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Sacrifice of love Episode 3 to 5

Mrs Marsha got home and took the stuffs she got inside with the help of Amelia, they cooked and arranged everywhere. Hours later, Richa-rd was in England, Mrs Marsha s£nt Liam her late husband’s driver to go pick Richa-rd and Jordan from the airport, Mrs Marsha called Mr Benjamin (her husband’s brother) and informed him that Richa-rd was alre-ady in England and was on his way home.
Meanwhile, Caleb just finished ma-king love to Jackie, they were lying together on the be-d when Caleb’s phone rang, it was his father that was calling so he picked.
“Hello dad.” He said immediately he picked the call.
“Where are you?” His father asked
“Am outside.” He said
“Off course i know you are outside but where exact.” His dad asked.
“Am with my girl.” He replied.
“Well, that’s your dam business, Marsha just called me, she said Richa-rd has arrived.” His father said.
“Wow! You don’t mean it dad.” He said happily.
“Am on my way to their house, see you there.” His father said.
“Ok bye dad.” He replied and end the call, he turned to Jackie smiling.
“What did he said?” Jackie asked impatiently
“He said Richa-rd has arrived.” He said still smiling.
“Wow! re-ady to execute our plan.” Jackie said.
“Sure bae, get dressed, i have to go there and welcome him back,…you know what i mean right?” He said as he stood up from the be-d.
“Sure.” Jackie replied and stood up. They got dressed and left the h0tel, Jackie went home while Caleb went to Richa-rd ‘s house.
Mrs Marsha couldn’t wait to see her one and only precious son, she stood outside alongside with Amelia, pat, Dina, Carla, Silvia, Olivia and Charles waiting for the arrival of Richa-rd . Minutes later, a Toyota jeep was drove into the compound, off course everyb©dy knew it was Richa-rd , they waited patiently for him to come out of the jeep. Jordan [email protected]£ out first and opened the back door as Richa-rd [email protected]£ out looking like the prince charming he is, his mum quic-kly ran and hvgged him, they hvgged theirselves like husband and wife for more than five minutes.
“I missed you son.” Mrs Marsha said re-leasing herself from the hvg.
“I missed you more mum.” Richa-rd said and k!$$£d her on her forehead. Just then Mr Benjamin drove in, Richa-rd hvgged all his friends including Amelia their maid and his uncle and they went inside straight to the dinning table.
“plea-se eat from your mum’s pot my son.” Said Mrs Marsha as she set the food in front of Richa-rd .
“Thanks mum, you’re the best.” Richa-rd said and smiled just then Caleb walked in.
“Who do we have here?” He said and Everyb©dy turned to him, Richa-rd stood up and they hvgged.
“Welcome back bro.” Caleb said.
“Thanks dude.” Richa-rd replied….. They ate, drink and [email protected] Richa-rd ‘s arrival. Little did Richa-rd and his mum know that Caleb and his father are not what they thought they are , only if they have known Mr Benjamin and his son’s plan towards them, they would have stay far from them.
Two days later, barista Daniel [email protected]£ to Richa-rd father’s house and was re-ady to re-ad late Mr Bruno’s will… Mr Benjamin, Caleb, Mrs Marsha, Jordan and Richa-rd were sorted waiting patiently to hear the will.
“As you all known, we have be waiting for whole one year and eight months to hear this will just as late Mr Bruno said, plea-se listen as i reas the Will.” Barista Daniel said and began ” i Mr Bruno write this will that after am dead it will be re-ad to my family: My two companies goes to my only son Richa-rd , in each company i have 180 million dollars, my estate in new heaven goes to my son, my house in new York goes to Caleb Benjamin, my house in Westminster goes to my son, in my personal account, i have 50,000 dollars; 10,000 goes to my beloved wife, 15,000 goes to my brother (Benjamin), 15,000 goes to my son and the remaining 10,000 goes to Caleb. My [email protected] sofa shop goes to my brother, my mercedes Benz, Toyota jeep and SUV jeep goes to my son. Nob©dy should drag anything with my son and if anything happens to Richa-rd without a child, everything will goes to Caleb. This is my will and Everyb©dy should abided to it…..
That’s the will.” Barista Daniel said after he finished re-ading. There was an awaken slient, Everyb©dy kept looking at each other.
“Anyone have a question?” Barista Daniel asked.
“I don’t think so.” Mr Benjamin said looking around.
“If you say so then i Will have to be on my way meanwhile Richa-rd , whenever you are less busy plea-se come to my office we nee-d to talk.” Barista Daniel said standing up.
“No problem sir.” Richa-rd said and Barista Daniel left.
Hours later, Mr Benjamin and Caleb could be see in their living room pacing up and down.
“Dad, i knew Mr Bruno would will all his wealth to his dump son and wife! Dam it!.” Caleb said angrily hitting his feet on the floor.
“I can’t still believe that he will all his companies, estate, cars and hunge money to only Richa-rd and his mother.” Mr Benjamin said.
“Dad, we nee-d to do something, we nee-d to act fast.” Caleb said.
“Yeah you’re right but the good news is; if anything happens to Richa-rd everything automatically becomes yours.” Mr Benjamin said.
“And i can’t wait to have everything and throwed that bit-ch of a woman call Marsha out of that house.” Caleb said.
“Calme down son, let’s not act too fast so that they won’t suspect us meanwhile, have you arranged the person that will be working with Richa-rd as our eye?” Mr Benjamin asked.
“Yes i Have.” Caleb replied.
“Come have a drink, let’s merry because Richa-rd will soon die.” Mr Benjamin said and laughed while Caleb went to have the drink.
Richa-rd sat with his mum at the living room alongside with Jordan.
“So how was Canada?” Mrs Marsha asked.
“It was fine and fun.” Richa-rd replied.
“I hope Jordan took good care of you?” She asked and they laughed.
“Of course he did, mum you know Jordan is the only person i truly trust.” Richa-rd said.
“Wow am glad to hear that.” Mrs Marsha said.
“Thanks boss and i promise to always be there for you.” Jordan said.
“It okay, plea-se call Caleb, i nee-d to ask him something.” Richa-rd said
“Okay boss.” Jordan replied and dialled Caleb’s number, it rang and he handed over the phone to Richa-rd .
“Sup bro?” Caleb asked from the other side of the phone.
“Am cool bro, can we hang out like this evening?” Richa-rd requested.
” I can come over to the house if you want.” Caleb said
“Ohh that will be cool, that reminds me, how about the person i asked you to look for that will work as an as-sistant manager in the company?” He asked
“Ohh yeah, i Have gotten the person alre-ady, if you want i can call her and we will both come over tomorrow the house.” Caleb said.
“Is even a girl?! That’s a very [email protected] idea.” He said.
“Ok then, will be there in a jiffy.” Caleb said.
“Okay bye.” He said and end the call.
“Boss i wanted to say something i hope you won’t be offended?” Jordan asked
“No, i won’t and why will i be?” He asked.
“Maybe what am about to say might upset you.” Jordan said.
“Come on Jordan, u can’t be angry with you ok?! Just say what you have to say, am all ears.” He said.
“Ok, actually it about what barista Daniel said and also your consin Caleb.” Jordan said.
“And what about them?” He asked.
“Boss, when Barista Daniel re-ad the [email protected] of the will that says (Nob©dy should drag anything with my son) your consin and his father’s expression changed, if you noticed when barista Daniel finished re-ading the will, they were not with theirselves.” Jordan said.
“So what are you trying to say?” He asked.
“What am trying to say is that you should becareful of Caleb and his father.” Jordan said.
“Listen Jordan, Caleb is my consin, my only consin at that and his father is my uncle so i Don’t they have bad intention towards me and concerning their expression that day, i Think they were just surprised.” Richa-rd said.
“Exactly, you see Jordan, Caleb and Richa-rd grew up together and Mr Benjamin has be good to us especially after the death of my husband so plea-se take off that bad expression from you ok? They are good people and the only family we have.” Mrs Marsha said
“Okay, i guess it just my imagination.” Jordan said….. Just then Richa-rd female friends [email protected]£ in, they were all looking h0t and S-xy.
“See who we have here.” Richa-rd said smiling.
“The boss himself.” Pat said.
“The only prince charming in this country.” Carla added
“You know we love you right?” Olivia asked.
“The h0ttest dude in the whole of this England, cuter than prince Albert.” Silvia also said.
“The only young man that has blue eyes that sparks even at night, the man every woman dream of.” Dina said ro-mantically. Richa-rd covered his face with his hand because he was shy.
“You girls are flattering me, i swear am blu-shing.” He said shyly
“He is blu-shing for us, plea-se blush.” Dina said and they all laughed.
“Son, i Will be in my room.” Mrs Marsha said standing up.
“Alright mum.” Richa-rd replied while his mum left.
“So tell me, what do i offer you girls?” He asked still shy.
“Anything.” They all said in union.
“Okay, plea-se Jordan help us with a bottle of wine and glas-ses and also tell Amelia to prepare roasted chicken for us.” He said.
“Ok boss.” Jordan replied and left while Richa-rd turned to the girls.
Meanwhile, Betty was pla-ying video game at the living room when her phone start ringing, she angrily took her phone and starred at the screen (CALEB BENJAMIN) was boldly written on it. (“What the hell does he want from me?”) She thought and picked the call.
“Yes what?” She asked
“Is that a way of saying good evening?” Caleb asked from the other side of the phone.
“Oh plea-se Caleb don’t start, just tell me why you call!” She half yelled.
“I know you are mannerless, anyway, i call You to tell you that my consin wants to meet you in person, i have told him about you so get dressed am coming to pick you.” He said.
“Is that all?” She asked
“Yes, i Will be there in 30 minutes time.” He said.
“Whatever!” She replied.
“fv¢k you there!” He said and end the call.
(“Why do i suddenly hate Caleb? My spirit didn’t accept this stuff of killing his consin, why do he wants his own consin dead? Should i go or not? I don’t even know this Richa-rd of a guy, anyway let me go and see this dude they are talking about.”) She thought aloud but didn’t know it was loud.
“Who wants who dead?” Mrs Antonia asked as she walked fully into the living room.
“Mum, what are you talking about?” She asked standing up from the floor.
“Betty, i over heard you talking about killing someone, who is that?” Her mum asked.
“Mum plea-se i was just imagining something.” She said and start walking away.
“Betty, i Hope you haven’t start following bad gangs again?” Her mum asked.
“Mum, i Don’t know what you are talking about.” She said and walked into her room.
“Alright oh continue.” Her mum said and sat down on the couch.
30 minutes later, Caleb tested Betty a message saying he was alre-ady at their gate. Betty [email protected]£ out of her room looking beautiful as always and innocent, she wore pink go-wn that reached her knee, white high heels, white small handbag and pinkl-ips glossy ma-king it to match. She brushed her blonde hair straight which makes her look more beautiful, her mum was surprised to see her dressed that way because she knows her daughter will never dressed like a girl, she always dressed like a man.
“Betty, where are you going dressed like this?” She asked.
“Going on a [email protected]£.” Betty replied and smiled.
“Hmm, ok but don’t cause trouble there plea-se.” Her mum said
“Mum! Are you in any way calling me a trouble maker?” She asked frowning her face.
“Betty, i know you very well, you are my daughter and i know what you are capable of doing.” Her mum said.
“Anyway, i won’t cause any problem.” Betty Said.
“Alright, be a good girl and come back home an time.” Her mum said.
“I will.” Betty replied and left.
Betty walked straight to Caleb’s car, he was surprised when he saw her, she opened the front door and entered.
“Let’s go.” She said but Caleb was just looking at her like he saw a ghost.
“Why are you looking at me like that or are you now deaf?” She asked.
“I guess so, you look so beautiful i must confess, hope you are not going there to s£dûç£my consin?” Caleb asked.
“Which consin? It’s the one you want dead or another one?” She asked.
“Meaning what?” Caleb asked too.
“plea-se let’s go before i changed my mind.” She said.
“Did i just hear you say before you change your mind?” Caleb asked.
“Are we going or you want me to get down from this car of yours?!” Betty said alre-ady getting angry and her voice was changing. Caleb starred at her without saying anything he start the car and drove off.
An hour and 45 minutes later, they got to Richa-rd ‘s house, Caleb drove into the compound and they pu-ll-ed out, they went inside the living room, they met Richa-rd and his female friends eating chicken and drinking wine.
“Here comes my one and only consin.” Richa-rd said standing up from the couch and hvgged Caleb.
(“See how freely this dude is to Caleb, if only he knows that Caleb wants him dead he would stay far away from him.”) Betty thought within herself as her eyes cought with Richa-rd ‘s eyes and they both smiled.
“Hey girls,” Caleb said waving his hands to the girls as he dis£ngages from Richa-rd .
“Hi, Caleb.” The girls said [email protected] from Carla who never liked Caleb for any reason.
Caleb turned to Betty who was just lost starring at the beautiful living room.
“Hey.” He said tapping her on her shoulder. Betty quic-kly turned to him and smiled as if nothing is gonna happen.
“Meet my one and only cousin, Richa-rd Bruno, the son of a billionaire and the h0ttest guy in town,” Caleb said pointing at Richa-rd while Betty stretches her hand for a handshake and Richa-rd took it immediately.
“Am Beauty Lee but you can call me Betty for short and am from [email protected]” She said.
“Nice to meet you, Betty Lee, I must sit you look beautiful,” Richa-rd said.
“Thank you and you’re not looking bad either.” She said.
“Thanks for the compliment,” Richa-rd said and they re-leased their hands from each other.
“She is your new as-sistant manager,” Caleb said.
“Yeah, she looks good,” Richa-rd whispered to Caleb
“Don’t tell me you liked her alre-ady,” Caleb said in a very low tone.
“Oh come on, far from that,” Richa-rd replied and they laughed. They all sat down drinking and gisting, Richa-rd introduces Betty to his friends but Betty mind wasn’t there, she was thinking about the name “Bruno” because it sounds familiar. She was still busy thinking when Jordan [email protected]£ in, she was shocked to see Jordan likewise Jordan was shocked to see her too. She remembered the night she saw Jordan and an elderly man in a car that had an accident, she remembered everything that happened, how she called an ambulance that [email protected]£ to carry them to the hospital. Jordan too remembered her face, they were both staring at each other.
“Jordan, are you okay?” Richa-rd asked.
“Yes, I Will be upstairs.” He said and left. Richa-rd didn’t say anything, he just starred at Jordan and turned to Caleb and the others. They discussed and Richa-rd told Betty to start work on Monday, Caleb was happy because he thought they were close to their mission only if he knew what was in Betty’s mind. Caleb and Betty left Richa-rd ‘s house and he drove her home, they got to her gate, he st©pped and Betty was about stepping down when he held her hands.
“What’s that for?” Betty asked.
“You know you look beautiful tonight, do you mind having a one-night standard with me?” Caleb asked still holding her hands.
“Are you mad? How dare you utter such word to me? Do I look like a slut to you?” Betty asked angrily re-leasing her hand from Caleb’s hand
” Are you not a street girl?” Caleb asked.
“And so what? Now listen and listen very good, I am not Jackie that opens her legs for you anyhow, don’t ever repeat this again else you will regret it.” Betty said and [email protected]£ out of the car while Caleb [email protected]£ out too and stand in front of her pointing his gun at her.
“Don’t you ever walked out on me, do you know I can kill you right now?” He asked still pointing the gun at her.
“Take this toy of yours off my face! You are just learning how to use a gun if you think am Jackie or your innocent cousin….. Don’t make me talk this night.” She said and walked past him.
“fv¢k you!” He said confusedly.
“When you are done standing there, you will take your fv¢king as-s back to your dead father’s house ru-bbish.” She said and walked inside.
Caleb stood there staring into space. (“How the hell did she knows am slee-ping with Jackie? Damn!! Betty is too smart but I Will tell her that am smarter than her.”) He thought and bought out his phone from his pocket, he dialled Jackie number and she picked almost immediately.
“Hey, sup?” Jackie asked from the other side of the phone
“Where are you?” He asked.
“Am at home, what’s happening? Your voice is not bright.” Jackie asked.
“Meet me at our usual place, I Will be there in 20 minutes.” He said and end the call, he didn’t allow Jackie to say anything. He went into his car and drove off, Betty who was watching him from the window, rushed into her room and got dressed. She wore black jeans trou-ser, black sweater, black shoes and a long black jacket that pas-s her knee, she used the jacket cap to cover her hair. She [email protected]£ out of her room to hold black eyeglas-ses.
“And where are you going dressed in black?” Her mum asked.
“I will be right back.” She replied and rushed out, she boarded a taxi and went to the h0tel, she got there before Jackie and Caleb. A few minutes later, Caleb entered followed by Jackie, she smiled to herself as she watched them walked into Caleb’s pri-vate room, she gently followed them and stood behind the door and nob©dy logged there so it was very quiet.
“So why did you invite me over this night?” Jackie asked as soon as they settle down.
“That bit-ch calls Betty, she knows we are [email protected]!ng,” Caleb said.
“How did she find out or did you tell her?” Jackie asked.
“I should be asking you that question,” Caleb said.
“Hmm, so what do we do now?” Jackie asked.
“I don’t know, I am scared that this girl might expo-se us,” Caleb said.
“No, she won’t try such, on second thought… Don’t you think we should just kill her and use someone else as one of Richa-rd ‘s female friends to kill him?” Jackie asked.
“That won’t be a good idea, we can’t kill Betty by gun or poison,” Caleb said.
“Why?” Jackie asked.
” If we poison her, she will be taken to the hospital and her b©dy will be examined and the police will find out that she was poisoned, the same thing will still happen if we kill her with a gun and you know what that means,” Caleb said.
“Hmm, so what do you suggest we do?” Jackie asked
“I don’t know, can’t think straight right now,” Caleb said.
“Oh, I Think I have an idea.” She said happily.
” What’s the ideal?” He asked.
“You know Betty has Killed someone before in [email protected], she has committed crimes and she is wanted?” She asked
“Yea I’m know all that.” He said.
“Let’s use that against her, Frist, you will go to her house and apologies to her for whatever you have done to her then you will convince her to carry out the as-signment of killing Richa-rd . On the day she is going to kill Richa-rd , you will set a [email protected]£ra in the place and make sure she killed Richa-rd by herself with either a gun or a knife then you call the police for her as you know, her name and pictures are alre-ady in the police system and that will make them s£nd her to jail.” Jackie said.
“Wow! Brilliant Idea ever, this is super cool I love you so much.” Caleb said excitedly.
Betty who had to listen and record everything Jackie and Caleb said quietly walked out, she got the reception and walk past the receptionist.
“Excuse me, who are you?” One of the receptionist asked her but she didn’t answer, she just walk out as fast as she could.
“Security.” The receptionist called and before the security could catch up with her, she alre-ady jumped out from the fence… Obviously, theyn’t even know how she got into the h0tel. Betty runs as fast as her legs could carry her and boarded a taxi that took her home. When she managed to get home, she went straight to her room without greeting or talking to her mum. She took a warm shower and lied on her be-d, she listens to the record again and tears flee from her eyes. (“I wish I had never killed someone, I Wish I had never put my hands in bad things, I just wish I had never followed bad gangs that turned me into the beast I am today but one thing is for sure, i Will not kill Richa-rd , i Will never again shed innocent blood for money. If saving Richa-rd ‘s life will lead me to jail then i Will do it, even if this is the only good thing I Will do before I Will be killed I Will do it for people to remember me and as for Caleb, his father and Jackie.. i Will make sure I s£nd them to grave, in their next life they will never mess up with someone that looks like me. I will sacrifice myself for the innocent so that the wicked can be destroyed, yes that’s what am gonna do.”) She thought in tears.
On Monday morning, Betty woke up and got dressed for work, she has alre-ady told her mum about her new job and her mum was very happy because her daughter has finally changed to a responsible girl.
She wore a blue suit trou-ser and the jacket and white long sleeve inside, black high heels and black handbag. She tied her hair ponytail and apply light makeup, she looks like a bank manager.
She [email protected]£ out of her room and was re-ady to go.
“Mum, good morning, am going to see you later.” She said.
“Won’t you at least have breakfast? I have prepared it alre-ady.” Her mum said from the dinning table.
“No mum, I Will be fine.” She said.
“Come on you have to.” Said her mum with puppy eyes.
“Ok fine, just a slice of bre-ad.” She said.
“That will be fine by me.” Her mum replied and adjust her seat for her and she sat down.
She finished eating and pe-cked her mum before leaving, coming out from the gate she met Caleb waiting for her outside.
“Yes, what do you want?” She asked as she walked to him.
“Good morning Beauty, how was your night?” He asked.
(“Hmm, Caleb greeted me, he is even asking me how was my night..wonder shall never end) she thought staring at him.
“Well, my night was fine. So what bought you here this early morning?” She asked.
“I [email protected]£ to apologize for what happened between us the other day, Betty is truly sorry, I Don’t know what [email protected]£ over me that night plea-se forgive me and also I and Jackie are not [email protected]!ngneither am I slee-ping with her, if she has told you that it’s a lie.” He said.
“It’s ok, I Have long forgiven you, I guess I said those words out of anger, you too should forgive me for accusing you f0rç£fully.” She said.
“It ok, so are we good now and are we still pla-ying our game?” He asked.
“Yes off course, you know I can do anything for money.” She said and they laughed.
“Wow! You look good and innocent.” He tea-sed her.
“Oh yeah, that’s because am innocent.” She said and they laughed again.
“Come in let me drop you off.” He said.
“Alright.” He replied and they entered the car while Caleb drove off to the company.
Between Caleb and Betty who is more smarter?
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