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Taming the wild boss batch 2

❤️ Taming The Wild Boss ❤️
💓 Adeagbo Barakat Susan 💓
💖 Chapter Three 💖
💗 Tonia’s POV 💗
I almost totally regret ever deciding to meet Edward because it was not as enjoyable as I thought it would be, he was not at all gentle and all I did was cry, scream and plead throu-gh out, my b©dy felt so-re and I think I pas-sed out before he was done.
His gentle hand tapped me gently to wake me up the next morning
” Hey, Wake up ” he said gently and I almost gro-an ed but the moment I realized where I was I scrambled to the far end of my side of the be-d
” Go clean yourself you are stained ” he said and I looked at the be-d, the evidence of my Innocence staining the almost snow white be-d sheet
I stood up as tears threatened to fall , I went to the bathroom limping because of the pain, once I got inside I switched the shower’s water to cold and let the cold water wash throu-gh me first, I cried out my heart silently , then I switched back to h0t water, took my bath, changed my cloth then went back outside
He was still seating on the be-d when I got out of the bathroom, my world, Edward is really handsome, but then he is now a pla-yboy and might never remember me again, that made me want to cry again, but I controlled myself.
He gave me the $10,000 cash, this shocked me, my hand shook when I wanted to collect it from him but I don’t think he noticed.
I bagged the money and I waved him good bye, my heart fluttered when he said goodbye too but then I know better than to start hoping from a goodbye he might think is ‘ may we never meet again ‘ to the person that warmed his be-d the night before.
I took a cab to Cas-sy’s place to rest a bit because I was still so-re all over and I won’t want my mum to see me like that.
When I got to Cas-sy’s place she made me tell her everything that happened and after I did she took one of her pillows and hit it on me continuously untill I had to st©p her
” St©p it Cas-sy, I’m still so-re ”
” Are you crazy?, you sle-pt with that handsome pla-yboy?, What are you thinking Tonia? ”
” I don’t know too ” I said
” Do you regret it? ” She asked sitting beside me and I sighed
” I don’t know Cas-sy ” I said placing my palms against my face
” You shouldn’t have done it Tonia, no matter what ”
” I know ” I said and she nodded, she prepared a light breakfast for me and her and gave me some Aspirin
After resting for a while, we left her house so that she can go to work, and I placed a call to the cafe that I can’t make it to work
I went home to meet my mummy in a happy mood, I was really confused.
The moment she saw me, she hvgged ti-ghtly and I had to resist the urge to gro-an , because my b©dy still hurt
” Why are you so happy this morning mummy? ”
” We are cleared baby, they’ve found out that Dad didn’t collect a loan and those loansharks were arrested yesterday night ”
” How come? ” I asked perplexed
” One of those organizations your dad had business with [email protected]£ over and checked the do¢v-ments, they realized his signature was forged and those loansharks were arrested and would be going to court, Baby they even s£nt $20,000 dollars and promised we’d be getting it like that every month! ”
” Wait what?… So…. We are free? ” I asked and she nodded and went to the kitchen to check what she was cooking
I made my way to my room and fell on my be-d
‘ Now why did I went throu-gh all that last night?’ I thought as tears rolled down my eyes
Now I un-derstand what they mean by Obe-dIENCE IS BETTER THAN SACRIFICE.
💖 Chapter Four 💖
💗 Tonia’s POV 💗
After crying my eyes out I sle-pt off to ease the pain my b©dy felt.
By the time I woke up late in the evening the pain has eased off, when I checked the time I was shocked to see time has gone, I went to meet my mum in the sitting room and she eyed me suspiciously
” What? ” I asked taking an apple from the table in the dining
” You look different and…. ” She didn’t complete what she was saying, she looked at me from head to toe and the shook her head
” And what? ” I asked hoping she haven’t found out but all she did was shake her head
” Let’s have dinner ” she said and I nodded
We had chicken soup and sweetened bre-ad for dinner, then we decide to see a movie .
We watched the first movie and then decided to watch another one, I couldn’t concentrate well on the second movie because my thoughts kept drifting to last night
Would God ever forgive me for selling myself cheap?
” Mother? ”
” I’d be at the balcony, I nee-d some fresh air ” I said and she nodded but that was not without giving me one of those suspicious stares, I quic-kly rushed out for the fear that she would ask me questions I won’t be able to answer.
I sat on the chair and looked out throu-gh the street and into estate, the flower garden around that place has always been a source of peace for me, and thank God the street lights were on everyday, that prevented the darkness from covering the beauty of that very estate
I saw a couple pla-ying and enjoying themselves, they looked perfect, like nothing can ever go wrong
Suddenly I saw someone advancing from inside the garden, the person hurled something and that was when I realized what the person was trying to do
The man said somethings to the lady then advanced into the flower garden beside them, that confirmed my suspicions, the person that threw something was trying to hurt them but the man was looking at the wrong side
” I’m coming mummy ” I yelled as I half ran and half limped into the sitting room then out of the room, I saw a stick on my way and I took it, it might come in handy, I rushed into the Estate and into the right flower garden where I saw the man threw something.
I thre-aded carefully untill I could here their voices, I peeked and realized the weird man on green had the lady while her lover was pleading with the weird man to re-lease her
I peeked and the lady’s lover saw me, I placed my hand on myl-ips to prevent him from saying anything, he did more than than that, he pretended like he didn’t see and that suit me just fine
Thank God the weird man was backing me, I sneaked up on him and sma-cked him on the head twice, it must have really hurt because he cried like a sh0t warthog and ran into the flower garden on the other side.
I was really relieved when he didn’t turn back.
” Is she okay? ” I asked and he shook his head
” I don’t know, she’s been sick, this is all my fault I shouldn’t have left her alone ” he said and I almost protested but his wife did before I could
” Well you didn’t know it was going to happen ” she said and he smiled
” Look who’s not blaming me ”
” Devil ”
” I think she would be fine ” he said,I was actually getting interested in the way they conversed, it sounded ro-mantic
” By the way my name is Tonia ” I said smiling
” Oh pardon my manners my name is Calvin and this is my wife Kira, she happen to be bearing Tonia too ” he said and you should see me, I was beaming
” I’m not your wife, nice to meet you namie thanks a lot ” Kira said weakly, I couldn’t resist the urge to tease them
” You are both funny, but I’ve to run, my mum would be waiting for me ”
” Okay Tonia but plea-se have our card and call us when you have the time ” I said giving her my card” Is she okay? ” The lady asked and I shook my head
” I don’t know, she’s been sick, this is all my fault I shouldn’t have left her alone ”
” Well you didn’t know it was going to happen ” Kira said and I smiled
” Look who’s not blaming me ”
” Devil ”
” I think she would be fine ” I said to the lady that saved us and she smiled
” By the way my name is Tonia ” she said and my eyes wi-de-ned that’s Kira’s name too
” Oh pardon my manners my name is Calvin and this is my wife Kira, she happen to be bearing Tonia too ” I said and Tonia grinned
” I’m not your wife, nice to meet you namie thanks a lot ” Kira said weakly holding my hand for support
” You are both funny, but I’ve to run, my mum would be waiting for me ”
” Okay Tonia but plea-se have our card and call us when you have the time ” Calvin said giving me a card
” Okay, bye ” I bid the them farewell and left there
I didn’t leave then totally because my mum was saying but because I couldn’t help but think me and Edward acting like they were
What would it be like to be in a ro-mantic relationsh!pwith him?
When I got home my mum was sitting on the chair, the T.V was off and her hands was folded across her che-st, my bag was also beside and she had probably seen the money
” Start speaking baby girl ” she said frowning
I’m in big trouble.
💖 Chapter Five 💖
💗 Tonia’s POV 💗
My mum didn’t see anything did she?
” What are you talking about mum? ” I asked settling on the couch beside her
” You know I’m asking about the money in your bag and you’ve been acting weird all day. ” she said and I sighed
” The money belongs to a friend and I’m keeping it for him ” I said and my mom eyed me suspiciously
” C’mon mum, I’m serious ”
” What were you doing last night? ” She asked and I sat down beside her trying not to act spooked
” I met up with a friend ” I said like it was nothing so that she won’t get suspicious, but then my mum still looked at me suspicious
” plea-se be careful my baby ” she said and that almost undid me, I wanted to cry but then I won’t want her to get worried so I held up well.
We prayed together and I left for my room, once I got inside I crashed on my be-d face down and my imagination kicked in
My two thoughts [email protected]£ out, my devilish thought on my right, and the angelic one on my left, they are my thoughts and I place them where I want
” You lied ” The angel said dancing in my head while the devil sneered
” I didn’t lie, it’s just an half truth ” I retorted but she sm-irked
” She’s right you lied ” my devilish thought chimed and I frowned
” Aren’t you supposed to try to be ma-king me better for what I said? ” I asked and she sashayed forward
” Babe, you are not confused, you lied and you know it even though you are covering it up as half lie or whatever, I feel good so…. ” That Little devil… Even my angelic thought was nodding in approval with her
” Guys! , Edward was my friend, and I still consider him my friend, the problem is solved and I’d keep Edward’s money until the time is right and I would return it back to him, and yes I met with someone I consider a friend, so, what are you guys going on about? ” I asked and their wiggled their f!ngersat me before poofing off
Who am I kidding?, I knelt on the be-d and prayed profusely that God forgives me, I should have listened but I didn’t here and now I’m feeling really guilting, I only st©pped praying when the feeling of peace engulfed me, that was when I sle-pt without feeling guilty again.
Like I said who was I kidding again, God forgave me alre-ady, even before I asked for forgiveness but Karma started taking a toll on me a month after what went down between me and Edward.
After a month of what went down between me and Edward, I still refused to go work anywhere near the cafe and the h0tel, I worked on helping my mum open her new store, that took up a lot of my time, but then after a lot of ha-rd work, the store was re-ady to open.
On the opening day, I was weary but happy, we got to work while everyb©dy supported us, people [email protected]£ in like we have been in business for years and we are their tested and trusted.
By the end of the day I was feeling spent, my mum closed up the store while Cas-sy, carried some of her bags with her fiancee beside her
We were going to make our way inside our but then a wave of dizziness hit me, before I knew what was going on I felt my stomach clench and I fell back into someone’s arm, but that was all I know before darkness engulfed me.
I woke up in the hospital later to hear my mother and the doctor discussing about why I fainted
” She’s okay ma’am, but she have to be very careful, too much of ha-rd work is not good for the child she’s carrying ” the doctor said and my eyes wi-de-ned, if my mum was angry or even surprised she didn’t show
” What do you mean? ” She asked and the doctor beamed
” Your daughter is pregnant and she’s a month gone ”
‘ Oh now I am in big trouble ‘ I thought squee-zing my eyes shut on the h0t tears that were alre-ady pooling up in my eyes
What am I going to do now?
💖 Chapter Six 💖
💗 Tonia’s POV 💗
My mum discussed a little with the doctor then he left the room, she looked at me and the tears I was trying ha-rd to st©p fell, I swallowed ha-rd expecting my mum to come closer and express her disappointment but then she did otherwise.
She leaned and placed a k!ssto my head, that made me cry the more and made me feel even more guilty, I cried ha-rder and she hvgged me
After my crying subsided she sat up and wiped her own eyes
” Was it voluntary? ” She asked and shame didn’t allow me open my mouth, all I could do was nod
” The father? ” She asked and I started crying again, the fact that Edward won’t even know I am carrying his baby makes it hurt more
” He won’t un-derstand mummy, he won’t ” I said crying ha-rder
” It’s fine ” she said and sighed
” But you know abortion is not an option right? ” My mum said and my eyes flew to hers, there is no way I am aborting my baby, I didn’t even think about that and I won’t
” I am not aborting my baby ” I said protectively and my mum smiled
” Good thing you know ” she said smoothening my hair, she was lost in thought and it didn’t take long for me to get lost in mine too.
I didn’t know when I fell asleep but I woke up to Cas-sy’s call, I opened my eyes and squinted at the light coming in throu-gh the window, when my eyes finally adjusted I looked at Cas-sy who was looking at impatiently
” What? ” I asked groggily
” Are you okay? ” She asked looking at me worried
” Yes I am ” I replied sitting up
” I asked your mum what happened but she changed the t©pic immediately, it’s not like you have cancer, is it? ”
” No Cas-sy, I’m pregnant ” I corrected and she paused, she looked at me from my eyes to my stomach, then back to my eyes
” You are joking right? ” She said giving me a not genuine half smile
” I’m not joking Cas-sy, I am pregnant ”
” Wow, you are in for it girlie, what did your mum say? ”
” She handled it pretty well ”
” What are you going to do? ”
” I’m keeping my baby ” I said and she snorted
” Of course you are, I’m asking if you are going to tell Edward ”
” I don’t know Cas-sy, you know the kind of person he is now, do you think he is going [email protected] the fact that I am carrying his baby, Cas-sy if he rejects us I don’t think I can bear it, I don’t think I can ” I said as tears escaped
She wra-pped her hands around me and rested her head on mine
” But you know he deserves he to know and if he refuses to take responsibility we are here for you, trust me ”
After a lot of persuasion and reasoning I agreed to tell Edward, I was also f0rç£fully fed rice and ginger soup.
By afternoon I was discharged and I was allowed to go home, I begged Cas-sy to help me check if Edward was still in the h0tel when it is time for her shift, because since I left she haven’t been as-signed any job on that ground, she agreed then she left for the cafe, but then that wasn’t the problem the problem was that I was restless, my mum went to the store alre-ady since people were calling in to pick their supplies.
I decided to go and see Edward myself, I sneaked out throu-gh the back and then took a cab to the h0tel, I went to the bar and talked to some of the employees who declined seeing him, I was at verge of giving up when someone referred me to someone else. Another employee named Lydia, sincerely I don’t really know why but her aura doesn’t suit mine, we ba-rely talked even when I was working there but I went to her anyways.
” Hey ” I said and she looked up at me, she was chewing gum and that made her look akward [email protected] from her weird make up
” Hi ” she replied clearly uninterested
I unlocked my phone and showed her one of Edward’s picture
” plea-se have you seen him? ” I asked and her face lit up immediately, she wanted to snatch my phone from me but I dropped my hand in disapproval
” That’s the handsome guy that took me to his room and paid me $5000…… ” I didn’t wait to hear the rest, that was mainly the reason why I didn’t want to come here, I knew I was going to get heart broken
I rushed out of the h0tel and when I was reasonably far from the h0tel I let the tears drop
” Baby… I don’t think Daddy want us ” I said as I sobbe-d ha-rder.
Awwww someone find me bucket, lemme cry Na😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 my baby is crying

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