face Theo who wore a bored expression. We’ve literally only sat here for five minutes.
“Wow, you’re really patient.” Jay commented sarcastically, rolling his eyes.
A warning low growl erupted from Theo, which didn’t make me flin-ch in the slightest. I guess I’m used to an Alpha’s authoritative power because I was raised by one and raised with a future one, Jay.
“fv¢k off.” Theo snarled, eyes flashing with annoyance.
Jay let out a loud rumbling growl, earning startled looks from other wolves in the room.
I puffed my cheeks out, alre-ady tired of their behaviour. Two grown Alpha blooded males were childishly growling at each other in a hospital waiting room. The staff walking by kept s£nding us weird looks.
Sitting between them was the worst and best idea. Best idea because I was a physical barrier between them so they couldn’t hurt each other. Worst idea because now I had to deal with their bickering in both my ears.
“Piece of fv¢king $h!t.” Jay muttered un-der his breath, clearly meant for Theo to hear.
“Seriously guys?” I complained, before they actually broke into a physical fight. “You’re cool with each other one minute and then at each other’s throats the next.”
None of them replied, but folded their arms huffing. I shook my head at them; and to think they’re two years older than me.
If only Leona was with us, then things would probably be different. She got a call from Julian’s mum, asking if she could come over. Leona being Leona, couldn’t say no and promised she’d be there today.
One thing was bothering me since we [email protected]£ to the hospital. Why did Theo tag along to my appointment? I mean, he didn’t have to but he was re-ady, this morning, before any of us. I would love to say it’s because he wanted to support his mate, but I knew better.
“Elisia Knight.” A women called out.
I, automatically, stood up to my name and walked up to the receptionist.
“The doctor in room six is re-ady to see you.” She said, not looking up from her computer. “The room is on the left hand side of this corrider.”
I mumbled a thanks, before walking down the corrider and knocking on a door with the number six.
“Come in.”
Opening the door, I stepped into a white consultation room with a male sitting behind his desk. Holding the door, Jay and Theo followed me in.
The doctor gave off a happy vibe, as he flashed us a genuine smile when we entered.
“plea-se. Take a seat, Elisia.” He said, gesturing to the seat in front of him.
He looked at Theo and bowed slightly. “Alpha.” He greeted him.
He turned his gaze to Jay and recoiled a little before saying, “Another Alpha? From where?”
Jay chuckled at the doctor’s surprise. “Not an Alpha yet. I am Jayden Steel, son of the Alpha of The Imperial Pride Pack.” He introduced himself.
The doctor nodded and said, “Nice to meet you, I’m Ethan Stevenson.”
“Emily’s brother.” Theo added, holding out his hand for a handshake.
Ah, the best doctor in this pack or something? I would love to meet her, she sounds incredible.
Accepting the handshake, Ethan nodded with a smile. I sat down in the chair in front of him, wanting to get it over with. Jay and Theo sat on the two chairs opposite the doctor’s desk.
“Okay, so I’ve looked at your blood test results as well as your CT scan results.”
“The CT scan was the X-ray looking one, right?” I asked, remembering it.
“Yes, in the report Dr Oswald wrote that she had difficulty diagnosing your problem so thought it was best to run a CT scan.” He replied, re-ading what was on his computer screen. “The scan will help us diagnose the cause of your shortness of breath, che-st pain and other che-st symptoms.
I nodded at his explanation “So what are the results?” I asked, my heart rate increasing steadily. To say I was nervous was an un-derstatement.
Ethan sighed and stared at the computer screen as he tapped his pen on the desk looking thoughtful.
Great. Something is wrong with me.
“Well, I’m happy to say you are absolutely healthy.” He announced unexpectantly.
“There is no problem, Elisia.” He elaborated, pointing the results on his screen like I could un-derstand them. When what he said finally registered in my [email protected], I stood up.
“What?” I exclaimed, closely followed by a yell from Theo. “The hell?”
We looked at each other at that moment, surprised that he unintentially finished my s£ntence.
“This is good news, Elisia.” Jay said frowning and shaking my shoulder. “Why do you look horrified?”
I do?
Well, maybe because that much pain should’ve been caused by something. I shuddered, remembering how much agony I had to endure that day. How does this make s-en-se?
Theo suddenly stood up, cracking his f!ngersas he blew out air. “If ‘there is no problem’, then how do you explain what she went throu-gh that day?” He questioned, his eyes narrowing on Ethan. His anger seemed to radiate from him, ma-king Ethan tense up.
“Alpha, plea-se. I as-sure you, there definately isn’t a physical problem.” Ethan softly replied, clearly not wanting to anger his Alpha.
“What’s wrong with you?” Jay suddenly said, ma-king us look at him. He stood up too and faced Theo with an irritated expression. “The doctor said there is nothing wrong with Elisia, but you’re still trying to dig for a problem.”
I shook my head at Jay, wanting to calm him down before he says something Theo won’t like. Which is basically everything that comes out of his mouth.
Jay ignored me and carried on. “Ethan is the doctor here, not you. So st©p interrogating him with your annoying temper and trust his opinion as the health care provider.”
Theo looked eerily calm as he walked past me and stood in front of Jay.
Waves of anger, annoyance and frustration hit me like a [email protected] in the face, ma-king me look down in confusion. These weren’t my emotions, but his. I looked back up at Theo, who was unaware I could feel his emotions throu-gh the mate bond.
He looked down at Jay’s 6ft figure and menacingly snarled in his face.
“Firstly, you don’t tell me what to do.” Theo started, eyes burning with anger. “You’re in my territory, pup.”
Pup? Damn, Jay will not like that.
“It’s easy for you to believe she’s fine because
you weren’t there.” He continued, before Jay could say anything. “You weren’t there when she was crying and pas-sing out from the pain.
You weren’t there to see her joking around one minute, to clutching her che-st in agony the next.”
Jay stared back with no expression showing on his face. I stared at Theo, wondering what had caused him to say all this. I would be lying if I said his outbur-st about my health didn’t make me feel a little happy.
“Would you like to hear what I think happened?” Ethan piped up, gesturing us to sit back down.
“Of course I do.” I replied, sitting down immediately.
Theo and Jay sat down too, but not before they exchanged angry glares.
“I rechecked your results numerous times and even got another consultant to look at it.” Ethan said. “There definately is no physical problem.”
“However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem.” He then added, ma-king us stare at him in confusion.
“What are you trying to say?” Theo demanded, running a hand throu-gh his hair.
“Maybe something from the environment triggered that kind of reaction from Elisia.” Ethan explained looking thoughtful. “Of course, I wouldn’t know too much as it’s not my area of expertise.”
Theo started to scoff at the idea and Jay rolled his eyes. I, however, said, “Is that really possible?”
Ethan nodded. “It is definately possible. Something environmental or mental can trigger physical pain. It’s not too common, but it isn’t impossible. Do you have an idea of what the trigger might be?”
I pursed myl-ips, de-ep in thought. I mean, I thought I knew but it sounded really dumb. The pain existed only when Ms Williams said the word ‘Alpha’. But that didn’t make any s-en-se. It didn’t mean anything.
Sighing, I shook my head. All I had was just a theory.
The appointment finally [email protected]£ to a end and my diagnosis was inconclusive. They promised to show my results to Emily when she got back. They were hoping maybe she could find a physical cause to the pain I went throu-gh.
“Good night guys.” I whispered down the corrider, recieving replies from Leona and Jay.
I closed the be-droom door and jumped into be-d. I alre-ady changed into my PJs, brushed my teeth and did my skincare. gr-abbing my brush from the nightstand by the be-d, I combe-d my hair up and put it into a bun to sleep in.
As I predicted, Leona was shocked by the ‘inconclusive’ diagnosis. Today, I kept sneaking glances at Theo more than I usually did. Mostly because of the letter I re-ad had been on my mind all day.
His father terminated Ms Williams’ pack.
The MoonKnight Pack.
I’m sure he knows. But what did he think about it? Why had his father done that?
Looking up at the tall ceiling, I started to wonder more about the letter.
Why doesn’t anyone know about this? A whole pack cannot have disappeared without anyone knowing. That’s impossible.
Hesitantly, I reached towards Jay and I’s mind link.
“Random question.”
“Shoot .”
“Have you heard of The MoonKnight Pack ?”
“Hm, no. Doesn’t ring a bell.”
I prodded even further to feel his sincerity. To my relief, he was being honest.
“Why did you ask me that? Where is that pack from ?” He asked, genuinely curious.
“The name popped into my head randomly.” I replied, laughing it off. “Good night.”
I quic-kly severed the mind link before he realised that I was lying. So Jay hasn’t heard of the pack…
Weird. He was educated, from a young age, to know every pack in the US and their leaders. Magnus gave Jay special clas-ses to prepare him to be an Alpha. More than often, I would crash his lessons and learn with him.
I twisted and turned on the be-d, trying to find a good position to sleep in. When I finally did, I tried to clear my head from all thoughts and go to sleep.
To my frustration, all I could think of was that stupid letter. I opened my eyes and looked at my curtains. It was still dark outside, but it would only be a few hours until sunrise. We all went to be-d pretty late and had a long day, so I should be asleep by now.
Ugh, I just had to re-ad that letter.
I remembered there were more letters un-derneath the one I re-ad. Maybe they withheld more information; information that will finally answer my questions.
Kicking the duvet covers off, I hopped out of the be-d as quietly as I could. I cracked open the door and peeked out. Tuning my s-en-sitive hearing, I listened in for any signs of anyone being awake.
Jay was definately asleep, his snores could be heard even without tuning my hearing. I just about heard Leona’s soft steady breaths, indicating she was slee-ping.
I rushed down the corrider, ma-king my steps as light as possible. Not ha-rd for a highly skilled warrior, if I do say so myself.
At the staircase, I focused on listening in on the rooms upstairs. I let out a sigh of relief when I could hear faint snores from Theo’s room.
I made my way downstairs and into the kitchen. The lake house was set up quite differently compared to the Alpha Manor. The kitchen is a lot ha-rder to find.
Taking out a bottle of water from the fridge, I opened it and drank some. If someone was to catch me awake and roaming around downstairs at this time, my excuse would be that I had come down to gr-ab a drink.
I walked towards the [email protected] and headed to the same desk I was at yesterday.
Sitting down, I started to feel nervous; like what I was about to uncover would change everything.
pu-lling the drawer, I saw the family picture and letter in the same position I left it. I picked them both up and placed them on the table.
un-derneath them were heaps of letters, do¢v-ments, a notebook and what looked like to be an albu-m of ph0tos.
Not knowing which one to look at first, I brou-ght them all out and spre-ad them on the table.
A red envolope stood out, ma-king me reach for it. I opened it and pu-ll-ed out the letter inside. The person’s handwriting was much easier to re-ad than the other one.
My dear Lily,
Oh, God. Is this a love letter of something? I st©pped myself from re-ading any further, I didn’t think it was right to re-ad this. Skipping the entire letter, I looked at who wrote and s£nt it.
To my shock and surprise, I re-ad a name that I didn’t expect to see on a love letter to Lily.
Maxwell Hunter
What the hell? Was this actually a love letter?
Skimming the contents of the letter, I was surprised to confirm that it was, indeed, a love letter. I could only come up with two conclusions.
Maxwell had been having an affair when he was with his mate, or he had a lover before he found his mate.
I want to believe it’s the latter, although you never know when it comes to The Mad Alpha. But I thought Lily was from The MoonKnight Pack?
I guess she transferred from The BlackShadowed Pack and to The MoonKnight Pack.
Putting that letter down, I picked up the notebook. Fl!çk!ng throu-gh it, it seemed to be a diary. It had Maxwell written on the front, so, of course, it had to be his. I re-ad any s£ntence that [email protected]£d my attention.
I’m going to marry the love of my life. The fates were wrong after all. Lily and I weren’t destined to find ‘our mates’, but we were destined to find each other. There is no denying the attra-ction between us, so we might as well get married.
Ah, interesting. Lily and Maxwell gave up on finding their mates and decided to marry each other, because they had something going on. Nothing wrong with that.
Only a couple months to go before the big day.
I skipped throu-gh more pages as it was just about pack business and how excited he was to marry Lily. I suddenly got to a r!pp£dpage that was hanging on for dear life.
The page seemed scrunched up a little and had dried waterdroplets. It must be dried teardrops, I realised.
She’s gone. She found her mate. She left me. My lovely Lily is gone. How she leave me, when she loves me?
Wow. He’s clearly distraught. I felt bad for him. I guess, Lily finding her mate changed everything.
He took her away from me.
That’s when everything cli-cked into place. I un-derstood why Lily [email protected]£ a member of The MoonKnight Pack.
Her mate was the Alpha of that pack and she, naturally, [email protected]£ Luna. Maxwell must’ve found his mate later, who he had a son with, Theo.
I mentally facepalmed myself, shocked at how slow I am.
Re-re-ading the letter I re-ad yesterday, it said that Lily gave birth. The letter was mostly about rogue f0rç£ asking Maxwell for permission to attack The MoonKnight Pack.
Was he that hurt and angry at Lily leaving him and choosing her mate, that he destroyed their whole pack? Did he plan the attack when she left him or when she got pregnant?
I re-ad the [email protected]£ on the letter; it was [email protected]£d two years after Theo was born.
That means he had found his mate and had a two year old son when he was planning all this. Why hadn’t he moved on from Lily when he found his mate?
Shaking my head, I continued to re-ad the crumpled page from his diary.
I never liked him, Alpha Alexander Grayson.
Now I have a real reason to hate him.
Staring at the pile of papers and letters in front of me, I let out a audible sigh. What had I come across? I found out things about Theo’s family, that were kept from the public.
I started to neatly put everything back to where they were, except the ph0to albu-m.
Fl!çk!ng throu-gh them, there were more family pictures and a few pictures of Theo as a kid. No couple pictures so far.
The last picture in the ph0to albu-m caught me by surprise, it was a couple picture.
Except it wasn’t Maxwell and his mate. It wasn’t Maxwell posing and smiling with Theo’s mum.
It was another women, Lily. He had kept this ph0to of them. She was a petite, very gorgeous looking women with long brown locks cascading down to her [email protected]!st. She had bright grey eyes and wore a beautiful smile with dimples.
She [email protected] head on Maxwell’s shoulder and he had an arm wra-pped around her [email protected]!st.
I couldn’t seem to take my eyes of Lily, however. I proceeded to take out the ph0to from its case.
It was scary how much Lily resembled me. Or…how much I resemble her.
I could see why Ms Williams mistook me for Lily. We looked eerily alike with our wavy brown hair and grey eyes. It was almost like looking at a mirror, I shivered a little.
I closed the ph0to albu-m and put it back into the drawer. Clutching the ph0to to my che-st, I stood up wanting to get out the room. I [email protected]£d my water bottle and walked towards the door.
I had been so preoccu-pied with Lily’s ph0to, that I hadn’t heard the slight noise from the stairs.
Oh, $h!t…
Someone was walking down the stairs.
I started to panic a little, not knowing what to do with the ph0to I held. I pu-ll-ed my pyjama t©p up and stuck the ph0to un-derneath my [email protected] using it’s elastic.
It was too late to get out the room without being seen.
The footsteps got closer and closer.

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