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Tears of a blind girl Episode 9 & 10

💞💞(Twist of fate)💞💞
By. Humble Smith & Clara William
Episode 9
Victor’s POV
I watch her in tears as her eyes went dimmer, it was like she was forcing her self to stay alive…
Oh no!!!
I felt like halting the car to check on her but it would make the journey take more time, I nee-d to meet a doctor..
The fact that I don’t know anywhere around here is ma-king it all difficult, I have to keep asking for the route to follow..
There are many nearby hospital but I nee-ded the best of all, I nee-d to take her to the best j hospital so she would treated very well..
I would never forgive myself if anything happens to her..
Finally, I reached the hospital which I was told was the best, I parked my car and carried her in a bridal style rushing into the hospital without waiting for the nurse to bring a carrier…
I ran up the stairs with my heart beating very fast, what if she st©ps breathing??
No never!!.. It can’t happen!!
I was acting like someone who would run mad..
“I reached the ward and dropped her on the carrier which was rolled off to the intensive care unit…
” plea-se treat her very well, don’t let any complication to occur..she is my…fiance..” I muttered the last [email protected] which f0rç£d itself out..
What about Anna???
I took a de-ep breath as I sat in distress..
The blood coming out of her b©dy was really pu-lling my heart away, it was really killing me,
I don’t know what really happened.. I don’t nee-d to know before saving her, she [email protected] to be well before I ask question..
“Presh plea-se be well for me!” I sighed in pain..
Anna’s POV
“What hospital did he went to?” I asked some pas-serby who saw him..
“He said he wants the route for the best hospital and I guess that’s where he headed to” the young man who I asked replied ma-king me hit my fist on the steering in anger..
Why would he want the beat hospital?
Why would he even suffer all this for that nothing but cursed human!
I wound up the glas-s and zoomed off..
It is getting easier, just some cool cash and the doctors would arrange a flight that would take her away from anywhere closer, maybe India or south Korean.
Hey would just cook some lies like..she ran away from the ward secretly after telling a nurse that she doesn’t want to have anything with Victor…
A great idea!
I was thinking of going to the hospital but I am no longer going..I can’t drive into that drug smelling place because of that blind thing…
I drove back home but diverted to Amanda’s house…
Do you know her???
Haa, she is that woman I call for help anytime it gets complicated, my [email protected] box!
She is the king sister and there is a lot we had in common, we both nee-ds presh out from Victor’s life…
I got there and she was in her sitting room enjoying her self with one of the place guard..
He wasfu-cking the daylight out of her..
I got in and he quic-kly jo-lted up in fear…
“Hey, go on..” I smiled and win-ked at Amanda who gestured for me to wait in the guest room which I gladly did…
After some minute, they were done,
“So I hope I’m safe, you just gave me an unexpected visit..” She said and I nodded..
“I nee-ds to see presh’s mother..” I said
“Okay then let’s go, you got to wear this mask, you know she may recall your face” she said and I nodded taking the mask, she also took hers and we both wore it…
Getting into the room, I saw her tied to the chair ma-king anger swell in me, I hated the woman and her child..she is alive to this moment just by luck..
She would even be killed if presh didn’t leave..
She knew many secrets and that’s why my face is covered…
Her eyes was we-t and bulged out if hunger and torture…
“You should have killed your daughter, now you are pas-sing throu-gh all this because of her, can’t you see she is a curse to your life!” I growled and she was still, she didn’t reply just staring at my face…
I [email protected] her angrily and she shrilled in pain as blood drizzled out of that sp©t, I just [email protected] her with a ring..
She whimpered as her b©dy shivered in pain..
“No nee-d of crying, you would still be killed, just save those tears for your days in hell!!” I seethed and stomped out angrily…
I may kill her with my hand if I stay there any longer, her face is just like a reminder of the past..
I can’t wait for her to die…
“What about presh?” Amanda asked and I explained everything…
“This is our chance, we would pat the doctors treating her to increase the pain, they should cause some complication that would wors£n her situation..when she is unconscious after the pain, then she would be transported to a far way country..” She stated and I was f0rç£d to smile like a goat..
I can’t love her less,always having the best plan…
Presh’s POV
I was happy as they finished treating me successfully, I don’t even feel any pain again, my stomach had been stitched…
I can’t wait to hear victor’s voice besides me…
Just then, i heard the door creep opened with footsteps coming closer…
“We nee-d to treat some mistakes in your stomach..” I heard one of the doctor..
“But….” I couldn’t complete my statement before I felt a sharp pain on my stomach..
The stitch had been pu-ll-ed up r0ûghly…
“Turn on the sound proof of this room” I heard the doctor say…
He pu-ll-ed it up again and I screamed in de-ep pain, it was so much that I was losing my breath, blood was flowing out
My whole b©dy couldn’t move again, the pain is so much to bear, I wonder what they were doing..
They started stitching it again, this time in a more painful way..
I cried!..
I begged!..
I wailed!..
Nothing changed, the pain even increa-sed…
What is my life to be called?
What else do I pas-s throu-gh every single moment..
I was finding it ha-rd to stay strong any longer, I think its the right time to die and leave this painful world…
My tears fell all over the pillow and I blacked out…
Episode 10
Victor’s POV
I sat in patient waiting for the doctors to come out and tell me the pres£nt state of her condition, I was really feeling anxiety, it was like something isn’t alright,
Why would it take the doctor so long to come out and explain the condition, it was just the cut in her belly and the wounds in some [email protected] of her b©dy, it can be treated without taking this long..
I sighed de-eply with a heavy heart as I recalled her dim eyes when I drove her to the hospital…it was we-t and was showing de-ep pain, pain that was too de-ep into the heart..
She looked like someone who had the whole world against her, just the thought of her shrill of pain makes me have a we-t eyes, it is just too much for her,
When she wakes up, she would have to tell me who did this to her..
Oh no!!!.. She is blind!!!
That means she didn’t see the face, there is no other person that I could suspect other than Anna but she can’t be this cruel..yes!!..she hates presh because she is a blind and poor girl..that’s how she had always been, she hates poor people and the fact that she was even blind makes her not to want to have anything to to to her…
She may hates her, but..I know she can’t be so cruel to stab her, she won’t be so cruel to hit her, can’t be her!!!
I was trying to push this thought away from my mind but it keeps creeping in..
How would it be Anna???
I am very confused..I wasn’t with my phone so I don’t know if she called or not..
I buried my face into my palm as I thought of everything, why would the poor soul suffer all this anywhere she goes..
It seems like her enemies are everywhere, her mother is missing, she also wouldn’t stay in peace, always pas-sing throu-gh pains and anguish..
I would do everything to make her life better i don’t care if Anna wants it or not, I will just do what I want and what I think is right, she has suffered enough..
I’ll spend all my money to restore her sight then she would live with me…nothing would make me not do this, I no longer give a damn on Anna’s reaction..
Anna’s POV
“It is done!” I heard the voice of the doctor throu-gh my phone ma-king me smile wi-dely,
“Next is to tell victor that she sneaked out of the hospital without anyone knowing, also tell Victor that she told a nurse to make him know that she doesn’t nee-d him…” I laughed
“Than secretly transport her to India or north Korea” I said and he sighed
“What if i am thor0ûghly asked about her whereabout?” He questioned
“Don’t worry about men would clean up every trace..” I said and hung the call.
“It is going well!” I announced to Amanda who also smiled
“What about her mother??” I asked
“She would be killed her tomorrow!!.. I’m tired of seeing that face!” She seethed
“Kill her if you want, I would just throw presh away from Victor, I and Victor would continue our lives together like before, I am sure presh is clouding his mind..when he couldn’t see her again, he would come back to his s-en-ses..” I chuckled…
“Let’s [email protected] our success!!!” I screamed and we both [email protected]£d bottles of wines gulping it hungrily..
Author’s POV
It was just few minute to end it all, the doctors had succeeded in putting presh into a serious coma, a coma that would give the patient internal pains…
The patient would be feeling the pain but can’t move their b©dy, only tears falling off their eyes..
It would seem like they are paralyzed…
“Is the flight re-ady?” One of the doctor said into his phone..
“Yes..” The reply [email protected]£ and the doctors arranged presh like an emergency patient..
“I’ll take her out while you go and inform Victor the wrong information..” The doctor breathed and their faces was filled with smiles..
They were all happy it was going fine not knowing they did a great mistake, no one had remembered that a surveillance [email protected]£ra had been installed not long ago..
They were covered with the thought of money and hadn’t think of that..
Victor’s POV
“Prince I have something very urgent to show you!” I heard a strange voice ma-king me raise my gaze to him..
“What is it?” I asked
“I am Dr Ken..I was supposed to give that patient you brou-ght in here the final treatment but all of a sudden I was changed with another doctor…
Anxiously, I went to the system room to check on this new doctor and I saw what left me trembling…they were s£nt to take presh away..” He stated and I jo-lted up with horror..
“Presh had been injected with a fluid that paralyzed her whole b©dy for some times, the fluid is equally giving her pains..I don’t know but what are we gonna do??…watch this!” He said and handed a tablet to me..
” I pla-yed the video there and a loud scream of exasperation f0rç£d itself out of myl-ips..
The scene of presh crying out loud really shred my heart to pieces..
I felt like dying!!!!
I quic-kly picked my phone and called different kind of security and agencies, those doctors would see hell!!!!!
In no distant time, the hospital was filled with the cops and security men…
Author’s POV
Throu-gh the back door, presh was successfully rolled out…
“Do we shut the [email protected]£ra????’ One of the doctor asked and they all wi-de-ned their eye in total dismay..
” no!!!!!”
We are doomed!!!!
How couldn’t we shut the [email protected]£ras?
“Jeez!!..we have to go and erase it!”
“I’m sorry it’s alre-ady too late..” They heard the voice of someone..
Looking up, they all saw group of cops and security men fully armed looking at them sternly…
“The three of you are un-der arrest!!!!..” The leader of the troupe stated and before the doctors could talk further, they were bound and sma-cked by the men
“You must tell us who s£nt you or you will die in the torture room with slow pain !” The boss seethed as they were all bundled away…
To be continued.
Anna your end has come 😉😉😉
Hopefully those doctors will confess 😒😒

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