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Taming the wild boss batch 1

❤️ Taming The Wild Boss ❤️
💓 Adeagbo Barakat Susan 💓
💖 Prologue 💖
” Leave my mother alone! ” Tonia yelled trying to push off one of the loan sharks who was pu-lling her mum’s hair
” Ain’t you a pretty little thing?, She loves her mother ” he said laughing wickedly and others joined you
” I’d pay you your money, just leave my mother alone, plea-se, she’s sick ” she cried weakly falling at the hvge man’s feet
As if to confirm that fact, her mother launched into a coughing fit ma-king her scoot to her side
She patted her back gently but she didn’t dare move to get her water, she wouldn’t want the loan sharks hitting her mother again
” You look here, you’d pay me at least $10000 of the money by the end of this month, failure to do that, I’d be happy to take this house from you and then I’d find something else to do with you and your mother ” the leader said looking at her with eyes filled with lvst, she wanted to puke but she didn’t try to do that, just to avoid trouble
” I’d definitely pay you ” she said instead
” Let’s go boys, we wouldn’t want that old witch coughing diseases all over us ” he said moving out and others followed
Right then her mother started sobbing
” I promise you Tonia, your father never took a loan when he was alive if he had done that he would have told me, I would have known ” her mother said crying, ma-king her also cry in frustration
” I know mother and I know God would vindicate father, I know all would be well, I just don’t know when ”
“I have to give them that money mother, I don’t know how but I have to give them the money ”
They both cried in each other’s arms till I they could cry no more, and then Dawn [email protected]£ with new hope and promises
💖 Chapter One 💖
💗 Tonia’s POV 💗
My alarm rang ma-king me fall out of be-d, I was scared but then when I realised it was my alarm, I rushed to the bathroom to take my bath
When I finished doing my routine, I brushed my hair and and wore a simple t©p, Jean and put on my sneakers
By the time I finished up I was running out of time, I rushed downstairs, picked an apple from the dining room and k!$$£d my mother’s cheek
” Good morning mother, bye mother ” I said before she could reply
I could hear her, shouting after me because I didn’t eat breakfast, but there’s no way I’m going back or she’d f0rç£ me to eat and I would be late for work
I crossed the road and I did a long jog to work, I was surprised to see a vacancy outside for my position, I had to enter to find out what’s going on
” Good morning Mrs Red ” I said to the manager and she rolled her eyes, she was actually interviewing someone else for my job
” How may I help you? ” She asked, that made me wonder what went wrong
” Can I speak with you?… pri-vately ” I asked and she shook her head
” No, you can say whatever you want to here ”
” Okay ma, I’m just wondering why there is a vacancy for my position outside ”
” Well, I told you yesterday that if you leave you would be loosing your job ” she said and I squee-zed my eyes shut trying to remember when she said that
” I told you my mum was in trouble and she nee-ded my help ” I said opening my eyes, I didn’t even know she said anything to me
” Well, that got you into big trouble young lady and as you can see, someone efficient is here alre-ady, I don’t want my workers giving excuses ” she said placing both hands on the table
I know Mrs Red really well, she is the bossy kind and she want things to always go her way, sometimes she is compas-sionate and allow that to influence her decision, but sometimes she’s always bent on showing everyone who is the boss and right now is definitely one of those times, but then this is definitely too extreme.
” Okay ma ” I said and she nodded, I turned to leave but she called me back
” Take this is your pay, for those days you’ve worked ” she said, I collected the pay and she looked away
I thanked her and quic-kly left the store, I was wondering why she gave me any pay because we collected our salary just a day before yesterday and I didn’t work my full working hour yesterday
I walked till I reached the cafe where my friend work, there were yet to open so I settled in the bench in front to check how much was in the envelope
I counted a hundred dollars and it was with a letter, I opened it and re-ad it
‘ sorry this had to happen, but don’t come back to the store, they said if I allow you, they’d ruin the store so plea-se, they are keeping a close watch on the store. ‘
I re-ad the letter three times more before I eventually refolded it and kept everything in my backpack
The loansharks, I knew Mrs Red wouldn’t go to the extent of firing me without talking to me first.
I know the leader of the loansharks just want his way with me and he has been giving hints but I won’t allow him, I’d rather die than allow him [email protected] filthy hands on me.
I’d work ha-rd and pay his money, I’d pay it, but then where on Earth would I get ten thousand dollars in a month?… Scratch that nine thousand and nine hundred dollars in a month.
” Tonia? ” I heard my friend call
” Hey Cas-sy ” I said standing up
” What’s wrong, are you not supposed to be at work by now? , You know how Mrs Red is whenever you are late, you don’t want to get extra hour ” she said moving closer to open the door
” Well…. I lost my job Cas-sy ” I said and she turned to look at me like what I just said could never happen
” No way, you can’t just lose you job, you are really diligent and… ”
” The loan sharks [email protected]£ to our place yesterday ” I said interrupting her and she cussed un-der her breath
” What do they want again? ”
” They want me to pay $10,000 out of the money withing a month ”
” $10,000?, In a month?, where would get that? But you said your Dad isn’t owing! ”
” I’m a hundred percent sure he’s not owing them, but then they somehow got dad’s signature on a paper and they are threatening to hurt mum, Cas-sy the leader wants me and you know how sick mother is right now. ”
” Oh I wish I could give them a punch or two right now. ”
” I wish too Cas-sy, but then what can I do? , They even threatened to ruin Mrs Red’s store if she doesn’t fire me. ”
” Oh Tonia, I wish I could help but then, you know how things are ”
” Yeah I do ” I said sighing
I collected the key from her and helped her open the care, it’s almost 7:30am and she have to open by 8:00am on the dot, I as-sisted her in cleaning while the others working there filled it
” Tonia? ”
” Yes? ”
” Do you have anything you can do to get the money? ” She asked and I shook my head
” I was thinking about it and I remember there’s a vacancy at the h0tel where I work at night, it’s also a night shift, but it is the bar section and the pay is good, now don’t look at me like that Tonia, all you have to do is serve drinks to them and go back and sit, you are not going there to str!p, and I’d there with you cleaning, and did I tell you the pay is $1500 per month?, Whatever ti-p you get belongs to you and I’m telling you, even cleaners get ti-pped ” she said and I sighed
I know what comes with working at the bar, the rude remarks, the nas-ty talk and all, but then the pay is really good, and if I can find something to do in the morning plus the ti-ps and my other savings, I might have 9,900 dollars in a month
” I’d do it ”
” Oh that’s beautiful, I’d phone the manager and tell him I have someone I can vouch for ”
” Thank you Cas-sy ”
” Anything for you sister “.
What else can I do?, I have to get $9,900 in a month.
💖 Chapter Two 💖
💗 Tonia’s POV 💗
Truth be told, like Cas-sy said the pay was really good, I started working there and after working there for almost a month, I was able to gather $1000 from ti-ps, the ti-ps were really good and it was not up to a month yet, my friend have been a great help, she’d share her ti-ps with me sometimes and she always keep me company at work.
I was able to get an afternoon shift at a cafe a little close to the h0tel, the pay was good, $500 dollars per month, but then the problem is that even when the end of the the month comes the money I would be able to gather would not be up to $10,000.
I’ve tried to reach my father’s relative but all to no avail, my mother was an orphan so there was no one we could reach from my mother side, I s£nt a lot of letters to organizations my father had businesses with but none of them got back to me yet.
I couldn’t help but think about the fact that I might be in big trouble with the loan sharks, I shivered at the thought of what they might do to me
” What’s wrong Tonia ” Cas-sy asked jo-lting me out of my thought
” No I am not Cas-sy, I’m in trouble ”
” I don’t un-derstand ” she said settling the mop again the wall
” Cas-sy, it’s just 3 days to the end of the month, if I get the salary from here and then the one from the cafe added to the ti-ps and other money I’ve gotten I have just $3200, that’s not even half of $10,000, I really don’t want those loansharks to hurt me or my mother ” I said almost worried to death
” That’s definitely a problem, but I believe God would come throu-gh for us, it’s not a function of what you are seeing now but a function of what God said he’d do. Moreover, it’s still three days to the end of the month and you remember, there is nothing impossible for God ” she said and I smiled
” I was even thinking, you were lost in thought about your prince charming ” she said teasing me and I couldn’t resist, I had to smile
” C’mon I told you alre-ady, Edward was in my past, just a silly high school crush, that I am over ”
” Well, I’m a hundred percent sure you still like the guy ”
” It doesn’t matter Cas-sy, he is a minister’s son and I’m not rich anymore, I don’t measure up to his standard now. ” I said and Cas-sy shook her head
” It doesn’t matter, what is meant to be would be ”
” And we are not meant to be, it’s not like his royal handsomeness would just walk in throu-gh that door and take a sit in here, would he? ” I asked pointing at the door and at that moment, someone [email protected]£ in
” Woah!, That might not be your prince charming but that guy is definitely handsome ” she said but I couldn’t even reply.
I turned to face Cas-sy and I [email protected]£d her collar
” What? ” She asked trying to re-move my hand from her collar but I refused shaking my head
” That’s Edward ” I said and she f0rç£d my hands off
” You are crazy, ain’t you? ”
” I’m fli-pping serious Cas-sy that’s Edward ” I said sweating alre-ady
” No way ” she said shaking her head in disbelief
” Look at this ” I said showing her my phone’s wallpaper, I even went to my gallery and showed her the recent pictures I have of him, the only difference is his hairstyle, he has a difference hairstyle now.
” Woah!, Go Magical girl, you just spoke your dream guy in, now go and tell him who you are ” she said nudging me and I sma-cked her pla-yfully
I would have actually gone if not for my phone that rang that very minute
I checked the caller and it was my mum’s number, fear gr!pp£dme, at the possibility of what might have happen for her to call me
” Who is it? ” She asked and I swallowed
” My mum ” I said picking it
” Yes mum? ”
” Come on Tonia, plea-se ” she said and I could here laughter at the background
” The loansharks, they are at home, plea-se cover for me ” I told Cas-sy and rushed out, I took a cab home and I went home.
I got home to see the loansharks at home ma-king my mum kneel
” What do you want?! ” I asked and they laughed
” We want you baby girl ” the leader said and I cringed
” I’m not a toy, or a doll that a kid wants so plea-se state your reason ” I said and he frowned that must have gotten on his nerve
” How dare you?… You know what?… I want that ten thousand dollars tomorrow ” he said and my mother started sobbing
” plea-se, the end of the month is still three days away ” I cried but he shook his head
” I changed my mind, it’s either you get me my money tomorrow or you come and give me what you know I want ” he said and started at me lvstfully for a few seconds then stood up and left
I consoled my mum for few more minutes then when I was sure she was fine, I went back to work and thanked Cas-sy for covering for me, I could not tell her what happened because the manager nee-ded her so she had to leave as soon as I got there
I got occu-pied with serving people drinks to, I was well composed for a while until I had to serve Edward, I losed all composure and I was hesitant until one of my co-workers asked me if I was okay, I told him I was fine and I proceeded, promising myself I’d still be fine even if he doesn’t recognize me.
” Here is what you ordered for ” I said but I couldn’t help but look at him, he looks more matured than when we were in school, he looks perfect but with this dangerous aura around him, he definitely doesn’t recognize me because he was looking at me weirdly, but that doesn’t do anything to st©p the urge I am having to hvg him.
” Okay, when do you get off your shift? ” He asked taking my hand and I couldn’t help but smile, my head went some where else
” In thirty minutes from now ” I replied shaking my head mentally trying to act professional
” Good, wanna come up to my room?, $10,000 if you stay till tomorrow morning ” he said giving me a killer smile
I wanted to politely tell him no, but then hearing $10,000 my eyes wi-de-ned, the loansharks would leave me for a while if I give them their money
” Really? ” I asked hoping I didn’t hear wrong
” Yeah babe ” he replied and I had a second thought, was it worth it loosing my Innocence to a guy I happen to like a lot but turns out to be a [email protected] now?
I shook my head mentally again, God forgive me but it’s better to lose my Innocence to a guy I like than to be compelled to lose it to an ugly looking loanshark
” Room number? ” I asked even though something was telling me this is totally wrong and I shouldn’t do it
” 306 ”
” I’d be there in thirty ” I said then turned to leave, shaking bu-tt with extra f0rç£ hoping he won’t mind, I won’t want to end up with that loanshark
I got to the bar and finished up my shift, and I told Cas-sy to leave without me, her fiancee waiting for her so she couldn’t question my reasons
I called my mum too and told her I won’t be coming home. She yelled but eventually prayed for me and told me to be careful
I was re-ady to go to his room but I was still reluctant, something was telling me not to do it, but then sincerely I wanted to know how it feels to be in Edward’s arms so I went anyways.

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