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The alpha and the female warrior Episode 1 & 2

Chapter 1
Theme : Elisia Knight & The Imperial Prid
Elisia POV
“Caleb! You were great on the grounds today.” I called out, jogging up to one of my students. “I was plea-santly surprised at how well you used the strategy of taking an opponent to the ground using a takedown. But you nee-d to remember to use your whole b©dy; you can strike down your opponent using knees, stomps, elbows and punches.”
I had just finished a mixed martial arts training clas-s with the twelve to sixteen year olds. All the defence training takes place in the outdoor fighting ring or the outdoor cage for the older students.
The 13 year old beamed up at me, beads of sweat trick-ling down his face. “Thanks Chief! I’ll work on it, I promise.”
I nodded at him, wearing a proud smile. He’s so young and alre-ady has a positive working attitude; a trait many adults still wish for.
“Oh, and by the way. Happy birthday Chief!” He shouted, before running away giggling.
I gro-an ed out loud and sat on the gras-s, chuckling to myself. I’d alre-ady lost count of how many of my students wished me happy birthday. My birthday is something I wanted to stay quiet about because I didn’t [email protected] enjoy that kind of attention on me.
Hearing someone approaching behind me, I spoke up. “It’s not ha-rd to guess who told everyone it’s my birthday today.”
Jayden [email protected] beside me, laughing as he stretched. “Turning nineteen isn’t something to hide, so I felt like it was my job to blab it to everyone and their pets.”
I shook my head at him, smiling. “That’s nice of you.” I commented sarcastically.
“It was my honour.” He replied, completely ignoring the sarcasm.
Rolling my eyes, I la-id down next to him. We la-id there quietly for a while, watching the sunset sky and enjoying light breeze on our skin.
He suddenly sat back up and looked at me knowingly. “Since it’s your birthday, you know what happens today right?”
“I bet Kaitlyn and Magnus are preparing my birthday [email protected] right now.” I laughed, getting myself up.
Jay’s parents, the Alpha and Luna, took me in when I was a new-born and raised me ever since. They have organised a birthday [email protected] every year without fail, something that I come to enjoy a lot.
“You know my parents would never st©p ma-king a fuss about our birthdays.” He laughed with me, standing up with me. “The [email protected] probably alre-ady started, do you want to go now?”
I nodded at this and started walking towards the pack town. I couldn’t help but feel nervous because for the first time, the [email protected] will include the whole pack rather than just family.
Am I supposed to go up to everyone and talk or can I just chill with the people I know well? Jay seemed to s-en-se my nervousness and asked, “Do you want to go for a quic-k run around the forest?”
“I can’t, my wolf is exhausted. I let her out at around lunchtime, we hunted down two deer and ran around for ages. Don’t worry about me and have fun.” I replied, perking up to the sounds of teenagers laughing and screaming.
“It sounds like everyone is alre-ady there!” I exclaimed, running towards the [email protected]
I felt Jay’s worried stare on my back, ma-king me turn around and smile at him reas-suringly. Out of everyone I know, he knows me the best. He knows how ha-rd I find it to socialise with others.
It’s mostly to do with my wolf’s personality. I have always had the instinct to demand respect from others, so my wolf and I find it difficult to deal with people who talk to me in a degrading or irrespective way.
In my early teenage years, I would lash out whenever someone tried to challenge me in any way. I would make sure no one would even dare to think of going up against me which had made everyone distance themselves from me.
No matter how ha-rd I tried to supress the urge to dominate everyone, that instinct was much stronger than me. Jay and his parents helped me get throu-gh that stage and I can control myself much better now.
Jay went throu-gh a similar phase but it was expected of him, since he is the future alpha. He will be the dominant Alpha, it’s in his blood. But me? I had no excuse for my behaviour. Most of the pack thought I was a troubled kid, the orphan pup who was being brou-ght up by the Alpha and Luna out of pity.
None of them would have thought I would grow up to be one of the strongest wolf in the pack; which is incredibly unusual for someone who is female.
There was lots of controversy regarding whether I should be allowed to be [email protected] of the pack’s defence team, but after many trials and examinations, I was finally deemed fit to join.
Of course, this decision hurt a lot of the male’s ego as they all protested against it, knowing how embarras-sing it would be if their as-ses were beaten by a female wolf.
With the help of the Alpha and Luna, I [email protected]£ the first female wolf in the United States to join a pack’s defence team. Every pack in the country was notified of this, which had initiated many Alphas to visit and watch my fighting ability. Thankfully, I have gained their respect as well as many females around the country. Since then, a lot more males have warmed up to the idea of a female warrior.
So that is how I [email protected]£ who I am today. Elisia Knight, a nineteen year old and the first female warrior who has recently been promoted to the Chief Warrior position. I teach younger wolves as well as train with the defence team to protect the pack.
If our pack were to ever get attacked in the future, it will be my duty to protect and fight for the safety of my pack. Different wolves from various packs regularly ask for a sparring match with me, which I always gladly accept.
The rule is that I can fight anyone, including anyone of any gender. Of course, Alphas and Betas are out of the equation. There is no way I can come close to beating them, but I can fight anyone else. I love winning for my own pride as well as for the pride of my pack. Nothing could ever come first and beat my love for fighting.
So I guess I’m pretty content with my life. I have everything I could ask for, which I’m really grateful for. Kaitlyn, Jay’s mum, recently brou-ght up the subject of mates. Most wolves around my age find their mate or alre-ady have one. Kaitlyn is worried about me because I’ve travelled a lot around the country for matches and haven’t come across my mate yet.
To be fair, Jay is twenty one and hasn’t found his mate yet. Maybe I haven’t found my mate because I am not re-ady for one. I know I’m not re-ady for a mate, not that I know what being in a ro-mantic relationsh!pis like. It’s a weird subject for me and I’m just praying she doesn’t bring it up at the [email protected]
We entered our house throu-gh the back garden, to see lots of teenagers and young adults pla-ying and drinking around the pool. Some guys were using the red cu-ps as snorkels as they dived into the pool.
I shook my head at them smiling, I don’t un-derstand why so many of them were drinking alcohol. It has almost no effect on us, unlike it does on humans. Unless we drank five bottles of vodka, only then would we be able to feel drun!k. I guess it does set the mood for a teenage/young adults evening [email protected]
All of them s-en-sed Jay’s pres£nce as they looked his way to bow their heads in submission. Many of them started walking their way towards me with big smiles on their faces. Seeing their happy mood made me laugh in delight. Maybe having a big birthday [email protected] wasn’t a bad idea after all.
Jayden suddenly positioned himself in front of me, pushing me behind him. A de-ep warning growl rumbled from his che-st as he narrowed his green eyes at them. I frowned at him, confused by his actions. ti-p toeing over his shoulder, I realised the group of people who were coming towards us were all male. Rolling my eyes, I [email protected] his shoulder and chuckled.
“Jayden. We just want to wish her happy birthday, calm down.” One of the guys said, sm-irking and holding his hands up in surrender.
I repressed the urge to face palm myself. Did he just ask Jay to calm down? Out of all the things he could’ve said, he said the one line Jay detests; ‘Calm down’.
Alre-ady feeling Jay’s anger level rising, I started to mas-sage his n£¢k, something I learnt from Kaitlyn. It helps him, ironically, calm down. When Jay starts to breathe normally, I used that as a chance to talk to him.
“Jay…just let them wish me a happy birthday. We’ll go inside and find Kaitlyn and Magnus, okay?” I asked, smiling up at him. I didn’t want him to cause a scene, I know he’d regret it later as usual.
He gritted his teeth together and locked his jaw in annoyance. He finally nodded, not trusting himself to speak. I quic-kly walked in front of him, before he changes his mind, and politely waved at the group of males.
“Happy birthday Elisia!” They called out waving back and laughing. They started to talk amongst themselves immediately. I couldn’t help but eavesdrop their conversation as we walked away.
“She waved at me, how cute.” One of them murmurs, chuckling.
“She’s become so h0t, have you seen her in the fighting cage?”
“With her ti-ght leather fighting gear.” Another adds excitingly. I frown at that statement, fighters wear that because it’s aerodynamic to run in and much lighter to fight in. However, I hadn’t thought about what others thought of my outfit.
I involuntarily looked down at my outfit. I wasn’t training today, I was only teaching, so I wore a ti-ght black long sleeved shi-t paired with grey joggers that were cinched at the ankle. I wore my black and white Nike sneakers for comfort. Wearing an outfit that’s easy to take off to shift and put on after I shift is important.
“I mean, how could someone look so h0t sweating and [email protected] like that? Imagine having her in be-d.”
I nearly gagged at that comment. per-vert. Before I could do anything, someone else jumps in the conversation.
“She could eat you all for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Don’t un-derestimate her.” Another one sighed. I smile at that, grateful that someone had brou-ght them down to reality.
I was too busy eavesdropping that I hadn’t noticed we were alre-ady in the living room. I glanced at Jay who was standing beside me.
Judging by his expression, he definitely wasn’t listening to their conversation. I didn’t want to imagine what he’d do if he had heard what they said about me. I know he sees me as his little sister, but he’s been too possessive over me lately and I’m not too sure what to do about it.
“Elisia, darling!” A sweet voice cried from the crowd of people.
I felt my mood being lifted as Kaitlyn’s face [email protected]£ into view. I jogged towards her and gave her a long ti-ght warm hvg. I cannot express the love I have for her in words, so I always express it throu-gh actions.
“Aww, group hvg!” Jay exclaimed, as he engulfs the both of us in a hvge hvg.
Just as Kaitlyn and I start to protest jokingly, I felt someone else join in the group hvg. Looking up in surprise, I was glad to see it was no one other than the Alpha, Magnus.
“Ah dad! It’s nice of you to have joined us!” Jay laughed, his voice muffled by my hair. Magnus chuckles, obviously catching the contagious happy mood.
“Happy birthday Elisia!” They said in unison as we st©pped hvgging, surprising me even more.
Magnus k!$$£d the t©p of my head and said, “I wish you happiness.”
Ah, the family wishes! I totally forgot about that, I thought as I thanked Magnus.
Then Kaitlyn k!$$£d the t©p of my head, looks at me mischievously and said, “I wish you find your mate.”
“Really mum? Didn’t she say she wasn’t re-ady for one?” Jay whined, fixing where he’d messed my hair up. Kaitlyn and I turned our heads and stared at him.
“How the hell do you know that?” I asked, raising my eyebrow.
We were sure he was fast asleep when we had this conversation. Kaitlyn crossed her arms waiting for an answer while Magnus chuckles at Jay’s situation.
Jay laughed nervously as he looked at his father in hope that he’d save him.
“Sorry, can’t save you this time son.” Magnus shrugged, backing away until he left the room. Holding my laughter back, I turn back towards Jay wearing a serious face.
“So obviously, I was awake and eavesdropped your conversation.” He admitted sheepishly. “You know I can’t st©p listening once I start! I heard the word ‘mate’ and Elisia’s voice, how could I have not eavesdropped?” He exclaimed, trying to defend himself.
“But it’s still wrong to listen in a conversation you aren’t invited in. It is one of the basic manners and etiquette I taught you as a child.” Kaitlyn scolded, looking at him disapprovingly.
Guilt rushed throu-gh me as I realised that I had been eavesdropping someone else’s conversation not too long ago.
“Thank you for your wish Kaitlyn.” I said gratefully, purposely diverting the t©pic.
Jay seemed to notice this and k!$$£d the t©pic of my head. I smiled and waited for his wish, but he just stood there smiling down at me.
“So, are you going say something or just stand there like an idiot?” I asked, tilting my head at him.
“I’ll give you my wish when I think of one.” He replied, taking my hand and leading me throu-gh the crowd.
“So what was the k!ssfor?” I laughed, shaking my head at him.
“I just felt like it.”
– – N:B – –
1. This book is completely based on werewolves, so plea-se ba-re in mind that this is purely a fictional book.
2. The order of Ranks: (in this story)
1. Alpha (Male Leader)
2. Luna (Female Leader)
3. Beta (2nd in command)
4. Gamma (3rd in command)
5. Omega
{Unranked} – Rogues
3. Your enjoyment is guaranteed….. 💯
As produced by Yasminne
Chapter 2
Theme : A New Rival Unveiled
The [email protected] had been going on for four hours and still isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. I was sitting on the sofa watching a group of friends [email protected] or dare, a game that I’ve never pla-yed in a group.
I recognised almost everyone in the group, I knew that they’re all pretty chill and nice people. One girl I didn’t recognise, who seemed to be sitting on her mate’s [email protected], looked up at me and smiled. She whispered something in her mate’s ear, which made him scoot over and made a space in the circle.
“Elisia, the birthday girl! Would you like to join us?” The girl called out excitedly.
Everyone in the circle looked my way, waiting for a reply. I hesitated, just in case someone protested and said they didn’t want me pla-ying. After a couple of seconds, I nodded shyly and sat down in the sp©t that was made for me.
The game consisted of a bottle in the middle of the circle which was spun until it landed on someone. That person would then be asked ‘Truth or Dare?’. The bottle was spun by the nice girl who invited me in the game.
I watched the bottle slow down and st©p in front of the guy who was sat next to me. He was one of the few I didn’t recognise. I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding, I didn’t want the bottle to land on me for some reason.
“Intense, right?” The nice girl asked, grinning at me. I nodded at her, laughing at myself.
“Truth or Dare, Daniel?”
The guy beside me, apparently called Daniel, immediately said, “Dare.”
“I dare you to go against Elisia in a match tomorrow.” One guy, who I’m sure is named Tom, said gleefully.
Daniel nervously glanced at me and gro-an ed. “No, that doesn’t count. You said tomorrow, not today. We’re pla-ying the game now, so all the dares have to be done today.”
Everyone was shaking their heads and laughing. I couldn’t help laugh at the helplessness that was oozing out of this guy. Eventually, it was finalised that he’ll be going up against me in mixed martial arts tomorrow morning.
The bottle was spun again, but unfortunately landed on me. Everyone’s eyes were on me, when one of them asked, “Truth or Dare?”
I knew better than to choose Dare, especially since I wasn’t familiar with how they pla-y.
“Truth.” I replied.
“I want to ask a question, is that okay?” A petite girl called Amber asked, raising her arm slightly. Everyone, including me, shrugged as a reply so she took that a confirmation.
“Have you and Jayden ever been in a ro-mantic relationsh!p?”
The group went silent as their curious eyes landed on me. I opened my mouth and shut it again, shocked that anyone would ask that question.
“Remember. You have to speak the truth, nothing but the truth.” Amber said, folding her arms.
I gaped her in disbelief. What the hell?
“The relationsh!pJay and I have is completely platonic, was always platonic and will always be. We’re like brothers and sisters; his parents raised the both of us for goodness sake!”
“Ah, so you call our future Alpha ‘Jay’? Doesn’t he hate to be called that?” She pressed, leaning forward and ma-king eye contact with me.
My wolf’s discomfort increa-sed as she kept looking straight into my eyes…like she was challenging me.
By controlling my breathing, like how I was taught, I managed to tone down my anger a notch. Just explain yourself, maybe she’ll let it go. She just nee-ds clarification, that’s all.
However, the wolf side of me doesn’t want to explain herself and was adamant that I don’t nee-d to answer such ridiculous questions.
Regardless, I f0rç£d myself to answer as calmly as possible. Unfortunately, I alre-ady had a reputation for having quite a temper.
“I’ve called him that since I was a toddler, it’s just a nickname. I thought you were only supposed to ask one question for this game.” I said, laughing it off.
“You’re right, Amber. I do hate being called Jay.” A de-ep familiar voice is heard behind me.
I turned my head to see Jay, with two red cu-ps in his hands. I guess he finally found the Coke I’d been craving.
“I hate being called Jay by anyone who isn’t Elisia. ‘Jay’ is especially reserved for Elisia only, my non-biological sister.” He explains coldly, staring at Amber ma-king her show her n£¢k in submission. “Does that answer your questions?”
“Yes, sir. Sorry, sir.” She answered immediately, still showing her n£¢k in submission.
Honestly, I wasn’t paying any attention to what was going on. All I could focus on what the cu-p of coke in Jay’s hand. I stretched my arm to reach the cu-p, ma-king Jay bend down to hand it to me.
I gulped down the coke, allowing the fizziness to fill my stomach. I always crave coke after my wolf hunts, which is quite a peculiar I guess.
Jay sat down on the sofa I was sitting on earlier and gestures us to keep pla-ying. The bottle was spun a couple more times and landed on almost everyone, who all chose truth.
It finally landed on me again, so of course I choose truth again. This time no one was quic-k to ask questions, not with Jay a few feet away from us.
Daniel was the first to speak up. “You’ve got to answer truthfully, okay?”
I rolled my eyes at this and laughed. “I know how the game works.” I retorted back, wondering what he could possibly ask.
“Do you think you could beat Irene in a fighting match?” He asked, after much deliberation.
Everyone is the circle [email protected] as they looked at me expectantly. I noticed people at the back of the room st©pped what they’re doing and looked our way with curious expressions. It felt like everyone was holding their breath for my response.
I don’t know what response they were expecting, but I’m sure they didn’t expect what I said next.
That’s when everyone bur-st into chaos.
Everyone started talking over each other, standing up and displa-ying exaggerated reactions. What I heard among the chaos was, “How do you not know who Irene is?”, “Do you live un-der rock?”, “My girl said ‘who?’!”, “That’s the spirit!”
I glanced at Jay in confusion, who also wore a confused expression. He then shrugged and carried on sipping his drink.
Good idea, let’s just sip on our coke until everyone calms down. To my surprise, it took less time then I estimated for everyone to settle down.
Daniel was the first to speak again. “So do you really not know who Irene is or were you just saying it to show you don’t consider her a rival?”
Everyone quiets down as they waited for my reply. I shrugged and took a sip of my drink, unintentionally increasing everyone’s anticipation.
Realising that they nee-ded a verbal answer, I replied with, “I don’t know who Irene is.”
I heard a few [email protected] and people letting out a sharp breaths.
Who is Irene to have so many people displa-ying big reactions about her?
My curiosity peaked after evaluating people’s expressions; it’s seems to me that I am out of the loop of something big. Which I’m not too surprised about; I’m usually oblivious to gossip and what’s being talked about recently. I’m always the last to know about things.
“Damn, you must live un-der a rock.” The nice girl said, climbing off her mate and situated herself in front of me.
“Okay, so is anyone going to explain who Irene is or what?” I asked, hanging the question in the air.
“I gladly will.” The nice girl responded with a wi-nk. “My name is Hana, if you were wondering.”
She carried on before I could say anything. “Since you [email protected]£ the first female warrior in the US, there has been many other female wolves who have been following your footsteps. Just recently, I would say about couple months ago, a female wolf called Irene has been winning every match she has been in.”
Isn’t that a good thing? Another female wolf who’s dominating her matches, that’s amazing! I not only travel to other packs for matches, but to also empower the females there and show their worth in fighting.
“What pack is she from?” I asked.
“Well?” I prodded, wondering why no one was answering.
“The BlackShadowed Pack.” Daniel whispered, looking at me expectantly.
So she’s from that pack?
I’ve never set foot on their territory, nor do I plan on doing so. I’ve heard bad and dark rumours surrounding that pack.
The former Alpha was nicknamed the ‘Mad Alpha’ because of his crazy, shady and dirty ways of doing pack business. I guess it worked for him since they are the most powerful pack in the United States.
It’s been two years since the ‘Mad Alpha’ died, yet the pack seems to operate the same way. I heard that the current Alpha, although quite young, is just as bad as his father.
“Moving on, so Irene has been challenging the best fighters in every pack. Including you.” Hana carried on, plopping her head on her hand. “She’s won all the matches so far.”
So Irene wants to go against me? It sounds like she’ll actually be some competition which, I can’t lie, sounds exciting.
Although, that doesn’t mean I can accept the challenge; I have to think of this pack’s reputation. We cant afford to as-sociate with that pack, not when we’re known to have a clean record.
The Imperial Pride Pack is second to The BlackShadowed Pack when it comes to power, territorial land and influence. The biggest difference between us is how we manage the pack and the money.
“That’s not all, Elisia.” Hana said, catching my attention again. “She’s been running her mouth for months now, saying that she is ‘better than you’ in every way. Since you have not replied to her request to fight, she’s been calling you a ‘coward’ and ‘poser’. She’s known for brutally finishing her opponent at the end of a fight, leaving them almost dead and calls herself ‘The White devil.’ It’s been causing so much drama and gossip in all the packs lately, that’s why we as-sumed you knew.”
Oh. Well, damn. How do I respond to that?
“Wow.” I said in a monotone voice. However, inside I was boiling.
This Irene girl doesn’t even know me, and has the nerve to judge me like that. I had no idea who she was and that she has requested to fight me, until now.
Usually Magnus organises these events for me as well as notifies me on who requested to fight me. Why didn’t he tell me about her? Is it because of the pack she belongs to?
Not to mention, she apparently leaves them ‘almost dead’ at the end of a match? Honestly any strong fighter can do that, but where is the respect in that?
A sparring match is about testing your physical and mental ability to fight, not about trying to kill each other. That is only reserved for the battlefield.
“So? Do you consider her a rival?” Daniel asked. “She’s causing quite a stir in the community. The last female who caused this much stir was you.”
“Will you accept the challenge and fight?” Someone else in the circle shouted.
I stayed silent, not wanting to say the wrong thing. If I showed any signs of accepting the match request, then they all may share that ‘I accepted the challenge’ on social media. Magnus must’ve not told me for a reason, so I’ll nee-d to find out why before I make a decision.
“We will review the conditions of the request before ma-king any decisions, so plea-se refrain yourselves from asking if she’ll accept.” Jayden spoke up, walking over to us. I s£nt him a grateful smile, he always knows when to come in.
I stood up, stretching my numb legs from sitting in the same position for too long. Did they really think Irene could beat me in a fighting match? They way they were describing her made it seem like they think she can rival me.
Can she? There is no way of knowing until I see her fight, I wonder if there is a video about.
Couple hours later ~
Almost everyone was gone, just a few people stayed behind to help us clean up the mess. It was just me, Jay, Hana and her mate, who I now know is called Michael.
Thankfully, all we had to clean the first floor of the house since the upstairs was off limits during the [email protected] A downstairs toilet is useful for occasions like this or people would have the opportunity to snoop in our rooms and personal stuff.
Kaitlyn and Magnus walked down the stairs, ma-king an appearance. There were times where I’d look at them and realise how different they look from me. Obviously we weren’t related in any way, but when I was younger it actually bothered me.
I looked so out of place, ma-king it more obvious that I didn’t really belong with them. Jay inherited their curly golden blond hair. He got his green eyes from his mother whereas Magnus had brown eyes.
You could say I look the complete opposite from them. I have [email protected]!st length che-stnut brown wavy hair. I was born with stormy grey eyes, which are framed by my thick dark curly eyelashes.
I have this natural flush on my cheeks which gives people the impression I’m cute…before they find out who I am. I have this tendency of b!tt!g myl-ips when I’m concentrating thus ma-king them look almost red, a habit that Kaitlyn has tried to uninstall for years.
“Hana, Michael, thank you for helping out. It’s very kind of you.” Kaitlyn said, walking towards them with a smile.
“No, it’s our plea-sure Luna.” Michael replied immediately, bowing slightly.
“We’ve just called your parents to let them know you’re here, but we would like you to go home. You’ve helped out enough, go home and rest.” Magnus said, joining them.
“Thank you, Alpha. We’ll get going now.” Hana replied smiling. She looked towards Jay and I and started waving. “I’ll see you guys around!”
“Bye!” We shouted in unison.
Watching Michael holding and leading Hana out the house, I was reminded of Irene and the match request. I put down the black trash bag I was holding and made my way towards the Alpha and Luna.
Seeing me approach them, their smiles grew bigger. “How’s the birthday girl doing? How was your first big [email protected]?”
“It was great; I had a lot more fun than I thought I would. Thankfully.” I replied honestly, nodding gratefully.
“That’s good. It’s what we had hoped for.” Magnus said, ruffling the t©p of my hair.
I smiled up at him, I’m sure he’d un-derstand why I’d want to maybe, just maybe, accept that match request. I suddenly had a burning pas-sion to prove that Irene girl wrong.
“Magnus, I have something to talk to you about.” I said cautiously in a serious tone.
His eyebrow slightly raised before he gestures me to follow him. I started to follow him upstairs, but not before Kaitlyn mouthed ‘What is it about?’ and I mouthed back ‘Just follow us.’
I looked back to see if Jay would come, but instead saw him knocked out and spre-ad across the couch.
Literally only half his b©dy was on the couch and the rest was on the floor ma-king me quietly snigger to myself. We entered his office room with Kaitlyn right on my tail, curious about what I had to say.
After ma-king myself comfortable on the chair in front of his hvge wooden desk, I went straight to the point.
“During the [email protected] today, I found out that a girl named Irene from the BlackShadowed Pack has requested to fight me. Apparently, she requested this a few months ago and has taken advantage of the fact I haven’t replied, mocking my ability to fight. Why haven’t you notified me about this request, Alpha?”
Magnus slowly leaned back on his black leather chair and started to tap his f!ngerson his desk. I stole a glance at Kaitlyn who, to my surprise, looked unaffected by what I had just said.
“Did you know too?” I asked her, stunned that they’d keep this from me. “Damn, I must really live un-der a rock.”
“The reason I didn’t tell you is because I don’t trust that pack. One of the conditions of the request they s£nt is that the match takes place in their territory. Once you are in their territory, I will have very little power of what happens there and that scares me. Who knows what they could do to you?” He started explaining, crossing his f!ngersover each other. Something he does when he means business.
“That’s fine, I’ll be able to look after myself. Besides, I can take some of our pack members, like I usually do when I travel.” I said.
He should know I’ve always got my own back when I enter other pack’s territory.
“I don’t mind other packs because I know the Alphas and Lunas of those packs. I’m more reas-sured of your safety when you’re in their territory because we are allies. You know the BlackShadowed Pack are known for not pla-ying by the rules, not to mention they are not our ally. We have no peace contract with them, so they can do almost anything.”
I shook my head in frustration. “If they were to do something, like intentionally harm a pack member of ours, wouldn’t that initiate war?”
Magnus shrugged. “It’s not like they haven’t done that before. Look, Irene has won every match she’s been in. If she’s from that pack, there is no doubt she has some dirty tricks up her sleeve. I don’t want you to be on the other end of that. In other words, I don’t want you to be unfairly beaten.”
I nodded slowly, trying to register his words. “Do you really think she can beat me?”
“With the dirty tricks she may have up her sleeve? Then, yes.”
I sighed, un-derstanding his point of view. I’m considered an incredible anomaly; a female wolf who surpas-ses many males’ strength is abnormal. There aren’t a lot like me, so if Irene is as incredible as people say she is, then there must be more the story than what meets the eye.
“As someone who cares about you and your feelings very much, I will give you the chance to accept the request. As your Alpha, I would prefer if you thought it over very carefully before coming to your decision. Regardless of what you choose, Kaitlyn and I will support and respect you.”

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