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Tale of the blind seer Episode 1 & 2

“Anna, it morning, get your slee-ping as-s of that be-d!.. it time for school.” Anna’s mum said opening the window.
Anna stood up but fell back to the be-d because everywhere was dark, she wiped her eyes to be sure that her eyes are not decieving her.
“Mother, everywhere is dark.” She said still wiping her eyes.
“What do you mean by everywhere is dark?” Her mother asked turning to her.
“I don’t know but I can only see darkness.” Anna said with a breaking voice.
“What are you saying Anna? It almost 8:00am and you are saying everywhere is dark when sun has raised alre-ady…. Don’t tell me this is your new way of refusing to go to school this morning?” Said her mother as she sat beside her.
“Mother am serious of what am saying, you know how much I love going to school… I can’t even see you.” Anna said.
“Ahah!!! You mean you can’t see me your mother?” Her mum asked.
“Yes mother, everywhere is very dark.” Anna said crying.
“Eeeeh!! My daughter can’t go blind! No she can’t go blind at early age.” Her mother said crying.
“Mother is okay, God knows the best..I believe He knows why this happened and thank God I am alive.” Anna said consoling her mother.
“Anna, a human without sight is not a complete human.” Her mum said.
“I know mother and a blind human that is not sick, his/her hands and legs are complete is better than the dead and also better than the sick and the la-id.” Anna said with confidence.
“Your faith battifulled me sometimes my daughter.” Her mum said.
“Yes mother, I have confidence in God.” Anna said and smile.
Her father (Mr Desmond) walked into her room.
“Why is she not dressed yet? She might get late for school.” Mr Desmond said.
“Honey, our daughter has gone blind, she can’t see anymore.” Anna’s mum (Mrs Desmond) said.
“What? What are you talking about? Does it mean that my daughter can’t see me?” He asked sitting beside Anna.
“Honey let’s take her to the hospital.” Mrs Desmond suggested.
“No mother, I will be fine.” Anna said.
“Will you sh0t your mouth up!! You will be fine when you suddenly got blind over night!” Mr Desmond yelled.
“Sweetheart plea-se get her dressed, let’s go to the hospital to see the doctor.” Mr Desmond said before leaving the room.
“Mum plea-se I don’t want to go to the hospital.” Anna said almost crying.
“Sweetheart am sorry, we can’t disobey your dad.” Her mum said bringing out her clothes from her wardrobe.
An hour later, Mr Desmond, his wife and their daughter (Anna) were sorted opposite doctor Matthew in his office.
“So doctor, tell us what’s the result from the examination.” Mr Desmond said.
“Actually Mr Desmond, accord to the examination, there’s nothing wrong with your daughter’s eyes physically.” Doctor Matthew said.
“Doc, what do you mean?” Mrs Desmond asked.
“What I mean madam is that your daughter’s eyes are perfectly okay physically but the problem here is that she couldn’t or might not be able to see again in her life ” doctor Matthew said.
“What?? You just said there’s nothing wrong with her eyes physically, so what do you mean by she might not be able to see again in her life?” Mr Desmond asked.
“Sir that’s what the examination said and I must confess, I am equally confused like you very strange.” Doctor Matthew said.
“Heeeey!! Doctor are you trying to say my daughter can not see anymore?” Mrs Desmond asked.
“Exactly madam.” Doctor Matthew replied.
“Heey! No! No! My only daughter can’t go blind just like that.” Mr Desmond said……….. Mrs Desmond was alre-ady crying.
“Am sorry sir/ma, there’s nothing I can do, I suggest you take her to a very powerful man of God.” Said doctor Matthew.
“Mum, Dad, don’t worry about my sight I will be God will not abandon me.” Anna said.
“Sh0t your mouth! Your God will not abandon you when you have gone blind alre-ady! Which God are you even talking about?” Mr Desmond yelled at her.
“Honey plea-se take it easy with her.” Mrs Desmond said.
“Will you sh0t your mouth!” He yelled at his wife.
“Father, the God I serve will deliver me and give me back my sight at the right time… I have faith and I trust Him, He will never let me down.” Anna said with so much confidence which makes her parents and doctor Matthew to become speechless.
They left the hospital and went home, Mr Desmond went to his office.
Later that day, Anna sat at the front of their house singing when chidi her clas-smate and childhood friend [email protected]£ to check on her because he didn’t see her in school. Anna heard his footsteps when he walked into their compound.
“Who is that?” She asked trying to moved her stick which her mother had given to her.
“Anna, it me Chidi.” He said walking closer to her.
“Ah Chidi, how are you?” She asked sitting back on her seat.
“Am fine and you?” He asked too.
Am fine.” She replied trying to t©uçhed his hand.
“Anna, what happened? Why were you not in school today and why are you holding this stick?” He asked.
“Hmm, I woke up this morning and realized that I am blind.” She said.
“What? Blind? How? You mean you can’t see ma?” He asked surprisely.
“Exactly, I can’t see anyb©dy or anything except darkness.” She said.
“Jesus Christ! So what are your parents doing about it?” He asked feeling concerns.
“They took me to the hospital today and after the examination the doctor said that I am completely blind and that I might not be able to see again in life.” She explained.
“God forbid! I reject it, you will see, you can’t just go blind over night.” Chidi said.
“I believe God will do His miracle in my life.” She said.
“I believe so too, so you can’t see me again.” He asked and she nod with smile.
That night, Anna had a dream,……. In her dream, she was walking from light to darkness, she got to a sp©t and st©pped when she heard her name.
“Who are you?” She asked looking around when a beautiful damsel appeared in front of her.
“Who are you and what do you want?” Anna asked
“I am queen Morgan.” The damsel said.
“Queen Morgan or whatever you called yourself what do you want from me?” She asked.
“Anna, serve me and I will give you back your sight.” Queen Morgan said.
“Never! I will never serve you, I serve the only true God and He will give me back my sight.” Anna said.
“Which God?! Your God that has abandon you? Just now to me and you will live a better life.” Queen Morgan said.
“My God has not abandoned me, He is always with me and I know that He will give me back my sight at the right time.” She said.
“And when is this right time? Oh you forgot that you are a woman and you will get married someday and no man with his right s-en-ses will marry a blind girl.” Queen Morgan said.
“And lemme remind you that I serve a powerful and mighty God who knows everything before it was form and before I will get to the age of marriage He will definitely give back my sight.” Anna said.
“And if He don’t?” Queen Morgan asked.
“Then so be it!” Anna said.
“You are a big fool! I will make your life misterable that you will beg for death.” Queen Morgan said in anger and frustration..
“You can’t do me anything! Get behind me you daughter of darkness from the pit of hell in the name of Jesus!” Anna said and queen Morgan screamed and disappeared.
Then Anna woke up from her dream, she prayed over it before she sle-pt again.
In the morning, she was the first to woke up, she went out of her room and was going outside when her mother met her.
“Anna.” Her mum called rushing to her.
“Mother, good morning.” She greeted with smile.
“Good morning angel, how was your night?” Her mum asked.
“It was fine mum and yours?” She asked too.
“It was great, I over heard you praying last night.” Her mum said.
“Yes mother.” She replied.
“I hope there’s no problem?” Her mum asked.
“Not at all mother.” She replied.
“Okay, come let’s go to the dinner table, breakfast is re-ady.” Her mum said taking her hands.
“No mother, I am not hungry..I nee-d to see someone I will be back.” She said re-leasing her hands from her mum’s hand.
“Where are you going? And besides you can’t go alone because of your condition.” Her mum said.
“Mum you worried too much….I have no condition and the spirit of God who s£nt me will lead me and show me the way.” She said walking away with the help of her stick.
“Anna plea-se becareful.” Her mum said.
“I will mum.” She said.
Her mum starred at her as she walked slowly away, she smiled and shook her head before walking away.
Anna went to one of the house that was close to their house where Mr Thomas and his family were living, she knocked at their door but got no response so she decided to wait out for them.
Few minutes later, Mr Thomas [email protected]£ out tieing wra-pper around his [email protected]!st and was holding a chewstick and a cu-p of water.
“Good morning Mr Thomas.” Anna greeted which makes Mr Thomas to be scared.
“Anna, what are you doing here and how did you know I am the one? I thought I heard that you are blind?” He asked.
“Yes, you heard well Mr Thomas and consigning your question, I know you all in this town but God knows you better.” She said.
“So what are you doing here this early morning?” He asked.
“I have a message for you and your family.” She said.
“A message? For me and my family,! So what is this message all about?” He asked.
“Do not allow your son (Tony) to go out for three days else he will die.. it has be programmed that your son will die by this time next tomorrow, for it not to manifest..he must stay in doors for three days and you and your wife must fast and pray for him. That’s the message.” She said.
“What nons-en-se! What gave you that right to come to my house and say such word? It’s you and your parents that will die not my son!…. Now get out of my house before I kick you out myself blind witch.” Mr Thomas said angrily.
“I am nothing but a mess£nger, take it or leave it.. I have delivered my message do have a nice day.” Anna said walking away when Mrs Thomas and Tony [email protected]£ out.
“My husband, I heard your voice from inside what happened?” Mrs Thomas asked .
“Don’t mind this blind witch.” Mr Thomas said.
“Blind witch Kwa! Who is this blind witch?” Mrs Thomas asked.
“It’s Anna Desmond off course.” Mr Thomas said.
“What did she do?” Tony asked.
“You won’t believe that she [email protected]£ here this early morning saying that we shouldn’t allow our son (Tony) to go out or three days that it has be programmed that he will die by this time next tomorrow and that we should fast and pray for him.” Mr Thomas explained.
“God forbid! It’s her she and her parents that will die not my son.” Mrs Thomas said.
“She is not just a blind witch, she is also a bastard.” Tony said angrily.
“Papa, if you ask me I will say we should listen to her, for her to come here in her blind states this early morning…it means that this message is very important.” Anita (Mr Thomas only daughter) said as she walked out of the house.
“Will you shut your mouth! What do you know?” Mr Thomas asked.
“Don’t mind her, her mates are talking about marriage…she is here interferring on matters that didn’t concerns her.” Tony said.
“Will you go inside and start your morning chores?!” Mrs Thomas said.
“Let’s listen to what Anna said before we regret it later, I have said my own oh.” Anita said walking inside.
“Shut your mouth there!” Mr Thomas yelled at her and turned to his wife.
“Are you sure Anita is my daughter?” He asked.
“What kind of question is that?” Mrs Thomas asked too.
“Erm..papa/Mama, I have to be on my way now.” Tony said stepping down from the door post.
“Okay go well my son.” Mr Thomas said.
“Nothing will happen to you my son.” Mrs Thomas said.
“Thank you papa/Mama.” Tony said and left.
On his way to work, he met Anna walking slowly to her father’s house…he walked pas-s her without saying a word to her but suddenly st©pped when Anna called him.
“Uncle Tony good morning.” She said and Tony turned in shocked and surprised face.
“How on earth did you know that I am the one that pas-sed you? I thought you are blind?” Tony asked surprisely as he walked slowly to her.
“Yes I am blind and God knows you before you were formed in your mother’s wo-mb.” She said.
(“Hmm, how am I sure that girl is not truly a witch pretending to be blind? If not how the hell did she knows that I am the one that pas-sed.”) Tony thought.
“I am not a witch.” She said. (This time Tony was kind of scared.)
(“Does she now re-ads someone’s mind?”) He thought.
“Uncle Tony, I delivered a message to your father and he didn’t take it serious and I am here to repeat it to you… You are not even supposed to go out today accord to the message….”
“Shut your mouth up! I have every reason to believe that you are truly a witch pretending to be blind….. Now listen to me, the next time you st©p me on my way out or come to my father’s house to say ru-bbish I have your head hung on that stick you are holding nons-en-se.” Tony interrupted her angrily.
“Uncle Tony, you have to listen to me…it about your life.” Anna said almost crying.
“Keep that your message to your blind self idiot!.” Tony said and walked away.
“God why are they not believing me?” Anna asked looking up with tears in her eyes.
“Anna.” Chidi called walking to her.
“Chidi, where are you?” She asked with smile.
“Am here.” Chidi said holding her hands.
“What are you doing here?” Anna asked.
“I am going to school and you?” He asked too.
“I am just coming back from Mr Thomas’s house, I went to deliver a message to him concerning his son Tony.” She said.
“And what is the message all about?” He asked as they began to walk.
“I had a revelation that by this next tomorrow Tony will die, it has be programmed that way and the only it won’t happen is if he stays indoor for three days and his parents must do fasting and prayer for this three days else he will die.” She said.
“Hmm that’s serious, so what did Mr Thomas said when you told him?” He asked.
“He insulted me and asked me out of his on my way home, I met Tony and was about telling him when he started insulting and calling me names.” She said and st©pped then turned to Chidi.
“Do you believe me?” She asked
“Yes I believe you because I know you don’t speak of yourself but of God almighty who s£nt you…. Anna, one thing you know in this our everyday life is that people want to hear positive things when it comes to prophecy, nob©dy wants to hear negative things about theirselves or their love ones.” Chidi said.
“I know but I can’t say what I didn’t see.” Anna said.
“Just let them be as long as you have told them.. whatever happens to Tony, his blood will be on his and his parents heads not you Okay?” Chidi said and Anna nod with smile.
“Now come lemme take you home before going to school.” He said taking her hand.
Chidi took Anna to her father’s house before he went to school.
“Honey, where is Anna? I haven’t see her this morning.” Mr Desmond asked adding some fried eggs to his slices bre-ad.
“Erm…she went out.” Mrs Desmond replied.
“With who?” He asked.
“Alone.” She replied.
“What? So you allowed our daughter to go out alone in this her condition?” He yelled.
“Darling, I tried to st©pped her but she wouldn’t listen.” She defend herself.
“Oh plea-se shut your mouth, just listen to yourself… tried to st©pped her but she wouldn’t listen, are you not her mother? How can you allow a blind girl to go out alone?” He yelled at his wife.
“But it not my fault now, you know how stubborn our daughter is.” She said calmly.
“It not your fault, then whose fault?” He asked.
“It my fault father, I insisted on going out alone.” Anna said as she walked to the dinning.
Her both parents were just starring at her…her mother stood up and help her sat down on the chair.
“And where are you coming from?” Mr Desmond asked.
“I went to Mr Thomas’s house ” Anna said.
“To do what?” Her mum asked.
“To delivered a message.” She said and her parents looked at each other confusedly.
“A message?” They both asked at the same time.
“Yes, a message concerning their son Tony.” She said.
“Concerning their son? And what is this message?” Her mum asked.
“I had a revelation that Tony will die by this time next tomorrow so I went to the them and also what they will do to prevent it not to happen.” She said.
“Blood of Jesus! Anna! You went to say that to Mr Thomas?” Her mum asked.
“Yes mother.” She replied.
“Heeeey! This girl has killed me.” Her mum said putting her hands on her head.
“Have you see what I am saying?…you are the cause of all this, if you have not allowed her to go out she wouldn’t has gone there to say such word to them that their son will die in three days from now and even give them the exact time.” Mr Desmond said with so much fear and anger and turned to Anna.
“Listen to me young girl, from today you will not leave this house again…do you un-derstand?” He said and turned to his wife.
“If anything happens to Tony people will see our daughter as a witch and I don’t want that… You and your daughter should not bring trouble to me plea-se and also don’t ever allow her to go out alone again it can be very dangerous.” Mr Desmond said.
“Father, if I receive a message from my father in heaven I will go out to deliver it.” Anna said.
“What? Did you heard her?” Mr Desmond asked pointing at Anna.
“You don’t talk when your father is talking that’s disrespect.” Mrs Desmond said.
“Mum plea-se leave me alone.” Anna said.
“Go out without my permission and see what I will do to you.” Mr Desmond said and walked away.
“Anna! Anna! Anna! How many times did I called you?” Her mum asked..
“Mum plea-se,,,, I will be in my room.” She said standing up.
“Okay oh, don’t put me into trouble that’s all I have to say.” Her mum said helping her up.
“Fear not mother, no trouble will come to you or dad.” She said and smiled before walking away. Her mother just starred at her in surprised and shook her head.
Three days later, Tony woke up early morning…he took his bath and got dressed for work. He [email protected]£ out of the house and met his parents sitted outside.
“Papa/Mama, good morning.” He greeted.
“Ah my son you are set for work alre-ady?” His father said.
“Yes papa, I have to be on my way.” He said
“My son won’t you eat before you go?” His mother asked.
“No mama, I don’t feel like eating.” He said.
“Okay my son go well.” His mother said and he nod. He took two step away from his parents when he felt like something hit his head.
“Aaah my head!” He screamed and his parents rushed to him.
“Tony what it’s?” His father asked.
“My head….my..hea….” He didn’t complete his s£ntence before he died.
“Tony! Tony!.” His mother called with a loud voice which makes Anita who was in the kitchen ran out.
“Mama, what happened to him?” Anita asked.
“I don’t know, your brother just screamed my head and fell down.” Mr Thomas said.
Anita blend down and place her ear on his che-st and re-moved it with shocked when she noticed he was not breathing.
“Heey! Tony is dead.” Anita said crying.
“No! No! My son can’t die.” Mr Thomas said…
(Mrs Thomas was alre-ady screaming which attra-cted people to their house)
“Papa, have you see it now, Anna [email protected]£ here day before yesterday to warn us but you and mama didn’t listen to her..if we have given listen ear to her message Tony wouldn’t has died.” Anita said crying.
“Heey! Anna has killed my son oh.” Mrs Thomas said crying seriously.
Mr Thomas went inside his house and took his cutlas-s.
“Papa where are you going with a cutlas-s?” Anita asked.
“I am going to kill that witch the way she killed my son.” Mr Thomas replied running out of the house while his wife and some others people ran after him including Anita.
They went to Mr Desmond’s house who was about going to work.
“Where is your witch daughter?” Mr Thomas asked
“My daughter is not a witch.” Mr Desmond said.
“Which other way do we describe her if not witch.” Mrs Thomas said.
“plea-se hold it there, my daughter is not a witch.” Mrs Desmond said coming out of the house.

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