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Tears of a blind girl Episode 13 &14

💞💞(Twist of fate)💞💞
By. Humble Smith & Clara William
Episode 13
Amanda’s POV
I walked into the room where presh mother was being bounded and a wi-de smile escaped myl-ips as I saw her [email protected] de-ep pain..
I stood in front of her with my face uncovered, there is no nee-d to cover my face for a dead person, to me, she is alre-ady dead…I [email protected]£ here right now to end her miserable life..
“Hey!” I called out and she slowly raised her head up…
“What????” Her eyes wi-de-ned in horror as she saw me, she blinked it ra-pidly to be sure she wasn’t dreaming,
“Are you shocked?” I sm-irked
“Amanda…” She called my name slowly with her eyes teary..
“Don’t call my name with those awful mouth of yours..” I seethed and more tears dropped from her eyes..
She must be really bittered seeing I was the one doing all these to her…
“Amanda why are you doing this to me, what did I do??..tell me..” She sobbe-d writhing in pain..
“I [email protected]£ here to end your life before you spoil my plan!..there is no nee-d for you to be alive, you would still spit out the secret some time later, I am afraid leaving all those secrets in your memory…” I grunted and brou-ght out a gun..
Her eyes dilated as she struggled to un-derstand the whole issue..
“Do you really wants to kill me??..” She cried in de-ep pain and betrayal..
“Were you thinking I was joking??” I giggled and c0cked the pistol.. She cringed..
“But I kept the secret all this while, I never said it to anyone, I kept it to myself..I thought you should trust me with that, remember we were friends then, that was why you told me all those secrets…plea-se..” She sobbe-d
“I’m close to my are the only one having something that can draw me down, with those secrets, I’ll be dragged to the mud..I don’t want such..I can’t trust anyone!!”
I pointed the gun to her forehead..
“plea-se…I swear I’ll not say it to anyone..plea-se!!” She bawled with pain filled in her eyes..
“Why should I believe would definitely say it when you find out something about your daughter…plea-se you have to die so I can have a rest of mind..” I fumed and placed my f!nger in the trigger..
I nee-d to have her dead before she finds out that her daughter is the….aaahh!!!..I don’t want to say that, its so annoying!!!
“Go meet your ancestors!” I said and was about to press the trigger when someone dashed in..
I turned and it was my personal guard..
“Amanda!!!..we are in trouble!!!” He screamed..
“What??” I raised my brow..
“Victor and so many palace guard are at the gate now, they are coming to search this house for her..” He stated and I sneered at him..
“They wouldn’t be allowed because they got no warrant..” I said dryly..
“The king gave them the warrant, they were given the right!!” He said and fear gr!pp£dme..
“Really??..what should I do now??” I asked with my heart beating very fast…
What if he sees her here, I am sure of doom..
“Ma’ have to pres£nt her to them, tell them you found her and kept her here for safety..” He said, the idea was good but how can it work when she is conscious..
“I’ll inject her with something that would make her forget this moment… She would be unconscious..” He said and quic-kly did it right in front of my eyes..
“Are you sure this would really work?” I asked in fear..
“Yes..just do your [email protected] well, make them think you really found her at the roadside and took her home to treat her wounds…” He urged
“But….” A knock was heard at the door of the sitting room ma-king my heart glitch..
“They are here…” He muttered and I took a de-ep breath..
I turned to Amanda where she [email protected] and I gnashed my teeth in fury..she just escaped death right now..$h!t!!!
Victor’s POV
My smile wi-de-ned as I sat beside presh’s mother in the hospital where she was being treated, you can’t tell how glad I am that Amanda took her home after finding her in the roadside..
Presh would be really happy to see her mother is safe, I can’t wait for her to smile at me, I nee-d that her smiles that seems to brighten my whole b©dy..
I had really went throu-gh a lot on the short time I [email protected]£ down to this community, presh had really taken almost all my time, it was just like she was waiting for me, it was like fate nee-ded us together, that must be why i suddenly took it upon myself to make her happy and make her life got some meaning…
I picked up my phone to call the doctors and ask about presh again but another call [email protected]£ in immediately, it was the police men in charge of those evil doctors case..
“Hello..” I said into the phone after cl!çk!ng on the green bu-tton..
“Those doctors died early this morning, the cause of their death is still unknown” I heard his voice ma-king me sigh
“Okay, that’s what evil can cause, they had paid for their evil then…” I breathed and called on the doctors with presh..
“Hello how is my girlfriend?” I asked
“She is very fine, we hope on a new development in her eyes…but serious you nee-d to come up here, she badly wants to meet you, I told her everything you did and she is going gaga begging us to make you come up here in India!” He said and I smiled on the thought that she badly wants me to be beside her..
“Tell her I would be there in a few days later..tell her I love her so much and would be incomplete without her..make her un-derstand that she is like my breath…I stays up all night thinking of her, everything about her….just make her know I can’t do without her…” I smiled
“Who are you talking to??” I heard Anna’s voice from behind..
“Who is that girl you can’t do without..who is she??..tell me who was able to snatch you away from me…” She sobbe-d and held me hands
“I am sure you are happy that presh is missing right??” I questioned
“That’s her fate..” She spited dryly rolling her eyes…
“Then your fate is being without me, I am not having any thing to do with any lady if presh isn’t found, do you even know that presh’s enemy is also my enemy…that’s why I am hating you, just leave me alone!” I growled leaving her stunned..
“Victor why??? want to s¢v-mble our future??..everything was going fine till the curse [email protected]£ in, her pres£nce cursed our relationsh!p…now look at what it has turned into..” She cried and I strangely felt no pity..
The more I look at her, the more I feels like she isn’t the woman for me, I don’t know, but I just wants presh and no other person..Anna is my girlfriend but her hatred for presh is ma-king me even hate her…
“Presh is a very pretty and smart girl who got blind as fate may want it, but [email protected] from blindness, she is the best woman for a man..o can’t wait to see her..” I smiled to myself ma-king Anna fume..
“I’ll not allow presh take you from me, instead, I’ll rather take her wretched life..” Anna blurted and I turned my gaze at her
“Are you really the lady for me???..are you the one chos£n to be the princess..I am having some doubt…I…am losing my love…for all..I wants…” I purred out and she gnashed her teeth, with anger and exasperation,
She [email protected] me with tears and to my own surprise, I held her cloth and drew her closer, before she could even say any word…
I punched her nose ha-rd ly ma-king her fall like a bag of rice..
There was no one in the ward only me and presh unconscious mother before she [email protected]£ in…
I [email protected]£d her up again…
“Don’t try laying your filthy hands on me again!!” I retorted and shoved her away..
“You are beating me!!!!” She cried and I shut my eyes to take a de-ep breath…
“Anna I’m sorry but…I am just hating you so much now…” I muttered and left leaving her eyes bulging out…
Episode 14
Victor’s POV
I got outside the ward and took a de-ep breath as I couldn’t un-derstand my self anymore, I can’t believe I had suddenly turned to a woman beater just because of presh, its not any woman but Anna my girlfriend or should I even say fiance because she is the woman I was to marry..
All of a sudden I am hating her to the extent of even beating her.. I am doing all this to her just because of presh who just sees me as a friend or a helper..I am suddenly ma-king her take the place of Anna with a reason I can’t tell..
Oh gosh!!!
This is ridiculous…
I turned back to the ward and saw Anna staring at presh mother with an expression I couldn’t tell..
“Why those stares??” I asked ma-king her cringe
She turned to me with a teary eyes and I also felt pained as I saw her mouth swelled up with tint of blood..
“You have suddenly turned to a beast just because of a blind now hates me right?? loves her more than me ugh??..” She sobbe-d and quic-kly ran off from the ward before I could notice..
“Anna!!” I called her but she wasn’t listening, she ran fas-ter and fas-ter..
Oh god!!
I pray I am doing the right thing..what if presh turns to fall for another guy when she gets her sight??..she hadn’t said anything about de-ep feelings for me, she may gets her sight and see me as a brother and a helper without having the feelings of de-ep love for me..
I pray it doesn’t goes that way, I am loving her de-eply as the day goes by…
I can’t wait for a phone call telling me that my angel is now seeing, I would bur-st in joy and fly to India immediately..
I wonder how she would feel to see the light again..
I can’t even wait for her to see me..
Anna’s POV
I ran off to Amanda’s [email protected] with anger all over me, I was really furious and feels like killing everyone I sighted..
“Hey, Anna what happened to your face?” She asked immediately I [email protected]£ in..
“Victor is at it again, fighting for presh..well I’m now re-ady to end it all finally..” I seethed and she sighed and plopped on the couch
“Those doctors succeeded in s£nding presh to India before they were caught right?” She asked and I nodded..
“We should start ma-king her see hell immediately, we should increase her pain in a way that she would commit suicide..let’s even s£nd seven bouncer to make her regret her being alive..” She breathed and I smiled and walked over to the device which was resting on the table..
“I nee-d to check her current location now before we s£nd men to her..” I said and cli-cked on a red bu-tton which made a dot appear on the screen of the system..
After some minute, it displa-yed a blank location ma-king my eyes wi-de-ned..
“What happened?” I mused and cli-cked on the bu-tton again..
After some minutes, it showed the same thing..
“The ch!phad been crushed!!” I exclaimed to Amanda who jo-lted up in surprise..
“How??..I thought it once showed she was in India??” She asked and I growled as something crept into my mind..
If presh was taken to India by those foolish doctors then Victor wouldn’t be himself again, the Victor I know would be totally restless searching for her…
Something is fishy…
“Someone tricked us..” I said to her
“Yes, presh was s£nt to India by another person all because he or she may have heard the conversation I had with the doctors, that person must have s£nt her to India so that we would think that the mission was successful..” I explained breathing heavily .
“Ohh gosh!! seriously!” She grunted
“That person has something to do with Victor, Victor is aware of presh current location..we failed to see he wasn’t so disturbe-d about presh..if she was really missing and he doesn’t know her location, he must be the most frustrated man in this world…” I seethed and sprang up from the chair..
“I think Victor is now suspecting you..if not, he must have told you how he was able to take presh away from the country”
“Yes, I’m now his suspect..that must be why he suddenly hates me..” I breathed
“What would we do now..” She asked and I sighed..
“We would wait a little longer, if Victor all of a sudden wants to go to India then that would make us know he is really behind all this…he would definitely decides to go and see presh if truly he was the one that arranged her flight up there..” I stated
“What would we do when we discovers he is the one?” She asked
“We’d go there with him and start up a plan to destroy presh for the last time, there would be no mercy at all..” I fumed
“That sounds great..we would leave no stone unturned, she must leave the surface of the earth with her mother…both of them don’t have to live!!” She hissed and [email protected]£d a wine..
“I hope presh’s mom won’t recall any thing when she wakes right??” I asked and she nodded..
“Can’t we even attack her in that hospital??” She ch!pped in..
“It would be risky because we are suspects and that would even disrupt our plans of knowing if Victor has a hand in presh secret location..if presh mother gets well then Victor would want to take her to presh, that would make everything clear..” I explained and she shrugged and gulped almost half of the content..
I took a de-ep breath as I cli-cked on the red bu-tton again and the same result [email protected]£ out..
I felt like smashing the device, I hate it when my plans gets ruined, the doctors may have not secretly smuggle her to India before they were caught…
Someone who heard our conversation must have s£nt presh to India to make us think it all went well…
Ahhh..I hate all this..I can’t wait for it to all end.
If Victor should beat me because of presh then why wouldn’t he be mad by her sudden disappearance, he should be totally sober and pained now…
He must have been the mastermind behind all this..
I drove back home and saw Victor on a phone call, before i could get any where closer, he cut the call and walked to his room…
“Victor!!!” I called out
“Come to the room let’s talk!” He replied back still walking away without even glancing at me.
I hurried behind him and got to the room..
He sat on the be-d while I stood at the door post..
“Do you know I feel so sorry for all i had done to you, the [email protected] or punch..I’m so sorry!” He began with a drawn face..
“Its not about being sorry but letting me know all what you have as a secret, you got many secret which i don’t know..” I paused and walked closer while he stared at me
“I don’t know if I am still your girlfriend, plea-se tell me what I am to you..” I sobbe-d and he sighed..
“You are still my girlfriend” he muttered
“Then why doesn’t I know anything about you again, many actions you take are personal and pri-vate to yourself, you just left me aside..” I whimpered and he sighed and stood up.
“If I should start pointing at the suspect on presh’s condition, you are the prime suspect, you are the only lady I even have as a suspect for all her agony..I am even hating you for that but I nee-d an evidence so I can clear my doubt” he breathed..
“Why do you suspect me?” I asked
“Because I knows them when i sees them, just go and bring back presh wherever you keep her, go and get her for me!!” He bawled and I flin-ched at those words…
I looked up to him and saw his countenance exuding worry..
“What do you mean by that question??” I asked still shocked…
What if it isn’t victor that took presh then who else??
“You know what I mean..just bring her back before I do something nas-ty!” He growled and turned to the door..
“I alre-ady know you have presh with you!” I stated and he paused his pace abruptly
“You knows where presh is, you are the one who s£nt her to India…why then are you asking me to find her” I said aloud and I could see he was stunned
“Who told you??” He muffled and turned to me..
“I got the information when I was trying ha-rd to find her, after you told me she was missing, I felt sorry for the young maiden and I decided to look for with every single means..” I stood up and held his palm..
“Sometimes in the past, I may have hated presh so much that I want her dead, I may have detest her because she is blind…but just some days ago, I got to realize that she nee-ds care and attention..” I whimpered
“plea-se I’m so sorry for hating her, she has so many enemy who want her to suffer, I can’t add myself to them, my baleful attitude to her is ma-king you hate me, I have finally decided to start loving her because that’s what she nee-ds from the people around her..plea-se help me to start loving her..” I sobbe-d and he hvgged me..
“I thank god that you had a resolution, she is a poor soul and doesn’t nee-d oppression, thanks for having a rethink, I would start loving you so well like my wife if you starts having a good heart and treat her nicely..” I smiled fondling her back..
“Yes dear, I would change for better…so you are going to meet her right?” I asked and he nodded..
“When?” I asked anxiously..
“Tomorrow, I planned to do it secretly because you were being heartless, but I’m happy you changed..” He smiled
“Yes, plea-se let’s go to her, I nee-d to plead for forgiveness, I have to join hand with you and fight her unseen enemy who want her life to be hell..” I stated and he k!$$£d myl-ips..
I miss his k!ssso well..
“plea-se try and start trusting me, forget my past..I have changed!” I squeaked and hvgged him again..
“So will presh mother go with us?” I asked
“Yes, I nee-d to hand her to presh so she would take care of her..” He replied and I felt sweaty..
She mustn’t see me..
“She would not be so strong for flight after being un-der treatment” I said and he sighed
“She would have to try, i nee-d to meet presh tomorrow and she would come with me..” He stated..
“I have an idea..Amanda your father’s sister was the woman that saved her from death after picking her from the road side right??” I asked and he nodded..
“She should also be the one to help us here..we should tell her to bring up presh mother when she is healthy enough while we both fly to India..” I said
“Do you think we can trust that aunt of mine??” He asked
“Why not!!..she is the woman that had taken care of her even when the whole people hates her and her child, she has a good heart so I don’t think she would hurt her in anyway..” I explained and he nodded..
“That’s a great idea!” He exclaimed and held my palm..
“This is the kind of Anna that caught my heart and not the cold hearted one, so sorry for ever beating you..never knew you had a good heart in you” he grinned and k!$$£d me de-eply spending shivers all over my b©dy..
I can’t wait for him to take me to India where presh is..
This time around, she should be expecting the worst because I would shatter her life and leave her having no choice than suicide…Amanda would take care of presh mother..she can even kill her and frame up a fake accident…
Presh get re-ady for me!!
To be continued.
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